The Bet


A simple little story of a Mistress outlining a fantasy for her eager pet, almost as a bedtime story.

Imagine pet…

I lead you into a softly lit bedroom in the manor and inside are two women both of which are completely nude, one older the other younger and both near flawless. As we walk in you notice that the older woman on the left has a strap-on that looks to be about eight inches long and close to four inches in diameter and already generously lubed up before you notice the younger girl wearing one as well only clearly twelve inches and only an inch in diameter. I lead you into the room by your lead and help you onto the bed on your hands and knees, your backside facing the older woman and your face to the younger. Your nude form glows in the soft light as I lace the lead through a hook in the ceiling giving you enough slack to freely move your head but keeping you tied to the bed.

“My dearest pet.” I begin as my hand slides down the center of your back while you stare at the toy in front of you, “both of these women have made a wager that neither of them can lose and you, my dear pet who is at the center of this bet, shall be the deciding factor.”

I begin to walk away, giving your shoulder a light squeeze as I circle behind the younger woman, sliding a hand up her arm and sweeping a few strands of her long, blue dyed, hair away, “I won’t bother with names as after today it’s unlikely you’ll ever see either of these two again.” I speak softly but there is a slight twinkle in my eye as I reach up from behind the young woman to cup her small breasts, barely the size of yours, lifting them up just a bit. “You see this one here pet has just turned eighteen yesterday and in her ignorance has bet the woman behind you that the two of them can make you cum before they do using these toys.”

Without hesitation I lash out and strike the young woman firmly on her rear, leaving a red hand print almost instantly as I begin to walk away towards the older woman, her well kept, silver, hair glistening in the light as I near and ordu escort walk behind her while placing my hands on her hips. I lean in closer, resting my chin on her shoulder to make sure you can still hear me as one of my black, latex covered, hands reaches down to stroke the thick member protruding from the woman.

“This one here bet that you could make them cum before you do and you know I have so much faith in my pet that of course I would side with this one.”

Eventually I walk back to your side, turning your head and giving you a smile as I lean down for a gentle kiss, “now pet, the stakes are rather severe, should you manage to make both women cum without doing so yourself then the woman behind you wins so naturally if you cum before them then the young woman in front of you claims victory.”

I pause for a long moment, staring in to your eyes, still smiling softly, “the prize however is a lifetime of servitude, the loser is obligated to become the property of the winner for as long as they so choose.” As I let go of your chin I begin to pace back and forth in front of all three of you, “now as I said, it’s a lifetime of servitude so if the winner should get bored with her prize her only out is to sell her property to someone else, either person or business, and both women have agreed, one just starting out her adult life and the other far advanced into it.”

“Now pet considering how high the stakes are, and since I’ve already made my own bet of sorts as to the winner, I’ve decided to throw you into the mix as well.”

I make sure I’m speaking loud and clear enough as I step away to a small cabinet against the wall, “should you mange to hold out pet and not orgasm then you are a winner as well, your prize being a day of pampering however you choose. If you wish to lay about all day and watch TV so be it, or spend it in tight bondage and being forced to orgasm over and over again with a vibrator…well I can also accommodate that as well.”

I finally pull what I’m looking for out of the cabinet and rize escort it’s a chastity belt, one of yours with two thick, hollow plugs that allow you to be emptied so that the belt doesn’t have to be removed, and I slowly walk back to you specifically, “should you fail, however, and cum before these two ladies then you shall be considered a loser…don’t worry pet, you don’t have to worry about serving anyone else, ever, you’re mine forever that much will always be true”.

I place the belt down on the bed as I go back to stroking your back gently “no pet, should you lose then you will be placed into chastity for as many months as equal to the day of the month it currently is, so in this case.”

I pause as I look at the calendar, “you would be in chastity for twenty-three months, consider it an incentive to make sure you don’t cum pet.”

Finally I walk over to me seat in the corner, close enough to get a good view while also being able to see my pet’s face, “there are some rules though pet, for starters, neither of them is allowed to move so you are the one that will be doing all the work. Two, neither are allowed to say anything either unless it is to scream out their orgasm. With that being said pet, you may begin at your leisure, take those toys deep into your holes and make these two scream out in pleasure while you hold back your own”.

With a smile on my face I sit back and stare into your eyes, watching you take everything in, completely in shock and it takes several long moments before I start to see any movement as you slowly start to move your hips backwards. I watch as your eyes go big, knowing full well that the tip of that monster toy is pushes against your pussy lips and I watch amused as you bite your lip, continuing to push back as the thick toy slides every so slowly deep into you. I can see your body shiver as your hips meet the woman behind you, knowing the thick toy as stretched you to the limit as it’s pushed through into your womb and our eyes catch.

You wait for several long moments more sakarya escort as I watch you catch your breath and almost as it began you start leaning forward, taking the strap in front of you into your mouth, letting every thin inch slide into your mouth as I watch you gag briefly as the toy hits the back of your throat before turning down and sliding deeper. You keep your eyes on me until eventually you no longer can as you take the last inch of the toy, your lips touching the harness on the young woman before you slowly pull back again.

Eventually you settle into a rhythm pet, pushing all the way onto one, then the other toy as you slowly build up speed. Both women are starting to pant a little as your movements rub the harness’ against each woman’s clit, bringing them closer to the edge though it’s also clear how close you are getting as well. The many months of denial before hand finally taking their toll as you start to move back and forth at an intense pace, your desire to be a good girl and please your Mistress at odds with your desire to cum regardless of the consequences of being locked in chastity for over two years as a result.

Your mind finally breaking as you move even faster, desire taking over as you rapidly approach your orgasm, staring in to my eyes as the women around you melt away, their petty squabble meaning nothing to you as you push yourself harder and harder, a tear rolling down your cheek knowing it will be your only orgasm as you rocket to the edge and almost instantly you are shaken out of your thoughts, your eyes pulled away from mine as you hear the young woman in front of you scream out and collapses as the dildo pulls from your lips.

You sit in a daze as you look at the woman before you hear a second scream as the older woman also cums hard, falling away as the fat toy is yanked from your pussy, both women a writhing mess around you as they try to catch their breath and you sitting kneeling between them confused and somewhat relieved.

“Well, well, pet, it looks like you win, I’m very proud of you, you know…I knew you could do it after all”, as I stand from my seat I grab your leash, tossing a collar and lead to the younger woman to indicate her new life as I lead you away to our own bedroom.

Just a fantasy pet, I hope you enjoyed it.

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