The First Time I Noticed Ch. 05


Can Ian and Alexis control themselves outside the cabin.


If you haven’t yet read the previous chapters, you might want to do that now before you read on. For those who haven’t, Ian and Alexis are a brother and sister who have discovered each other while sharing a weekend alone at a very private family lake cabin.

This chapter continues where the last one left off. It’s a lot longer than the previous chapters. In fact, it’s longer than all of the previous chapters combined. There’s more sex, but also a lot more background about our sibling lovers.

Finally, for those who have been reading along, there are two more chapters to come. The first will be what originally was going to be the second half of this chapter, and the second will be the conclusion.

All characters are over 18.


I awoke on Saturday to see the morning sun streaming through the window. My sister Alexis was next to me, wearing just the blue panties she had on the night before. We were spooned together, and my morning wood was pressed against her ass. I felt her fidget and rub her ass against me. My cock had worked its way out of my boxers and rubbed against the satiny material of her panties as she wiggled her ass.

“I see you’re awake,” she said.

“Uh huh,” I said, gently stroking her ass. “This was nice to wake up to.”

“Apparently so,” she said. “Does he always wake up ready to go, or were you having a nice dream?”

“Morning wood, sis,” I said. “It’s a guy thing.”

“I know about morning wood, doofus,” she said. “I was just wondering if – you know – that was regular old morning wood, or if it was for me.”

“It’s regular morning wood, Lex,” I said, “but that doesn’t mean it can’t be for you.”

“Ooo,” she said, grinding against me. “I’ve been awake for twenty minutes. Feeling your cock get hard against me has been making me horny as hell.”

“Really,” I said, gently stroking her ass. “Just how horny are we talking about here?”

“Horny enough to want my brother’s hard cock in my pussy,” she said. “Feel.” She grabbed my hand, the one that had been caressing her ass, and placed it between her legs on top of her panties. They were damp. I instinctively starting rubbing in small circles over her clit, then worked my fingers down over her entrance.

“You’re wet,” I said.

“I’m soaked,” she said. “Do you have any idea how long twenty minutes is if your pussy is dripping and there’s a stiff cock poking you in the ass?”

“I, ah, seriously can’t say that I do, sis,” I said, “but that sounded hot as fuck.”

“I am hot as fuck,” she said, grinding deliberately against me now. “Get your boxers off. I need my brother’s cock in me.”

“Fuck,” I said, “you are one cock hungry little thing this morning, aren’t you.”

“Yes,” she said, grinding harder and squeezing my hand between her legs. “Now get your fucking boxers off!”

Wow. She wasn’t wasting any time. I rolled on my back and lifted my hips to pull my boxers off. Alexis gave a little moan when my cock lost contact with her ass. In no time I was naked and rolled back against her.

“Lex?” I said as she continued gyrating her hips against me. Her legs were opening and then closing again on my hand, which was still busy on her sopping wet panties.

“What?” she said, her chest heaving.

“You’re overdressed.”

“Fuck,” she said, annoyed by having to lose contact even for the few seconds it would take to remove the panties. I moved my hand out of her way so she could pull them off. She rolled face down on the bed and stuck her ass into the air. Sweet fucking Jesus that ass was nice.

“What are you fucking waiting for,” she said. “I need cock. Get these damn panties off me.”

I didn’t wait to be told twice and slid my hand under her panties and grabbed her ass.

“No,” she said, twisting her ass in the air. “No hands.”

Oh. My. God. I almost came right then from the thought of my mouth on her ass. I quickly turned around and took the waistband of her panties between my teeth. I could smell her arousal as I tugged them down, revealing more and more of her. I scooted down the bed and tugged further. Almost all of her ass was uncovered, but I could barely hold on to her as she thrashed under me, twisting her ass left and right, up and down. Desperate to get her to hold still long enough for me to get her panties off, I let go of them and bit gently on a cheek. She froze, then arched her back a little more and froze again.

“Mmm, yeah,” she moaned. Then I let go with my teeth and licked, exploring and tasting her cheek with my lips and tongue.

“Oh! Damn!” she said.

My sister’s ass was glorious. Perfectly formed, firm, and delicious. I bit, licked, and kissed both cheeks as she made small twisting motions with her hips. She was nearly still, but unable to keep from moving entirely I tasted every inch of her. Finally, I stuck out my tongue and licked deep into the crack of her ass.

“Oh fuck, oh God,” she said, gasping, and then screamed “Get these panties escort numaraları off of me right fucking now!”

It must have taken every bit of willpower she possessed, but she held still, her ass quivering in the air. I shoved my face between her cheeks and, as I heard a moan from my sister, I grabbed a mouthful of her panties.

I tugged down and looked to see the soaked gusset clinging to her pussy. I tugged further and they separated, tendrils of her creamy nectar stretched between her pussy and the inside of her silky blue panties. Oh, how I wanted to taste that.

“Please…hurry,” she said, pleading with me. Reluctantly, I released her panties from my mouth and moved to her hip, biting the waistband again there and tugging one side down to her knee. Moving to the other side, I paused in the center, unable to resist the chance to admire her cream-coated folds. Despite her pleas to get her panties off, I couldn’t stop myself from diving in for a taste, and I quickly lapped up her delicious cream.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she muttered, gasping with each lick. I reached out as far as I could with my tongue and swirled the tip of it around her clit.

“Ahh, oh God, oh,” she said, her body tensing. “P…p…panties. Please!”

I moved to her other hip and tugged away at her waistband. “Knee,” I said, and she lifted her knee off the bed so I could pull them below it and onto her calf. “Other knee,” I said, and did the same. Her sopping blue panties were now stretched between her calves, and her ass was still thrust in the air. Between her legs, her wet and ready pussy waited for me.

“Cock,” she said, turning her head to look back at me. “I need my brother’s cock. Fucking hurry up.”

I stuck my head into her panties and deeply inhaled her scent, then took the whole gusset into my mouth. Reveling in the taste of her, I pulled them down. She lifted her feet to let me free them from her completely and as I did I raised my back up straight, her panties still hanging from my mouth. I tossed them aside. I could still taste her on my tongue as she lay before me, her chest on the bed, her hands clutching at the sheets, her ass in the air.

She couldn’t speak. I saw the silent words form on her lips as she looked back at me.

“Fuck me.”

Some kind of animal instinct was released in me. It was primal, unadulterated lust. I grabbed her ass and shoved her onto the bed, then climbed on top of her as she arched her back to expose her dripping pussy to me. I thrust my cock forward and into my sister’s pussy, driving deep into her, feeling the warm wet walls of her pussy wrap around my shaft and squeeze hard.

“Oh God,” she said, “at last.” Last night we made love under the stars. This morning I was fucking my sister with all the energy I had. I pounded her hard, thrusting faster and deeper. Reaching around her, I slid my hands between her breasts and the bed and squeezed hard, tugging at her nipples.

“Rub your clit, sis,” I said. “I want to watch you come for me.”

She raised her ass further off the bed, arching her back and exposing herself a little more, then she snaked her hand down between her legs, rubbing furiously.

“Oh!” she said. “Harder, Ian, fuck me harder with your cock – with my brother’s fucking stiff cock.”

I thrust even harder, banging down into her and pushing her whole body forward with each thrust. She was pushing back on the headboard with one hand while frantically rubbing her clit with the other. With each push I grunted obscenely as she gasped. Desperately needing to go harder and deeper, I straightened my back, grabbed her by the hips, and pulled her ass into the air. Then I pushed hard into her, reaching further in, penetrating to new depths. My cock throbbed with each thrust and I could feel my sister’s pussy grasping rhythmically on my shaft.

“Fuck,” I said, “you’re so tight. Ugh. And hot. Ugh. And wet.” My cock pounding into my sister’s pussy was all I could think about. My balls were tightening and I could feel a tingling in my cock. I was too frenzied now to be able to slow down, so I sped up.

“Oh God, Ian,” she said, slamming her ass back against me, “I’m almost there. I’m almost coming on your cock. Fuck me. Hard. Fuck your sister with everything you’ve got!”

She was thrashing now, smashing her hips against me, repeating “fuck me” over and over.

“Come for me now, baby,” I said. “Come on your brother’s cock!”

She did. Her hips were gyrating wildly. Then her body went stiff and she let loose a wild, primal groan. I felt her pussy grasping me in spasm after spasm. Her cream flooded out of her, dripping over my balls, soaking both of us.

“Oh God,” she said. “Fuck. So good. So good.”

I pressed on, nearly ready for my own release. Her pussy was still squeezing my cock. The pace was slowing, but the sensation of the flood of hot cream was unbelievable. My cock was gliding in and out of her. Her pussy felt like a wave of warm, wet tongues wrapping themselves around me at the same time, bathing gaziantep escort bayan numaraları me in juices, grasping my shaft, and twisting and swirling around my head. I was almost there. Almost there.

“Do it, baby,” she said. “Come for me. Shoot your load in your sister’s pussy. Fill me with your cum.”

I thrust hard as I felt my release, my balls convulsing as I erupted and launched my cum deep into my sister’s pussy. Load after load shot into her, my balls squeezing so hard I thought they would implode. Eventually they were spent, but my cock continued to throb gently in her velvet pussy as I collapsed on top of her. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her softly against me.

“God, Lex,” I said, still gasping for breath. “That was incredible.”

“I needed that,” she said, settling into the bed under me.

“Yeah,” I said, “I guess you did. Where did that come from, anyway?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I woke up horny, then you got hard and your cock was rubbing on my ass forever.”

“It’s a great ass, sis,” I said. “Can you blame my cock for wanting to be there?”

“I guess not if you say so,” she said.

“I do say so,” I said. “Best. Ass. Ever.”

“Thanks,” she said. “Glad you like it. You sure pounded it hard enough.”

“I wish you could see yourself through my eyes,” I said. “Because you’re so hot. So fucking hot. Especially your ass.”

“You’re not bad yourself, you know,” said Alexis.


“Yeah,” she said, “It’s like you were custom built just for me. And it’s not just your body – which is sexy as hell – but also what you do to me and how you make me feel. The sex is sensational. It’s like you’re reading my mind and then doing whatever I want before I even know I want it. But it’s not just the sex. It’s also how I feel after and when we’re just together. I just can’t get over the fact that the perfect man for me has been right next to me all along. My very own brother.”

“Wow,” I said. “It’s like you took the words right out of my mouth. It’s strange how sometimes I want to make love and others I just want to dish out a good, hard fucking. I’ve been with girls that liked it gentle, and a couple that really liked to get it on, but never one who not only liked both, but was so in tune with my mood. We have a connection that’s not ordinary. It’s bond that only a brother and a sister can have. I can’t begin to say how happy I am that this weekend happened.”

“Mmm,” she said, “I feel so loved right now.”

“Me too, sis, me too.”

We snuggled together for a time, basking in the afterglow of a wild session of animal sex, but also sharing the warmth of our love for each other.

“This is nice,” she said at last, “but I’m starved. How about you?”

“Yeah,” I said, “me too. I’m also feeling a little crusty and could use a shower.”

“Sounds good,” she said. “Let’s hit the shower and then make breakfast.”

“Think it’s safe for us in there?” I said, remembering what happened yesterday when we shared a shower.

“I do,” she said. “I’m, ah, really satisfied right now, and maybe just a little bit sore.”

“Good sore?” I said.

“Oh yeah,” she said, “but I need a little time to recover after the way you just nailed me.”

“Me too,” I said.

“Yeah?” she said. “I was beginning to wonder if there was a limit to what these things could produce.” She grabbed my balls and gently squeezed.

“There is, sis,” I said. “Now get that sexy ass out of bed.” I swatted her on the ass and jumped out myself.

“Ouch!” she said, pouting at me. “I told you I was sore.” But she climbed out of bed just the same.

“Sorry, sis,” I said. “Forgot.”

“Just kidding, bro,” she said. “You can spank my sexy ass anytime you want.” She turned her back to me and stuck her ass out, rubbing both cheeks with her hands.

“Damn.” I said.

“Just like this,” she said, and swatted herself on the ass. Fuck.

“I ought to spank your ass right now just for teasing me,” I said, eyeing her hungrily.

“Ooo. Please don’t spank me, sir,” she said in a little girl voice. “I’ll be a good girl. Please don’t spank my cute little butt. It’s so sore already.” She started rubbing her cheeks again, arching her back and thrusting her ass further out.

Jesus, could she ever push my buttons. My head spun for a minute, but I managed to compose myself again.

“Okay, babygirl,” I said. “I won’t spank your cute little butt this time, so long as you promise to be good.”

“Oh, I promise, I do!” she said, still in her little good voice. Then her voice changed, and sexy Lexi was back. “For now.”

She sauntered off to the bathroom, leaving me standing in the bedroom, slack jawed.

“Let’s go,” she said as she stepped out of the room, “before I have to spank your ass for being a putz!”

I hurried after her and found her in the bathroom getting the water adjusted. She was standing with her back to me, leaning into the stall with a hand gaziantep escort numaraları extended into the spray. I paused in the doorway, admiring her lean, sexy back, legs, and ass.

“Stop gawking,” she said.

“Don’t be knocking my hobbies,” I said. “If you were me, you’d be staring at you too.”

“Take a picture next time,” she said, stepping into the shower.

“Ooo,” I said, “that’s a good idea!” My mind mentally searched my bag. Had I brought a camera?

“Shut up,” she said, “and you are NOT taking pictures of my naked ass.”

“How about your not naked ass?” I wasn’t above making a compromise.

“Just get in already,” she said.

“Okay, okay,” I said, stepping into the shower. My sister’s naked, wet body was as enticing as ever, but our morning romp had been as satisfying for me as it was for her. Still, just plain old getting clean was more fun when two people shared a shower. Like the day before, she asked me to do her back and I did, giving a little extra attention to her gorgeous ass. She washed my back as well, and in no time we were both clean.

“You done, sis?” I said, admiring her wet body in the spray from the shower.

“Yup,” she said. “You?”

“Yup.” I turned off the water, stepped out, and grabbed us each a towel. We quickly dried off and went to the bedroom to get dressed.

“It’s a shame,” she said as I grabbed a pair of jeans and a shirt out of my bag.

“What’s a shame?” I asked, pulling on a pair of boxers.

“You covering up that body, that’s what,” she said. She was standing over her suitcase holding a pair of panties in each hand and considering which to wear. One was a rather plain looking pair of briefs. The other was a lacy pink bikini style. Please pick the pink ones, I thought. Please pick the pink ones. I almost applauded when she threw the boring briefs back in the suitcase.

“Much as I’d like to walk around buck naked,” I said, “and more to the point would like to watch you walk around buck naked, I didn’t grill naked yesterday and I’m not going to cook naked today. First, I’d rather not take a chance on burning anything…um…tender, and second, do you really want to find one of my pubes in your eggs?”

“Eew,” she said, pulling on the pink panties. “That’s an image I could have lived without. Fine then, put on clothes to make breakfast.”

“Wait a minute,” I said. “How is it just assumed that I’m making breakfast anyway?”

“Because I can’t boil water without burning it,” she said. My sister was a notoriously bad cook and not to be trusted with anything more complex than Corn Flakes and milk.

“Good point,” I said. “Those are cute, by the way.”

“What are?” she said.

“The pink bikini panties you just put on,” I said. “Very sexy.”

“Did anyone ever tell you that you take an unusual amount of interest in your sister’s panties?” she said.

“No, and I damn sure hope nobody other than you ever does,” I said, “because that would be a seriously awkward conversation.”

“You really like them?” she asked, looking genuinely curious about my opinion. She struck a cute little pose for me, and then spun around. “How’s the back?”

“Damn,” was all I could say.

“Is that a yes?” she said.

“Oh yeah,” I said. “Definitely yes.”

“Good!” she said, and starting digging around in her bag again. For what, I had no idea. “Ah, here it is!”

“Here what is?”

“The matching bra,” she said, and held up the bra that went with the panties. While the idea of her covering that amazing pair of boobs was a little depressing, I had to wonder if she normally travelled with this much hot lingerie or if it was all packed just for me. That question would have to wait.

“What’s for breakfast?” she said, slipping into the bra.

“No idea,” I said. “I’ll see what we have.”

“Well snap to it,” she said, setting the clasp. I considered for a moment that I’d never watched a woman get dressed before, and it was quite a show. There was the way her hips swiveled back and forth as she pulled up her panties. Then there was the way her boobs were pushed out as she reached behind herself to clasp her bra. And then finally, the sexy conclusion to the undergarment show as she reached into each cup and adjusted her boobs. I liked that part a lot, but to my sister I imagined it was just an everyday thing while getting dressed. She started digging in her bag again. I guessed that she was looking for whatever else she was going to wear. Then she stopped and looked at me.

“What?” she said.

“Oh, ah, nothing,” I said. I wanted to watch the rest of the show, but reluctantly left Alexis to finish getting dressed in private. At least this way I would have a surprise when I saw her in her outfit for the day.

I went to the kitchen and started looking around to see what we had available for breakfast. We brought bacon and eggs when we came, so I knew those were in the refrigerator. Digging in the cabinets, I also found pancake mix.

“Hey sis,” I called to the bedroom.

“Yeah,” she said.

“How’s bacon, eggs, and cakes sound?”

“Perfect!” she yelled back. “I’m starved.”

I mixed the batter and turned on the griddle. We even had one of those pancake batter dispensers. Dad liked to cook – a trait I inherited – and kept even the cabin kitchen well stocked with tools and gadgets. Once the griddle was hot I poured on the first batch of cakes.

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