The Blackmail of a Congresswoman


John Morton stood at the top of the stairwell that connected the first and second floor of the inside of his palatial townhouse. He had a shotgun in his hands. It was 1:30am, and the noise that he and his wife, Congresswoman Helen Morton, republican from Alabama, had just heard had awoken them from their slumber. It was quiet. Maybe it was just the wind? It was raining and thundering outside and the wind had been steadily blowing hard all day, so he was sure that must have been what the noise was. If at this point, he only knew.

He took a few more steps quietly down the stairs and that’s when he saw someone’s shadow move near the entrance to the kitchen. With the nimble dexterity of a cat and the shotgun and his eyes both pointed and fixed at the kitchen entrance, John finished the stairs quickly and daintily walked out into the middle of the living room. Just then, a dark figure leapt up out of the darkness from the side of the couch and grabbed the gun’s barrel from him and pointed it up. The gun discharged into the ceiling and the two men struggled for a bit. Then from behind him someone else smacked him in the head with something hard and blunt and like a light switch John Morton was out and he lost consciousness and fell to the floor.


The Morton family had and have always been well respected in the town of Butler, Alabama for going on almost 25 years now. John has a nice veterinarian practice which focuses mostly on horses, but his wife Helen is the real big shot in the family. She began as a teacher at the elementary school working herself all the way up to the principal’s office, a job that she held until two years ago when she resigned and ran for public office. She is an ultra-conservative in an Alabama town that is full of right-wing wingnuts. One of which she is also.

Helen Anne Brisby was born in the big city of Birmingham. In her youth she was drop dead gorgeous and she won a couple of local beauty pageants at the ages of 15 then 17 respectively. She boasted a terrific and curvaceous body which attracted John Morton, an animal medical student and not long after dating they were married when she was only 18. Now at 41 years old, the pretty face is still there albeit weathered a bit by age, but the body after two children has gotten a little thick, not fat but thick. Helen’s perfect weight of 112 lbs. has ballooned up to 161 lbs. over the years. She still looks pleasing to the eye though, a MILF for sure.

The couple has two daughters, both of which are now living away from home. Carol is the oldest. She had just finished college and got a job as a dental assistant for Smile-A-Lot in the strip mall on main street, working for Doctor Beisler. Carol is 23, a pretty long-haired platinum blonde with a fantastic body like her mother at that age. She was dating Richie Crouse all through college, but a few weeks ago the young couple broke up and Carol was now living alone in an apartment complex in downtown Butler. Her parents have been paying part of her rent until she gets completely on her feet.

The youngest is Allison who just turned 19, and is also living at an apartment complex this one down in nearby Gilbertown where she is attending community college. Unlike her older sister, Allison is plain with short neck-length dark brown hair and smart nerd-like black-rimmed glasses. Her figure is a bit boyish in shape, kind of square, and she is almost flat chested, and her small 5’2” frame makes her look a lot younger too. Allison is between her freshman and sophomore year at the college where she is studying to be a veterinarian just like her dad. When her schooling is finished, she plans on joining her Father’s practice and eventually take it over when the older Morton finally retires.

The town of Butler is very conservative and predominantly Christian and about 74% Caucasian. The African American population makes up the remaining 26% which means for every black person there are three whites living there. And a lot of those whites are ignorantly racist, including the well-to-do Mortons. The city council has five seats, Helen Morton being one of them. She is one of two women on the counsel. Of the five, the only liberal is Mark Egan, a young newcomer to the counsel who has been consistently shouted down and out voted by the other four who are all Christian republicans. Needless to say, people of color in Butler aren’t really provided the best representation downtown.


John awoke seated in a chair with a headache and a lump on the back of his head. His eyes were blurred and he could hear these weird sounds coming from somewhere in front of him but he couldn’t focus his eyes enough to see what it all was. He tried to lift his arm to his head but quickly realized that both of his arms were tied behind his back to the chair he was sitting on. His legs were also bound to the chair legs. Nothing was registering through in his groggy state. That is until he started hearing voices. The voices were speaking about him but he didn’t know why are whom they were.

Willie: “Hey man, check it out. Dis boy be coming out of it. Wait till’ he sees wat his old lady is doin’!”

King: “Ohhhhhh shit! This bitch is tight! Grippin’ my shit like a fist and shit!”

Jackson: “She sucks dick like a pro too! Take it easy baby, suck it…. don’t shave the mother fucking skin from it!”

John’s eyes slowly focused and as they did, he could see images of people moving in front of him. As the seconds ticked away his vision got clearer and he was finally starting to realize what was going on. There before him, his wife Helen was standing there completely naked and she was bent over between five large black men who were also naked. There was a camera set up on a tripod and one of the naked black men was filming the whole thing.

A young black man named Yoenis Kingman was pumping his thick long black cock into Helen’s pussy while another black man whom John had always seen pushing lawn mowers for Bill Travis’ landscaping company named Jackson Finney was stuffing her mouth with his large coal 9-inch black dong. They were obviously raping her but it didn’t seem like a rape because she didn’t look like she was resisting any of it. In fact, she looked to be downright enjoying the whole thing.

John watched on incredulously, trying to figure out what was going on and why his wife was doing what she was doing. ‘King’ was plowing his full ten inches into Helen’s torso all the way down to his balls with each long thrust, opening up the 41-year-old congresswoman’s vagina wider than any cock ever had before in her life. John’s bride of 24 years looked ecstatic which was odd to him because she was as racist a white woman as they come. Her policies since being in office were so detrimental to non-whites that even David Duke would have questioned some of them.

The man fucking Helen’s mouth, Jackson, was older than the others and his knees were angled out with his hips bent forward a bit so that the congresswoman could get better access at sucking his penis. And suck it she was, using both her hands to jerk the parts of the shaft that she couldn’t get into her mouth. He watched them take turns violating his wife for a few more minutes while he came completely back to consciousness before finally speaking up.

John: “Helen, what are doing? Hey I know some of you guys! Stop that! Stop that this instant! Leave her alone! I’m calling the police! I know Sherriff Kearns personally!”

They were hollow and unthreatening words when they were spoken from a man who was tied up to a chair. For her part, Helen ignored her husband and continued working her mouth feverishly over the black cock that was jutting in and out between her lips and hands. King by this time had his hands secured on her large white hips and he was steadily pumping in faster with each thrust which made her squeal weird muffling sounds around the black prick in her mouth.

John: “Helen did you hear me? I said stop that! What is wrong with you? I thought you hated niggers?”

Just then one of the other men walked over towards John quickly and got right in his face with a scary scowl on his face. It was Arnold Volman, the over thirty black man that pumped gas and worked on transmissions at Phil Lomax’s gas station. Sex hikayeleri His breath was putrid and his dark black beard and yellow eyes coupled with his muscular physique were very intimidating. John’s head went back in the chair as far as he could pull it back in an effort to get away from him to no avail.

Arnie: “Shut the fuck up White boy! Lest you want to take another fuckin’ nap! I have no problem thumpin’ your fuckin’ skull again! Don’t make me do it because I will!”

In the thirteen years that Arnold had been pumping gas into John’s car, they had never spoken more than a few words like ‘fill it up’ and ‘check the oil’. Now he was in his face making threats to hit him which apparently, he had already done once before.

Jackson: “Yeah man just shut yo mouth. This bitch knows the score, that’s why she be doin’ what she’s doin’. Hey Kajo, show this mother fucker the tape. Show him how it be.”

The tall lanky 6’6” Karmel Johnson took his hand off of his semi-erect cock that he had been fisting to attention waiting on his turn at Helen, long enough to walk over towards the TV set. His 11-inch long black cock swung back and forth like a pendulum between his dark hairy thighs as he made his small journey. Obviously, he was the biggest in both height and cock size out of the bunch. After fumbling around with the remote control, Kajo finally got the video started.

The scene began with the resemblance of someplace familiar to John. It was somebody’s living room and he just knew that he’d been there before. Suddenly there was movement in that room like a crowd of people walking into the camera shot and blocking the view. Seconds later it became very clear that it was the same five black men that were currently in his home that were in the video. They were all completely naked and they each took a seat on the furniture in the living room. It was weird because John knew that he’d seen that living room before and it was driving him crazy because he couldn’t figure out where it was. Then he saw her and he knew exactly where they were.

At that moment the beautiful naked body of his young blonde 23-year-old daughter Carol came into view. She looked scared but obedient, a fact that was quickly revealed when she was abruptly barked at by Willie to get on her knees in front of him which she did without any hesitation. John then watched as Willie pulled his daughter’s head down into his crotch and forced her mouth over his wide black dick.

Carol started to gag and her eyes filled with tears that left black trails of her eye liner make-up dripping down the sides of her pretty face. She could only ultimately get three inches into her mouth before Willie made her slide across the floor to where Arnie was seated and she was told to now suck on his cock. She repeated the switch three more times after that in the next 15 minutes until she had given oral to each man. King was last, and while Carol worked her mouth over his meatsicle, Jackson was kneeling behind her and was working two of his fat black fingers into her sopping wet pussy.

John was shocked at what was being telecast on the TV and his face was molded into a permanent look of horror. He watched on quietly though. After a few more minutes of finger fucking, King replaced his fingers with the head of his penis and he pushed it into Carol from behind. Her pussy was so sopping wet that his 10-inch rod entered her with ease and a few seconds later he was pumping in hard and deep on each thrust. The contrast of their skin tones, dark black on flesh white really was a sight to behold.

The young girl, just like her mother, wasn’t resisting and had a look of ecstasy on her face as she was fucked in both her mouth and pussy by the five of them in swift and regimented two-minute rotations. John couldn’t take it anymore and he turned his gaze of anger over towards Willie. His anger made him utter words that he probably shouldn’t have considering his predicament.

John: “You fucking niggers! I’ll kill each and every one of you with my bare hands! You won’t get away with this! You’re all going to jail! I’ll see to it! My poor baby! What did you do to my poor little girl?”

Arnie: “You ain’t gonna do a fucking thing white boy so shut the fuck up! Your ‘little girl’ belongs to us now! When we git done here, you call that little ho and you’ll see. Black dick is her life now. We done woke her up to it all. She’ll tell ya.”

Kajo: “See…all dat shit…dat was last night. We fucked dat little white bitch for a good seven hours. Fucked her raw and left her full of prime black seed. Turned that pussy right out! Fucked her ass too! Five black sticks draining nigga cum for fuckin’ seven hours? If you ain’t a grandpa after all dat, then dat bitch is sterile.”

The thought of his sweet young daughter getting pregnant and having a colored baby sliced through John’s mind like a dagger through a person’s heart. His archaic Christian-minded values couldn’t comprehend it. To John, as well as many whites in Butler, the negro was a lower race of people. In fact, many of them believed that African Americans were not even human they were just another animal race. So, if they found out that she was having sex with niggers it would be thought of as bestiality.

King: “Dat one was a good piece of ass too! Milked my dick of every drop! Very tight pussy on dat one! Well…not too tight anymore.”

All of them filled the air with boisterous laughter as Mr. Morton struggled to break free of his ropes for a few moments but to no avail. He then looked down and started to uncontrollably weep to himself. During this, the men were switching in and out around his wife as they continued ganging her with gusto while she ignored all of the conversation and hungrily accepted their large black cocks at each turn.

Kajo: “Like I was saying, dat shit was last night. But dat be like the fourth time dat we’ve been up inside dat girl. No matter how much black dick we provide, dat little white bitch can’t get enough of it. Hold on, let me fast forward a bit. I’ll show ya how much she be lovin’ it!”

Kajo fast forwarded the tape for a few seconds. When he stopped, they had Carol on her bed and she was being fucked air-tight by black cocks in all of three of her holes. John watched with his eyes wide open as the cock in his daughter’s pussy shot a large sticky load deep into her small young white vagina. A few seconds later, it was removed and replaced with another black cock in repetitious continuum. The video eventually made John look away from the screen in disgust and he gazed back over towards the live action with his wife.

They now had Helen lying on her back on the floor of the living room only a few feet from John’s chair. Her chunky short well-groomed alabaster legs were pointing straight up in the air, with her knees locked and the bottoms of her feet positioned parallel with the ceiling. She had Kajo’s schlong in her mouth and Jackson had his hands around both of her ankles and he was boning her deep and hard with his nine inches of thick cock meat.

Willie: “Yeah there’s no doubt about it. We knocked up yo daughter. We fixin’ to put a little nigga in yo old lady here too. And if you all don’t do everything we ask, we gonna go find yo other little girl down in dat college and turn her little ass out too!”

Jackson: “Man, I love that dis bitch done went and made abortions illegal. I can’t wait to knock up her and her daughters. Especially the littlest one.”

Willie: “Yeah Bro, can you imagine da fucking turmoil dis bitch is gonna have? All that sanctity of life bullshit? We gonna make dis bitch carry little niggas to term and there ain’t no fucking thing she gonna do about it!”

John’s eyes got wide again. He wasn’t even thinking about Allison. He immediately got scared for the well-being of his youngest daughter. These black men were seriously looking to impregnate his whole family. The good doctor thought he was going to have a heart attack right there in that chair. He still felt like he needed answers. Why were these filthy animals doing this?

John: “I-I don’t understand! I don’t understand why? Why? Why are you doing this to us? Why are you doing this to my family?”

Arnie: “You hear dat? Mother Sikiş hikayeleri fucker wants to know why! Hey Willie, tell dis white piece of shit why we be doing all dis!”

Willie: “All in good time. The whys and what-fors will be revealed later. All you gots to know right now is dis white boy, we got yo little girl on tape last night. And we rollin’ tape on yo old lady here too. Check it out, neither one looks like they getting’ raped either. Both beggin’ for some mo black dick! Just like the white ho’s dat they be! How you think those mother fucking crackas in town gonna handle all dis?”

A clap of thunder ripped through the sky outside. It was loud and sounded like a tree was just split into two straight down to its roots. John jumped a little bit at the abrupt noise. He started thinking about how bad life would become in Butler if his neighbors knew what all of the women in his family had done and become. They would all be ostracized from the community. His veterinarian practice would dry up and they’d have to move and find a place that didn’t know them and start over.

Even if no one found out, they certainly would soon after once his wife and daughters gave birth to black children. Being the devout Christians that they were having abortions would also be out of the question. Especially when Helen just adamantly fought at the Alabama state caucus on the side for pro-life. Hell, she was one of the loudest voices too. How would it look if all of a sudden her or one of her daughters suddenly got an abortion? An unpretty picture was forming in John’s head.

Willie: “Dat’s right motherfucker! You think about all dat shit! Now I’m gonna tells ya a little bit mo. From dis day forward, you and your hos are gonna do whatever the fuck me and my niggas want. Kajo and King over there, they gonna move in with little Carol. Don’t worry, it’ll all be on the down low, unless you fuck up. Then every mother fucker in dis town gonna know! You dig? She’s gonna be getting a nightly black dick diet too you can belee dat! We might even truck in some mo niggas and shit because that ho is crazy for it!”

He paused for a moment when Arnie and Helen audibly and simultaneously climaxed together in the doggie position. She even pushed King’s cock away from her face to concentrated on her vaginal orgasm.

Helen: “Ohhhhhh!!! Oh, my fucking god! OHHHHHHHH!!!!”


Both of them eventually collapsed to the floor together in a pool of sweat and cum while everyone else in the room looked on. Fifteen seconds after Arnie got up, King turned a still delirious and euphoric Helen over and positioned her back up in the doggy on her wobbly legs and re-stuffed her sloppy fuck box full of more black cock and began to pump away.

Willie: “Your old lady is a good fuck. Look at her? She loves black dick. Dat pussy is tight as a motherfucker. We’re gonna take her asshole tonight too. Air tight this bitch. We also gonna take advantage of her office. She’s gonna become very valuable to all of us in the coming months. Doin’ shit WE want! Swayin’ mother fuckers OUR way! You’ll see. Niggas finally gonna go places in this shit town.”

So that was it. These men were going to blackmail Helen and use her political office for their own gain. John sat there for a while in silence watching the five of them take turns shooting load after load of black seed into his wife’s womb. Each time one of the men would cum, he would pull out and shift his cock up to Helen’s mouth and she would clean the juices and sperm with her lips and tongue like a starving baby when a bottle was put in its little face.

John looked back at the TV which was still playing his daughter’s gangbang from the night before. Judging by what he was watching, it was obvious that Carol would become pregnant in due time if she hadn’t been so already. On the tape they now had his little girl back in the living room and bent over the couch in her apartment with her little white bottom in the air and King was slowly boning her from behind with the full length of his 10-inches.

On each thrust in, which took a full second and a half to complete, King’s balls slapped against Carol’s body and pushed her forward. The sound was like a loud clap. At the other end, Carol had both Willie and Arnie’s cocks in her fists and she was alternating between them trying to deep throat as much of each cock as she could gag down her gullet.

The camera work was excellent and fully clear. It rotated around expertly revealing Carol’s face on numerous occasions as Willie and Arnie’s large black dongs were disappearing inch by inch down his little girl’s throat. The look on her face was that of sublime satisfaction and her eyes were rolled back into her head. John started thinking about Allison. He needed to find a way to protect her from the obvious black cock fever that both his wife and oldest daughter had just contracted.

John: “What do I have to do for you to leave my youngest daughter alone?”

Willie: “Everything we say. And white boy, we do mean everything. You’re gonna be doin’ a lot of things that you don’t wanna do. But ya gonna do em’ or we’ll turn out the little one too. In fact, white boy, we gonna show ya just what we mean by ‘everything’. Open your motherfucking mouth! Youse gonna suck MY dick right now!”

Mr. Morton looked at him in horror again. The thought of a penis in his own mouth let alone a filthy black one wasn’t comprehensible to him. Homosexuality went against all of his Christian teachings as well. Willie dangled his wide ten inches of black sweaty manhood just centimeters from John’s jaw which made him involuntarily push back again and dry heave in disgust. He then shook his head no with a sour look on his face.

Willie: “Park Towne apartments unit

1 motherfucker! We’ll be dere tomorrow night with little Allison if you don’t put this shit in your mouth and suck it! Open up motherfucker right now! I ain’t playin’!”

It went against all of his beliefs and his heart was racing more than it had been yet since this whole thing started. But obediently, John turned his head back forward and he slightly opened his lips. Willie then jammed two inches of his dick into John’s mouth forcing his jaw open a little wider. He never thought about sucking a penis so his reaction to it wasn’t what he had expected because he really didn’t have any expectations of ever being in this situation. It smelled funky and John could taste a mixture of the remnants of his wife’s juices coupled with salty black cum. The texture of it felt a bit soft and velvety as it slimily slid across his rough tongue. Willie pumped his schlong deeper into the middle-aged white man’s mouth and he started to slurp and suck on it. After a few minutes, Willie noticed a small pants tent forming in John’s crotch area.

Willie: “Hey man, check dis shit out! Dis faggot loves sucking black dick as much as his bitch and daughter! He’s harder than a motherfucker! Check it out!”

The other men laughed again and John felt the most embarrassed that he’d ever felt in his life. Willie keep pushing his cock in deeper and John started gagging and his eyes began to tear up. His mind flashed to a while ago watching Carol on the tape do the same thing on the same black cock and gagging and tearing up. Willie’s wide penis was spectacular and strong and John was almost envious of it. He couldn’t understand why his own dick was erect though. The confusion and humiliation of it all clouded his brain. He couldn’t see Helen but he now was literally getting a taste of what she was experiencing.

Willie: “Hey Jackson! Take dat bitch to the bedroom and slow bone her for a bit. The rest of you niggas bring dat camera over here. We gonna document dis shit. Dis cracka gonna blowbang some niggas.”

Jackson picked up Helen by her waist without removing his cock from her twat. He held her up from the floor and just effortlessly walked her out of the living room holding her in the air by her hips into the bedroom. Helen looked at John with a ‘I’m sorry’ look on her face as she was carried away. It was a pity look, and he knew that his wife would never view him the same after everything that was happing on this night.

Once they were gone John Morton’s Erotik hikaye chair was surrounded by four black cocks dangling in his face and the camera was closer and pointed at him. King was the first to put his palm on John’s forehead like it was a basketball and then he shoved his cock between the white man’s lips. He couldn’t stop them. They each took a turn in his mouth gagging him with their deep thrusts into his throat. All he could do was open up wider and try and relax himself as they all raped his mouth.

The first guy to blow his load into John’s throat was Arnie. He sent a few squirts in then pulled out and grabbed John by the hair and shot the rest of it into his face. The salty discharge went right into his left eye and some of it even went up his nose. It was disgusting. They spent a good thirty minutes skull fucking him and they documented every bit of it for posterity on camera. Then Willie had himself another idea.

Willie: “Yo dis motherfucker still got dat little hard on. I think we should give him some dick in the ass too!”

Arnie: “I bet dat’s just what dis motherfucker wants. Ain’t dat right white boy? You hankerin’ for some black nut in yo ass? Yeah dat’s what all you motherfucking racists want!”

John didn’t answer him. He couldn’t, not with four inches of King’s cock in his throat. King got a large handful of his hair and kept fucking his mouth as the other men untied him and pulled his shoes, khakis and boxer shorts off of his torso. John’s thin five-inch pecker was jutting out like a pencil from a bookbag.

Willie: “See dat? Dat’s why yo lady be enjoyin’ all dis prime black meat. Look at the little cocktail weenie she’s been takin’.”

John was forced to lay stomach first splayed out across the living room coffee table. He was held down and his wrists and ankles were then tied to the table legs making him completely restrained again. He tried to resist just for a moment and he was unceremoniously punched in the left eye real hard by Arnie which almost knocked him unconscious again. King then put his cock back into John’s mouth as Kajo spit in his own hand and started lubing up John’s stink hole with it. Yup, the guy with the biggest cock was going in first and when he started pushing the head of it against John’s anus his eyes widened in pain and he screamed out over King’s cock.

The four of them took turns fucking the smaller white man in his ass and mouth for the next hour or so, dumping copious amounts of black sperm in and on him. At one point, John involuntarily and uncontrollably came as well which made his small white penis shrivel back to limpness for a while. The black men worked the camera expertly, making sure to capture each and every moment of John’s embarrassing situation.

At some point, both Helen and Jackson returned to the living room. The look on Helen’s face when she saw them fucking her husband’s ass was that of both surprise and indifference. Helen was directed to her knees beside it all and was told to clean every cock that came from John’s ass with her mouth whether it had fecal matter on it or not. She did so without any complaints.

When they were done fucking him, they left him a sperm covered asshole gaping mess tied to the table and then they reset everything up again around Helen in the middle of the floor in the living room. For the rest of the night John became their official fluffer for those not fucking Helen or running the camera. Every once and a while another batch of cum coated John’s face and he swallowed a lot of it too by the time the whole fuck fest was over.

The next day, the Mortons stayed home and out of the public eye. Helen called in sick to her office for the day and John didn’t even bother opening up his practice. In town Carol went through the motions at her job but helping Dr. Beisler clean patient’s teeth all day was the furthest thing from her mind. Visions of large black penises fucking her in all her holes replayed over and over in her head the whole day. She even had to excuse herself a couple of times so that she could masturbate in the bathroom to relieve some of her potent sexual desires. She also thought long and hard about the possibilities that she could be pregnant soon and the though scared her because she knew her parents would go through the roof when they found out. Little did she know.

The five black men were nowhere to be found in Butler that entire day. After sleeping and eating for a few hours in a hotel in a small town called Toxey, they arrived in Gilbertown by 5pm that late afternoon. Young Allison hadn’t a clue what had been transpiring the past 48 hours with the rest of her family but she was about to find out. In the months that followed, all three of the Morton women were eventually impregnated by the five black men. Congresswoman Morton also voted for some key issues that benefited African American people as a whole. Also, at the same time that the Morton family was being black-owned, the other congresswoman widowed Geraldine Perry and her young 27-year-old daughter Maxine were blackmailed and black-balled in the same way.

In the months that followed, Congressman Arthur Copeland was forced to plead guilty and step down from his seat due to a big real estate scandal forcing the town to wait until election day to fill it. This meant that Willie and his crew had a 3-1 advantage in votes for anything that was brought before the caucus. And when the race for Copeland’s seat began, both republican candidates Davis Rowland III and Cinthia Woodsohn’s family were blacked as well putting them both under Willie’s thumb.

Over the years Willie Smith became a very powerful man in Butler and his crew grew to accommodate his blackmailing scheme. The whole thing was amazingly kept secret within the town. Every time a white woman was impregnated, she would leave the area to have the baby, and when she returned her and her family would become a recluse. All of the secrecy eventually became ridiculous because just about everyone and their mother knew what was going on, but no one tried to challenge it for fear of ending up in the same predicaments too.

John Morton eventually committed suicide. His deep Christian values wrecked his mind. The homosexuality that he was subjected to on that first night was the only time it occurred but he just couldn’t put any of it behind him. It ate him up inside. Add to that the fact that neither his wife or his daughters wanted anything to do with him anymore and you can understand why he fell into depression.

Helen Morton luckily went into menopause after the birth of her first black baby, a little girl. She served another three terms in the congress before finally being replaced by someone younger. She could’ve won again but Willie figured her time had come and gone along with her usefulness so he fixed the ballot box. She now spends her time cooking and cleaning for and servicing all the black men who come in and out of her townhouse on any given day. Every once and a while a large party is thrown and she is gangbanged by numerous black cocks.

Carol Morton is now Carol Johnson. She married Karmel Johnson and had four children in their first five years together. Because of the fact that Kajo regularly brings home other black men to fuck his wife, she is unsure who truly is the father of any of her children. She still works as a dental assistant and has her hands full the rest of the time taking care of the kids. Her looks have withered a bit but she still looks beautiful. She dresses in very revealing outfits, much more revealing than before. When she’s in public, the other women give her dirty looks constantly, and behind her back they call here white trash, which she is now.

Allison Morton, on the other hand, went even further down the rabbit hole. Within the first few weeks, she was sold to a pimp from Detroit and was unceremoniously moved up north to Michigan. She’s now addicted to crack and walks the streets selling herself for a man named Charlie Wayfers. Her only pregnancy, which came during her time in Alabama, was aborted once she got to Michigan. Wayfers even had her fixed and sterilized just after that. All of her ambitions of becoming a veterinarian just like her father is now all a distant memory.

Butler, Alabama is now going through a big transition with more and more white families moving away. Especially now that the popular William ‘Willie’ Smith is on the ballot to become mayor.

The End

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