The Beginning _(7)


I looked down when my phone rang and was so surprised to see your number. I was also a little worried. You don’t call me from your house. I was very hesitant to answer as I didn’t know who was going to be on the other end. I answered and was so excited to hear your voice. You were really upset. I could hear it in your tone. You told me you needed me and for me to get my ass to your house now. You didn’t bother with directions since you knew I already knew how to get there. It took me a little while but I flew because I could still hear the anger in your voice, although, thankfully, it wasn’t at me. I pulled in your driveway and I could see you at the door watching for me. I got out of the car and almost to the door when you opened it and asked if I have my sex bag. I answered promptly that I did. I wasn’t trying to add fuel to the obvious fire already burning inside you.
“Get it and get your ass in the bathroom. When you come out, you better look like my Whore!” I try to squeeze past you but you grab me by the hair and jerk me back and force my face to meet your eyes. “Do you understand me Bitch?” Your tone actually frightens me. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m not going to be the one to make it worse. I answer you, “yes Daddy. I understand you and I will obey you.” I go in the bathroom once you release my hair and point me in the direction. As I’m closing the door, I hear you again. “Finally someone who understands I am the Master and my word is law. Not to be questioned or defied. Why won’t you get that?”
I come out with just my leash, collar, and stilettos on. With the mood you’re in, I figure less is best. You call me back in your bedroom. I come in only to come to a dead stop. There in the corner you have your wife tied up and gagged in the floor, absolute fear in her eyes. As shocked as I am, I can’t help but feel good about it, finding an almost sick pleasure in it. Not to mention the turn on factor. My pussy is already wet as you’ll soon discover. It’s about time she learns her place with you. She hasn’t given you the respect you deserve since I’ve known you. You turn and face me when I walk in and let me know that I was right about the other girls. One of them had apparently gotten information to your wife about you playing the field and that you have several players on that field. She was packing her shit to go when you lost it cause after 30 years; she couldn’t give you 30 minutes to talk to her. I look down because this was not something I ever wanted to be right about. The look in your eyes is so painful, I want to cry but don’t because I know better. Your eyes meet mine and you order me onto my knees. I do so without hesitation.
“Suck my cock whore! Suck it and swallow it! Show my wife the way a woman who truly loves her man sucks his cock for him!” You growled this command but you were smiling ever so slightly at me when you finished giving it to me. I almost busted your zipper tearing into your cock. I had my mouth on it before the air could reach it. I held it in my mouth sucking it with quick short strokes but getting longer and taking you deeper with every couple strokes. In no time, I was taking you all the way to your balls and they were nestled under my chin. I even stuck my tongue out and wrapped it around your balls. Your hand was holding me firmly in place, not that you needed to, but it was fine. It was a show and I was all in with you. I felt your other hand find its place at the back of my head and I knew what was getting ready to happen. I relaxed my mouth and throat while bracing the rest of my body. You started fucking my face just as if it was Sex hikayeleri a pussy, pulling it out to where just the tip was hovering at the opening of my mouth, waiting about 2 seconds and then driving it hard and full of force all the way back down into my throat. You let out a very low moan and my heart skips a beat because I know you love the way this feels more than anything you could have done to you. Your thrusts are slow but very strong and very deep. You look at your wife and her expression is almost comical. She’s staring so hard. She can’t believe that this can actually be done. She assumed it was only something done for pornos with camera effects. Now you’re in your aura and turned on like a motherfucker. You wrap your fingers throughout my hair and begin fucking my face with a furious speed and still with all the strength and depth. You stop every so often when you’ve got it buried to your balls just to get some extra grinding in, as if you’re using your hips to make your cock reach just a little deeper. My eyes are red and tears are streaming down my face from not being able to breathe but I never gag or choke. I couldn’t disappoint you like that. Once you’ve proved to your wife that someone thinks you’re worth going that extra distance for, you pull your cock out of my throat and mouth and let go of my hair. You start to walk away, but at the last minute you turn back to me and kiss me hard on the mouth and tell me I was absolutely amazing as always. You walk over to your wife, untie her feet, and pull her up by her hair. Not used to being manhandled this way, she resists you. I hold my breath because I know how angry it makes you to have someone resist. That’s why I never do or never will. You almost lift her off the ground by her hair and sling her hard onto the bed. You inform her that you’re running things now and everything will be your way or no way from this moment on. You reposition her on the bed and tie her spread eagle face up. You walk around her calling her a stuck up bitch who thought she was too good to show her man the respect that he deserved sexually as well as in their day-to-day routine. Now she has no choice but to give him what he’s always wanted because he was going to take it from her. You see me squirming on the floor, almost panting to finally get at that and you laugh, not at me but in my favor. You know I’ve waited a long time for a taste of her, to be able to taste her along side of you, both of us lapping at her juices at the same time. I want to get up on the bed and start feasting but I know to wait for you to order me to do that, which doesn’t take you long to do. In only seconds you’re telling me to get my horny ass up there and make her cum against her will. I’m on the bed in a flash but the rest I don’t hurry. I get on her right side and take her big beautiful breast in my mouth, latching onto like a starving newborn. I can feel you struggling against your restraints because of how repulsed you are by any part of me making any contact with any part of you. It doesn’t bother me. He’s right; you are a stuck up Bitch. And you’re not better than me, you just think you are. After sucking the life out of your right tit, I climb over to the other side and continue to feed my hunger with your left tit. You didn’t resist this time but you did start crying. I noticed the tears as they slid down into your hair. I’ve finally had my fill of your tits for the moment so I ask your permission to move on to her pussy and ass and of course you grant me that. The only thing you required was for me to go up and gently plant kisses on various points Sikiş hikayeleri of her face, which I was doing immediately after the words left your mouth. I could feel her cringing under every kiss and her crying became more intense. “God what a Bitch!” I hear you say this under your breath as you pull me off her face area by my leash and direct me between her legs. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’ve waited so long for this. I start at her knees, kissing and licking and sucking first one and then the other. Then I trace an invisible line that runs from knee to pussy lips with my tongue, slowly and meticulously. When I get to her pussy, she manages to buck her hips upwards and catches my brow bone with her pelvic bone pretty hard. Hard enough to make me know I’m going to have a slight black eye. This infuriates you beyond belief and before I know it, you are already on your way to the bed where you slap her so hard, her top lip actually splits from one corner to the other and her mouth fills so quickly with blood, you have to take the gag off but you have no remorse or regrets for it. You tell her right then that she is to never touch me in a negative, disrespectful, or abusive way ever again cause what she just got was just a little sample of what she’ll have coming next time. You ask her if she understands this and she shakes her head yes. You tell me to continue where I left off and I had my face back down at her pussy in a split second. God I could’ve just stayed there breathing in her scent for a long while. Her pussy smelled so good. The scent was teasing me to taste her and finally I couldn’t stand it any longer. I used fingers off both hands to spread those pussy lips as far apart as possible and then stuck my tongue as deep in her honey hole as I could and just stayed that way, sampling every inch of the inside of her pussy. She tasted so good. When I finally had to come up for air, I began using my tongue to lap at every inch and fold of her hot little box. She was still trying to pretend it wasn’t happening and that was fine with me because I knew you’d more than take care of me for being such a good and obedient little whore for you. The next time I let my tongue dance around her pussy opening, I felt her shudder ever so slightly. She could ignore me and what I was doing but her pussy sure couldn’t and it was now wet. I licked and sucked it as long as she was staying wet. She was beginning to moan and writhe just a little but it was enough. I asked you to undo her legs and pull them up toward her head so I could have access to her tightly puckered asshole. You did so but realized you underestimated her strength when I just spread her ass open and buried my tongue deep inside it. I kept trying to pull her ass cheeks further and further apart in order to get my tongue deeper and deeper in. The second my tongue first trespassed at her backdoor, she kicked out so hard, she almost rolled you off the bed but you recovered quickly and tightened your grip a lot. She was really enjoying this and there was no denying it. Her moans turned into whimpers and she was trying to arch her back. You start talking to her, still using an ugly tone.
“Yea, you like that don’t you? You stuck up fuckin cunt, see how much fun we could have been having together, you and me? But you forced me to go find it with someone else. I’m not complaining so much now. As a matter of fact, I should be thanking you cause if you hadn’t been such a fucking prude, I never would have met My Little Cock Whore and well she’s pretty fucking amazing, don’t you think?”
She was so close to cumming but he wasn’t Erotik hikaye going to let her have that just yet. “Answer me goddamnit! Is she fucking amazing or not?” Her voice was shaky and gravelly sounding when she answered but she answered yes.
“I couldn’t hear you Bitch and I’m sure My Whore couldn’t either!” You let go of her legs and grabbed her by her hair and throat and shook her violently. “I said I couldn’t fucking hear you! Now one more time, answer me where I can hear you!”
“Yes!!!” she finally screamed out. “Yes! She’s fucking amazing! Oh God she’s fucking amazing!”
You tie her legs back in the restraints and join me between her legs and we both get our tongues in her pussy and eat her together, sharing every drop of her. After about 10 minutes of our tongues rubbing against each other in her pussy, you grab a handful of my hair and pull my face out of her pussy and then place your mouth on mine and we trade her juices in each other’s mouths as we kiss soooooo passionately. When you finally let go of my hair, you just all of a sudden rip your way into her pussy with your cock causing her to scream out in pain which I know turns you on by the way you started fucking her harder and faster. Your hand finds itself placed behind my neck and forcing my face down to her pussy where I begin licking your cock every time it comes out of her pussy and you are going fucking nuts just trying to take the whole scene in and making it compute in your head. Your cunt wife truly loves the fucking she’s getting from you but you notice she’s not even trying to touch me in any way shape or form and you also notice no matter what is or isn’t happening to me, I’m still giving my all to make it an awesome experience for you. As quickly as you penetrated her, you pull back out even quicker leaving her hanging on the edge and gasping for air. You grab me by my wrist, pull me off the bed, and bend me over the corner. You order me to get my knees up on the bed but spread them apart. Before I could get all the way in position, I felt your rock hard cock rip its way into my hot fuck hole and begin pounding the hell out of me. Your wife, who is still tied up, is stuck listening to me cum over and over as you mutilate my pussy with your cock and your strength and wishing like hell it was her getting what I’m getting. I can’t be quiet about it and in a matter of seconds I’m getting that twinge deep in my Pussy and its sooooo strong. Just like you.
“Oh God Master it feels so fucking good! Fuck me like the dirty little whore that I am! Fuck me hard! I’m going to Cum Master! FUCK ME HARDER! CALL ME YOUR WHORE! PLEASE MASTER?
“You are a DIRTY LITTLE WHORE! But you’re my DIRTY LITTLE WHORE! And don’t you ever forget that! You fuckin hear me BITCH?! THEN CUM FOR ME BITCH! CUM RIGHT NOW ALL OVER MY COCK YOU FILTHY FUCKIN SLUT!”
We lay there in each other’s arms, completely spent, struggling to catch our breath. That takes about 10 minutes and that is about the time you remember your wife still tied to the bed. You get up and untie her and she still has this look of disbelief on her face because she’s never seen that side of you. She attempts to come and lay with us but you pull the plug on that real quick by informing her that since she was all set to leave and he wasn’t worth being able to have 30 minutes to talk to her and explain things to her, then she can go on ahead and leave cause he doesn’t want her anymore. He knows now what being respected and honored is about and he’s not settling for less. And settling for her would be settling

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