The Cottage By The Sea Ch. 03



The years flew by

Time had been kind to Hilary, but the difference in age between David at 55 and his mother and wife at 75, was evident. David never treated her any different from the first time he declared his love for her, and their subsequent incestuous relationship, some three decades ago. But he sensed his mother’s despondency as she gradually distanced herself from him. David understood what Hilary was going through. He showered her with unflinching love and devotion, even though they did not engage in physical intimacy anymore.

The children had moved out eventually. Their neighbors around the vicinity of the little cottage left them alone. They never intruded into the daily life of the man and his much older wife. Occasionally, the kids paid them visits and stayed for a few days.

Their eldest and only daughter, Anne, 32 was stationed with her husband, an Air Force fighter pilot at his base.

Their two sons, Jay and Arnie, were bachelors and working on the West coast.

The stroke and heart failure that claimed Hilary’s life was sudden and devastating. At 77, she was in frail health. That fateful morning, David tried to wake her but realized that she had left him, forever.

The small congregation of family and neighbors buried her up the gentle slopes of the cemetery overlooking the little cottage. Folks spoke in low tones about the loving couple who had lived amongst them all those years.

When they were alone, after the funeral, the boys wanted their father to follow them out West. They persuaded David to sell the cottage. It would fetch a small fortune.

But his daughter, Anne, was adamantly against the suggestion. She argued passionately that David and their late mother had lived in the area and they were all born and brought up there. Furthermore, what about their father’s realty business?

Anne said she loved the cottage. It held so much memories and she hoped one day to settle and call it home.

David turned to face his daughter. She looked so much like her mother. The same delicate features, the lovely smile…it was almost like Hilary who sat before him.

David was stunned by the effect that Anne had on him, even in the aftermath of losing the only woman in his life. He did not see it coming. Anne had always been his little girl. He closed his eyes momentarily and asked himself, when did she grew up to be this woman.

“I agree with Anne,” David declared. “I can never sell this house. My life is here; your mother’s memory will always be here. Thanks boys for your considerate offer but no thanks.”

The family came to the consensus that David stayed at the cottage. Two days after the funeral, the children took their leave and headed home.

“Are you ok, Dad?” Anne asked her father.

“I’ll be fine, love. Take care of yourself and send my regards to Jim,” he held her tightly and kissed her cheeks.

He felt his eyes misting as he bade his children farewell.

Pt. 2

14 Months later:

Anne had been staying at the cottage since her husband’s fighter jet was brought down over enemy territory in Afghanistan. The Air Force notified her that he was missing in action.

The following days were just waiting and hoping, but there were no further news.

Three weeks after the crash, the Air Force personnel appeared at the doorsteps of the cottage. He delivered the fateful news that confirmed her husband’s demise.

It caused Anne great anxiety and uncertainty. She had not confined to David that she was pregnant just before her husband was deployed to the war zone. She was inconsolable in her moment of grief.

She had married late, at the age of 30. At 32, she was going to be a mother in nine months time.

Their marriage had been tumultuous to put it mildly. Jim had swept her off her feet when they met at a party. But being a top gun, he had roving eyes. For almost six months, before his posting to Afghanistan, there was no physical contact between them. Anne had regretted marrying him. She wanted to ask for a separation but the news of his deployment stopped her from doing so.

On the night before he left, he was with fellow pilots and had more than his share of drinks.

Coming home, he wanted to take her to bed. When she rejected him, Jim pulled her and forced himself on her. The night ended with him mounted on her back, forcing her face down on their bed.

“Bitch, you think you are too good for me,” he snarled as he forced himself deep inside her. “God, you are tight,” he continued, as he came continuously deep in her womb.

Anne felt dirty, as he emptied himself inside her. He had changed into a monster from the person she fell in love with. She felt raped by the time he got off her back and slumped into oblivion beside her.

She pulled the bedspread and covered herself. She folded into a fetal state, as her husband’s cum seeped out and wet the mattress where her buttocks laid.

The next morning, she got up late to see a note on the dressing table.

“Sorry for last escort bayan gaziantep night. I was drunk. See you when I get back. Love you.” That was the last thing he left her, and now he was gone, forever.

David took charge and nurtured his daughter back to normalcy. He helped her pack and moved to the cottage. He showered her with all the love a father could give.

Anne had told him about her pregnancy after the Jim’s official funeral by the Air Force.

David also had to be a mother to Anne, telling her to take care of her unborn child, his grandchild. The bond between father and daughter was very personal.

One day, about 3 months after being widowed, they were walking leisurely along the country path near the cottage when David said to Anne, “I’ll be both father and grandfather to your baby”.

Anne was caught in a moment of closeness and love for her father. She knew she would not have made it without his undivided love and care during her days of despondency.

Anne stopped and hugged him tightly; almost afraid she would lose him. She gazed up and saw his gentle eyes looking into hers. She wrapped her arms round his neck and pulled him close. Their lips met, in a soft and fleeting kiss.

Everything around seemed to be in limbo when they kissed. David held her closer and tighter. Their lips parted and there was a feeling of desperation as he entered her mouth.

They parted, both breathing heavily. They continued their walk back to the cottage. Both were silent and felt awkward, almost shy with each other. Nothing was said as they entered the house. He held her hands, kissed them, and both walked towards their own room.

Pt. 3

That night, David was lying in his pajamas. His thoughts raced back to earlier that day when Anne was in his arms. He closed his eyes.

“God forgive me, I love her,” his mind was in turmoil.

Her lips were on his, so soft. He felt her tongue tracing his lips. The dream was erotic and he hardened.

He opened his eyes. David felt weak and yielding. Anne was on her knees beside him. She was bent down, looking at him.

“I love you Dad,” she said against his lips.

She sat up and stroked his face. He looked at her, and wondered when he was going to wake up from his erotic dream.

She unbuttoned the top of her nightdress and he watched in awe. He saw her naked breasts, her womanly breasts for the first time. They were growing full as her pregnancy progressed, and her nipples puffy, which soon would be lactating.

David could hardly breathe at the sight his daughter. She was a Goddess.

Anne cupped her breasts and leaned down.

David raised his head and kissed her offerings. He felt chills of sexual wantonness as he opened his lips and captured those wonderful nipples. They hardened to his firm suckling.

“Anne,” he gasped, and sat up.

“Yes,” Anne replied and lay beside.

“This is wrong, sweetheart,” David said.

“I know. I know about you and Mom,” she replied as she stretched out beside him.

“What are you saying? How could you know about your mother and me,” David asked Anne.

He looked into her eyes, her nipples already stiff and hardened by his touch.

“Mom told me. She didn’t mean to. We were alone and it just slipped out. She was distraught and made me promise to keep it a secret,” Anne replied softly. “But I have always suspected.”

She looked so much like her mother, David thought. I promised Hilary it would never happen again.

But the carnal urge that surged through him ever since they kissed, was too much for him to fight.

David was lost in his daughter’s embrace. She held his face in her soft hands as she pulled him down to her chest. His lips closed onto her nipple and he sucked on them alternately, tenderly. He pushed her full breasts together, making her nipples stand out.

Anne moaned in ecstasy as her father paid loving tribute to her mounds. Her body shuddered as David used his lips to pull at her elongated nipples. His tongue rasped the tender ends.

“Oh Daddy,” she cried out as a flush of orgasm surged through her.

David knew that Anne was sated when she dropped flat onto the mattress. He held her against him, as the throes of fulfillment washed over her. He was shaken by the effect Anne had on him.

His thoughts were muddled. It never crossed his mind that a catastrophe of this nature would occur.

What happened between him and Hilary was monumental and to have it repeated a second time was implausible. How could this happen?

Gradually, Anne fell asleep in his embrace. He slowly moved off her and buttoned up her nakedness.

He got off the bed and sat on the sofa across the room.

He watched Anne, asleep on his bed, the daughter born out of incest with his own mother.

Now he was about commit the same act with Anne.

He thought of Hilary and what they shared. That wonderful adult love a son had for his mother. He was bayan gaziantep escort torn inside. He had desecrated the memory of Hilary by sleeping with their daughter. How did he reach so low?

He stood up and headed for the bathroom. The tap water was cold as he splashed on his face. The mirror reflected his image, a man almost 60 years old, but still in good trim. He wiped the dripping water from his face and walked out.

He gave a last lingering look at the woman lying on his bed and made his way to the living room. He dropped himself onto the sofa and tried to sleep.

He woke up to the sound of lightning and thunder. It was the turbulent September weather which brought the heavy storms.

Pt. 4

“Dad,” he heard Anne called out.

He quickly rose and walked to his room. She had not experienced such weather and probably it startled her.

He sat on the bed beside her. “It’s just the weather; I think we have a rough one tonight. But don’t you worry,” he said.

“Why did you leave,” she looked up at him. “Are you shocked?” she continued.

David was silent. He did not know what to say. Seeing his daughter laying there, the flames of self destruction and wanton needs engulfed him. He was intoxicated by her presence.

“Our marriage was already breaking up. Jim was not the man I thought he was,” she said, as tears wet her cheeks. “He hurt me, Dad, physically and mentally.”

She avoided her father’s eyes.

“This baby inside me was his present before he left,” she sobbed. “He forced and raped me.”

David was stunned by Anne’s confession. Maybe, if Hilary was still alive, she would know what to do. As her father, how should he console her?

He pulled her up and held her close. Her body shook and he kissed her wet cheeks, as he tried to lessen her pain. Father and daughter clung to each other for solace and understanding.

After she calmed down, David laid her down.

“I love you so much, you know that,” he said softly. “I am always here for you.”

“Love me Daddy,” she said, her eyes implored him.

Her words made his manhood rise.

His lips on hers, gentle and soft, tasted her as he ran his hand through her long hair.

Anne yielded completely to her father’s taboo touch.

He undressed her, and she lay naked except for her panties. Lying prone on his bed, David looked at her in awe. Her four month bulge was already showing, small but already prominent. Her breasts were filling up and those nipples he tasted earlier were still pinkish and stood out. He felt his penis throbbing.

He lifted her legs up and pulled down her last piece of modesty. The triangle of pubic hair were soft and downy, the same shade of her auburn hair.

David bent down and his lips traced her lips, her neck, both nipples and he stopped when he reached her tummy. He caressed the gentle bulge and down to her pubic hairs. David moved and knelt between her legs. The scent of a woman’s sexuality aroused him. His lips closed onto his daughter’s vaginal lips.

Anne shuddered at his touch.

He kissed her there, and his tongue invaded her softness. He narrowed the ends of his tongue and entered her.

She pushed her body against him in acceptance of his lewd gesture. Anne had never experienced such erotic feelings. Goose pimples broke out as she suddenly moaned deeply and raised her buttocks. She gasped as she encountered her first time squirt.

David was shaken by an incredible surge of lust as Anne emptied her love juices into his mouth.

He wiped the liquid off his face and moved up, straddling Anne beneath him. Almost in a trance, he placed his penis between her breasts. Breathing heavily, he fucked gently between the softness of her twin peaks.

Lurid thoughts clouded his mind. It did not take long as he came. The liquid spurt out and collected in a pool at the base of her neck.

“I love you baby,” David said as he used his fingers to rub the viscous liquid onto her flesh.

He felt he had defiled and betrayed her trust when he should love her with tenderness.

Anne looked at the engorged head and held his hardness. Slowly she masturbates him. After a few strokes, David closed his eyes and gasped as he could not hold back. More cum dripped down onto her breasts. Then it came in spurts, streaks of his sperm landed on her neck and some onto her face.

When he had completely released himself, David dropped onto his daughter chest and held her, both breathing heavily.

The realization of their incestuous act consumed them. History had repeated itself and they both wanted each other.

Pt. 5

As the night stretched deeper, David held Anne in his arms, her back pressed against him. The rain came down relentlessly.

They were blanketed by the bed spread. Beneath, both were stark naked.

The bedside lamp lighted the room in a soft glow. David felt her warm body pressed against his. He slowly lifted the spread off.

He gaziantep bayan escort had grown hard. He looked down and saw that he was lodged between her buttocks. The swell of her bottom was a dream for any man. David caressed her breasts and held her nipples between his fingers and thumb. They grew progressively hard and Anne moaned as she opened her eyes.

The wetness between her thighs spread.

David lips were on her cheek and she felt him seeking her opening. Anne raised her legs upwards and pressed herself closer to her chest.

Her head bent back as he entered her. She gasped as he strained against her buttocks, sliding his full length deep inside her vagina.

His heart was pounding as he held her tightly, not moving and savoring the incredible feeling of his manhood deep inside his daughter.

“Oh daddy, fuck me,” she whimpered.

He moved slowly, pulling and pushing into her. He did not want to hurt her as her husband had done. He wanted to give her the pleasure of love but he could not last. Holding her tight to his chest, he cried out.

“Anne, sweetheart,” he groaned.

Both cried out as he ejaculated.

Later, when the throes of copulation had subsided, they faced each other.

He stroked her cheeks and kissed her lips.

They watched at each other intently and accepted their fate, father and daughter spent their first night together, professing their love.

Pt. 6

As the days grew into months, David thought Anne how to love. She did things she never imagined ever doing.

The first time David asked her to take him in her mouth, she almost gagged. But after he had made her delirious by sucking on her clitoris, she accepted his spongy head, and eventually learned to take his sperm as he spurted onto her tongue.

The act of swallowing caused her to cough and throw up. She could not get used to the taste. But on occasions, when she was fully aroused, she had taken his life making liquid into her belly.

David loved to suckle her milk as she began to lactate. Her breasts grew and sagged a bit due to her enlargement. He could not seem to get enough of her.

Anne had never experienced anal sex. David wanted so much to take her forbidden opening. During their love making and resting, he had put on tapes of sodomy but Anne was horrified to see the act. She said it was not normal and dirty.

Eventually, David had to try because he was obsessed with his daughter’s lovely posterior. He consummated his need one night after paying continued homage to Anne’s crinkled hole.

Anne knew what her father wanted and she felt a deep sense of unfairness on her part for denying him. He had sacrificed so much for her and she always rejected his one desire.

On the night, she led him to the bed and disrobed. She was already seven months pregnant. Her belly stood out and her breasts full and heavy.

“Please be gentle,” she said as she laid down and pulled her legs up to her chest.

David was beside himself, his love for her overwhelmed him. She was offering him her virgin gift.

“I’ll make it good for you, I promise,” he said.

He walked to the cabinet and took the bottle of anal cream he had kept, hoping that one day she would relent. He kissed her, murmuring words of love and sucking on her nipples. He rubbed her clitoris until her body started to shiver. Then he went down and kissed the tiny star, licking and kissing until he saw it was pulsating. Using his middle finger, he scooped the anal cream and rubbed it around the opening. When he felt that she was soft and plaint, he pushed his finger gently into her anus.

Anne felt the intruder and constricted her anal muscle. David felt the pressure surrounding his finger.

“God, she is so tight,” he told himself, as his penis throbbed. He was in doubt whether he should continue. He was too big for such a tiny opening.

He pushed in slightly, as soon she relaxed. It enabled him to probe deeper. He introduced another finger and it went in. David began to finger fuck his daughter.

The initial pain subsided as Anne felt her anus widened. At first she thought she could not go through with it. As David dilated her opening, she felt a different sensation, not the same as when his penis was in her vagina.

David knelt between her thighs and placed his knob against her. She was a virgin and he had to gain immediate entry. He pushed and Anne tried to squirm backwards. But he held her hips firmly and anus opened. His hard penis, already smeared with cream, pop in and the bulbous head lodged inside her rectum.

“No, no, no,” she gasped.

“Just relax, sweetheart,” David assured her.

She stopped fighting him and took deep breathes, as tears of fear streaked her cheeks.

David did not move and just let he get used to his hardness. When she had calmed down, he pushed slowly into her.

Anne’s anus opened like a flower and without her knowing, his furry balls touched her buttocks. She felt a fullness not felt before. It was a new sensation.

When Anne breathes normally, David start to fuck her slowly. Soon, her hands were gripping his arm tightly.

It was her first anal fuck and every feeling was tight. David felt her constricting his penis with such firmness that he could not hold back longer.

He watched Anne’s face and saw her mouth opened and eyes closed. It was the look when she had an orgasm.

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