The Bimbo App – The Naughty Mommy 01


Mommy Bimbofies Her Daughter

Linda Cartwright

The front door opened. I perked up and smiled as Alice walked in. At eighteen, she was turning into a moody girl. I needed to reach through to her. Somehow. We used to be so close, now she was a ghost. A wraith.

Her red hair bounced around her shoulders as she stared down at the floor, her backpack bouncing as she marched for the stairs. I put on a bright smile and rushed to intercept her. But she moved faster, beating me to the stairs.

“How was school, Alice?” I asked her as she rushed by me. “Alice.”

She ignored me.

“Alice, honey, is something wrong?” I asked as I followed her up the stairs. She was so fast. “Alice, what is it? You can talk to me?”

She reached the top of the stairs and turned to the right, vanishing out of sight. I just reached the second floor in time to hear her slam her bedroom door. I sighed as the depressing, emo music she liked to listen to started playing.

“Honey?” I asked, hating this music. It was so terrible that I couldn’t connect with her any longer. I knocked on the door. “Alice, talk to me. What’s wrong? Did something happen at your college?”

All I heard was that annoying music. Frustration rippled through me. What had happened to my relationship with my daughter? I just wanted to repair it. I wanted things to go back to how they used to be. I stood outside her door, knocking again.

She ignored me.

I didn’t get it. I wasn’t like this when I was her age. I didn’t shut out my mother. I mean, I thought she was so uncool, but I didn’t ignore her. I got along with her fine. My father, too. But Alice…

Why wouldn’t she connect with me? It was so frustrating.

I knocked one more time. “Please, Alice. Just talk to me.”

The music turned up louder.

I sighed and headed to my bedroom. This was so frustrating. Tears stung my eyes. I closed my door, sat on my bed, and silently cried. I just wanted to have that loving relationship again. For her to open up to me.

There had to be something I could do.

I sniffed and wiped at my tears. Then I grabbed my phone and went on Instagram. I hated this phase in my daughter’s life. It was so annoying. I just had to find some technique that could get through to her. So I typed in a search: Mother and daughter bonding.

A new video popped up. It had almost no engagement, but it was just posted a minute ago by someone named Eric Murphy. I cocked my head and tapped the post. This promised how to get a mother and daughter to get along.

“So, that’s my mom and sister,” a voice said, pointing the camera at a mother and daughter wearing bra and panties. Sexy lingerie, it looked like. The mother was in a black set that was slightly sheer while the daughter was in a purple set, her blonde pubic hairs spilling around the side of the thong. The mother was my age with blonde hair and ample bosom.

The daughter was Alice’s age, slender and with pigtails. They both smiled with such joy. They were happy to be filmed.

“They’re my bimbo sluts,” the guy said. “And they’ll do anything I tell them to do, right?”

“Yes,” mother and daughter moaned together.

“And why?” asked the young man. “Because of this app. It made them get along and do whatever I want. It’s amazing. Right, you’ll do whatever I want?”

“We will!” the two said with such eagerness.

“Like suck my dick?” the boy asked to my utter surprise.

The mother and daughter nodded. They dropped to their knees and reached for the bottom of the frame like they were going to suck the guy’s dick. Which was just disgusting. He turned the camera around to face him. He was a boy of nineteen or so with a messy mop of brown hair and blue eyes.

He grinned and said, “You can have your own obedient mother or daughter or whatever. Just download the bimbo app from my link. It’s free to try out!”

Pleasure washed across his face.

“I got to go! I’m getting a blowjob.” He held up his fingers in a V. “Peace!”

The video ended.

It was just so disgusting, and yet I found myself turned on. Such obedience from the mother and daughter. Especially from the daughter. She looked to be around my daughter’s age. I quivered on my bed, imagining Alice being a good girl again.

Just behaving the way she should.

I craved that so much. Not the… the sex part, but the part where my daughter was an obedient, good girl again. Was there anything wrong with me aching to have that relationship with my daughter back? I didn’t think there was.

But was this the way?

I stared down at the referral link. It was hard to imagine something called the “bimbo” app was at all real. It was just dumb. Something stupid and juvenile. There was no way that it could possibly work, right? No way at all.

I noticed the comments. They were skeptical that it was even real until I read the comment from Tina Waters. It stuck out at me.

“You’re such a pig! I don’t know how you got your kapalı gaziantep escort mother and sister to go along with it, but that’s skeezy. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any lower, you prove me wrong. Perv!” A bunch of angry and disgusted emojis followed.

This girl knew the poster. She recognized that the app actually worked. That his mother and sister were acting weird. It was perverted of him to make them suck his cock. Just disgusting. I wouldn’t do that to my daughter.

I ignored that hot itch in my pussy and warmth in my cheeks as I clicked on the link. It loaded up a new page for the Bimbo App. My cheeks burned at the naked woman on the site kneeling and staring up with adoration.

“Sign up for free today!” flashed at the top of the screen. I swallowed. An obedient daughter. One that I was close with. It seemed impossible.

But that guy had control over his mother and sister. I didn’t have to make my daughter do those naughty things. I quivered, the heat growing in my pussy. The image of the mother and daughter falling to their knees burned in my mind.

I clicked the INSTALL button. A new prompt popped up. Install the Bimbo App?

YES and NO glowed on the screen. My heart pounded in my chest as I hoped this wasn’t some scam that would steal my data. My husband would be furious with me, but he was at work. He didn’t have to deal with our moody daughter as much as I did.

I tapped YES.

I shuddered as I did. A download window appeared like with installing any other app. Then it started installing it. I swallowed, my cheeks burning. An icon appeared on my phone’s screen. An embarrassing one.

Then it finished. I clicked the app. It loaded with some flashes. A screen appeared followed by a block of text.

Welcome to the Bimbo Creator where your wildest dreams are made flesh. Is there a girl that has been hassling you for years? Constantly bad-mouthing you? You can fix that issue with our app. As one of our beta users, you have been selected to choose any girl or woman and modify them into a bimbo.

Level up your bimbo to unlock new abilities and increase the number of slots to have more air-headed women to serve you. Buy Bimbo Crystals to do more customization. Crystals can be earned every day or you can buy them. Recruit your friends for more perks. It’s time to unlock your dreams. Do you have the guts to create your own bimbo?

YES and NO appeared on the screen once more.

I didn’t want to make her into some sort of sex slave or whatever. I just wanted her back. That was it. I could still do that with the app. I would do that on the app. So I tapped the YES button. The screen changed to show a few icons. In the upper left corner, it read 0/1 Bimbos. In the upper right was a pink gem with the number 2 in front of it.

Was that the in-app currency?

There was a question mark in the lower right corner. I definitely needed help. I didn’t know how to recruit my daughter. So I tapped it and text appeared. The first thing you need is to recruit your very first bimbo. Aim the camera at any woman or girl and select them to be your very first bimbo.

That was simple enough.

I drew in a deep breath and headed for the door. I rolled my shoulders and reached April’s door. I drew in a deep breath and twisted the doorknob. It was locked, of course. So I reached up to the top of her door frame and found the thin, brass wire with a triangular handle. I trust it into a hole in her doorknob and pushed.

The lock came undone.

I threw open the door.

My daughter gasped as she had her hand shoved down the front of her pink panties, the rest of her clothes gone. She stared in shock at me, her cheeks burning bright. She ripped her hand out of her panties and covered her breasts. As she did, I aimed the phone at her and tapped the screen.

“What the hell, Mom!” my daughter screeched. “Get out! Get out! Get out!”

Do you want to make her into a bimbo?



This was it. I stared at my daughter. It was time to get my good girl back. She glared at me now, wearing only her panties, but soon she would just be perfect. She rolled off the bed, one hand over her small boobs. She marched at me.

“Get the fuck out!” she roared, using that nasty word.

I tapped YES.

Suddenly, a round picture of her next to a bar that read Level 0 appeared at the top left of my screen. I now had 1/1 Bimbos. It would cost me 3 Bimbo Crystals to unlock another one. But I didn’t care. I just watched my daughter change.

The anger on her face melted away. The fury. The bitterness. All gone. Her lips spread in a huge smile that dimpled her cheeks. Her gaziantep kapalı escort eyes lit up with such joy. She bounced up and down, her hand falling away from covering her little titties.

“Mommy! Mommy!” she squeals, looking so happy. “Yay! I love you, Mommy!”

“I love you, too!” I said, smiling at her. “My, my, look at you. You’re feeling a lot better. Why were you sad?”

“Sad?” She giggled and grabbed her little titties. She kneaded them. “I have boobies! Why should I be sad?”

I stared at her massaging her small tits. The heat that I was already feeling in my nethers swelled. This… ache no mother should feel for her daughter throbbed through my pussy. I shuddered as I realized her pink nipples were hard.

Small, cute, and suckable.

“Um,” I said, ripping my gaze from her breasts. “Were you mad because you’re not as developed as the other girls?”

“Developed?” she asked, her face screwing up. “That’s a big word. I don’t like big words. Small words. Small titties! See! See!”

I couldn’t help but stare down at those little boobies of hers. She was cupping them. Massaging them. Those nipples were so hard. This hot itch swelled in my cunt. I could order her to do anything. That was what the app did. I could…

My cheeks burned with these terrible ideas.

“See, Mommy, see!” she said. “Small titties. Good titties!”

“So it wasn’t because you wanted big breasts,” I said, forcing myself to look in her eyes. “So why did you lock yourself in here?”

“‘Cause I wanted to!” She smiled. “I was feeling all blue.” She looked down. “But I’m pink, Mommy, so why would I feel blue? I don’t know.”

“But you don’t feel blue now?”

“Nope! I don’t care what that mean Sherry said.”

My brow furrowed. “Was Sherry bullying you, honey?”

My daughter screwed up her face. “She said I was flat and had no butt. But I have a butt, Mommy!” She spun around and shoved down her panties. I gasped as she exposed her slender ass. She wiggled it at me. “Don’t I have a butt, Mommy?”

I stared at her with such shock. I could see just a hint of her vulva. She was shaved. My baby girl shaved her pussy. I swallowed as she wiggled her rump at me. Then she shook it at me like some girl in a rap video. They had a name for that today. Twerking?

“Mommy, I have a butt, right?” whimpered my daughter. She had this fear in her voice. This catch like she was terrified that she didn’t.

“Yes, baby, you have an ass,” I said and grabbed it before I could stop myself. I squeezed her tush, feeling her rump as this sexual heat rippled through me. I swallowed as I felt her. “See, Mommy’s touching your rump.”

She let out a long sigh. “Oh, thank you, Mommy! I’m so glad I have a butt. Keep touching it and make sure it doesn’t go away!”

I kept touching it. I couldn’t help myself. She had such a firm tush. I squeezed it, my eyes catching glimpses of her shaved pussy. The one she had been rubbing when I had interrupted her. She was a sexual being. It was hard to forget she was growing up. She really wasn’t my little girl any longer.

“And… your pussy,” I said. “Do you shave it to try to… I don’t know, make boys happy?”

“If you’re not shaved, you’re a virgin,” she said. “But I’m a virgin. I’ve never had any cock in me. Not at all. Is that bad? Should I make my hair grow back right now?”

“You’re a virgin,” I said, relieved that my daughter wasn’t having sex. It came with so many pitfalls at her age. What if she got pregnant?

“Yeah, yeah,” she said and turned around. She threw herself on the bed, spread her legs wide, and rubbed at her pussy. I watched in shock as her tight slit parted, her pussy opening wide like a blossoming flower. I could see her hymen. Right over the entrance. “That’s what makes me a virgin. My high man is still there to guard the way.”

“Your high… You mean your hymen?” I asked, staring at my daughter’s barely legal pussy.

“Yeah, yeah, my high men,” she said. “It’s a silly name. Just a silly, billy name, Mommy! It’s like a wall with holes in it. A holey wall!”

“Yes, yes, holey,” I breathed, staring at it. This heat in me.

“I like to rub my pussy, too,” she said and started stroking up and down. “It makes me feel oh, so good, Mommy!”

I nodded, transfixed by the sight before me. I swallowed, my mouth going dry. This could not be happening. She was really rubbing at her pussy right now. She was stroking up and down it, masturbating before me like there was nothing wrong with it.

My own cunt burned. I wiggled my hips back and forth. I felt this heat washing through me. I fanned my face as I breathed in and out. She was just so happy rubbing her cunt. Her joy was so infectious.

I wanted to tell her to stop, but the words had died in my throat. She just beamed at me as she rubbed her twat. She masturbated her virgin pussy with such enthusiasm. I had never imagined she could do this.

I certainly hadn’t gaziantep kapalı escort bayan intended for this when I used the app. I had to make her be that good girl that I loved. Not… not some slut. Some eager bimbo that would just do naughty things to me. My pussy was so wet. What was wrong with me?

“Mommy,” moaned my little girl, her fingers dripping with her cream. A trickle ran down her taint to her asshole.

“Y-yes, honey?” I asked, staring at her. My heart hammered in my chest.

“Do you like rubbing your pussy?” she asked.

“Um…” I shifted here, my cunt on fire right now. “I mean, of course. Every woman likes to masturbate, honey. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You just–“

“I’ll rub your pussy, Mommy!” squealed Alice.

My jaw dropped at what she just said. I hadn’t intended for her to do that. But there she was, bouncing off the bed and rushing towards me. Her fingers dripped with her pussy cream. She had this huge smile on her lips.

She reached me and shoved her hands into the waistband of my sweatpants and panties. Before I could even stop her, she was sliding through my curls and finding my pussy lips. My daughter touched me.

A wave of incestuous heat rushed through me.

Her fingers were so naughty. They had such a lithe touch to them. I couldn’t believe this was happening. She caressed my wet pussy lips. Brushed my clit. Sparks flashed through my body. I gasped, my back arching.

“Alice!” I gasped as her fingers stroked up and down me.

“Mommy!” she squealed. “Mommy loves having pussy rubbed! Yay!”

I had to stop this. It was insane. Then her fingers slid up my slit and found my hole. Two of them plunged into my depths. My daughter’s digits penetrated my cunt. I gasped, my cunt clenching down on them. This could not be happening. My eyes widened at the feel of her fingers wiggling around in me.

“Mommy has no high man!” she gasped. “No guard! Not a virgin!”

“I had you!” I groaned, her fingers pumping in and out of me.

“Mommy fucks!” she squealed. “Mommy fucks cocks! Mommy fucks cocks!”

“Just your father’s,” I gasped, my face twisting in delight. “Oh, fuck, that’s so good. But… But…”

Alice thrust her fingers in and out of my cunt so fast. She had this huge grin on her face, her green eyes brimming in delight. They shone as she fingered my snatch. She rubbed at my clit with her thumb. She felt so amazing.

This was so wrong. This was my daughter touching me. I shouldn’t love this at all. I should hate this. Stop this. It was incest. Her digits felt so good pumping away at me. I quivered there, my face contorting with delight.

“Alice,” I whimpered.

“Mommy fucks cocks!” she giggled. “Mommy loves dicks! Yay!”

I shuddered as her thumb rubbed at my clit. She massaged my bud. The pleasure shot through me was intense. I shuddered, my back arching from how amazing this felt. I couldn’t believe that she was giving me something this wild.

It was so wrong. Conflict rippled through me. My instincts to be a good mother warred with that wicked heat in my snatch. My daughter gave me pleasure. This couldn’t be right. I had to stop it. I had to be her mother, not some whore loving being fingered by her.

“Alice!” I groaned, my heart pounding. “Alice, you have to stop.”

“Stop?” she asked. “Stop what, Mommy?”

“Fingering my pussy!” I gasped.

“But Mommy loves having pussy rubbed!” She grinned at me. “I can feel. So wet and juicy and wet and creamy and hot and juicy and wet! Mommy loves being rubbed.”

“But you have to stop, Alice!” I groaned.

She shook her head like a brat, this wicked grin on her lips. “Mommy needs cum! No cock for mommy, so I’ll make you cum, Mommy! Me!”

“You have to stop!” I gasped. “Right now. STOP!”

My shout made her gasp in shock. She jumped back, her fingers ripping out of my pussy. She stumbled back and hit the bed. She fell on it and curled up into a ball. Her naked body quivered. She started crying.

Guilt washed through me as my daughter sobbed, shaking now. Tears spilled down her cheeks as she hugged her knees to her little boobies. I panted, my cunt missing her fingers. This was so insane. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

“I’m s-sorry for b-b-being b-b-bad at rub-bbing your c-cunt, Mommy!” she wailed. “I’m j-just n-no g-good. I’m sorry, M-mommy!”

I felt so terrible now. I moved to her, my heart pounding in my chest. I sank down on the bed. She curled up tighter in a ball, hiding her face beneath her red hair in the process. I sighed. I felt like the world’s shittiest mother now.

“Alice,” I said, stroking her arm. “Alice, I’m not mad at you. You don’t have to cry. I’m sorry for yelling at you.”

“I’m b-bad at rubb-bing your p-pussy, Mommy,” she blubbered. “I’m sorry.”

“No, no, you were doing such a good job, sweetie,” I told her, this conversation suddenly feeling so surreal. I couldn’t believe we were having it. I swallowed as she looked up at me.

“I was?” she asked. “But why did you… you want me to stop?”

“Because…” I took in a deep breath, my cunt on fire. “It was… too much for me. I mean, you’re my daughter. You shouldn’t touch me like that. It’s not right.”

“Why not?” she asked, sitting up and staring at me with her wide, green eyes.

“Well, it’s because…” I floundered. “I could hurt you. If you do things with me.”

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