The Bachelorette Party: Part 5

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I felt good the following day, I had only my fingers and an old vibe since Franks’s death, and I missed him and his touch. I didn’t enjoy my self-imposed celibacy, it had been a little over two years since his death, and it was about time I started dating again. But I had no clue where to start. I certainly wasn’t going to date Debbie or have her in my bed again. She was nice, but I didn’t trust her after seeing how she came on to me at the party and how she looked and talked about Candace.I check the stable security cameras routinely, and now I was going to check on my new helper. I purposely didn’t tell Debbie they were scattered about the ceiling and were hard to spot. I had them installed to protect my babies. I wouldn’t say I liked spying on people, and I wanted to think horse people were honest. But these days, I don’t think that applies anymore.I slipped back into my routine of riding a little, taking care of the business end of the ranch, and keeping an eye on Deb. She was working out, as far as I could tell. Out of the blue, I got a text from Susan letting me know she would visit mid-week. If she was going to visit, I needed to stock up the fridge. Deb was working, and I told her I was going to the store and would be back in a couple of hours. Getting to town takes at least thirty minutes, so two hours would be plenty to shop and get back.When I was up at the gate, I saw Candace pull in without Audrey in their suburban. I wondered why she was here since they usually visit early mornings. I let it go and went to the store and got groceries.On the way back, Deb passed me, going in the opposite direction into town. At the time, I thought nothing of it. When I got home, Susan’s car was out front as I pulled into the side yard near the door to the kitchen. My darling daughter came out to help with the bags, and we started talking.Susan was concerned that I was downsizing and selling the ranch. I knew she loved it out here but needed her own life, not one we made for her. Susan had a degree and was using it, which was why she went to college in the first place. We talked, and I told her about Deb when she asked why her car was there.I reassured her I wouldn’t sell anytime soon. We talked a little about Deb, and I told her that she was doing a good job and showing up when she was supposed to and not screwing around. I also mentioned that she’d be the first to know if I were serious about selling. She even volunteered to move back home if I needed her.The way Susan acted, I could tell she had something else on her mind. She knew I wouldn’t sell this place unless I absolutely had to. I didn’t press. She’d tell me when it got to the point that she couldn’t hold it in any longer.The next few days were pretty typical. Deb showed up and cared for the horses, showing Candace how western riding differed from jumping. Candace seemed to blush quite frequently when talking to Deb. She’s usually a stuck-up little twat who, like her stepmother, thinks she’s better than everyone else. But Candace seems timid with Deb and does everything Deb tells her to do.Maybe it’s just me türbanlı gaziantep escort or our age difference. As long as Candace’s stepmom’s check didn’t bounce each month, I didn’t care.I did start looking online at dating services. I was surprised, and there seemed to be one for every lifestyle you could think of. Most started free, but you needed to pay for the good parts. I wasn’t at that point quite yet. I had plenty of batteries for my vibe. If I wanted another go with Deb, I was sure she wouldn’t have a problem with it.A few days passed, and I decided to check up on Deb with the security cameras again. I went back to the day Susan was over and started watching. I saw my love walking in the stable. I could see her being stealthy as she approached Princess’s stall. She looked towards the corral, and I assumed she saw Princess galloping around. Then she peeked into the stall. I switched to my stall camera and saw Candace sucking Deb’s boob.Deb was leaning against the wall, her fingers brushing Candace’s cheek, placing the girl’s hair back behind her ear, and saying something. Candace seemed to be enjoying Deb’s enhanced mammaries because it looked like she was fingering her sweet little cunt at the same time she was nursing.I continued watching my little amateur porn flick as Deb quit stroking Candace’s face and began pressing down on the top of the girl’s head. Candace looked devastated having to leave those big boobs, but she dropped to her knees, loosened Deb’s belt, then her jeans. Deb wiggled as Candace worked them down her hip, then dove between the stripper’s legs. I guess Deb was wearing a thong because nothing got in Candace’s way. She wrapped her hands around Deb’s ass and happily tongued Deb to a sweet orgasm in what I thought was record time.They straightened themselves up, kissed, and went their separate ways. I went back to see how long Susan watched, and it was maybe a minute. So, that eliminated Susan possibly being gay. Not knowing how lesbians react to situations like that, I assumed one would have stayed longer to watch or join them.But, one should never assume, even concerning your child.The two lovers left, and since Candace lives in the opposite direction of town, I figured that’s why I didn’t see her pass me on my way in. I debated what to do about Deb for the next few days. She showed up, worked, and did a good job. But I obviously couldn’t trust her. I had no idea what Candace’s stepmother would say if she found out. Maybe they were fucking each other, but the way Audrey acted, I doubted it.I didn’t want Mrs. Cunt to find out her little sweetie had been deflowered on my property and then take her horses, spread rumors, and maybe sue me for what I’d seen and not told her.I did warn Deb that Candace was trouble, and I thought Candace was only seventeen. I waited until the following week and talked with Deb. I told her I was checking the security cams because I had an alarm. I had first scrolled past her and Candace but went back and saw what they were doing.She giggled gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan and asked me if I got off on it. I told her I didn’t, and if Audrey found out, I could lose a lot of money and my reputation. That’s when she realized it was her last day working here. I told her I liked her work but couldn’t trust her. She started to cry and asked for another chance. When I said no, she started flirting with me. That sealed the deal. She started removing her top, but I told her to keep her boobs in her bra. She thought she could use those to change my mind.It was tempting, but this was my livelihood, and I didn’t want to lose it. So, it dawned on her I couldn’t be bought; Deb thanked me and left.I put the video of her and Candace on a DVD and locked it in my safe in case someone started stirring the pot.I was now back to square one, doing the chores by myself.A few days later, Susan texted that she was coming out to talk again. She wasn’t here that long ago, and that’s not my Susan.She said she wanted to look for an old picture, but I saw right through that. I did get some down from the attic for her to look through so she wouldn’t know that I figured it was a ruse for something else.She came over, looked in the boxes, then told me her real reason for the visit. Susan told me she was bisexual. I guess it’s called ‘coming out’.She was all worried that maybe I wouldn’t love her anymore. There are only a few things she could do to make me not love her, and this wasn’t one of them. We hugged and talked, maybe a little crying, but I told her I only wanted her happy.She was relieved and mentioned when she was sure about her new love, she’d bring her to meet me.A week or two later, they finally came over. Boy, was I surprised. It was Vicki, the other stripper, who came over with Deb. At first, having dealt with the boob queen, I had questions about Susan’s leggy blonde. I asked questions and got good answers from both of them.Susan was smitten, and Vicki was too.Over the next few weeks, I got more acquainted with Vicki. Susan told me some of her history, and I was impressed. I didn’t keep track of the days, but Susan asked if she could move back home. Then a week or so later asked if Vicki could live with her. I didn’t see why not, so Susan found a job where she made as much as she made at her other job, and she could work from home.The girls borrowed my truck a few weeks later and moved Vicki in. I had to clear out the bedroom near my room for Vicki’s little home gym. The girls moved into another room at the opposite end of the house. I assumed so I wouldn’t hear them at night.Susan had introduced her lover to the horses, and Vicki was enthralled with them. We showed her how to groom and saddle them, so she could learn to ride. It didn’t take long until the three of us were riding the property and having a great time.I offered Vicki a job here so she wouldn’t have to drive that long country road on weekend nights to go dancing. She’s gradually withdrawing from that life, making gaziantep türbanlı escort Susan feel less anxious about her having an accident late at night and having no cell coverage.It’s nice seeing both the girls so deeply in love and goo-goo-eyed over each other. Vicki is nice to talk to and does as good a job with the horses as Deb did. Plus, I can trust her.I did mention to them both I was thinking about dating again. I think Vicki was half joking when she mentioned she might know a couple of ladies I might like to meet. I asked if one was Deb, and that got a few laughs.I told them I was open to suggestions since it had been over twenty-five years since I’d been on a date. That’s when they started looking for someone they both approved of for me.It took some time, but I did start dating again. Men and women, because I hate to discriminate.I quickly learned dating sucks. Men friends of friends close to my age seemed to be the worst. I started being honest and open on my first dates with them, mentioning in passing that my daughter and her girlfriend lived with me. That’s when they’d steer the conversation to an area I found disgusting, which ended the date. Of course, some women did that also, so it’s not a gender issue. I think my maximum relationship was about three or four dates, then various reasons turned them off to me or vice versa.It wasn’t until almost a year after that life-changing party I thought I might have found someone. One of my boarders moved out of state and took their two horses. I put a sign on the fence advertising an open stall and flyers at the local feed stores. I got a few calls, and some people dropped by to look, but nothing panned out.Until Roselyn called after seeing the flyer at one of the feed stores, she had to relocate for her job and was looking for a place to live plus somewhere nearby to board her horse. It would be ideal if there were room to ride, so she didn’t have to drive hours to ride her baby. She lived in one of those corporate apartments because she came from out of state. Roslyn had been researching by phone and the internet before seeing the flyer. We talked for at least two hours about horses, the climate around here, places to eat, good feed stores, etc.I told her she could drop by anytime if she had other questions because someone was always around. She liked that I also had security cameras, the jumping course, and other amenities. She seemed interested.It was a Saturday, and both Susan and Vicki were home. Vicki had stopped stripping about three months before. I was out in the stables scooping droppings when Roselyn drove up in her rental car. She wore jeans, a tee, a flannel shirt, and boots.Vicki met her as she walked to the stable to groom Abigail, her favorite horse. She escorted Roselyn to the stall where I was working and left us. I noticed Roselyn’s eyes didn’t follow Vicki as she walked away. So, I assumed she was straight and then admonished myself for thinking that. She was a pretty redhead, about the same height as me, maybe an inch shorter. She spoke with a southern twang I found adorable.I gave her a tour of the facilities, showed her the available stalls along with the feed and tack rooms then took her outside. We walked around the corrals, I answered her questions, and she seemed to like the place. We talked fees and then went into the house to get the paperwork to read and sign if she decided to board with me. Susan was inside on her way out to help Vicki and then go riding when we walked in.

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