The Chronicles of Bobby Pt. 06


I’m back!

All characters are fictitious and over 18 years old.

The Chronicles of Bobby Pt. 06

Anna and Bonnie were hanging out by the pool waiting for Bobby to show, they knew, after sex, he liked to shower. And they knew, after he finished banging the shit out of the social worker, he was in for a long shower. They couldn’t wait to make fun of him for paying such attention to Angela. Based on how she was walking when she left, and her loud screaming orgasms, he screwed her brains out. Anyway, Anna and Bonnie are eager to get all the dirty details and their minds ran wild for what he did to her.

“Well I can guarantee you one thing, she sucked his dick,” his Mom, Anna, said.

“Oh hell yeah, he loves blow jobs, actually he lives for blow jobs,” Bonnie replied, laughing.

“He won’t even fuck me until I give him a really nice slurpy, then he’s all mine,” Anna agreed, laughing.

“Hello ladies, how’s life at the pool?” Bobby asked walking to a lounge chair.

His mom chuckled, “What the fuck did you do to her son? You had her howling like a banshee and a couple of times we got a little concerned when we heard loud banging.”

“Oh that, yeah, she got a little close to the wall when I was doing her doggy. That was her head hitting the wall, she didn’t even feel it. She kept right on grinding into me.” Bonnie and Anna laughed so hard they started to cry.

“Well, I hope that’s the last of her,” Bonnie said.

Bobby replied, “I doubt it.”

“Why’s that?” Annie and Bonnie asked in unison.

“I’ll tell you why, she really took a liking to Susie and her body. My god, after Susie finished working her over, her pussy was dripping wet. So wet, her panties were soaked through. And, when we were doing the dirty deed, Susie came in and Angela really got into playing with her huge boobs. I’m telling you; she’ll be back.”

Little Beth walked outside, “Hey big brother, what you did today was brave. It really helped the family and I’m so proud of you.”

Bobby took in her petite frame. She stood at 5′ max and, at the most, weighed 98lbs dripping wet. Her smile is brilliant, and her attitude was always positive and pleasant. He couldn’t help but wonder how tight his little sister’s pussy is and, as usual, started getting hard. Beth noticed his dick moving and sighed, she wanted it. She glanced at her mom and she nodded.

“Scoot over big brother,” she said sitting by him.

“Hello there, little sister, I appreciate the comments and support,” he said.

Her hand made its way to his stiffening dick, “My pleasure, what’cha got going on big brother? Wow looks like someone is getting excited, maybe I can help build that excitement,” she said wrapping her tiny hand around his shaft.

Her eyes widened and she gasped, “Oh shit Bobby, your cock is so hard and big,” she said, rubbing it up and down.

“Looks like big brother likes what you’re doing to him baby girl,” Anna said smiling at Beth.

“I know mom, I can’t wait for tonight!”

Bobby was groaning with pleasure as Beth stood, spread her legs across his body, and starting grinding on his cock. She leaned forward, whispering into his ear, “Moms going to join us tonight. It’s going to be so fucking hot, you and me with our mom, shit I’m so wet.”

When she stood, her pussy juice had soaked through her shorts, she reached in her shorts, put a couple of fingers in her, and placed them in her brother’s mouth, “A little preview for what’s waiting for you.”

“Mmmm, tastes good Beth, make sure you’re ready for tonight little sister, I’m going to fuck you good and hard.”

“I’m going to hold you to that, big brother. Your baby maker is going to feel so good in me, I can’t wait until you put your baby in me, causing my belly to swell. With my tiny body, my belly is going to look really big,” she said, placing one hand under her and the other on top as if she’s supporting a heavily pregnant belly.

Bonnie was watching Beth and Bobby’s early foreplay, “Ok you two, calm down over there. Beth, I guarantee that Bobby will fuck you morning, noon, and night until you’re pregnant. And then, he’ll keep fucking you all through your pregnancy. You’ll get hornier and hornier as your pregnancy progresses and Bobby will be more than happy to take care of your needs. Won’t you Bobby?”

“Damn straight! In fact, when are you going to come see me Bonnie? I want to see escort bayan that beautiful tummy of yours swelling with our baby.”

“In time my dear, don’t worry. I’ll be pregnant when your mom and I are married. Now, who wants to go see how our new house is coming along!”

They all headed into the house calling for the rest of the girls to get ready so they can go check on how the house is progressing.

All eight of them piled into the van. Bonnie was driving and Anna was riding shotgun. Susie is sitting between Bobby and Beth in the middle row and Sissy, Jill, and Jane are in the back row.

“According to the contractor they’ve made significant progress, the entire house is framed so we should get a good idea for how the house will look once it’s complete,” Bonnie announced.

“That’s totally awesome! We can’t wait to see how big our bedrooms are!” the twins proclaimed.

Bobby and Beth were watching Susie’s cleavage bounce and jiggle with every bump in the road. Her swollen boobs pushing through the top of her maternity top. Bonnie hit a big bump sending her breast flesh into a quivering fit. Beth couldn’t believe how incredible Susie’s tits looked.

Susie noticed Bobby and Beth staring at her boobs, “You two are perverts,” she said.

“Damn Susie, how can you blame us. I mean look at this,” Beth said poking the side of Susie’s tit causing it to jiggle.

Bobby smiled at Beth, “You mean you haven’t felt them yet? I know Jill and Jane have.”

“Really! You two have played with these behemoths?” Beth said turning to look at Jill and Jane.

“Yeah, we did. They are so soft and squishy, and her nipples taste so good.”

Susie lifted her H cup breasts, “Here Beth, slide your hand under and I’ll let you feel them.”

Beth slid her hand under Susie’s breasts, and she laid their weight on her hand, “Damn, those are so soft and heavy!” she said.

Beth lifted Susie’s breasts and shook her arm, her breast flesh quivering like jello. Bobby patted the exposed tops of her breasts, “Damn, are you out growing that bra already?”

“Yes, I’ve already ordered a couple of J cups. Get over it you two perverts,” all of them laughed.

“Beth are you ready for tonight?” Bonnie asked.

“Yes mam, I am.”

“I’ve told you before, I’m not mam, I’m Bonnie.”

“Ok, Bonnie it is.”

“I hear your mom is going to join you for when Bobby fucks you,” Bonnie said.

“That’s right, she’s going to teach me how to jack off and blow Bobby.”

Bobby chimed in, “Really? Mom is going to teach you her technique?”

“That’s what she said.”

Bobby started getting hard again and Beth was drooling over his stiffening cock.

“You want to switch places with me Beth?” Susie asked.

“Uh huh.”

Susie moved over so Beth could set next to Bobby. She rubbed his stiff dick for the rest of the ride to the house.

Bonnie turned off the highway onto a dirt road, stopping short of a gate. She pressed a button on a remote attached to the visor and the gate slowly opened. She drove along the dirt road for about a mile. Making the final turn, the house came into view.

“Holy shit! You have to be kidding me, this is our new house? It’s enormous!” Susie said.

Bonnie smiled, “Yes, it is. All 25,000 square feet of it.”

“Wow! Look at that view!” Sissy said.

They watched as the waves of the ocean washed in and out on the beach. “And, that is our private beach,” Bonnie said, pointing.

“You have to be kidding me! We have our own private beach?” Bobby said.

“That’s right, we do. And, as you can see, the house is in a semi-circle and every one of our bedrooms will have a view of the ocean and beach,” Anna said.

“I can’t believe this, look at how big this house is!” The twins said.

Bonnie gave them a tour of the house, explaining how it is going to be setup. “All of our bedrooms are going to be on the first floor, and each will have its’ own bath with a walk-in shower. As you noticed, the middle room is very large, that will be our playroom for when we want to have a family orgy,” they all chuckled.

Bonnie continued, “Every room will be sound proofed so we can be as loud as we want and not disturb anyone else, if you know what I mean. Also, the entire second floor will be the nursery and where our staff will live. Also, preparing for the expansion of our family, the contractor escort bayanlar has laid the utilities so when the nursery is filled, we will be able to easily add on to the house.”

“Bonnie, tell them how many babies the original house will hold,” Anna said.

“Well, based on the existing layout, we should be able to comfortably have 30 babies on the second floor before we have to add-on.”

All seven women smiled at Bobby, “Guess I’m going to be a busy guy,” he said.

“Yes you are. I want to fill that nursery as fast as we can,” Bonnie said.

They finished the tour of the house, walking the framed first and second floors. All of them were excited and couldn’t wait for moving in.

“One more thing, we have a total of 100 acres. Meaning, we’ll have plenty of privacy for living the type of lifestyle we want without prying eyes,” Anna said.

Bonnie asked, “Everyone seen enough?”

They all nodded their heads and climbed back into van. On the drive home, they excitedly chatted about how much fun they were going to have in their new home. They decided to stop at the restaurant where they first met to eat dinner.

During their meal Susie kept receiving and replying to text messages. Bobby asked, “Who ya texting Susie girl?”

“Just a friend of mine.”

He winked at her, “I’m sure.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Bonnie asked.

“It’s just a friend, don’t worry about it,” Susie defensively replied.

“Looks like you struck a nerve,” Bobby said to Bonnie.

Susie sighed, “Like I said, it’s just a friend.”

They finished their meal and drove home.

Upon arrival at home, Bobby went up to his room and started watching sports. Sissie, Jill, and Jane ended up in the media room. Bonnie went back out to the pool. Beth and her mom went upstairs to prepare for Bobby.

Susie called out to her mom at the pool, “I’ll be back later mom, going to meet up with a friend.”

“Ok sweetie, be careful.”

“Will do, love you mom.”

“Love you too.”

Susie drove 25 minutes to the address programmed into her GPS, her heart pounding for she was eager to see her new friend. She parked the car, walked to the door and rang the doorbell. Angela answered the door only wearing a thong and a bra, “Come in, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Meanwhile, back at the house, Anna and Beth are in the bathroom still getting ready for Beth’s insemination. “Mom, being pregnant makes you look so sexy. I can’t wait to be pregnant, watching by belly swell.”

“Beth, it is truly an experience. I remember when I was pregnant with you, I felt so good and you turned out to be such a beautiful woman. Now let’s go see Bobby.”

Before they exited, there was a knock at the bathroom door. Bonnie asked, “Can I come in?”

“Come on in Bonnie,” Anna said.

“Wow! You two look absolutely gorgeous! Bobby is one lucky guy.”

“Why thank you,” Beth said.

Bonnie walked to Anna, pulled her close, kissing her whispered, “Make sure you save some for me.”

Beth pouting, “But I get first dibs on Bobby!”

Anna and Bonnie laughed, “Of course sweetie. We know how long you’ve been waiting for this.”

Beth smiled, “Ok then, let’s get this party started.”

Beth, Anna, and Bonnie walked to Bobby’s room and knocked.

“Come in,” Bobby called out.

All three walked into his room and you could tell by his reaction he wasn’t expecting all three of them. He sat up and watched as Anna placed her bag of goodies by his bed.

“Well now, this is an excellent surprise. All three of you, my my I hope all of you are ready because I’m horny as hell!” Bobby said.

“When are you not horny Bobby,” Anna teased.

“Shit mom, watching your belly grow with our baby keeps me perpetually horny,” they all giggled.

“Have you been doing what I asked you to do Bobby?” Bonnie asked.

“As a matter of fact, I have.”

Anna and Beth quizzically looked at Bonnie, “What did you ask him to do.”

Bonnie said, “Well, a couple of days ago I gave him some supplements that will increase the volume and force of his ejaculations and I asked him not to have sex or jack off. I want him to fill Beth with copious amounts of his already potent semen.”

Hearing this, overwhelming desire spread through Beth, she could wait no more. She pushed Bobby onto his bed, pulled off his shorts, and took bayan escort his already hard cock into her greedy little mouth.

“Beth, slow down, you don’t want him to cum in your mouth. Believe me, there will be plenty of time for you to blow him after he impregnates you,” Anna said.

Beth pulled his dick out of her mouth, but she was fucking horny, “Mom, I have to fuck him. I’m so horny I feel like I’m going to pass out.”

“First things first. This is your first time with Bobby, have some fun with him. He loves to be teased and trust me; he’ll fuck you even harder if you tease him,” Anna said.

“Ok mom, what should I do first?”

Anna looked at Bonnie and motioned her head towards Bobby “Go ahead Bonnie, have some fun.”

Bonnie smiled, slid off her panties and climbed on top of Bobby’s face. Bobby eagerly devoured her pussy as she rode him.

Anna reached into her bag and pulled out a couple of lubes and handed them to Beth, “Here baby, take these. This one is for his balls; it will warm them. This one, I’ll show you how to use it. Go ahead and apply the warming lube to his balls.”

Beth took the warming lube, squirted a large amount on her hands and rubbed it over his balls. The warming sensation was instant. Bonnie grabbed his head and pulled his face deeper into her pussy as Bobby groaned with pleasure.

Anna handed the other lube to Beth and said, “Apply a ribbon of this up and down his shaft.” Beth did as she was instructed.

“Now watch,” Anna said as she took Bobby’s cock in her hands. With one hand she cupped the tip and the other she slid up and down his shaft. With her hand cupped over the tip she rubbed clockwise and with the other she stroked counterclockwise. Bobby was going insane with pleasure and desire.

Beth took over from her mom, she gripped his shaft as she continued stroking him like her mom demonstrated. Bonnie was enjoying having her pussy eaten by Bobby’s eager mouth. Bobby started thrusting his hips and his cock started oozing precum.

“Stop, stop, stop Beth. He’s ready,” Anna said.

“Fuck yeah I’m ready! It’s been days since I’ve cum!” Bobby said.

Bonnie stood up and Bobby rolled onto his side, “Come on little sister, let’s make a baby,” he said patting by his side.

Beth crawled under him and spread her legs, heavily panting with anticipation to finally feel her brothers’ big dick stretching her pussy. He positioned his throbbing cock in front of her entrance, pressing the tip of his cock into her. Both of them gasped with the sensation of imminent relief. He pressed deeper and deeper into her, sliding in and out until his entire baby maker was buried deep in her. The pain of him stretching her was subsiding and she started to watch his cock slide in and out of her. She placed her hand over her lower abdomen and felt him as he thrust in and out, her hand moving up and down with each thrust.

Beth could feel her orgasm building fast, “Oh god, oh god, shit Bobby fuck me hard,” she said as she tightly wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper into her. Even though he was enjoying fucking his tight little sister, he couldn’t hold out any longer.

He felt his dick expand inside her as his balls filled her with his potent sperm. Beth didn’t know what to expect, but the sensation of his hot sticky seed coating her womb pushed her over the edge, “Fuuuuuuuuck,” she yelled as he held her down, pumping his ejaculating cock in and out of her, filling her with his hot jizz with each thrust. It seemed as if his balls were never going to empty, but the sensation was overwhelming, and he didn’t care if it never ended.

When finished, his drained testicles ached, and her pussy was sore, but they wanted more. He stayed inside her, semi-erect. His semen coating her womb, she relished just how good it felt to have him cum inside her. She pulled his fact to hers, kissing him deeply, she wanted more of his seed in her. She whispered in his ear, “Come on Bobby, fuck me again, I know you can. Fill my little pussy with your big dick, pump me full of your baby making cum. I want your baby inside me, causing my belly to swell, filling my tits with milk.” She could feel him getting hard inside her, “Yeah, that’s it big brother, fuck your little sister; we have all night.”

Their subsequent orgasms were every bit as intense as their first, but more controlled. He never removed his cock from her stretched pussy one time. As soon as he’d fertilized her, she’d take over, talking dirty to him. Letting him know how much she wanted to carry his baby.

Over the next week, they fucked day and night. She’d take a pregnancy test every morning hoping for a positive result. After a week, she proudly announced that she was carrying her brother’s baby.

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