The Angry Night


He was over at her apartment and stared blankly at the TV, while she was in the kitchen preparing dinner. This was typical of their shared meals – the guest didn’t cook but did dishes.

“Hey,” she said. No answer. She said it louder this time, “HEY.”

He came out of his reverie and looked over at her. They had been together for a few months and things had been good, very good – she was pretty, smart, and they made each other laugh. Furthermore, she was physically his type: Asian, slightly over five feet tall, slim with small breasts, medium length jet black shiny hair, and a rapturous smile. Oh – that smile he thought was just for him. But it seemed all good things must come to an end, and it looked like this was no exception to that rule.

Thu set the food on the table. He mumbled his thanks and they ate in silence. Last night, she had just told him that she was thinking about getting back with her ex-boyfriend. What the hell? So why did she even ask him over tonight? He was confused and upset and angry so he just kept mechanically eating dinner so as not to say anything rash.

“How’s the chicken pho?” she asked optimistically.


“My mom’s recipe.”


This is really uncomfortable, he thought. I have to get out of here.

He ate faster and was prepared to leave right after dinner, but as he got up, Thu misread his intentions.

“You don’t have to do dishes,” she said.

His face contorted as he thought to himself: Are you fucking kidding me? I’m getting dumped and you expect me to do the dishes as well?!!

But he held his tongue and swallowed his anger, letting it burn slowly in the pit of his stomach.

After a brief hesitation, he sat down again on the now uncomfortable loveseat. Thu got up with the dishes, washed them quickly, then came back into the living room and sat down next to him.

“So…” she drew out the word.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about?” he asked.

She just stared at the carpet in silence.

This was more than awkward. After a seeming eternity that was only a few seconds, he reached over and pulled her towards him. Thu put her head on his chest but still said nothing.

I guess this is it. She’s going back to him. It was good while it lasted, he thought.

He pulled her closer by her waist and as a result, his hands slipped under the hem of her blue and white striped shirt. She was a professional and dressed conservatively, and after getting home, she left the shirt on, but changed into a pair of beige shorts. She felt good lying on him and he breathed in her scent, enjoying the moment that would soon end. But despite her facade, he knew Thu wasn’t nearly the good conservative Catholic she seemed to be. After all, just a week ago she had confided to him that she had fantasies of getting bent over and fucked on her desk at work.

He regretted never getting that opportunity. She felt great in his arms, her smooth white skin supple against his fingers, which were clasped around her side.

“So I wanted to talk about…” Thu started.

“No.” porno


Thu pushed off herself off his chest and faced him. He just looked at her. She interpreted people’s feelings for a living and in his eyes she saw a mix of hurt and anger.

This can’t be good, she said to herself. I don’t know what…

That thought was interrupted rudely as he twisted her away from him and pushed her onto the carpet.

“What are you…” she started, as he pulled her up so she was on all fours. He kneeled down behind her, reached under her, unbuttoned her shorts, and yanked them down violently along with her panties. Thu tried to get up but he roughly pushed her back down and kept a hand on her back while undoing his jeans.

He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hardening cock. Blood was coursing through his veins as he kept his right hand on Thu’s back and used his left hand to position the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

“Hey…” she began.

“Quiet,” he commanded.

He imagined himself with her at her office, sitting across from each other. She was reclining in a black leather chair holding a pen to her mouth and peered at him over the glasses perched on the edge of her nose. Her white shirt was unbuttoned to the top of her breasts, and she repeatedly pulled her black skirt down her thighs as it rode up her legs as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. Further down her shapely legs, the light shone off what Thu called her “fuck me” boots – the expensive black patent leather boots that were her favourite item. His dick grew hard in his hand and precum seeped out of the cleft of his cock. He smeared the precum over her entrance and then kept the pressure on her cunt, sliding it in slowly against resistance, gaining millimeter by millimeter. Thu’s face was buried in the carpet but he could still hear her whimper and feel her wiggle her hips at the pain. She was biting her right hand; her left arm was out by her side in the air and it was as if her fingers were clenched around an imaginary ball. He was surprised at how dry her pussy was, given that she confessed she was often wet:

“I remember before we started really dating but just hanging out at my apartment or something, i would go to the bathroom and realize my underwear was wet. Guess my body was responding to you without me even knowing…”

After a minute, he finally penetrated her half the length of his cock and sighed. Thu was still face down in the carpet with her ass up. He reached over to the sofa and took a pillow off to give to her. She grabbed it and put it under her face, muffling the gasps as he pushed himself further into her with each thrust. When he reached her cervix, a sudden pain exploded behind her eyes, and she screamed into the pillow and gripped it as tightly as she could with both hands. He didn’t stop.

The ordeal lasted a few minutes until finally she was wet enough and reached the point he could move in and out of her with only moderate resistance. Thu began to enjoy it and moaned as he pumped her.

Then suddenly, he pulled his shiny wet dick out and put the head against her asshole.

“Noooo!” she whimpered.

She bucked and turned to face him with fear in her eyes but he had his hands clamped firmly on her sides – she wasn’t going anywhere. Plus, her panties and shorts were still wrapped around her knees, further restraining her movements.

Oh my God, she thought. It was a long time since she had anal sex. Her last boyfriend had insisted on it and she had complied a few times. But it had been months, and Thu suddenly remembered how much it had hurt.

“Can you not?” she pleaded. He pretended he didn’t hear her and pushed the head of his cock into her butt. “OMG that hurts!” she screamed into the pillow, but as he looked down, he could see that only the head was in her ass. There was still a lot to go. He began moving the head in and out of her asshole, careful not to pull it all the way out. He got on his feet to leverage himself and pushed further down on the small of her back so her ass was elevated higher. He kept the pressure on. Thu began hyperventilating to the point he thought she was going to pass out. But as he pushed in further, she grunted and held her breath to cope with the pain.

This isn’t helping, she said, and she forced herself to relax and let him fully in. He smiled and took her offering. Moving his hands to her shoulders, he began pumping her steadily, enjoying the sensation of fucking her tight asshole. There was a closet mirror next to them and he looked at it, seeing the reflection of himself thrusting himself into her ass.

Don’t come, he told himself.

He pulled out again with a pop as if uncorking a bottle of wine. Thu gasped. Her ass was on fire and her head was spinning. She crumpled to the side, breathing hard, unable to catch her breath. He came over to her. She thought it was to lie down next to her and cuddle, but instead he put his dick next to her mouth. Before she knew it, Thu felt his hand on the back of her head, moving her towards him until her lips were pressed up against his dick.

“No…” she said again, pressing her lips tightly together.

“Do it,” he commanded. He pushed harder.

Thu relented and opened her mouth reluctantly, tasting her own santorum and gagging at both the taste and the thought of eating her own ass. In the past she had only performed anal when drunk and she was cold stone sober at the moment. Ass-to-mouth had never been on the menu for any guy. She pursed her lips around his head preventing the shaft from entering her mouth. But for him it felt heavenly, the warm wetness of her mouth and tongue pressing against his cock.

But then she gagged and he pushed his shaft in until it was halfway into her mouth and the tip was tickling the back of her throat. Tears welled up in her eyes and Thu gagged again. He pushed further, and only when she choked did he take his dick out of her mouth.

Thu rolled over to her side, coughing and gasping for a full minute, then recovered and ran to the bathroom to wash out her mouth.

Through the doorway, he could see her frantically trying to rinse out the taste of her own ass. In a few minutes, she came out of the bathroom, wiping her mouth on a towel. He got up from the carpet, hugged her, then lowered her onto her back onto the loveseat. Thu wrapped her legs around him waist and held onto his neck with her hands but he grabbed her wrists and held them down against the sofa.

Without using his hands, he maneuvered the tip of his dick against her pussy and pushed himself in. Thu gasped and uttered, “Omigod… omigod…” She looked down and saw his dick pumping in and out, wet against her shaven pussy.

“Fuck me,” she begged.

He pumped harder and harder, releasing his anger on her in waves, until she grew silent from the pounding. It hurt, she thought, but it was good hurt, and she convinced herself that she deserved it from hurting him. His sweat was dripping off his face and onto her, small rivulets running down her body and settling into her belly button. Thu was about to come, and she began hyperventilating again, faster and faster, until she was just about to reach the peak.

And he pulled out.

“Don’t stop,” she implored him.

But he reached down, grabbed his dick with his hand, and moved it lower to her asshole. He bore down then pushed his entire length into her rectum. This time there was little resistance because she wasn’t expecting it.

“FUCK!” she yelled as her eyes opened to twice their normal size.

Without hesitation, he pumped violently into her, holding her wrists with one hand over her head to prevent her from pushing him off. Harder and harder he thrusted into her, grunting, pounding, sweat flying off him, until he felt himself on the verge and stopped.

Thu tried to catch her breath, hoping he had come and this was the end of her ordeal.

But the reprieve was short-lived. He recommenced thrusting into her deeply, until his balls were touching her asshole, leaving his dick inside her ass for a full second before finishing the stroke. This way she could feel the full pressure of his swollen cock in her. She had never been fucked so hard in her ass before and it hurt like a motherfucker.

Painful minutes passed and finally, when she felt as if she would pass out from the pain, and he felt as if he would explode, he pulled himself out with a popping sound and quickly kneeled on the sofa so that his dick was in front of her face. Thu moved her head to the side but he still held her wrists with one hand, and with the other he held her face in position. He pushed his dick onto her lips but she refused to open her mouth.

Too late. He grunted and a torrent of cum shot out onto her lips and cheeks. Thu moved her head from side-to-side in an attempt to avoid the spray but it just ended up on more everywhere – his spoor was now on both sides of her face, her eyes, her hair, and her neck. He stood up, grabbed his dick with his right hand, and jerked it down, flicking the last bit of cum onto her hair.

He looked down at her, seeing her face covered with a mixture of glistening cum and santorum. She looked at him angrily because he knew she hated anything on her face.

Satisfied, he got up, dressed, and left her apartment without saying a word.

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