The Exchange Program Ch. 01


Chapter 01—The Letter Arrives

This submission is all about scat and perversion. If this isn’t your thing…..back out now…. And don’t say you weren’t warned…..if you in the mood for a bit of kink and perversion….enjoy!

The Fed-Ex truck was pulling away from my house while I was still walking home from the commuter train after work. My first thought was what did Nikki order. Nikki and I were married for ten years, in our mid-thirties, and living a comfortable life.

We were both professionals, with jobs we enjoyed that actually paid well. Kids were in the plans but not for a few more years as we wanted to build the nest egg first. We were doing a good job of it too, while still splurging on the luxuries two incomes can afford. Seeing a delivery truck pull away wasn’t a surprise.

I was the first one home as our car wasn’t in the driveway, I went to the front porch and noticed the package was actually an overnight letter. A bit curious about who sent it I looked at the sender’s name. My heart picked up a few beats when I read it was from the “Exchange Program” and addressed to both of us, Dave & Nikki Jefferies. I quickly cleaned out the mailbox and went inside. Setting everything on the desk in the study, I made my way with the overnight letter to the kitchen where Nikki would enter when she got home.


Every time we receive something from the program, a new page in our life is added. Nikki and I are heavily into the erotic aspect of kinky sex. We describe it as bold, daring, and purposeful. It is the type of kink that shakes you, upsets you, because it finds those private, dark secrets buried deep within ones’ id. There is nothing taboo for us, no desire too dirty. In fact the dirtier, the nastier, the better.

To the outside world, we are a hard working couple in search of the American Dream. What no one knows is that the perverse, erotic kink we crave is also part of “Our Dream.” This wasn’t something we slowly explored after we became a couple. Nikki says it is part of our genetic make-up; something we were born with. I tend to agree as I remember jerking off into my mother’s and sister’s panties at a very early age.

Nikki vividly remembers the first time she pissed on someone. It was at her high school senior prom, and Nikki was with “the hottest boy” in the school. They were making out in his car and while she was straddling him, grinding her pussy over his cock, Nikki asked if he wanted to experience something wild. His response was “Sure.” He freaked when she emptied her bladder through her panties and onto his pants.

“He called me a freak and then he pushed me out of the car,” Nikki recalls. “My reputation was ruined at school. I instantly became known as ‘The Pisser.'”

Something good did come from the nickname however. Within the week, Nikki and three other girls formed a little pissing club. It was at that point Nikki made the decision that vanilla relationships were over and to pursue other interests.

Nikki and I met while she was a ‘Switch/Mistress’ at a dungeon I joined after the military and enrolled in college. Having traveled the world for a few years gave me the opportunity to explore the darker side of my sexual tastes. Once on campus, it did not take long for me to realize the young college co-eds had not yet developed their sexual interests to the same level as mine. Thus the dungeon.

As crazy as this may sound, it was love at first sight for both of us. There was a twinkle in Nikki’s eyes that captured me. Nikki will tell you my kind smile hooked her. We were both attractive, normal looking folks—meaning no tattoos, visible piercings, whacked out hairdos, or message sending clothing outside the dungeon walls. This was important as we live and function in a vanilla society, but ultimately it was our desire for the erotic that bonded us as a couple.

The term ‘attractive’ isn’t exactly the proper term to describe Nikki. Stunning is more like it. She is a head turner. You can sense that everyone who gazes at her, wants her—both men and women. However, the reality of her kinks would be way too much for many.

Standing five-eight in bare feet, her thin frame with its gentle curves is eye catching. Her dark red hair, cut short and worn shaggy, frames her creamy, high cheek bone face. Piercing blue eyes accented with jet black eye liner and smoky shadows are Nikki’s typical color choices; as is her ruby red lipstick and manicured matching nails.

Her breasts are a delicious 34B with long, pierced, rose-colored nipples jutting from small, pink areolas. Nikki’s skin is a flawless white, typical of natural redheads. Her 26 inch waist flairs nicely into her 34 inch hips. Nikki’s ass is perfect—soft, smooth and desirous of attention. A tuft of red fluffy silk adorns the mound of her otherwise hairless pussy.

Nikki she loves to have her bare lips yalova escort and thick, jutting clit pumped and spanked. Still a heavy pisser and gusher, I savor every drop of Nikki’s nectar as well as her caviar. Nikki craves mine as well.

As for me, I’ve been called handsome. I stand right at six feet, my build is athletically defined and well proportioned. My hair is brown, my eyes blue, and I keep my body hairless. When hard I measure eight inches in length and about four inches around. I am very oral and all of my openings are eager to give as well as receive. Nikki’s lubed hand has often called my ass home.

I could expound on our interests and play, but this story is about “The Exchange Program.”


I placed the overnight letter in the middle of our marble-topped table where I knew it would catch Nikki’s attention the moment she walked through the kitchen door. We always waited to open these together as it keeps the finder in an aroused state until the other got home. As I went for a wine glass, I saw Nikki pull down the driveway to the back of the house. Taking two from the shelf, I took the liberty of pouring a glass for her.

As predicted, Nikki’s eyes went directly to the letter and broke into a devilish grin as she approached me for our customary ‘hello kiss.’ The kiss was always special We call it our sexual mood indicator. Sometimes, I would go directly to my knees and kiss Mistress Nikki’s feet. Nikki would often have me consume her piss that built up since she left work. Other times Nikki would demand I fuck her mouth and empty everything into it.

Tonight Nikki took control by placing one hand behind my head and pulling me into her mouth. Her kiss was hunger. Her mouth opened and closed and I followed suit. Our tongues danced together while Nikki’s other hand was on the crotch of my pants, fondling my growing cock.

Breaking the kiss, Nikki purred, “I see we have a special package. Let’s see what’s in store for us this time.” Our eyes exchanged a few looks as we took our wine to the table. Nikki picked up the envelope as she sat down. These letters seem to have magical powers because Nikki’s eyes always become glassy when she opens and removes its contents.

Taking a sip of wine, Nikki sat back in her chair and began to read. I watched her face for signs of lust and it didn’t take long for her to lift her eyes to mine and give me ‘that look’ along with a knowing smirk. She flipped the page and finished a minute or two later. Without as much as a glance my way, she placed the letter on top of the envelope, stood and moved to the kitchen door.

I could have read the letter myself, but knowing Nikki, I had the feeling I was about to hear it from her seductive, perverted perspective. With her back to me, she locked the door and began to close its shade. As she turned the shade handle, Nikki said in a husky, lust filled voice, “We are being summoned.”


A few years ago, Nikki and I became members of a private group called “The Exchange Program.” It is a bit like the adult swing ads in that members publish searchable profiles. However, this program is different. If you are summoned you must go. This is purely sexual. If the kinks, desires, needs, and other profile criteria match, you go. Failure to do so means expulsion from the club.

The screening process for membership is very stringent. It includes a background check, various verifications, and an in depth interests survey. There are also the initiation fees as well as the annual dues, which are high enough to keep the non-devotees away. The final step in the application process is a live performance before the selection committee. It is their job to orchestrate potential members through an evening of play based on the profiles provided. They also make sure you fit your profile description (no pictures for everyone’s protection).

Once selected, members are entered into a database and assigned an ID. One can search for others with similar interests, or be the ones searched. Correspondence is handled through “The Exchange Program.” All text, emails, letters, packages go through the program keeping everyones’ identity private.

**** Nikki’s words as she finished closing the shade were heady and my already hard cock twitched.

“We are to lead a young couple into the dark world of filth. The letter states that they both have experimented with scat but need someone to guide them into this realm. They are already avid watersport freaks and feel they are ready to take this step.”

Nikki slipped out of her shoes and walked to the kitchen sink. Closing the shade of its window, she continued. “This makes me so horny. Lord knows the mere idea of shit turns me on. I crave its feel, its texture. Having it rubbed across my body, onto my tits and all over my cunt is so erotic. Sucking a shit edirne escort covered cock, or snowballing a warm ball with someone makes me cream. The idea of guiding another couple into our depravity is so erotically filthy.”

The pressure in my pants was becoming severe as I envisioned her words; words I had experienced many a time with Nikki. I knew where tonight was going. However, I tried to remain calm and simply sip my wine while listening to Nikki.

Moving to the picture kitchen window, she closed its shades and then turned to face me.

Nikki unzipped the front of her one-piece black sleeveless dress. The zipper ran from the neckline to the bottom of her breasts. It was a perfect for work, casual wear, and ideal for easy removal.

The dress slipped off of her shoulders and down her creamy, white skinned torso. She was panty-less and Nikki’s labia were already glistening with her wet lust. Unhooking the front clasp to her bra, her breasts jiggled slightly as Nikki shrugged her shoulders allowing it to fall to the floor behind her.

Her red-painted talons went to her nipples and started to twist and pull on their piercing posts. Seductively she moved towards me releasing her thick buds when next to me. Nikki dragged her nails up my arms and shoulders and into my hair as she moved behind me. Lowering her mouth to my ear, Nikki assaulted it.

Pre-cum oozed from my balls as her tongue snaked around my ear. Her warm breath was filled with low moans; my ear engulfed by her mouth. One of Nikki’s arms crossed my torso, her hand in search of a nipple. Pulling my shirt open, she quickly found one, twisting and flicking it with those long, sharp nails. My lust soared to another level.

Nikki softly spoke her desires. “You know what I need tonight David.” Her tongue danced into my ear. Her nails digging into my nipple. Shivers ripped through me. “I need filth. The kind we are being summoned for. The kind we both crave. Here…..taste it.”

Nikki had used her other hand to explore her cunt and asshole. Brining two fingers to my mouth, Nikki sensuously rubbed them over my lips. The smell and taste was intoxicating. The blend of her thick cream and the texture from her asshole had me wantonly sucking her fingers clean.

Nikki moved in front of me, pushing between the table and the chair. With both hands, she tore open my shirt and pulled it off of me. Nikki turned her attention to my pants. Forcefully she unclasped them and pulled them, along with my underwear, down to my ankles. As Nikki climbed onto my lap like a stripper, I kicked off my shoes and pants, pushing them under the table.

Using one hand on the back of my neck for support, Nikki went back to her asshole with the other. Grinding her went cunt into my crotch she worked her fingers into her shit hole. Purr-like moans of pleasure escaped from her throat.

Arching her back, she brought one of her long thick nipples to my mouth. Hungrily I sucked in the plump bud, using my tongue and teeth on her captive flesh. My hands were on her ass cheeks, pulling them apart; allowing her fingers to go deeper into her asshole. Nikki’s cunt was soaking my cock and balls.

Without warning, Nikki grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face away from her nipple. Still straddling me, her eyes locked onto mine. The look was pure dominant lust.

“Tell me what you want!” Nikki commanded. Not waiting for a response, she tugged at my hair again and commanded through clenched teeth. “I asked you a question. Tell me what you want.”

Giving me no time, she released my hair and moved from my lap. Standing before me, Nikki removed her fingers from her brown hole and held them in front of my face. In a slow, controlled tone she spoke, “This is what you want isn’t it?”

“No Mistress Nikki,” I began, “I don’t simply want your essence; I crave your essence. I need it. Let me show you how much I need it.”

A wild smile broke across Nikki’s face. She began to smear the shit collected on her fingers across her nipples. Her other hand went back to her hole to get more for her other breast. Back and forth, from her asshole to her tits. Nikki’s breasts were being coated with shit. The entire time she worked her brown cream into them, she told me how filthy I was to have such desires.

With shit-covered hands, Nikki pulled my face to her breasts and told me to lick them clean; to “taste my shit.” I was in orbit, licking and sucking. The smell and taste consumed me.

Firmly gripping my scalp, Nikki guided my face across her tits, telling me where to lick and suck. Once satisfied her she was sufficiently cleaned, she pulled my head back and brought her mouth to my face. Nikki started to lick her shit from my face. After each swipe, she brought her mouth to mine, pushing in her coated tongue for me to clean.

Nikki erzurum escort stood, examining my face for traces of her essence. Pleased with my efforts, she turned her attention to my cock. “Hmmmmm,” she cooed, “Looks like somebody enjoys tasting my shit.” Nikki scooped a nail-full of pre-cum from my shaft and bought it to my mouth. I eagerly sucked it clean.

“Good boy,” Nikki responded. “Now there’s a job you need to finish.”

Turning to the table, she moved the letter and our wines to the counter. Climbing onto the table, Nikki got on all fours with her ass hunkered down at the table’s edge. Her ass cheeks were spread wide by her position and I could see the mixture of shit and pussy juice shimmering over her entire area. Nikki’s sphincter was puckering and I knew my role.

Pulling my chair as close to the table as possible, I placed my mouth directly onto her swelling bud. My tongue rimmed it and stabbed at it while Nikki pushed. I placed my arms around her legs, grabbing her knees, pulling my face and mouth as deep as possible into her ass.

I could hear Nikki slapping her pussy. With each slap, a squirt of piss and pussy juice shot from her, splashing over us and onto the marble table. Nikki began to moan. I could feel her asshole swell in my mouth. The feeling was incredible. I knew it wouldn’t be long before Nikki’s hole produced its filth.

With a push, a scream, and a torrent stream of piss, Nikki’s shit pushed out of her asshole. Releasing her knees, I backed off slightly, bringing my hands under her ass to catch her oozing essence. Each push brought more, and after each push, I smeared Nikki’s filth over her ass and pussy. This sent Nikki over the edge and into her first orgasm.

Her thick cream mixed with her piss and shit to produce a smooth paste. Nikki collapsed on the table, her hand still rubbing her bulging clit. Waves of pleasure shook her body as mini, after-shock orgasms passed through her.

Using the brown cream as lube, I eased a finger into Nikki’s asshole. Her deep moan told me to keep going. I began to finger fuck her ass, adding another finger every few strokes. By the time I had four fingers involved, Nikki was back on her knees, driving her ass in rhythm with my strokes.

Nikki’s frenzy was building. Turning her head towards me, she spat out her command. “Fuck me. Smear your cock with my shit cream and fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my ass. Fuck my mouth.”

I pulled my fingers from Nikki’s asshole and stroked her shit over my shaft. Standing behind her, Nikki spread her cheeks apart; her cunt and ass open targets. I slid the head of my cock up and down her soaked lips making sure it teased her clit each time. Nikki was so wet I slipped into her cunt with ease.

With each thrust, Nikki squirted. Her face was now flat on the kitchen table allowing herself to be ground into the table. She loved to be used. The sounds she makes while being fucked fast and hard are animalistic.

“uh, uh, uh, uh, uh…..jesus…yes, yes, fuck me, pound me, use my cunt….yessssss.”

Nikki was delirious when I pulled out of her. Lifting her from the table, I pulled her onto my lap, turning her towards me in a straddling position as I sat back down on the chair. Nikki’s arms were around my neck, her head next to mine. She was mumbling, “Fuck my ass…. shove your cock up my hole… fuck me.”

Positioning my cock head at her entrance, I felt Nikki open her hole and my dick slid in. The warmth and tightness were incredible. Nikki bucked her hips back and forth, her shit smeared cheeks gliding over my upper thighs and groin. My cock was being massaged by her colon. I wasn’t sure how long I would last.

A few minutes later I cried out, “I am near, I am so near.”

Nikki jumped off of me and went directly to her knees between my legs. Her mouth surrounded my cock; a cock covered with piss, shit, pussy juice and pre-cum. One hand stroked my rock hard shaft as the other urged the cum from my ball sack.

Moments later, I exploded. I shot at least a half dozen streams into her mouth. Nikki’s hands milked it all from me. My orgasms aren’t as vocal as hers, but my body was shaking from its intensity.

When Nikki had it all she restraddled me and brought her mouth to mine. We embraced, our mouths opened, and Nikki push my load back to me. We snowballed for at least two or three minutes. We were literally spent and just basking in out afterglow. Our hands caressed one another. Finally, we swallowed and finished with a deep kiss.

Nikki pulled back a bit and we both smiled. “That was soooo nasty, soooo dirty. I loved every minute of it,” she said, giving my forehead a tender kiss. “Let’s get cleaned up and put together our plan for our soon to be new friends.”

We both stood up and looked around at the mess we just made. We both chuckled and sighed at the same time. If only this would clean itself. We found our wines and sipped them while we collected ourselves. After a few minutes we started on our way to the bathroom.

Nikki told me she had to piss again. She asked if I would ‘be a doll’ and drink it down for her. My response was “Gladly.”

This was going to be fun.

…to be continued.

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