The Girls College Ch. 07

Ariella Ferrera

Madison Walters and Jennifer Carter arrived at their home, a suite on the second storey of the London Girls College staff quarters. All staff of the college was required to stay at the college during the school term, but the term hadn’t started yet, and so few people were there. However, their apartment was their permanent abode, and they had lived together for six years.

“In the bathroom. Stripped,” is all Jennifer said as she locked the front door.

Their relationship was heavily based in BDSM, each week they would switch roles of dominant and submissive. This week, it was Jennifer’s turn to be the dominant, her favourite role.

The front room of their apartment was their bedroom, which had a kitchen linked to it as well as an en-suite bathroom. All of the rooms were neat and well-polished, as Jennifer had put Madison on maid duty for the week. She had to wear a skimpy maid’s outfit and high platform heels, along with yellow rubber gloves that went up to her elbows as she cleaned every inch of the apartment. This BDSM aspect of their relationship wasn’t known to anyone but them, and all the items they used to benefit it, including disciplinary instruments such as canes and floggers, a large collection of sex toys and all kinds of outfits were all stored away and hidden.

However, their relationship wasn’t purely based in sex, they were in love. Sex played a huge role in their relationship, and they both happened to be very diverse when it came to fetishism. There was almost never a night in their apartment that didn’t include sexual activity, whether it’s roleplay in skimpy uniforms or just normal intercourse.

The tall blonde followed the orders of her dominant, and wasted no time in opening the bathroom door and stepping inside, before starting to strip off. She kicked off the low wedged sandals from her feet and placed them in the corner, before unbuttoning her grey blouse which was placed on the toilet seat, neatly folded. Her trousers followed. Her long arms reached behind her back and undid her bra, which she slid out of and threw on top of the pile. Lastly, she placed her thumbs in the waistband of her thin silk panties and slowly rolled them down her long, smooth legs before stepping out of them and placing them on the same pile. She stood in the middle of the small bathroom, her soles had sunken into the soft carpet placed in front of the bathtub.

It didn’t take long before she could hear the loud snaps of latex gloves being donned. Jennifer knew Madison was crazy about gloves, and used them at every chance she could whenever she was dominating. Just the sound and thought of the gloves on Jennifer’s hands sent a pulsation of sexual excitement through Madison’s body, and soon she stepped into the bathroom. Jennifer was only wearing her black bra and panties, as well as bright blue latex gloves, Madison’s favourite.

Her blue eyes visually examined her submissive’s body, though she already knew it very well.

“Lay on your back, rest your head against the bathtub. You need a shave, dear,” commanded Jennifer, running a latex gloved finger along the fold of Madison’s bushy vagina. The tall blonde moaned softly at the sensation of latex against the outside of her most private orifice.

Jennifer shuffled in the bathroom cabinet as Madison assumed the position that she had been commanded to, exactly as Jennifer had told her. When Jennifer turned around, holding a bottle of shaving cream in her right hand and a safety razor in the left. Madison opened her legs wide and Jennifer sat down between them, so that she had a close-up view of her girlfriend’s hairy crotch.

She sprayed a large dollop of shaving cream into her hand and started to rub it all across Madison’s crotch. Though she was hairy, the hair wasn’t very long, and would be easily shaved without a need to trim it first.

“When’s the last time you shaved, dear?” asked Jennifer in her sweet voice.

“It’s been two weeks, Mistress,” answered Madison; she loved to call her girlfriend Mistress when she was being submissive, just as much as Jennifer loved being addressed as Mistress. Jennifer just shook her head in reply.

The cool shaving cream being applied to her crotch felt amazing, and she couldn’t wait to be shaved. Though it wasn’t necessarily a fetish, she always liked it when Jennifer shaved her, even if Jennifer was her submissive. It had been a long while since Jennifer had controlled the blade, more than a month, and Madison nearly died of anticipation of when her girlfriend would next shave her.

The cream was thoroughly altyazılı porno rubbed between the layer of pubic hair that covered the surrounding area of her vagina, and soon the sensation of the razor could be felt, slowly pulling the hairs on her crotch from their sockets, dancing through the thick shaving cream. Madison couldn’t help but let out a moan. Jennifer never quite understood why her girlfriend liked being shaved so much, but she went along with it anyway. She knew that the anticipation must’ve been killing her, and so she decided to quench her thirst on the last day of her dominance for the week.

Jennifer paid a great amount of attention to make sure every hair on Madison’s crotch was gone, and spent a little while longer than she usually would. This didn’t bother Madison, who loved every second. Unfortunately, it felt like it was over too soon and she soon felt her own blue towel getting rid of the excess cream that had stayed around on her crotch. It took a few seconds before the familiar tingling sensation became prominent around her labia, the feeling that she enjoyed very much.

“I want you on the bed. Wait for me,” said Jennifer after letting Madison relax for a few seconds. Madison slowly got up and walked out of the en-suite bathroom back into the bedroom. Looking forward to whatever Jennifer would do to her next, she sunk into the soft sheets of the large queen-sized bed that they shared. A minute later Jennifer came out of the bathroom, fully nude this time.

She also clambered onto the bed and sat down between the open legs of her waiting submissive, just as she had done moments earlier. However, this time she lifted her legs up onto her girlfriend’s body and shuffled forward until her bottom nearly met Madison’s freshly-shaven vagina. She rested her soles the only place where it made sense to rest them, right on Madison’s face.

“You know what to do,” she said, and Madison replied with a soft Yes, Mistress, before putting her tongue to work on her girlfriend’s sweaty soles. The taste and scent of them was overwhelming, but she really liked it. Foot fetishism was one of the many fetishes that both of them had in common, but Jennifer’s was a lot stronger than her girlfriend’s, hence why Madison’s toes were always painted the colour of her choosing. However, she had spent enough time with her girlfriend’s feet this week, and wanted to focus on a different part of her beautiful body.

“Ohhh, Mistress,” Madison moaned, her face still under Jennifer’s little feet, as the redhead easily inserted her index finger deep into her slit. Both of Madison’s holes were very loose, mainly thanks to the intense sessions they had been through across the years with Jennifer’s selection of strap-on dildos. Jennifer could feel that her girlfriend was getting excited, evidenced by the large amount of fluids secreting from her slit already.

“Oh, you’re soaking wet already and we’re not even having sex yet!” she exclaimed, laughing.

Before she knew it, Madison had three fingers slowly sliding in and out of her moist slit. She moaned every time Jennifer thrusted into her, trying to balance her moans with the worship of Jennifer’s soft, smelly soles. Jennifer loved having her soles licked and kissed, just as much as she enjoyed paying back the favour. Madison’s tongue tickled her soles, as the taller woman firmly gripped her ankles.

Jennifer continued to play with her fingers inside Madison’s loose folds for a few more minutes, no words being spoken between the two of them as they both got very sexually turned on by the process. Soon Jennifer couldn’t take it anymore, she could feel her own opening beginning to leak feminine fluids. She lifted her feet from Madison’s face, the scent of her sweat hanging around for a few seconds before Madison could breathe fresh air again. This freedom of breathing fresh air was short lived, however, as soon she saw her girlfriend standing above her and slowly lowering herself towards her face. She gulped for air one last time before her girlfriend enveloped her face between her legs.

“Do your job,” said Jennifer, covering most of her girlfriend’s face with her crotch. Madison could barely breathe, but she wanted to pleasure her girlfriend more than anything, and wasted no time in putting her mouth to work. Jennifer moaned at the first feeling of her girlfriend’s tongue running down the length of her mound. She was straddling her girlfriend’s face, turned towards the rest of Madison’s body. She reached forward and located Madison’s well-used clitoris amatör porno with two of her fingers. Her girlfriend moaned into her crotch.

“Don’t get distracted now, you’re not going to cum if I don’t,” said Jennifer, hearing a faint, muffled Yes, Mistress… Of course, Mistress from between her legs. Madison’s tongue went back to work on Jennifer’s slit. Jennifer wasn’t as loose as Madison, as Madison barely ever used large sex toys on her girlfriend, Madison always opted for manual stimulation by her mouth or her fingers. The redhead’s labia was a treat, whether you were submitting or dominating.

Madison was struggling for breath more by the second, but continued to desperately lick her girlfriend’s vagina with great vigour. Madison was an expert at cunnilingus, and Jennifer loved to use her tongue for oral sex at every possible chance. A series of loud moans came from Jennifer’s small mouth as Madison started to suck her clitoris sexily. Jennifer continued to play with Madison’s clit, but didn’t insert a finger inside of her girlfriend.

Sometimes Madison hated how much of a tease Jennifer was, she was an expert at teasing. She could keep you on the edge of orgasm for hours without ever letting you reach a climax. Her fingers were skilled, sometimes too skilled for Madison’s liking. There had been many long nights in their apartment of non-stop fingering, Jennifer kept her on the edge for so long she had started crying many times, begging for an orgasm. The longest Jennifer had ever continuously teased her had been over two hours, and Madison was sobbing after the first hour of endless edging.

Jennifer spat onto Madison’s crotch and rubbed her saliva into her slit, which was now secreting a lot of fluid on its own. Her girlfriend had started to beg for air, but she had denied her, telling her that she was not getting off until she met her climax. Madison tried to lick as quickly as she could, and Jennifer had to admit that it was working. She had to bite her lip to keep her moans inside; she didn’t want her girlfriend to know how close she was.

Her tongue danced up and down the slit, and she could taste the secretions that were coming from it. The only thing she could see or smell was Jennifer’s amazing genitals, which didn’t bother her. She could barely breathe though, and was desperate to give her girlfriend an orgasm for the chance to breathe in oxygen again, not to mention to receive her orgasm in return. Jennifer’s fingers masterfully played with Madison’s pearl, which was leaking fluids onto the bedsheets now. She was very close to orgasm herself, as Madison’s mouth expertly pleasured her.

“You sure are taking your time, aren’t you Madison?” quizzed Jennifer, trying to spur her girlfriend on. She knew that Madison was putting everything into it to make sure that she could reach a climax, but she wanted her to give more. “I guess you really don’t want your orgasm then, since you clearly don’t want to give me one.”

Madison was indeed spurred on by these words, and tried to put even more effort into pleasuring her girlfriend.

It would be very strange to see them like this to an outsider who knew them. Jennifer was by far the more dominant one of the two and Madison easily the best submissive, but most would expect it to be the other way around. Madison was always the more brutal of the matrons; she was the disciplinarian between the two, whereas Jennifer was always the comforting one. Madison would beat the wrongdoer while Jennifer would console the wrongdoer. Madison was rough and aggressive, Jennifer was gentle and caring. But as soon as they entered their suite, Jennifer turned into a proper Mistress, and her girlfriend became the bitch. Of course they switched roles weekly, but Madison always preferred to be the bottom, and Jennifer always preferred to be the top.

Madison was a sadist and a masochist, whereas Jennifer hated pain. She despised being disciplined by Madison. It was the one thing Madison could do better than Jennifer when it came to being the dominant, she could beat anyone’s bottom until it was fully covered in welts that wouldn’t fade for a week, so you would definitely remember it. Madison would spank Jennifer as often as she could, pulling the smaller lady over her knee and hitting her bare bottom with her bare palm or making her bend over and count twenty or even fifty strikes with her favourite flogger. But Madison preferred being the one that was receiving punishment, and Jennifer would hit her as little as possible because she knew that her girlfriend loved anal porno it so much, sometimes misbehaving on purpose just to receive a flogging.

Jennifer was very close to an orgasm now, and Madison could tell. Her vagina was pulsating around her girlfriend’s tongue. Madison decided to focus on the clitoris, which was now heavily swollen and easy to find, even though she couldn’t see anything.

“That’s it, good girl!” cried Jennifer, starting to buck her hips as she rode her girlfriend’s face. Madison grunted between the large thighs of her girlfriend, but she continued to suck on her clit, knowing she would reach a climax soon. Jennifer’s moans crescendoed until they were near screams as she came closer to the edge. “That’s it, right there! Oh, yes! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! YES!”

Jennifer’s hands were now gripping her own breasts as she played with her own nipples. Madison had barely noticed that there were no fingers playing with her any more. She was overwhelmed by the sweet taste of Jennifer’s sexual fluid. Her lips were still wrapped around her girlfriend’s clitoris, desperately sucking and licking it, trying to get her to an orgasm.

With a final loud moan, Jennifer’s climax hit her like a wall. She gasped for breath throughout her loud screams of pleasure as an amazing orgasm shook her body. Her goo seeped into Madison’s mouth as her folds pulsated in her mouth. Madison continued to suck on her clitoris as she finished and Jennifer collapsed forwards across her tall girlfriend’s body. Madison gasped for air as she was finally let out of the prison between Jennifer’s thighs. Jennifer was still busy with her orgasm, and secreted female ejaculate all across Madison’s B-cup breasts, flowing down her cleavage onto her neck. As her girlfriend desperately grasped for air through the sexual secretions in her mouth, Jennifer’s breasts pushed against Madison’s tummy as she cooled down from her orgasm.

They stayed in this position for a few minutes, and Jennifer finally came down from her high. She turned around, still on top of Madison, and their labias met, mixing their fluids together. Jennifer looked at all of the liquid she had leaked across Madison’s chest. She bent forward and stuck out her tongue, starting to lick up her own salty fluid from her girlfriend’s chest. Madison bit her lip, she still hadn’t had an orgasm yet, and her girlfriend’s tongue dancing across her breasts turned her on even more than she already was. Jennifer took her time in licking and sucking up all of her own cream from her girlfriend’s body. Eventually it was all gone from Madison’s chest, and the salty taste of her own juices filled her mouth.

Before Madison knew it, her girlfriend started to grind their crotches together. Jennifer’s was very sensitive as she had an orgasm only moments ago, but she fought through the dull pain it produced as she rubbed her sex against Madison’s bringing her girlfriend closer to her promised orgasm.

Their mouths met and started to passionately kiss each other. Their tongues intertwined as their crotches continued to grind against each other. Madison moaned loudly every few seconds, interrupting the kiss. Jennifer had to keep herself from screaming in pain as the sensitivity of her slit started to cause a sharper pain. She really hoped that Madison was close to finishing, because she wouldn’t be able to take much more.

She grinded her labia against her girlfriend’s for another minute before Madison started to buck her hips, trying desperately to make as much contact with her girlfriend as possible. Jennifer knew she was close now, and started to rub against Madison as fast as she could, it took a lot of control not to give up, but she had to give Madison her promised orgasm. Madison hadn’t had an orgasm for the entire week, and she wanted to give one to her in the most intimate way she could think of.

Madison was shaking now, her long legs tightened around Jennifer’s waist and her toes curled as she gulped loudly. With a few more thrusts from Jennifer, Madison experienced a mind-shattering orgasm. Her moans turned to screams and her whole body stiffened as her slit oozed fluids out onto the white bedsheets and mixed with the fluid around Jennifer’s sensitive labia. Her body started to shake, Jennifer could feel it. She pulled the redhead closely against her and their lips locked into a kiss again.

As Madison calmed down, panting loudly, Jennifer collapsed onto her with her full body weight. Both of them were exhausted, and they stayed in this position for a few more minutes.

“Th- Thank you, Mistress,” Madison managed to mumble throughout her deep breaths.

“My pleasure,” replied Jennifer, turning over and falling off her girlfriend’s body so that they were laid next to each other. “You should clean up the mess you made on the bedsheets.”

“Oh, yes, Mistress, of course.”

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