The Adventures of Brooke Ch. 04


The final chapter of Brooke’s adventures unless Brooke asks for more parts added. Until then enjoy as she has.

Selene is a very attractive woman, with an eye catching figure. Her breasts are round and prominent and hips supporting a nice ass. She always wears the most provocative clothes to show off her body like I do. The best thing about her is, she’s my roommate and for the past few months after finding out she is bi-sexual as me, I have been dropping small hints. Nothing though has surprised me like today.

I am in the kitchen searching through the refrigerator when I feel her presence. Before I can turn around to say anything to her, she pulls my tight black mini-shirt up around my hips and then with one forceful tug, she rips my thong down to just above my knees. I shriek at the surprise. Then I suddenly feel her hand take a firm grip on my pussy, squeezing my lips together and rubbing along my slit. Her fingers slide over my skin, feeling the juices that are seeping from my widening slit.

“You’re dripping wet already,” she hisses in my ear.

I open my hips to give her easier access to my pussy and arch my back, thrusting my ass upward to grind against her pelvis.

“Mmm, wet and willing,” she grunts.

She rams two long fingers straight into my pussy, making me gasp from the sudden intrusion. She thrusts her fingers in and out fast with a corkscrew twisting motion of her wrist that magnifies the intensity. I gasp and squirm at her finger fucking. Selene grunts in satisfaction and roughly spins me around and forces me over to the table. I am surprised to see her completely naked. I climb up onto it and quickly shed the shirt I am wearing.

“Mmm,” she says running a finger down between my breasts and sending a tingle through me. “Nice.”

She hooks her fingers under my black laced bra straps and pulls them sideways and down, springing my breasts free. Then she climbs onto the table, straddling my hips with hers and I feel a charge of arousal as her hot, wet pussy rests on my stomach. gaziantep escort She reaches for my breasts with both hands, squeezing softly and rolling my nipples in her fingers. I let out a series of moans and open my legs as wide as I can.

Selene smiles and she reaches behind herself and jams a finger once again into my pussy and then drives it around in circles until I am nearly screaming in ecstasy. Suddenly, she pulls out of me and says, “Slide up the table more, I want better access to that pussy.”

I do as she says and she gets on her knees between my legs and forces them open as far as the can go. I thrust my pelvis toward her and without hesitation she lunges forward. Her firm tongue penetrates me repeatedly, alternating between curling and thrusting inward. She runs it up and down my slit, nibbling on my lips and teasing my clit with subtle circles.

As Selene’s tongue laps along the walls of my pussy, she rubs my clit vigorously with one hand. I am completely losing control and my body jerks up and down until I let out a cry and shudder from head to toe in spasms. When my orgasm washes through me I sprawl out on the table and go limp.

While I lay gasps for breath, Selene slides off the table only to reappear a few moments later with a long dildo strapped to a leather harness that she has buckled around her waist and over her pussy. Selene rolls me back over onto my stomach.

“Spread your pussy,” she instructs. “Get it open for me.”

I shift my knees apart and stick my ass out. I look back over my shoulder to see her rubbing lubricant on the fake cock.

She looks up suddenly at me and repeats her command. “I said spread your fucking pussy for me, now.”

I push my legs out as far as I can and reach down to push my pussy lips open, revealing to her my wet, pink entrance, whimpering my desire in the process. Selene climbs up onto the table once more and reaches forward, grabbing my shoulders. I have only a brief warning as the rounded tip of the strap-on presses giresun escort for a second against my entrance and then she pushes forward. She spears my pussy, ramming it hard in until the harness slaps against my ass with a wet smack.

Selene’s hands grip my waist and slowly withdrawals the plastic cock. She pauses for a second then slams it back into me with even greater speed and force. I let out a grunt and close my eyes as intense waves of excitement radiate through me. She begins to fuck me relentlessly.

As I whimper and writhe under the impact of each thrust, Selene reaches forward and curls her fingers into my hair. She uses her grip to pull my head backward, arching my spine and giving herself an even better angle for ramming me with the strap-on. It brings my breasts into easy reach, as my chest is thrust out in front of me. She then removes her hand from my hair and uses it to reach around and cup one of my breasts, pinching the nipple between her fingers.

This is the final trigger and I cum with blinding intensity. I cry loudly and Selene pushes the side of my face into the table. As I subside into shuddering gasps, she drags her fingernails firmly down my back. When her nails curve under my ass and reach my pussy it instantly causes a second explosion.

Selene rises from behind me, pulling the dildo out of my pussy and leaving my pussy juices to seep onto the table. But she isn’t done with me yet. She unbuckles the straps of the harness and lets the strap-on fall from her body to thud onto the floor. The she swings around to sit on the table beside me and takes a firm grip on my disheveled hair. In one fluid motion, she spreads her legs open and pulls my head down between her thighs, until my face hits her wet, hot pussy.

Her pussy lips part and moist juices seep from the widening pink entrance. Twisting my head slightly, I begin to nibble along her puffy lips, gently teasing. Selene takes an audible breath and slightly arches her back as she spreads her legs further apart, clutching gümüşhane escort the back of my head.

I begin fastening my lips over her entrance and alternate between spearing thrusts inward with my tongue, curling it up and then sucking hard as I withdraw. Selene begins to utter a series of soft moans and she spreads her hips even wider apart so that I can stick my tongue in as far inside her pussy as possible. After a few minutes she begins to shudder and gasp. She releases grip of my head in order to grasp her breasts. With a cry she grabs her nipples, pulling and twisting them forcefully. At the same moment, she thrusts her pelvis forward. Her ass leaves the table top as her back arches. Her eyes glaze over and her mouth hangs open.

I shift my mouth to suck on her clit. Holding it between my teeth, I nibble at it while shoving two fingers into her pussy. I thrust them in and out as fast and hard as I can and it only takes a few strokes before her climax breaks, exploding with streams of wet, warm juices. The juices gush from her pussy and she lets out a cry before collapsing down onto the table top.

After a few moments, she rolls me gently onto my back and begins to caress my breasts, before taking my nipples into her mouth and nibbling on them. Her hand slips between my parted thighs and probes my entrance. Then, slowly fondling my pussy, she kisses me on the lips. She removes her hand from my pussy and starts stroking my breasts, teasing and pinching my nipples until I squirm with pleasure. Then suddenly, Selene slides off of me and picks up the strap-on and buckles it back on.

“I’m not through with you quite yet,” she says.

She gets back onto the table and positions herself between my waiting legs. Selene grips my thighs and thrusts the fake cock into my pussy. She begins a rhythm of thrusting which steadily increases in forcefulness and pace. I can feel myself tremble as my climax builds and then it releases and I groan loudly. My body shudders and shakes as the torrent tears through me.

By the time my climax ends, Selene is pulling out of me and dropping onto the table top next to me. She looks over at me and says, “I don’t know why we didn’t do this before.”

I smile, “The tension made it better.”

“Then I can’t wait to see how it is in the shower.”

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