The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes, Chapter Three


‘The Singular Case Of The Stolen Dildo.’London, 1887Doctor Emma Watson gazed out of one of the two windows of 227B Baker Street on another foggy day in London Town. She surveyed the busy scene of horse-drawn two-wheeled Hansom cabs and members of the public going about their everyday lives. The window kept out much of the noise and foul air which was a blessing, London being one of the heaviest populated cities in the world. She turned to the other person in the airy drawing room of the upstairs apartment and spoke.”There appears to be a most anxious fellow on his way to the front door.”The petite, young-looking medical student doctor had indeed perceived a man in a top hat and morning coat make his way hastily across the cobblestones to 227B. Scarlett Holmes raised her head from the latest edition of the Times newspaper and considered her loyal companion.”Indeed,” came the one-syllable reply.Emma, fresh from Medical School College, where she was studying for her degree in Medicine, looked directly into the ocean-green eyes of the pouting blonde. From the first day she had set eyes on the exceedingly beautiful creature, Emma knew she was the one. Every day she loved the woman more, although it was all on her side, only lust from the other’s point of view. Scarlett Holmes did get attracted to men from time to time and had enjoyed some dalliances in the past, but mostly it was the pleasure of the female flesh for her.The light from a single gaslight lamp illuminated Scarlett’s comely features and buttery blonde locks. The medium-length hair was styled back and up and left her sexy neck bare. Emma felt her heart flutter as she admired yet again the perfectly kissable lips, plump and parted, the upper the exact same thickness as the lower.The two wore similar attire, a fitted bodice that cinched at the waist and floor length skirt with puffed short sleeves. Under this, both wore the usual corset that pulled in the waist and supported the bust. Scarlett’s 36-inch bosom, considerably larger than the small, but enchanting Emma, was fit to burst from the confines.”I should take my leave,” said Emma.Scarlett shot her a look and shook her head. She adored the graceful girl and only one other had turned her head in a similar fashion. Rachel Irene, that flame-haired buxom beauty with long legs and peach of a bum.”Pray wait.”There came a light knocking on the closed door and an elderly gentleman entered with head bowed.”There is a gentleman who desires your attention, Miss Holmes.””Thank you, Mister Hudson, pray let him enter.”A tall man blundered in, quite flustered, and took his hat off and laid it on a tiny table. Dressed in a charcoal coat, white shirt, silk vest, and black trousers, he looked a cut above the usual clientele.”Miss Holmes, ’tis good of yourself to permit me an audience. I am here on the utmost importance pertaining to a member of the Royal family itself.””Some tea perhaps? Mister?””Lord Crumpet to be sure, on an errand for Princess Louise no less. Seeing that your illustrious brother is on a lengthy trip to America, it is you who comes highly regarded in delicate matters of crime that usually leave the Police Force perplexed. Your sound advice is needed.”The distressed gentleman sat and twiddled with his beard nervously, his eyes wide. He waved aside the offer of refreshment and sat on the edge of his chair. His eyes stole a furtive glance at Emma who understood the look.”Perhaps I should make myself scarce.”Blessed with dreamy light brown eyes and a glowing complexion she seemed to glide across the room to the door as she moved. Her brown wavy hair with honey highlights was pushed back on top of her gorgeous head in an appealing manner.”I should be honoured if you would linger awhile. I have a feeling your assistance may be of the utmost importance. My Lord, you may talk freely in present company.”The man nodded and mopped his brow with a silken handkerchief. Princess Louise was the fourth daughter of the Queen and married to one John Campbell, widely known in certain circles to be homosexual. Holmes looked up at the portrait of Victoria on the wall over the mantle shelf and sighed.”Of course, by all means, stay. I have come on Her Majesty’s bidding without a single moment to lose.”Scarlett narrowed her eyes as she studied the bluff man who freely perspired in his chair.”So you say you came here directly from the Princess?””Quite so, quite so.””Indeed. You didn’t stop off on the way, perhaps to Sex hikayeleri Limehouse by any chance?”Both Emma and Crumpet looked confused at this last statement.”How, how the devil did you know that?” cried the man incredulously.”Reasoning and deduction. Watson, you know my brother’s methods which I heartily share, what do you perceive?”Emma looked intently at his Lordship but was none the wiser.”I confess Holmes, I know not.””You see, but do not observe. It is simplicity itself. The gentleman has a distinct type of clay on the instep of his left boot, the sort common in the area of Limehouse Basin. Why would a reputable and distinguished gentleman such as he be doing in a singularly seedy borough of London as this? The telltale semen stain on the left leg of his trousers, the worn patch on the other upper thigh, and that rouge on the starched collar tells me all.””Yes?””You Sir, have spent the morning in a Chinese opium den and bordello where you sought sexual relief from a prostitute. It was from this address that you finally made your way to my humble abode.””‘Pon my soul!” declared the guilty man.”Outstanding, my dear Holmes,” gushed a proud Emma.”You made haste to leave, presumably because your wife was in pursuit, and you clumsily dressed without tending to your toilet, hence the stains. There is also a distinct aroma of noodles and soy about your person, apart from this observation I see nothing else of any importance.”Scarlett waved her hand in dismissal and sat quietly.”But, the worn trouser leg?” wondered Emma.”Simply means Lord Crumpet dresses to the right and is rather well endowed.”Emma smiled demurely and blushed like a teenager. Her lover was intellectual, neat, methodical, and uncommonly handsome. It was just she got bored so easily. So very like her brother, the greatest consulting detective in all of England.”So, what do we owe this visit?”The full-figured Scarlett stood and smoothed out her lace dress. She looked longingly at the Persian slipper by the fireplace where she kept her trusty six-inch leather dildo stuffed in the toe. Talk of sexual activity had stirred her loins, and she experienced an urgent desire to fan her heat. Barely thirty years of age she was at the prime of her sexual prowess.”It is a sensitive matter and no mistake,” said Crumpet. “The Princess has in recent memory had a frigid existence with her husband, who hides his true feelings for the same sex with little aplomb. In her anguish, Her Majesty has resorted to the unfortunate, but satisfying use of a sex toy. Not just any sex toy mind, but the most precious dildo in the known world. It is a multi-faceted object, eight inches in length with a shaft encrusted with pearls and sapphires. Alas, ladies, the thing is stolen!””Stolen! From Kensington Palace!” exclaimed Emma.”Quite, vanished away in the dead of night. No witnesses, no clues.””Have you contacted Scotland Yard?” enquired Scarlett without turning from the fire.”Indeed not! The Princess wishes no police involvement whatsoever, considering the delicate matter of the stated object in question.””Quite a little problem. Have you any idea who the culprit might be?”Crumpet stood and paced the study in a state of confusion, head down.”All the maids and servants have been interviewed by myself and my trusted secretary. None admits guilt and I see no evidence that any of them have the inclination nor brains to carry out such a bold adventure.”Scarlett sat down once more and contemplated her visitor with a whimsical smile.”I must say your problem interests me, and I shall look into the matter. Return here in the morning for a further update.”When Lord Crumpet had left Scarlett sat in silence, deep in thought. Then she looked up and Emma sat on the edge of her seat.”Well, any views?” “Watson, please do me the honour and hand me my index of biographies.”Emma did so as Scarlett sat down and turned the pages to the letter M.”Ah, Moran, Sebastian, Colonel. Born London in 1840, served overseas, currently unemployed.”She handed Emma the open book and she saw a handwritten note in the margin.”According to my dear brother, he is the second most dangerous man in London.”Emma felt a thrill of excitement down her spine as she looked into Scarlett’s fair face.”This is our man. A blackmailer, thief, womaniser, expert shot, cunning, and rumoured to possess ten-inch manhood.”Emma sat down speechless.”He resides in Hanover Square. Tonight, under cover of darkness you and I shall Sikiş hikayeleri pay our man a covert visit. Come my dear, the game is afoot!”xIt was already dusk when Scarlett and Emma left Baker Street and the lamps along the streets were lit for the night. The pair arrived at a small lane in a quiet neighbourhood and stopped in the front of a red brick house. The fog had finally lifted and the pair of detectives perceived the house to be in darkness. They had chosen to disguise themselves as men in an attempt to blend in and had dressed as such.”Love your derriere, my love.” gushed Scarlett as she stood crouched behind her compatriot.”Elementary my dear Holmes,” said she and wiggled her posterior in her masculine-looking trousers.Both wore dark derby hats with their hair tucked under. Emma had a black and white striped shirt buttoned to the neck, and grey pants with a high waist up to the bottom of the ribs. Scarlett had similar attire plus a frock coat over the top with big buckles. They had slim-fitting boots in black with white spats on top. Last, but not least their features were hidden under goggles.”You have your trusty revolver?” Scarlett tapped Emma on the arm with a riding crop.Emma nodded and fingered the Adams Mark 3 in her hand. A gift from her older brother, Doctor John Watson. They crept slowly and silently to a window three feet from the door and gained entrance without any bother. No light in the house meant Emma had to light a matchstick to illuminate their immediate surroundings. Scarlett pressed her companion in the small of her back and guided her to the library.”I expect to find our prize somewhere in here, perhaps a wall safe or safety box.”The audible hiss of a gas lamp being lit startled the intrepid women and they spun around to see a lean figure of a male, approximately six feet in height and dressed in an elegant smoking jacket. Emma put her hand to her mouth as she perceived a revolver pointed straight at her.”Gentlemen, if indeed you are such, sit you down on that couch over there.”Holmes looked at Emma and nodded. They flung their hands up in surrender and sat down side by side. The tall man went around the study and lit several more lamps before paying the silent women any attention.”Permit me to introduce myself, I am Colonel Sebastian Moran and this is my house. Now please indulge me by removing those ridiculous goggles and hats, MISS Holmes, and Emma Watson.”Sheepishly the women took off their derby hats and goggles and fluffed out their hair. Moran allowed himself a smug grin as their features were revealed.”I would remain quite still and obey my every command or it shall be the worst for you.”He waved his gun from one to the other in a threatening motion.”Surely Colonel, you would not shoot two women in the study of your own home?”Scarlett spoke with authority and boldness as she sat ramrod straight on the couch.”On the contrary, two disguised persons, presumably male, break in through a window and skulk around my home? Why the law would be on MY side if I were to defend myself.””He has a point Holmes,” Emma said as she sidled up closer to her lover.”Pray tell us your intentions you vile creature.”Holmes studied the man’s features. He was in fact quite handsome with sandy coloured hair, moustache and clear blue eyes. Broad shouldered and impeccably postured Scarlett let her imagination run wild wondering about the size of his hidden manhood.”I am positive you came for this.”He produced the stolen dildo and held it up for the both of them to see.”It was a mere trifle to purloin and it was my utmost delight in luring you into my web of iniquity in search of it. You see it was my intention all along to bring you both here. I knew any invitation would otherwise be shunned by your good selves, and I so wish to entertain you. Entertainment of the flesh, as it were.”Emma fidgeted on her cute bum and wondered what was to come.”Are you telling us that the sole purpose of the theft of the sex toy was a ruse to lure us here for your carnal amusement?””I am a lecher, womaniser and a pervert, and you my dear Holmes possess the finest pair of breasts in London Town I am told. It is widely known that you and the fair Watson are an item, and it is my singular wish to ravish you both. Now, please stand and remove those silly outfits for me.””Sir! I protest most strongly!””It’s entirely your choice. Strip or face the business end of my revolver.”Resigned to their fate Scarlett led the Erotik hikaye way and shed her frock coat and began to unbutton her shirt. Beside her Emma undid the side buttons of her tight pants and peeled them slowly over her narrow hips and the delectable curve of her pert rump. She crouched down and slipped her boots off and then finally undid her shirt and opened it up.”Most comely, my dear.”Moran joined in and let his gown slip from his wide shoulders letting the women consider his fine physique which was highlighted by gas light. Muscled biceps and sculpted torso belied his lean frame and long shanks. His flaccid appendage hung down between his corded thighs like a huge pipe.”Heavens!” uttered a wide eyed Emma as she was unable to shift her gaze from his penis.Miss Holmes was now topless and paused a moment in her undressing. Moran indicated with his gun for her to continue and she unrolled her trousers to her boots and shucked them off.”And there we are.”Scarlett was simply stunning naked. Even though she stood barely five feet three in bare feet her figure was perfection. Enormous thirty-six inch boobs sat heavy but firm on her chest, and her rounded ass cheeks jutted up behind her. With her shapely legs and gorgeous ass she had the classic small gap between her inner thighs as she stood with feet together. Moran was bewitched by her outstanding form and his eyes ended up looking fixedly at the small V patch of dark pubic hair above her mouth-watering slit of a bald vagina.”I was right, nice bosom and no mistake.”Emma was extremely attractive and very petite. She stood five feet five and her pert breasts were firm and had very pointed nipples. Her bottom was tight and small with two divine dimples on either side of her scrumptious buttocks. Moran eyed her flat stomach and the subtle curves of her hips that led to her trimmed, downy hair atop her pubic mound.”Bravo! Now, sit you down and indulge my wish to see the pair of you kiss.”Scarlett raised her brow and looked at Emma’s desirable mouth, sensual and yielding. The blonde put her lips to Emma and made contact. She put her arms around the young girl’s neck and drew her close. An intense sensation swept over them both in an instant as their mouths melded together. Despite their unwelcome admirer they became lost in heated passion and opened their mouths in a slow, lingering smooch.”What sport!” said the Colonel as he became distinctly aroused.Now the women’s tongues darted into each other’s mouths and their hands sought out each other’s bodies, fluttering here and there. Moran was quite taken by the bountiful breasts of Scarlett as they made contact with her companion’s more modest pair, although they were exceedingly fetching with the hard points of her erect nipples. Emma instinctively opened her legs and welcomed the warm air of the room on her exposed vagina. Likewise Scarlett could feel her inflamed senses surge in her loins as her bottom moved to and fro against the fabric of the couch. Scarlett cupped the perky left tit of Emma as they kissed in a sustained manner as if they were alone in the room.”Oh yes, very good.”Moran had risen to his full nine inches of solid and swollen hardness. Circumcised and erect his massive protuberance stood proud from a mass of finely curled pubes that filled his V of a groin. Throbbing veins along the length finished abruptly at the smooth and tapered glans that was smeared by fine beads of pre cum. He eyed the riding crop that Scarlett had brought as protection and picked it up. Then he approached the couch and lightly tapped the end of the crop on Emma’s soft-haired vagina.”I wish you to kiss your companion here.” He pointed.The tall naked man gave a swish through the air with the crop and then cupped the end in his left palm, his moustache twitching. Scarlett glared at him before going onto her knees to spread the supple legs of Emma open so she could place her face in the center. Moran grabbed his stiff member and watched Scarlett Holmes purse her pouting lips to kiss the soft labia of the fair doctor. Emma moaned as her pussy was kissed hard and put her right hand to her overheated forehead.”Kiss it, my love, kiss it,” groaned the horny girl.She looked down at the erotic sight of the stacked blonde between her open thighs and trembled as she felt the hot lips on her sensitive cunt. Then she gasped as Scarlett leaned back and Emma thrust her pelvis up in search of those enchanting lips. Scarlett gave a wicked grin and dived between the hungry thighs once more, licking and sucking with a reckless abandon on the delirious girl.”Admiral, admiral. I haven’t seen the like since I attended a similar debauched show in Paris.”

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