Texas Hold Him Ch. 03


Showering and shaving took a long time, but Audrey helped me get completely smooth everywhere. Feeling her hands between my legs, shaving around my balls and ass, was almost enough to make me cum by itself. On her advice, I used plenty of moisturizer on my newly bare skin. Our minds were still reeling from the excitement we’d been through and the anticipation of what was to come, so it was good to keep busy. We didn’t talk much; I didn’t want to break the erotic spell by discussing the reality of what was happening to us. Instead, it felt good to have orders to follow without coming back to earth. I averted my eyes from Audrey as she shaved her pussy, afraid my desires might overtake me.

When I finally got to the spare room, I was still too keyed up to nap so I opened the bottom drawer of the dresser to see what sort of outfit had been left there for me. At first, I thought there must have been some mistake, that Audrey’s outfit had been left here instead of mine. But it slowly dawned on me that the little french maid outfit was for me to wear. I could not have imagined something more humiliating. There was a black padded bustier with white lace trim, a black g-string, a garter belt and fishnet stockings with white bows as well as a tiny, see-through white apron. A ruffled choker and a maid’s headpiece completed the outfit.

Just contemplating these things, holding them in my hands had my heart fluttering. With trembling fingers I daintily pulled up the stockings, enjoying the feeling against my newly shaved legs. The G-string was lacy and barely covered my semi-hard penis. Clearly it was made for a woman’s body, not mine. Still, I was able to squeeze into every part of the outfit. Then I hastily pulled on the tracksuit and zipped the jacket up to the neck to conceal the choker. My rigid cock was poking uncomfortably out of the g-string as I lay down on the bed and tried to rest.

When the time finally came, I met Audrey in the front hall. She was similarly dressed in a loose track suit and I avidly tried to avoid thinking about what she might be wearing underneath. It was 7:28pm so we stepped out the front door and wordlessly walked down the street to Sharon and Manny’s house.

Sharon answered the door in a dressing gown. “Oh, good. You guys can follow instructions. That will come in very useful tonight. You want to earn some of your stuff back, right? Of course you do. Audrey, head right into the kitchen and help Manny. Patrick, come with me. We have just half an hour to finish getting you ready before the guests arrive.”

Sharon led me upstairs to the master bedroom and had me take off the track suit. “Oooh what a delicious slutty maid you are, Patty. But let’s fix your face, shall we?” She sat me in front of the mirror and performed a cosmetic miracle. By the time the fake eyelashes and lipstick were applied, I barely recognized myself. The dirty blonde shoulder length wig was very convincing, especially after the maid’s headpiece was added to it.

While she made me up, Sharon coached me on my duties for the first part of the evening, serving drinks and snacks. I was not to speak unless spoken to. If any of the guests made a request of me, I was to answer, “Oui Monsieur,” or “Oui Madame,” and obey. Failure to obey would be an embarrassment and would therefore have “consequences” for Audrey and myself.

I had a hundred questions but when Sharon asked me if everything was clear I simply replied, “Oui Madame.” That pleased her and she suggested I practice walking in my new shoes until the guests arrived. The new shoes were black pumps with heels so just getting down the stairs was precarious. By the time I reached the main floor, Manny was standing there, looking dapper in a black blazer.

“Ah Patty, what a little minx you are!” he said, leering at me. He reached around and grabbed my smooth exposed ass and leaned in so close I thought he was going to kiss me. “Our guests are going to love you.”

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. I froze in fear. What was I doing here? Where was Audrey? How did we get into this situation?

“Well? What the fuck are you waiting for?” Manny shook me out of my paralysis, “Open the damn the door.”

Trying to calm my nerves and slow my breathing, I took a few wobbly steps to the door and opened it to meet two of my neighbours, Raj and Reshmi, both dressed in semi-formal attire. Behind them, I noticed there was another familiar couple standing at the foot of the porch stairs, looking down. Oddly they just seemed to be standing there.

Raj was eyeing me. “And who might you be?” Was it possible he didn’t recognize me?

“Monsieur… uh…I’m Patty” I said in a quiet voice, trying to sound as feminine as possible. I stepped back to let them in and they greeted Manny warmly.

“Please excuse Patty,” Manny said to Raj and Reshmi, “she’s brand new at this job.”

“Ah,” Reshmi giggled as she looked me over, “You guys always do have fresh meat.”

“Let me know if you need help showing her the ropes,” Maltepe Türbanlı Escort laughed Raj as passed me his overcoat. I could feel my cheeks burning.

“I hope it’s alright that we brought our own slaves,” Reshmi said blithely as handed me her fancy shawl, “we just hate to leave them alone at home. They miss us so.”

“Of course it’s alright,” said Manny, “Patty can you open the door, please.”

“Oui Monsieur,” I answered and opened the door to find the couple who had been standing at the foot of the stairs were now kneeling at the door, their clothes in a heap in front of them.

“Manny, you remember the Wilsons don’t you?” Reshmi was saying.

That’s who they were! A late-30s couple from our neighbourhood. They normally seemed so energetic and happy, so I guess I hadn’t recognized them in these submissive roles.

Bonnie Wilson’s face was partially hidden by her auburn hair because she was looking at the ground with her arms at her sides. She was wearing sheer black panties and nothing else, but she had the word “SLUT” written across her chest in lipstick. John Wilson was kneeling in the same posture, only his panties were pink and also sheer so I could see his clean shaven privates bulging inside. His chest was emblazoned with lipstick letters that spelled “BITCH.”

Looking at them in this condition was oddly exciting (they were both in good physical shape) but mainly I was relieved to that someone else was sharing my humiliation. Misery loves company.

“Patty!” Manny said sharply, causing me to jump, “Pick up those clothes and take our guests’ things up to the bedroom.”

“Yes, uh, oui Monsieur.” I bent over to pick up the clothes and jumped again as a hand slapped my exposed ass.

“Nice ass,” Raj was saying, “I suppose you’ve already tapped that.”

“As a matter of fact…” Manny started to say and they all laughed. I hastily gathered the Wilsons’ clothes and hurried up the stairs as the slaves crawled in the door and Manny led them into the living room.

I rushed into the master bedroom and dropped the clothes on Sharon and Manny’s bed. I was heading back out when I heard Sharon’s voice call me quietly from the bathroom, “Patty. Come in here, please.”

I rounded the corner into the bathroom to find Sharon sitting on the toilet. She was naked except for her jewellery, her silk stockings, and her stiletto-heeled shoes and she was smoking a cigarette.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Sharon,” I automatically sputtered, stumbling on my heels as I tried to back out the door.

“Stop!” I stopped. “Kneel.” I got down on my knees. “Come here.” I walked on my knees over to face her. She spread her legs. “Closer.” I shuffled closer, until my groin was against the edge of the toilet bowl. With a single finger she lifted my chin so that I met her gaze. She exhaled a gust of smoke in my face, making me struggle not to cough.

“Now listen you little bitch,” she said softly while sliding her fingers into my bustier to pinch my nipple. As she spoke she twisted it between her nails, “When I ask to do something, I want to hear ‘Oui madame’ and see it done immediately. Is that clear?”

“Oui madame.” I whispered.

She pinched harder, “Is it clear?”

“Oui madame, oui madame,” I pleaded, feeling tears start to well up in my eyes.

“There, there,” she cooed, releasing my nipple. “Don’t cry, honey. You”ll spoil that make-up.”

“Oui madame” I said.

Sharon took another drag of her cigarette. She leaned back and I admired her magnificent body. Her skin was tanned and her breasts were perky C-cups with brown nipples. A perfectly groomed triangle of black hair adorned her pussy.

“Don’t tell Manny about the cigarette. He hates it when I smoke.”

“Oui madame.” I could hear her peeing. I stared at her knee.

“I just need one before a party like this.”

“Oui madame,” I said, like an idiot.

“It’s our little secret. We girls have to stick together, don’t we Patty.”

“Oui madame.” What the fuck was wrong with me?


Oui madame?”

She was pointing to the toilet paper roll. “We’re out of toilet paper.”

“Oh, oui madame,” I started to shuffle on my knees over to the vanity, where I imagined there might be more.

“Stop.” I stopped.

Sharon stood up and walked in front of me. My stomach flipped as I understood what she was getting at. “Stick your tongue out so you don’t smear your lipstick.”

I obeyed and she edged her hips forward to settle her damp pussy on my tongue. I gingerly licked her, swallowing my humiliation at the same time as her mingled juices. She was purring quietly and in spite of everything my dick was hardening again. I thought I might cry for real this time. Then she backed off.

“You’re good at that, Patty. We’ll have to have a girls’ night out sometime, just you and I.”

“Oui madame,” I said, resigned. The laugh I got in response was incredibly cruel.

“But right now, we have a party and Maltepe Otele Gelen Escort guests to attend to. Help me get my dress on.”

“Oui madame.” I helped her slink into a tight-fitting gown and zipped it up for her. Then I heard the doorbell ring and quickly made for the stairs.

Manny was arriving at the door, wondering where the hell I’d been, by the time I got there. I opened the door to greet a man about my age who I didn’t recognize. He blinked at me and my outfit for a moment before he turned to Manny. “Is this…”

“You must be Graham. So glad you could join us on such short notice. Please come in.”

Graham Walsh? Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. Audrey’s ex-boyfriend. I’d never met him, but he might recognize me from the show he’d seen that afternoon.

“What kind of party is this going to be, exactly?” Graham sounded keen.

“Well, Graham, did you like what you saw on the website?”

“Oh yes.”

“Then I think you’ll enjoy yourself here tonight. Head that way. The other guests are in the living room.”

Graham took another puzzled look at me and then went in. I couldn’t believe my disguise would fool anyone but it didn’t fool the next person who walked up to the door.

“Hello Pat! Or is it Patricia?” Janet Simpson was almost old enough to be my mother, but she liked to act and dress like a little tramp. Somehow she made it work and came off as cute. Rumour had it that, before she’d quit, she’d made a list of all the men in our office, married or otherwise, and slept with all of them. Except me. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, I thought. The date she’d brought was barely in his twenties but he towered over the rest of us. He hadn’t taken his eyes off me since I’d opened the door. She introduced him as Doug and then leaned over to whisper in my ear, “Doug just loves French maids. And blowjobs. And threesomes. We’ll look for you a little later on.”

I led them to living room where the other guests were lounging on sofas and settees. The Wilsons were serving as footrests for their masters, much to the interest of the other guests. There was still no sign of Audrey. Manny fixed drinks at the bar and had me serve them to the guests. My ass received many a grope, tweak, or slap in the process. By now, Graham seemed to have figured out who I was, but Doug still acted as though he thought I was a girl. The doorbell rang again.

“That’ll be our last guest. Get that would, you Patty?”

“Oui monsieur.” I headed into the front hallway and found another shock on the doorstep. My cousin, Rhonda. Oh fuck, she must have been one of the five.

“Holy fuck, Patrick, is that you?” Technically, she was my second cousin. “Holy fuck, I knew you guys were all upwardly mobile and shit, but I had no idea you were this twisted. My mom would freak out if she saw this.”

Her mom freaked out at everything. There had been a rift in the family thanks to her mom, who’d accused our side of being snobs who thought of them as trailer trash. Well, they did live in trailers. Rhonda was pretty relaxed about the whole thing, but her mom was certifiable. If she found out about this…

“Holy fuck, Patrick. Are you like the maid or what?” Rhonda liked to say ‘holy fuck’ a lot. She had big bottle blonde hair with black roots and was wearing black jeans and a heavy metal t-shirt that was too small to cover her belly and barely contained her ample bosom.

I looked over my shoulder to see Manny making his way over to us. I had no choice but to swallow my pride and play my part.

“Oui madame. My name is Patty and I am the maid tonight.”

“Holy fuck. You’re the maid.”

“And you are Rhonda?” Manny took her hand, “Welcome to our party. I am Manny. We are so glad you could join us. As you have guessed, Patty here is at your service this evening. She will happily do anything you need to make your visit enjoyable. Right, Patty?”

“Oui monsieur.” This evening could not get worse.

“Anything? Will ‘she’ kiss my ass if I need that?”

“Most assuredly,” supplied Manny, “Whatever you desire. Won’t you Patty?”

NO! “Oui monsieur.”

Rhonda laughed. “Don’t worry, cuz. I won’t make you kiss my ass…yet. You can start with my feet.” I hesitated and Rhonda looked unsure of herself, but then Manny cleared his throat.

“Oui madame.” Down I went to my knees again. Deeper until my face was level with Rhonda’s ankle-high desert boots. I pursed my lips and pecked the tops of each foot.

“Holy fuck, that’s lame. Lick them, ‘Patty.'”

I stuck my tongue out and ran it along the toe of a boot where it was stitched to the sole. She lifted the foot up and I was obliged to lick the underside of the toe. Eventually, I rolled onto my back and she lifted one foot over my mouth to have me lick the bottom. I was so disgusted I had my eyes closed at this point and so I was surprised by the sudden flash of light. I looked up to see her playing with her cell phone.

“Now that’s a nice picture. Maltepe Ucuz Escort That’s right where you deserve to be, cousin. Under my fucking boot. I’m going to make this my new status picture.”

“No, please Rhonda…madame, I mean. Please.”

“Uh yeah. That begging sounds awesome coming from your uptight mouth, bitch. Relax, no one can even recognize you in this picture with that wig and my boot in your mouth.”

“Patty is skilled with her tongue, isn’t she.” Sharon had appeared on the stairs. “I’m Sharon and if I may say so, you seem to have a natural gift for domination, my dear.”

“Fucking right I do, especially when it comes to this little creep here. I caught him in my laundry basket, sniffing my panties one time when we were kids. Wish I’d had a camera then. I guess some things never change. Aw Patty, did you think I forgot about that?”

I really had hoped she’d forgotten about that. She straddled my head and squatted down so the zipper of her jeans brushed against my lips.

“Can you smell my panties now, bitch?”

“No madame,” I sputtered, suddenly realizing that was the wrong thing to say. She opened the zipper, grabbed the back of my head, and shoved my nose into the gap.

“How about now, ‘Patty?’ Can you smell my pussy?” I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t breathe. I started to panic and she finally relented. “Did you smell anything that time?”

“Yes…uh…oui madame.” I gasped.

“Well? What did you smell?”

I glanced around. Not only were Manny and Sharon watching, but Janet was standing in the living room doorway, looking on with great interest. “Your…panties, madame.”

“My pussy. You like that smell?”

There was only one right thing to say. And, sadly, it happened to be the truth. “Oui madame.”

“Say it.” I hesitated, “Say it!”

“I like the smell of your pussy…madame.”

“Mmm. I know you do, you little perv.” She stood up suddenly and zipped up her fly, “Where’s the bar?”

“In the living room,” said Manny, “please make yourself comfortable and I’ll have Patty bring you something to drink.”

In the living room, Bonnie “slut” Wilson was kneeling with her hands behind her head looking straight forward while Graham Walsh and Doug fondled her tits from either side. Raj was making John “bitch” Wilson watch the proceedings while Reshmi teased the bulge in John’s pink panties with her toe. Sharon took the floor.

“Welcome everyone to the inauguration party to celebrate the launch of our new website: The Depravity of Patrick and Audrey Robbins. For those I haven’t met, I’m Sharon, the co-owner of the site.” There was a smattering of applause. “You’re all here because you were invited to preview the site this afternoon and, well, I guess you liked what you saw.” This time there was more applause. “Now who here would like to see even more?” Everyone in the room, except me, cheered. “Well don’t worry, because we have more. And we’re planning to make more. But there’s just one problem. Our new favourite porn stars are shy.” Everyone booed. “They want us to take the website down.” Boo! “So I told them, if they want that and they want all their stuff back, they’re going to have to earn it. And tonight is where they start paying!” The room was cheering again. Manny appeared in the doorway and gave a Sharon a nod. “Will you all please follow Manny downstairs to the games room?”

Everyone filed down to the basement. I was last except for Sharon behind me. Downstairs was a large, open rec room with a fancy poker table set up at one end. There were six stacks of poker chips arranged around the table. Standing behind the table was Audrey, dressed like a slutty card dealer with a visor, bow-tie, a pinstriped vest that barely covered her nipples and pinstriped boy shorts. She was blushing furiously as she nervously shuffled a deck of cards, trying to ignore the attention she was getting from the visitors.

“Alright everyone,” said Manny, “It’s play time. You all know how to play Texas Hold-em. If you’re here with someone, choose one of you to play.”

After a short hubbub Raj, Graham, Rhonda, and Janet each took a spot at the table behind a stack of chips. Sharon joined them, leaving one empty place. Everyone else settled on nearby sofas. “Please join us, Patty.”

“Oui Madame,” I mumbled, feeling trapped. I took the last place at the table, between Sharon and Raj. I glanced up at Audrey who was trembling. She had realised who all of these guests were and was looking with fear at her ex-boyfriend, Graham, who stared back at her, licking his lips hungrily.

“Now a word about the stakes here,” said Manny, “We promised Audrey and Patty that they’d have a chance to win back their dignity. So here’s the prize.” He gestured to a side table that had a box on it. Our box of embarrassing stuff. “The winner of tonight’s tourney gets to take this box home tonight. The lovely Audrey here will be our dealer. Simple enough?”

My spirits sunk. I already knew just how good Sharon was at poker. Now I’d have to beat the rest of these people as well. The thought of any of them taking that box home was terrifying.

I resolved to play as conservatively as possible. I’d immediately fold any hand that didn’t have at least one face card. My only chance, I figured, was to let them all eliminate each other.

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