The Hutching Family Ch. 01


In a beautiful two story house along Sest Boulevard lived a happy all-American family. There was a father of 42, Mitch Sr., who was well dressed and black haired. He had a look of easy confidence, that which could only come from a life of hardship overcome. He could definitely pull off 30, with his dark goatee and tall, stocky build. Physical exertion was nothing for him to be shy of, as he easily kept up with any younger male in strength, speed, and limberness. His green eyes were intense and striking, and that was what caught the attention of who is now his second wife, Anna. Mitch married again after his first wife past away, though the two sons they had together kept his memory of her alive even years afterward.

Anna, Mitch’s second wife, was stunning at 39. She had long, wavy light brown hair and big, light brown eyes above a streamlined nose and full lips. Standing tall and statuesque, she wore her slight curves proudly. Her ample breasts were supple, and goodly sized for her lithe figure. The gym was no stranger to Anna and it showed; there was not a wrinkle of evidence that she had given birth to Mitch’s younger daughter. Shoulders and head were held high, as she was a very proud woman, though no amount of pride would ever harden the sweetness in her heart. She was a good mother who treated her two step-sons just as well as she treated her and Mitch’s daughter.

Mitch Jr.(or Mitchy) and Tom were the sons of Mitch and his first wife. Mitchy was the elder, at 23, and he had his late mother’s looks; dirty blonde, messy hair that just covered the tips of his ears and very dark brown eyes that almost showed as black. His build was slimmer and shorter than his fathers, though he was still a tall man. He had a faint wisp of a beard but his face was mostly clean-shaven. A tribal tattoo of a panther decorated one bicep and a wicked clown that his sister had drawn was on the other. Despite the fact that he was older, Mitchy was often mistaken as the middle child. He was quiet around new people, by choice, and was very mild-mannered. Most of his side of the conversation was riddled with good-natured humor.

Tom was the louder, more boisterous son, who most people thought was the oldest. Having been quite chubby at puberty and dealing with the stigma that came with it, he had spent most of his teen years at the gym. At 20 he looked a good bit like his father with black hair and a thick well trimmed beard, though he had his mother’s dark brown eyes. He was very solidly built, tall, with muscles to spare. Womanizing was the game he enjoyed the most (much to his stepmother’s dismay). Girls were in constant flow in and out of the house, entering with excitement and leaving with shaky, unstable legs.

Lastly was Lillian, the daughter of Mitch and Anna. She was a melting pot of her parents, with her father’s black hair, but her mother’s light brown eyes and full lips. Her body was stockier, like her fathers, and when she was younger it made for a very awkward body. As she grew, however, her hips flared and her breasts swelled. She had thick thighs, muscled calves, and a very ample bottom. Where her mother was all slenderness and slight, Lillian was curvaceous and plump. She was the shy one in the family, often quite uncomfortable in front of strangers and not the least bit skilled in conversation with them. She was an intelligent, artistic young woman, though still quite naïve. A life of overprotection and quite a bit of censorship led to that. Though that would change, now that she was 18.

Oh yes, the Hutchings were a very all-American family. And they were about to have a very memorable birthday for Lillian, and an even better year to follow.


It was a very bright, very hot August morning, soon to turn into an even hotter August afternoon. In celebration of Lillian’s 18th birthday, the family was going to the town lake for a swim and nice dinner at Après Le Luna, a most prestigious restaurant. At the moment, however, they were all simply sitting down to breakfast of eggs, bacon, and orange juice.

“Any suggestions for picnic food?” Anna asked to no one in particular.

Mitch spoke after he swallowed his bacon, “Why don’t you just grab some small things, since we are going out to eat afterward.”

“Don’t forget the birthday cake,” Lillian said, “Just not vanilla.”

Tom looked up from his plate with a concerned expression, “You can’t let Anna go by herself. We’ll all end up eating granola bars!…So tired of granola bars.”

Mitchy and Lillian nodded vigorously.

“Alright, fine. Tom, you go with Anna to the store, then. We’ll stay to pack the rest of the stuff up.” Mitch said, then turned to his unruffled wife, “You have your bag ready, Beautiful?”

Anna smiled and nodded. Under the table, Mitch grabbed his wife’s knee and squeezed, “I put a cooler with ice in the back of your car. You guys buy the stuff and head on out. Mitchy, Lillian and I will catch up later.”

Once breakfast was finished and gaziantep escort pornoları everyone was excused, Anna and Tom got their bags and left to go shopping. Lillian rushed up to her bedroom to make sure she had everything prepared. There was a towel on her bed already, along with sunscreen, shades, and a hat. After throwing them into her bag, the only thing she had to do was find her blasted bikini. Fifteen minutes into tearing her room apart and coming up with nothing, she gave up and went to search elsewhere.

“DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE MY BIKINI IS?” She hollered into the quiet house. It was her father who yelled back, “Did you check the basket by the stairs?”

Oh…I didn’t even see it, Lillian thought. The basket was indeed there, but no sign of the bikini.

“Hey, Genius,” She heard Mitchy say from right behind her, “It’s right here. I found it behind the dryer.” He handed over the dark red material with a smile.

“Thanks, smart-ass.” Lillian stuck her tongue out childishly and bounded up the stairs. She went into the large bathroom she shared with her brothers. A full wall of the bathroom was mirrored, and there were two sinks as well as a bathtub and shower stall. The toilet was somewhat hidden from view in the corner behind a wall that extended outward. Lillian set her bikini on the counter and stripped, careful not to look in the mirror, as self-conscious as she was. She was no Anna. The bikini was pulled on hurriedly and she yelped when a cold wet spot on the bottom startled her. Damn wet counters! She cursed to herself. After pulling on a white skirt she put on her favorite button-up checkered shirt, though she left it unbuttoned today. She was in a bikini, after all. Only after dressing did she have the courage to look in the mirror.

Her large breasts held up nicely in the bikini top. Though the curse that came along with any naturally large breasts, a bit of flesh to her stomach, made her cringe. Beneath her skirt, her ample cheeks spilled out of her bikini. She knew they were only half covered in the particular style bottom she was wearing. It was the only thing she allowed herself not to fuss over. Though most of the high school guys she knew liked the firm and tiny tushes, she was rather proud of her own soft and round one.

Deeming herself ready, Lillian went to her room to grab her bag and ran down the stairs again. She found her father and brother by the front door. They must have just come back in from putting their own bags into her dad’s truck. They were in their swimming trunks, with chests bare. Mitch had a light coating of black chest hair, while Mitchy’s chest was almost smoothly hairless.

“It’s about time! Are you sure it’s not your 19th? Because I feel like we’ve been waiting a full year for you.” Mitchy smiled as he poked fun at her. Somehow he could make teasing seem charming.

“Shut up butthead,” Lillian muttered, “I’m ready if you guys are.”

“Yeah, we are. Let’s go so we don’t keep your mother and Tom waiting too long.” Mitch said, and he led them out to his truck.


“Shotgun! Damnit.” Mitchy made a face when he lost front seat to his little sister. Oh, how it stung. Lillian laughed in triumph and threw her bag into the back before jumping into shotgun. Mitchy had trouble stretching his legs out in the back and she almost felt bad that he lost. Almost.

It was an hour and half ride to the lake on a good traffic day, so today it would probably take around two hours. Mitchy claimed control over the radio since he lost front, and Lillian didn’t fight since she knew he had great taste in music. Around a half hour into the drive, Lillian unbuckled and leaned her seat back so she could rest her feet on the dashboard. Her father frowned when he saw her sans seatbelt, but he allowed it. Mitchy leaned forward, resting his elbow on the corner of her seat.

“So, Lilli, what’s it feel like to be 18?” He asked.

Lillian was quiet for a bit, really thinking about it. “Well, honestly…I feel no different. I’ve had no epiphanies or questions about life or answers to life’s questions. I feel the same.”

Mitchy nodded, quiet in thought. He narrowed his eyes for a moment before asking, “But you can have sex now, legally, at least. Doesn’t that make you feel any different?”

Lillian sat up a little, shocked. She stared at her brother with a dumbfounded look on her face, and a growing blush to boot. “Mitchy!” Sex? She thought, Sex is a scary thought. He smiled.

“MITCHELL!” Both Lillian and Mitchy were surprised at the tone in their father’s voice. Not to mention that he used his son’s full first name. “Don’t you encourage her into stuff like that.” He had paused before ‘stuff’ as if he didn’t even want to use the word ‘sex’ around his daughter. Lillian thought he sounded somewhat uncomfortable.

Father and son looked at each other for a long moment, but nothing else was said. At least out loud. Lillian escort pornoları saw her father glance over at her, thought she might have seen him look over her bared legs and open shirt, but his eyes returned to the road almost immediately. She looked out the window at the passing grassland. Me? Have sex? I don’t think I could, She thought, I can’t even look at myself naked.

She spent the rest of the time wondering why her dad looked at her the way he did. Did he think she was too showy with herself? He probably disapproved. But he never said anything. Lillian sighed. She had to stop worrying about this stuff.

Luckily traffic cleared about halfway there and time flew by after that. The trio arrived at the lake in no time, driving around the parking lot until they caught sight of Anna’s car. After filing out of the car, Mitch, Mitchy, and Lillian went to the back of the pick-up truck to grab their bags. Mitch grabbed the side of his truck and hauled himself into the back. Feats like that still surprised Lillian. It always reminded her that her father was still a fit man, despite his age. He threw their bags out to them. Mitchy, who was only half paying attention, dropped his and cursed loudly.

“Such foul language!” Lillian exclaimed, “And in front of your little sister, no less.”

“You haven’t heard foul yet.” He laughed.

Her brothers and father, being the gentlemen they are, grabbed all the bags and left her only two towels to carry. Anna and Tom weren’t far, anyway. They had chosen a nicely shaded picnic table surrounded by lush green grass. There was a grill as well, much to Mitch’s delight. Lillian smiled brightly when she saw the table. Her mother had chosen well, with a lot of input from Tom no doubt. There were burgers and steaks for the grill, as well as a red velvet cake, chips, all the original birthday fixings. Best of all was the large pile of birthday presents in the middle.

Mitch went directly to the grill and went to work starting it up. When Lillian sat down in front of her presents, Tom slid in next to her, close, and whispered to her, “I have something for you, but you can’t have it in front of Dad and Anna.” He gave her a mysterious wink. Lillian frowned in confusion.

“When can I have it, then?”

He shrugged, “I’ll tell you when.” He patted her bare knee, then got up to help their dad with the grill.

“So Taylor tried calling again last night.” Mitchy looked at Anna, “I don’t know what to do about this chick. She won’t leave me alone since I’ve broken up with her.”

“You should let me have her.” Tom offered himself up, “I bet I could make her forget about you.”

“Tom, please!” Anna sighed. Tom’s ways grated at her sometimes.

In an effort to change the subject, and for other obvious reasons, Lillian spoke up.

“Can I open these presents up yet?”

“I don’t see why not.” Her mother smiled.

Everyone sat down with the exception of their father, who was beginning to put things on the grill. The smell was amazing. Lillian whooped with glee and began the excavation. The first was from Tom, who gave her a large blanket with Marilyn Monroe on a black smoky background. She laughed. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was his sister, she’d think he would only give this to her because he of all people would love to see a woman on top of another one. He winked at her again, as a reminder of his other present. Her father bought her a silver necklace with a crescent moon pendant on which sat a tiny little fairy. The wings glimmered as aquamarine stones. Her mother gave her a book of vampire mythology and a beautiful, shimmering red dress trimmed with gold lace, and ruby drop earrings to match. “For tonight.” She explained.

Lillian thanked them all enthusiastically, hugging each and every one of them tightly. She was dismayed that Mitchy hadn’t given her anything, but she tried not to let it show, and thanked him anyway.

“We have something else for you too, from all of us. But it’s at home.” Her dad said. That certainly peaked her curiosity. She didn’t have time to ask on it, though, as Mitchy and Tom were already headed toward the water and she didn’t want to be left behind. Soon they were in a game of water football with another group of 20 year olds, boys and girls. The teams were split evenly and it was a close game, and a long one, but Lillian’s team ended up losing. Probably because Tom was on the other one and he flirted with all the girl’s on her side. It was all right, though, since Lillian felt quite man-handled. She could only take so much of being tackled in the water. They had to rub up pretty close to tackle her and it only made her embarrassed and play worse. Mitchy was on her side, thankfully, but Tom had gotten her quite a few times. She never really realized just how big that guy was.

Finally it was over and Lillian could drag herself out of the water. She walked up to their table, but her parents were nowhere escort gaziantep pornoları to be seen.

“Mom? Dad? You guys around here?” She called. No answer.

“I bet they are off fucking somewhere.” Tom had followed her up. He threw an arm around her shoulder and pulled her against his side. His eyes were following a couple of girls that were strolling by.

“That’s…lovely.” Lillian replied. She pulled herself away from her brother and looked around. Mitchy was walking up now. Tom nodded to him.

“You ready?” He asked.

“Aren’t I always?” Mitchy said with a smirk.

“Ready for what?” Lillian asked.

“Your present, of course,” Tom said, “I think now is the best time.”

“Yay!” She jumped up and down excitedly and started to grab for her shirt and her skirt, but Tom stopped her.

“Stop wasting time, Lilli. Let’s just go.”

He led them quite a ways away from the beach and the people. Soon they were walking through a small patch of woods and she had to take care where she stepped. Mitchy seemed to know where they were going already. Both he and Tom were walking pretty quickly and it was kind of difficult for Lillian to keep up, but she didn’t complain.

Soon they came upon a clearing. There was a large boulder across the field, closer to the other edge of the trees. That seemed to be where her two brothers were headed. Once they got closer to it, Lillian saw that it was a large boulder indeed. Mitchy and Tom climbed it easily, but Lillian couldn’t seem to get a foothold. Where they hell did they put their feet? She thought, frustrated. Tom laughed and reached down with both hands. When she grabbed on, he pulled her up as if she was nothing more than a rag doll. It was somehow…exhilarating, that he could hold her up so easily. Once they got to the top, she looked around.

The top of the boulder was mostly flat, she noticed. It was also very graffitied. This must be the usual hangout for the older groups. Tom and Mitchy sat down, so Lillian followed suit.

“So…what’s my present?” She asked excitedly. Her brothers glanced at each other. Mitchy smirked again.

“It’s time to make you a woman, little sister.” Tom said, and reached into his swimming trunks.

He pulled out two skinny cigarette looking objects and a lighter. Joints.

“Weed?” Lillian squeaked.

“Oh yes. The best I could find around this shit town, too.” He said, sniffing the joints and groaning with pleasure. Tom handed one for Mitchy to smell, and he groaned in the same way. Soon he had lit one up and Lillian watched as he took a hit, held it in, blew it out, then handed it to Mitchy. He did the same, and when he handed it to Lillian, he scooted close to her.

“Look, you hold it like this between your finger and thumb, yeah like that….When you hit it, don’t take too much or it’ll just make you cough like crazy. Unless,” He winked, “unless you think you can handle it.”

Five minutes later she stopped coughing. It wasn’t until five minutes after that that her brothers stopped laughing. She handled the rest pretty well, to much admiration from Mitchy and Tom. Once the first was finished, Tom lit up the second without pause. When it was all finished, Lillian could barely move.

“Ooooohhh.” She sighed, flopping onto her back and throwing her arms above her head. Her legs were still crossed indian-style.

Tom laughed.

“She got pretty stoned.” He said.

“Yeah, that second one did her in, I think.” Mitchy replied.

The two brothers looked at her, eyes closed and stretched out on the rock in her red bikini with her legs crossed like that. Mitchy’s eyes followed the curve of her inner thigh, upwards, all the way up that milky skin until his eyes rested on that spot… His breath caught and he had to look away. She was almost completely outlined there, her wet bikini clinging to her like skin. He looked over at Tom, who couldn’t seem to bring himself to look away. When Tom saw that Mitchy had caught him looking, he cleared his throat and averted his eyes. Mitchy reached out and shook Lillian’s leg a little. No response.

“I think she fell asleep.” He said quietly. Slowly, he grabbed her feet and pulled her legs out straight, “Better.” He whispered.

“Mhm.” Tom replied.

They were quiet for awhile, their highs interrupted, but neither seemed to mind. Tom was the first to break the silence.

“Do you think she’s ever…?” He asked Mitchy, trailing off at the end. Mitchy knew what he meant.

“No, I don’t think so,” He shook his head, “She seems too innocent. Or naïve or something.”

Tom just nodded, silent in thought.

It was starting to get late and Lillian was still asleep. Tom had wandered off with a group of girls who had come to hang out on the boulder. They were a little disappointed that they couldn’t use it themselves, but no doubt Tom made them feel better. When Mitchy said he was going to stay with Lillian, however, he had still taken the time to bring him Lillian’s new mythology book.

When Mitchy noticed it getting darker he began gently shaking Lillian awake. “Wake up Lilli,” He said quietly into her ear, “We gotta go.” She groaned a little and opened her eyes groggily. Suddenly they flew open and she shot up

“OW! Ahhh it stings!” Lillian exclaimed. She tried to reach her back frantically.

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