The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch. 18

Asshole Fucked

Chapter 18 A Partnership byLemaringouin and translated by Pimanko


A limousine arrived at the dairy’s front door. A tall strapping individual, about 40 years of age, with salt-and-pepper hair, climbed out.

“He’s at least 1.8 meters (5′ 11″ – ed.),” said Claire. “He’s a good-looking man.”

Claudine, who was next to her, added, “Yes, he’s nicely muscled! I bet he’s a good screw!”

Claire gave Claudine a complicit smile. She was thinking exactly the same thing.

The man entered the dairy’s foyer where Pierre and Claude, standing next to the two women, were waiting. With a smile on his lips, the man offered his hand to Claude and said, “Good day, I’m John Walker. I thank you for inviting me to your facility.”

John had a slight British accent but spoke perfect French. His mother was French and his father American.

After their formal introductions, they all went to Claude’s office.

“Did you have a good trip?” the latter asked him.

“Yes, thank you for having sent your chauffeur. I arrived yesterday. The chauffeur gave me the envelop that you had prepared in the car. He dropped me off at the hotel. I was able to read all the documents attentively. I was amazed by the importance of the work done in your facility.”

“Yes,” said Claude, “we’re very proud of it. The dairy functions beautifully. Our funder, the government, is very satisfied with it. The authorities support out initiatives and the young women who make up our livestock are very happy here with us. They are very content to live within our walls, providing the dairy with their raw material.”

“How much livestock do you have?”

“We received our 178th candidate today,” informed Claudine.

“Ah, I see. And are they all productive?”

“Actually, we have three in preparation. The rest of them produce in enough needed volume to satisfy the demand of the market. Our establishment is becoming more and more renowned. We are constantly looking for new hucows,” Claudine replied.

“Your hucow preparation programme interests us enormously. Our governmental authorities are pushing us to establish this programme back home. We have two dairies, one for milk cows and one that’s presently under construction. The government is encouraging us to produce maternal milk in the latter one. For that reason, we would like to reach an agreement with you to participate in the completion of this project. Your experience would be very useful.”

“We’ll go into this in detail later, but first, you should make a little visit in the dairy. Claudine, our director for production, will accompany you,” Claude then said.

“Very bursa escort good, thank you.”

John, who had nothing but eyes for Claudine’s bosom, was happy for her to be the person who was going to guide him during this visit. Claudine and John left the office and headed toward the section with the preparation rooms. They arrived at the door Room 1.

“Here, we are in the process of training a young woman who was arrested on a drug trafficking charge. She fell in with a group of traffickers who were also arrested. She was recruited by a pimp who had seduced her. She had really fallen among some bad people. She was raped and forced to take drugs. Subsequently, to pay her debts, she had begun to sell their illicit products.”

“What’s this young woman’s age?”

“She’s 19. Justice sent her to us. The judge gave her two options: come to our facility or spend 15 years in prison. She chose the first option, of course. Her name is Catherine. Come into the room. You’ll be able to witness her preparation.

Both entered the room. Amelie, the person responsible for this room, was standing in front of a table with a totally naked young hucow on it.

“Amelie, this is John. We spoke to you about him. We’re going to watch how Catherine behaves during her preparation to become a hucow.”

Catherine was pretty young girl, quite tall, albeit on all fours on the milking table, making it not so noticeable. She had beautiful dark hair, hazel-coloured eyes, a pair of well-shaped breasts which were not fully developed yet.

“Before starting the milking machines,” Claudine explained to John, who was showing a lot of interest in what he saw, “she first underwent a cleansing enema, a series of breast massages with the appropriate cream and the insertion of an anal plug, as you can see here, and a dildo in her vagina that vibrates and alternately moves in and out of her.”

“This young person doesn’t give you a hard time when you carry out this treatment?” John asked.

“No,” answered Amelie. “Firstly, I administered a powerful soporific which keeps her calm and entirely docile.”

“I see,” said John. “What is the purpose of the bottle with the nipple that she is sucking on?”

“Ah, yes, as milking eliminates a great deal of liquid from the hucows body, using this baby bottle, we feed her with fruit juice, supplemented with vitamins and other products enhancing milk production. As she is thirsty, she spends the greatest part of her milking connected to the baby bottle.”

Just then, they could hear the young hucow making large slurps while malatya escort sucking the juice through the nipple.

“I see her breasts hanging down and they aren’t really an impressive enough size,” John indicated.

“Here, we call this part of the body udders and her nipples are teats,” corrected Claudine. “And yes, these udders have not yet attained a sufficient size, but with the special treatment that we are making this little one undergoes, they will begin to take on volume. As you noted, they are attached to the milking machine’s nozzles. That, along with a strict diet, and appropriate techniques and ingredients, encourages their growth. Catherine is only now beginning to produce colostrum, the precursor of the milk which will follow in a few days.”

“What was the size of this little hucow’s bosom… Excuse me, I mean, udders when she came here?”

She came to us with a meager 32A. I have already made her undergo thorough treatment, just like we do to all the candidates who want or have to become hucows.

Walker looked at her questioningly.

“As I told you, Justice sends us some of these young women. They are forced to become hucows. They are part of our usual livestock and stay with us. Others come here voluntarily, whether by personal vocation or because their partner wants them to have a well-developed bosom for their own pleasure. Those hucows don’t stay at the farm with us, but come here regularly to give up their milk.”

“And what kind of treatment do all your candidates undergo to develop their udders and produce milk.”

“In the first place, they have to have a very soothing environment. It’s particularly important that they don’t experience any stress. As you’ve indicated, our premises are decorated pleasantly. Soft music is broadcast everywhere. At the beginning, we also give them soporifics. It’s essential! They have to feel good in their bodies and their heads.

“Next, we inject them with a solution calibrated with hormones appropriate for the development of their mammaries. Estrogen and progesterone in regulated doses instruct the brain to resume the growth of their bosoms. In addition to this, they absorb vitamins and other natural elements, hops, fenugreek, etc. during their meals. These ingredients also promote the development of their mammaries.

“Lastly, when their mammary glands are sufficiently developed, milk production is induced with prolactin solutions and other appropriate hormones. In completion, their udders are milked six times a day at the rate 45 minutes each time at regular hours.”

“Doesn’t excessive çanakkale escort milking damage their teats?”

“No,” answered Amelie, “we put recuperative ointments on the milking machines in addition to gradually adjusting the suction pressure on the udders.”

“I see. How long does the preparation take before your hucow becomes productive?” asked John.

“That depends on the individual but generally they are productive in about a month. Production then increases gradually. Like I told you, their well-being is very important. That’s why they also receive aphrodisiacs in order to keep them in a state of constant sexual need, which they can satisfy with gadgets and sexual toys which are made available to them, or by special sessions with external partners, generally, our clients and their spouses or partners of the external hucows.”

“Ah, yes, I heard about that,” John responded.

During their conversation, Catherine began to suckle greedily, with small sharp sighs, on the nipple of her baby bottle.

“Look,” Amelie then said. “Our hucow is cumming.”

Claudine stopped her explanations while John came closer to get a better look at the hucow’s attitude and reactions in the face of her impending orgasm. Catherine released the nipple and uttered small cries announcing her approaching orgasm. Amelie then put her hand directly under the hucow’s lower belly and sought out her clitoris to facilitate her rising orgasm. She rubbed her fully erect little button by making circular motions around it. With her other hand, she stroked Catherine’s back.

The latter reached her pleasure peak and began to cry out loudly. “Ah, oh, yes, yes!”

Catherine experienced an intense orgasm. All her limbs began to quiver. Her eyes rolled up until only the whites of her eyes could be seen.

John was fascinated what he saw. He saw the young girl experience an impressively intense orgasm, with an unheard-of duration and vigor that he had never seen before among any of his mistresses and friends. The young hucow’s ecstasy lasted several minutes.

“Oh, that’s great, fantastic!” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“Yes,” Claudine answered, “it is surprising and, at the same time, beautifully erotic. It makes us feel jealous, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s remarkable. How much milk does this marvelous little one produce?”

“At the moment, she has only just started,” answered Amelie. “Today, we are going to extract about 200 ml (less than a cup – ed.) for the whole milking session of the day. Several days from, I think she will furnish about 1.5 to 2 liters (6.3 to 8.5 cups – ed.).”

“Incredible,” responded John.

“So, let’s go back to Claude’s office,” Claudine then said, “to continue our discussions.”

“Thank you,” John said.

He and Claudine left the room and headed off to Claude’s office where, with Claire and Pierre, they would review the terms of the enterprise with John and his partners.

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