The Island of I Ch. 03


Here is the final installment of the Island of I. I’m very pleased with everyone’s response and I hope you find the climax of my story to your liking and I look forward to your comments, both pro and con.

As always, this is a work of fiction and all characters within are works of fiction as well. Enjoy!

Pleased that my mother had agreed to yet another walk along the moonlit beach, I slowly stood up, never releasing my mother’s hand and helped her rise from her seat. Not saying a word, she slipped her arm through my mine and we slowly walked into the hallway and down the stairs, not sparing Father’s office where we could hear him talking to himself, any attention at all. Neither of us spoke as we left the house and walked down the dimly lit path to the beach. In the sand, we both kicked off our shoes and made our way north, trudging along at the edge of the surf, letting the spray soak the cuffs of my pants and the hem of Mother’s dress.

We walked quite a ways…maybe a mile or more, far from house. At some point, I slipped my arm around Mother’s waist and she leaned into me as we walked, resting her head against my chest, her body feeling warm, almost feverish against me. The full moon seemed to follow us and a small thought flickered through my mind that surely since our first walk on the beach, the Moon should have begun to wane, but it still looked as full and as brilliant as that first night. That thought was soon lost as more pressing matters weighed on my mind, all regarding the woman I was holding so intimately.

We stopped at the surf’s edge, the waves gently rolling in and Mother stared up at the gibbous moon and murmured, “It is so beautiful…so lovely.”

I gently reached out and took Mother’s arm and turned her so she was facing me. Slowly, I ran a hand up her arm, fingers trailing over her soft skin…her bare shoulder and finally stroking her cheek. “You’re beautiful, Mother,” I said in a gentle, but stern voice. “You are the loveliest woman I’ve ever seen.”

I felt Mother shiver again as her arms rose up and slipped around my waist. She slowly leaned into me as if she needed me to support herself. I could feel her heart beating very fast within her breast and she almost seemed to vibrate with expectant energy as she whispered, “Oh, son.”

We stood embracing for what seemed hours, not speaking as we looked into each other’s eyes, until finally our mouths seemed to move closer together as if drawn together by some irresistible force. Mother’s lips pressed against mine, soft and warm and open. Instinctively I slipped my tongue into her mouth only to have it greeted by hers…a muffled moan escaping from her as we kissed as we had both longed to kiss.

Mother tasted sweet, almost citrus-like as our tongues curled around each other, slowly sliding their wet, soft flesh against each other. I pulled her tighter against me even as she tightened her grip around my waist, her left leg rising up alongside mine until the sole of her foot was resting high on the back of my calf. Like starving beings, we feasted on each other’s lips, kissing hungrily, passionately as our tongues kept us linked, neither of us closing our eyes, our gazes as tightly locked as were our lips.

I felt Mother shiver in my arms…from fear or passion or both, I did not know. She began to sag, her legs unable to support her and I slowly lowered us both to our knees so that we knelt in the gentle surf, our kiss never ending. Mom brought one arm up and stroked my face, then ran fingers through my hair before curling her arm around my neck, making little contented sighs as we continued to kiss. For my part, my hands worked circles in her back, feeling the tension there. Slowly, I slid them down to her lower back and then back up and then down again, this time not pausing until my hands were cupping her buttocks, now wet from the water that swirled around us.

The kiss continued on with a life of its own, our frantic tongues in sharp contrast with our gentle loving caresses of each other’s body. I brought my hands back up Mother’s back to caress her bare shoulders and then the exposed curve of her neck and then into her pinned up hair. I plucked the jeweled comb from her hair, momentarily recalling it as an anniversary present from Father several years ago. Impulsively, I tossed it over my shoulder into the sand and ran my fingers through Mother’s silky, blonde hair, letting it fall out and down.

Mother’s fingers plucked at my shirt, unbuttoning it and then pulling it out of my slacks and spreading it wide to expose my chest, her fingers caressing my chest, now showing muscular definition from weeks of work. Mother broke the kiss, nipping at my lips with her mouth and then ducked her head and began planting kisses on my chest, her tongue teasing me as she took little licks as she moved her lips over my skin.

“Oh, Mother,” I breathed. “I love you so much!” As I felt my mother’s lips brush over my small but hard nipples, my hands slipped upwards over her shoulders escort resimleri to the back of her neck to find the ties of her halter dress and begin to fumble at the knot there. I’m sure it wasn’t a difficult thing to untie, but one must consider how distracted I was as I felt Mother’s mouth sucking at my pebbled nipple.

Finally, I felt the strings of her halter slip free and taking hold of Mother’s shoulders I leaned her back as she stared lustily at me, looking down with surprise as she watched me peel down her top, revealing her firm and large rounded breasts, so much like large melons and capped by dark, thick nipples that stood out against her milky pale flesh. Now half naked, Mother looked back up at my face, an expression of arousal mixed with apprehension on her face.

“Mother,” I whispered again as my hands came up again, pausing just short of cupping her fleshy breasts, so anxious to touch her, yet not sure if I should. Mother resolved my dilemma by bringing her hands up and guiding mine onto her breasts, softly moaning as my fingers dug into her meaty flesh, her nipples hard and pulsating with her desire.

“I love you, John,” Mother whispered as I fondled her breasts, again moving against me so we could kiss, her lips hungrily pressing against mine as she kissed me passionately. My sense of the world faded, leaving only my mother and me, with only the brilliant light of the full moon and the strangely warm waters of the surf seeming to intrude on us and truthfully, both serving to enhance the beauty of the moment.

After an eternity of kissing and caressing each other’s upper body, I felt Mother’s right hand slid downwards, over my flat stomach to press against my crotch. “Oh my, John,” Mother moaned, breaking our kiss again, delight evident in her voice as my desire for her was confirmed as she pressed her hand against the erection in my pants. “You…son…you’re hard for me?”

“For you, Mother,” I gasped as she rubbed my erect penis through my pants. “All my desires…all my love is for you, Mother!”

Mother half laughed and half sobbed as she kissed me again, her hand still caressing my erection as I continued to fondle her breasts. A few minutes later or maybe it was a lifetime, I found the courage to drop my right hand downwards, gathering the folds of her dress together, pulling the material together in search of the hem. Finally, I found it, now sopping wet from the ocean surf and slipped my hand under, coming to rest on Mother’s bare thigh.

At my touch, Mother shivered and then moaned softly against my lips. Slowly, I worked my hand up her thigh, feeling the silky softness as my fingertips slipped across her inner thigh and then encountered her silky and wet pelt of pubic hair. Mother stiffened against me as she felt her son’s fingers slip between the hot, slick lips of her labia.

This time it was my turn to break the kiss as I leaned back, feeling saliva from Mother’s mouth splatter against my chin. I gazed on my mother in all her aroused glory, looking like something from an erotic painting, her heavy breasts illuminated in the moonlight – heaving heavily as she gasped for breath as she watched me gazing at her…so lovely with her halter dress fallen to her waist and her blonde hair hanging down over her shoulders. I looked at her with love and amazement as it slowly dawned on me that Mother had left the house sans panties…something that seemed lewd and exciting at the same time.

I leaned in, moving my head downwards and latched my lips around a swollen nipple, feeling Mother moan, “Yesssss!” as I rolled my tongue over the swollen, turgid member, feeling her blood pulsing through her body…her heart, her life so intensely evident.

Mother stiffened again and she gasped, “Oh, John…I’m your mother!” as I slipped two of my fingers inside her…the first time I had actually touched a woman’s aroused pussy…delighting in the sticky, wet warmth that tightened around my probing digits and delighting in the wicked knowledge that it was my mother’s most secret place that I was touching. As I suckled at my mother’s breast for the first time in nearly two decades, almost primal memories suffused with pleasure wafted close to the surface of my mind and I felt a contentment swelling within me that I had never known before, reconnecting with my mother at an intimate level that only a mother and child could achieve, now sweetened with the sexual pleasure that it produced. All my worries and concerns seemed to vanish as I sucked Mother’s breast and fingered her wet pussy.

New sensation awoke inside me as I felt movement around my crotch and realized with delighted shock that Mother had unzipped my pants and had slipped her fingers inside and had found my erection while her other hand undid the button and tugged my pants and underwear off, freeing my penis which she slowly stroked as she whispered in frightened awe, “John…you, your penis, is lovely and so big!”

With awkward knowledge, gaziantep escort resimleri Mother slowly ran her hand back and forth along the shaft of my erect penis and I could sense growing confidence with each stroke. I groaned with pleasure at how her hand felt on my swollen member. Mother cried out in surprise as I playfully bit her nipple before letting it slip from my mouth and then I took advantage of her open-mouthed cry and kissed her again as I began to finger her pussy more vigorously, savoring the sudden gush of her juices pouring around my fingers.

Frantically, we masturbated each other, suddenly filled with the desire to pleasure the other – my fingers exploring the inner walls of her vagina, eagerly seeking to discover Mother’s most special and sensitive places as each time she moaned appreciatively into my mouth, I felt an never before experienced thrill of pleasure ripple through me, intensifying the pleasure her hand was bringing me as it moved up and down my throbbing penis.

Suddenly, Mother cried out, ending the kiss even as her free hand clawed at my chest. Mother began to shake and quiver and she fell against me, moaning against my skin as her pussy tightened around my plunging fingers, nearly holding them captive as her juices poured in a torrent over and around them while she stopped stroking me and just held me, occasionally giving my erection a gentle and loving squeeze. I was momentarily alarmed until I realized that Mother was in the throes of orgasmic delight.

Still clawing at my chest, Mother raised her head and with tears running down her face, sobbed, “God help me, but I love you so!” Her face was contorted by the ecstasy my fingers had brought her, giving her a wild and erotic look that quickly brought me to the brink of orgasm myself.

As Mother’s orgasm began to recede and her pussy muscles seemed to begin relaxing around my fingers, she resumed stroking my cock, gripping it perfectly as she ran her fist up and down my erection until it was my turn to orgasm and try as I might to delay my ejaculation, Mother’s touch would brook no refusal and I cried out, “Mother, I love you!” and then sobbed with absolute delight as there was an explosion of pure ecstasy between my legs and I began shooting semen with such forceful intensity that it bordered on pain.

Still quivering from my fingers’ ministrations, Mother gazed down and with some agility managed to catch most of my hot seed in her free hand…a few streamers splashing against her stomach as they flew above her cupped palm. I came and came, not ever remembering an orgasm so intense or so prolonged…amazing in retrospect when I realized how many times I had ejaculated in the last few days. But of course, this was special. For the first time in my young life, I was achieving sexual gratification at the hands of someone else and more importantly, I had reached orgasm via the ministrations of my own mother.

The sweet experience of orgasm seemed to hang with us nearly for an eternity, but finally it began to wane and we both slumped back, stunned and amazed at the experience. Mother smiled at me…a smile that conveyed both motherly love and incestuous lust, offering me one last loving moan as my fingers slipped free of her. With childlike wonder, I held my hand up in the moonlight, seeing Mother’s pussy juices glistening in the brilliant light of the full orb overhead.

Like a child exploring the world about it with all its senses, I brought my fingers close to my face, smelling Mother’s strong and wonderful scent before licking her wetness off my fingers, feeling my still semi-erect cock twitch as I savored her strong, sweet and salty flavor.

Even in the moonlight, I could see Mother’s face burn with something between arousal and embarrassment at the sight of her only child lapping up the cream of her pussy like a tasty dessert. Then she smiled at me as she held up her cupped hand, a trickle of my semen rolling over the edge. Mirroring my actions, Mother brought it to her face and inhaled the scent of my seed. Looking at me coyly, Mother brought my pooled semen closer to her mouth and her tongue slipped out and dipped tentatively into the white, warm sperm and then retreated, a blob of my semen on the tip of her tongue.

Mother tasted me and seemed to find it pleasing because she began to lap at my sperm lick a thirsty dog at its water bowl, making happy, approving noises as she slurped the heavy, white fluids up. Suddenly, Mother paused and drew back as if she had suddenly awoke from a fevered sexual dream and realized what she was doing, She stared at me in something akin to shock and then unthinking, clapped her cum covered hand against her face, smearing my semen across her mouth and chin as her eyes widened in dismay.

In a swift and graceful motion, Mother climbed to her feet and spun to look out on the ocean. I rose behind her and stepped to close the distance, my still somewhat erect cock brushing her hips from gaziantep escort bayan resimleri behind, feeling the water soaked fabric as I placed my hands on her bare shoulders. “Mother, are you alright?”

Long, agonizing seconds passed before she said in a faint voice, “My god, son. What have we done?”

I wrapped my arms possessively around her, my forearms brushing against her naked breasts and I said softly into her ear, “Nothing that we shouldn’t have, Mother. We shared our love for each other…a love that needed to be acknowledged.”

Mother shivered at my words even as she leaned back into me. “Are we going mad, John? Is this island making us crazy? She turned and looked up into my eyes, my semen smeared over her lips, a thick, whitish blob of sperm hovering near the corner of her mouth. “I’ve dreamed of you, son…of doing things to you that a mother should never even think of…”

Her words sent a shiver through me as I recalled the erotic dreams I had had of her of late. “I’ve dreamed of you too, Mother. If there is something about this island that has guided us into each other’s arms, I can only be grateful that it has allowed me to see you as the lovely woman you are…the woman that I need and want. I love you, Mother, with all my heart and soul!”

“Madness,” Mother murmured, burying her face against my chest. “This is wrong, son. A mother and son are not meant to be…this way.”

I hugged my mother to me in a tight embrace. As I tried to reply to her effort to deny the rightness of what we had done, I felt Hector’s words come back to me and I tried to apply them to our situation. “I once thought as you do, Mother, but now…knowing you as I have, touching you, I see that there is nothing immoral or evil in what we have shared. We have simply expressed our love for each other in a more…advanced way…more personal and intimate. Tell me you’ve ever been this close to another’s heart…even with Father. Yes, it is incest, but we’ve committed no sin, but rather have come to know each other on a truer and more honest level than most people will ever experience!”

I kissed my mother then, long and hard, pouring everything I felt for her into the kiss, gratified and thrilled at her response…relishing the taste and touch of her tongue against mine even as I recognized the taste of my own seed on my mother’s lips.

When the kiss ended, I said, “Tell me that that was wrong, Mother. Tell me that the love you feel for me this very instant is wrong.”

Mother bit her lower lip again, the instinctive action so adorable and sexy that I felt my cock stir with arousal. Tears trickled down her face as she replied, “I cannot say that, but…so much is happening…so many emotions like I am caught up in a flood of desire and love that makes madness seem so faint.” Mother stroked my cheek and kissed me gently. “I…I need time to sort all this out.” Mother again leaned her face into my chest and I could feel her tears, warm and thick, running down my chest. “We should be getting back, son. Please, take me home.”

I nodded and bent down and kissed Mother again, a soft, gentle and chaste kiss, but when I tried to withdraw, Mother’s hands flew up to hold my head in place and she opened the kiss up, making it deeper and more passionate, her tongue making its way inside my mouth to dance and caress mine. It was a kiss of desperate passion that said much in its silence…that promised so much. I could have died happy amidst that kiss and still dream of it today as we stood with our lips joined and our half naked bodies pressed together.

Silently, we walked back up the beach, pausing only to retrieve our shoes. Not a word was spoken between us, but I could see that Mother was in deep thought, her eyes distant as she tried to work out all that we were moving towards becoming in her mind. I had no doubts about how I felt and what I wanted with my mother…my concerns were primarily wrapped around my fears that our steadily growing incestuous relationship would prove too unconventional – too frightening for Mother and that she would flee from it rather than embrace it.

We approached the house from the side and made our way in past the pool into the kitchen. It was dimly lit, a lamp flickering with enough light to guide our way towards the stairway beyond the narrow hallway. We were just entering the hallway when an almost unearthly moan echoed from the direction of the servants’ quarters.

My penis twitched and began to grow as I immediately recognized the now familiar sound of Antonia in orgasm. Mother stopped and turned her head, her eyes growing wide as she whispered, “My God…what was that?”

In a heartbeat, I mulled over a multitude of responses but I knew immediately that this was a moment that could change our lives forever. Gently, I took Mother by the elbow and said quietly, “Come with me.”

We reversed course and made our way down the hall to Antonia’s quarters. Twice more, Antonia’s wordless sighs of incestuous pleasure washed over us as we approached the door. Standing behind Mother, I reached out for the door knob, Mother trying to stop me with her hand, looking up and back at me and shaking her head violently, fear of what lay behind the door evident on her face. I smiled and mouthed the words, “Watch, Mother,” and silently opened the door enough to give us a view of what I knew would be going on.

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