The Itch Ch. 5


Trish and I walked through the front door of my house. We’d just gotten back from a romantic dinner, and walk in the park. I was completely transfixed by Trish’s beauty and charm, and looking forward to how we would finish our first date.

Trish was a police officer, 22 years old, with long blonde hair, and smallish, but nicely shaped breasts. She had a beautiful, ‘college girl’ face, and when she had her hair in a ponytail, dressed in cutoffs and tight blouse, you’d swear that she was a freshman in college, or even a high school student. She was about 5’10” tall, and slim, but with a nicely rounded ass.

My name is Jesse. I’m similarly built, but my blonde hair is much shorter, almost boy short, though over my ears. My breasts are a size bigger than Trish’s, but my ass isn’t quite as round as hers. Still, it’s not too bad. I’m a year older than Trish at 23. I was very recently separated from my husband, after a tumultuous several weeks in which I discovered “The Itch’ for things lesbian, and I discovered that my husband was gay, something which came out after he tried to kill himself.

Anyway, I had met Trish in an unusual way, which you can read about elsewhere, and we had made mad love the first (well, really, second) time we met, then were separated for several weeks. Now we were back together and ready to pick up where we left off. At least, I hoped so!

We walked in the house, and I asked Trish if she’d like some wine.

“I’d love some, Jess,” she said. She had immediately picked up the diminutive of my name, and it made me feel warm to hear her say it. “Can I help you get it?”

“Okay,” I said. As she walked in the kitchen with me, I pointed her toward the small wine cellar, which was actually a chrome wire rack with 6 openings to hold wine bottles, that sat on the floor. “Why don’t you pick us out a bottle, okay?” As she bent over to look at the labels, I watched how her skirt fell against her buttocks, and also rose up slightly, allowing me to see more of her upper thighs. I guess she sensed by my silence that I was watching her, because she wiggled her butt from side to side, making me giggle.

Selecting a bottle of Pouligny Montrachet, she stood back up, and waggled her finger at me, saying, “Caught you looking, didn’t I!” with a smile. She held out the bottle to me, and said, “I know this is expensive, and I know it’s supposed to be cold, but could we celebrate with it anyway?”

Trish had the most charming look on her face at that moment, and I would have granted her any wish.

“Sure, but you owe me,” I said. “I’ll be making you pay for it later,” I finished, with a light laugh.

“Count on it,” Trish said. She opened the wine as I reached up to a high shelf for our, no my, no, OUR wine glasses. They were a little pushed back from the edge, as they were given to me by my grandmother, and I always worry that they’ll fall, so I always push them back. They’re a leaded crystal, and I just love them. As I was reaching around on the high shelf, up on my toes, trying to feel for the glasses, it got quiet behind me. I whirled around, only to catch Trish with her eyes fixed on my butt.

“Now who’s looking?” I asked, with a slight smirk.

Trish stepped over to me and took me in her embrace, saying, “You’ll have to punish me for being bad.” I looked in her deep blue eyes, and my heart skipped a beat or two. I moved my lips close to hers, and gently placed my warm lips against hers. As though glued, our lips locked together gently, and I felt her returning the kiss. My mouth opened, inviting her in, and she slipped her warm, wet tongue into my mouth, caressing me inside.

We kissed like that for about a minute, expressing our love and passion for each other, then reluctantly parted. “That was nice, Trish. I haven’t felt a kiss, or love, since you left me before. Promise me that you’ll hold me, and love me,” I said breathlessly.

“I love you, Jess. I haven’t stopped thinking about you ever since we made love. Maybe you weren’t the first woman to touch my pussy, but you’re the first to touch my heart,” Trish said, with a tear in her eye. I kissed her again, then, a long, lingering kiss to express the deep feelings I had for her inside.

“C’mon, baby, let’s enjoy this wine, then each other,” I said.

“Can we do both at the same time?” Trish said. “I don’t think I can wait.”

“I don’t think I can wait either. You know where the bedroom is,” I said, in as alluring a manner as I could.

Trish giggled. “Yeah, I want that, too, even worse than you, but I meant I have to pee. Come on in with me while I go, okay?” We walked to the bathroom, and Trish stood in front of the toilet, with her bottom pointed toward it, then hiked up her skirt, to put her hands on her panties and pull them down.

“Wait, let me do that,” I said impulsively. Trish looked surprised, but let me proceed. I ran my hands over her warm, round ass cheeks, then slipped her white lace panties down over her hips, slowly revealing her lovely mound. “My god, you’ve shaved it!” milf porno I said, as I continued slipping her panties down. Halfway down her thighs, they were freed, and slipped to the floor at her feet. “Can I feel you?” I asked excitedly.

“Please do, but I really have to go,” Trish implored me. I slipped my right hand to cup her warm mound, with the luscious, plump pink slit in the center. I moved closer to her, so that I could hold my hand flat against the smooth skin between her legs, and I found her slick on the lips of her slit. My mouth found her lips, as my finger caressed her lower lips, and she moaned into my mouth.

I felt that I could read her thoughts exactly. I knew that she wanted to keep feeling my hand between her legs, but I knew that she felt an overwhelming need to pee. So I decided to torture her a little. I put my other hand on her bare bottom. With her hips imprisoned between my hands, there was no way that Trish could now sit down on the toilet that she longed for.

“Mmmm, mm,mmm, Jess, I’m going to pee,” Trish mumbled through our locked lips. At the same time, she raised her arms to embrace me, betraying how she really felt about our love play.

“I know,” I replied, making no move to let her sit. Keeping her arms around my shoulders, with her hands on my head, gently caressing it with her fingers, she began squirming her hips, but not hard enough to escape, only hard enough to be able to say that she’d tried to escape. I felt her body melt against mine, as she realized I wasn’t going to let her get away in time, and her returned kisses became wildly passionate. I soon felt a hot wetness streaming from her slit, first a small, weak stream, then a forceful push of liquid that almost pushed my hand away, and filled the air around us with the acrid smell of urine.

I moved my fingers and hand around on her pussy, allowing the flow to escape after it ran over my skin, and slowly stroked her clit while she peed into my hand. Trish’s breathing became more labored, as she approached her orgasm. I could feel her hips rotating slightly, as she instinctively responded to my finger on her stiffening clit. I moved my hand that was resting on her shapely ass, to the tiny hole hiding in her dark crevice.

“Mmmm, mm, mmm,” she said, but not elaborating. I knew that she was probably trying to warn me that she had her sphincter shut, not wanting to fart, or have a worse accident, but I didn’t care. I wormed my fingers into her warm, moist crevice, and slowly slipped the tip of my index finger into her tightly closed anus. I circled the smooth flesh there with the tip, forcing her to relax the muscle. That was immediately followed by a rush of hot gas out of her intimate hole, over my finger. After the flow of air stopped, I slid my finger into her now compliant ass hole. It was hot and moist, and my finger slid in easily.

“I’m so embarrassed,” she said, burying her face in my shoulder. “You are so bad.”

She wouldn’t look at me then, but I said to her, “I love everything about you, Trish, even the things you leave behind.” She looked in my eyes then, and said, “I love you so much, Jess. My Jess.” I began stroking her clit harder then, and sliding my other finger in her hot ass, and soon she was bucking and humping her hips against my hand, as she came for the first time that night. “Oh yes, that’s SO nice, Jess. I love feeling you inside me, so deep, so hard in me, invading my tight, wet holes. Oh, oh, yes, yes, YES, YESYESYES!!”

After she had cum, and slumped down against me, she lifted her feet up to kick off her now sodden panties. She removed her hands from my shoulders, and wiggled out of her skirt, which was also splashed in part with her pee. Now that Trish was completely naked below the waist, I stepped back to look at her body. “God, you are so beautiful Trish! I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you, man or woman.”

Trish took my hand and brought it to her bare pussy. “Do you like it?” she said. “I shaved it for you, I thought you might like me this way,” she added, with a coquettish smile.

“I love you any way you are, but this is especially beautiful. I can’t wait to study your work more closely,” I replied.

“Your turn, then wine, okay?” Trish asked.

“In bed,” I added. Trish smiled, then brought her lips to mine, while her hands were busy undoing my clothing. She quickly had my skirt on the floor, and my blouse unbuttoned. I was equally busy with her too, and we stepped back to finish our work. After our blouses were off, Trish was completely naked, and I had on only my panties. Trish knelt down in front of me, and bringing her face close to the crotch, began slipping them down, first over my ass. Her hands went to caress my warm mounds, as she pressed her lips against my crotch through the lace fabric.

“Umm, you smell so nice,” she said, pressing her nose against the slight protuberance of my highly aroused clitoris, while her smooth hands caressed and squeezed my firm bottom. She finished slipping my panties mobil porno down in front, and gasped.

“You shaved, too!” She exclaimed. I was about to say something about that, but Trish pressed her mouth against my hairless cunt lips, and whatever I had been thinking went right out of my head. I could feel her warm, wet tongue entering my tight vagina, and her finger penetrating my anus, and everything went to a blur of colors and sensations as she brought me to at least 2 orgasms, and many tsunamis of pleasure.

I felt myself return to consciousness of my surroundings, and Trish was still on her knees, looking up at me adoringly. “Was that nice, baby?” She said softly. I lifted her arms, and she got up, brought her lips to mine, and I tasted my pussy there, as our bodies, too, kissed. We kissed, softly and lingeringly, for some time, then we separated our lips, but not our naked bodies, which felt warm and soft, each on the other.

“We’ve got to take a shower now, please, Jess?” Trish implored.

“Okay,” I said. “Then wine, and bed.” I turned on the shower, and we slipped under its warm embrace, soaping each other with shower gel, to remove the traces of urine on Trish’s legs, and to bring each other additional pleasure, feeling the slick sensation of the other’s hands against our firm, smooth bodies. We stepped out, and dried each other languidly, with the thickest, plushest towels I had. We each chose a complementary body spray, and lightly anointed each other.

I found 2 of my silk robes that were presentable, and we dressed for the evening. Trish’s was a little short, since she was taller than I, but she looked beautiful in the light blue, shimmering fabric. Mine was white, and a little shorter than the one she wore. We gathered up the wine, and the glasses, and headed for the bedroom. I lit perhaps a dozen of my favorite candles, and we arranged ourselves on the bed, with our wine. I lay back, more or less upright, with Trish’s head in my lap, and her hands caressing my legs.

We talked, for a long time, into the night, about everything that had happened to us. I told her about the circumstances of Robert’s departure, and she embraced me comfortingly. I took strength from her touch, and pressed her back. We discussed our dreams, and hopes for the two of us, and melted into one another’s being. Late into the night, our passions raised. The constant touch, and closeness we were sharing, was making us both extremely horny again, and the wine only inflamed our passions.

“It’s time,” whispered Trish, drowning me in her eyes.

Trish put her glass down on the bedside night stand, and leaning over to me, placed her body on top of mine, and brought her lips to mine, insistently. I lay back, and let her work her will on me. I could feel her hands stroking me, arousing my nipples to poke through the thin fabric. Trish ran the palms of her hands over my erect nipples, sending jolts of electricity through my breasts and into my pussy every time she touched them.

She moved her body down the bed, so that she could address my taut breasts with her sweet mouth. I saw her tongue sliding out further, as she licked through the fabric over my nipples, increasing their size from my excitement. The plunging neckline on the tie front gown, gave my sweet female lover easy access to my breasts. Trish slid her hand under the fabric to my breast, barely rippling the fabric. Her hand gently cupped my swelling breast, and her thumb and forefinger gently squeezed my nipple, causing me to moan with pleasure. My legs reflexively spread, to give her greater access to my moistening pussy.

“Play with me, love,” I murmured.

Trish caressed my breasts, bringing my ecstasy to a peak, then moved the fabric away, so that she could look at them, and bring her warm mouth to my sensitive skin. She sighed happily when the silken fabric dropped away, and her eyes took in my swelling bosom, with its pink-tipped nipples and aureoles. Finally, her mouth descended on my impatient body, and we both moaned when the warmth and wetness of Trish’s mouth and tongue, contacted the firm, contracted flesh of my nipples.

My hands went to the back of Trish’s lovely head, to hold her against my heaving breasts, as she licked and laved them with her eager tongue. The wetness in my pussy increased dramatically, and I felt Trish’s hand sliding down my stomach, exposing my skin there, the fabric of the gown falling away to my sides, leaving my hips and legs completely exposed. The scent of my aroused cunt filled the air around us, as Trish teased me higher and higher.

Her fingers stroked downwards on my lower stomach, below my navel, and her mouth followed her hand, but at its own pace. As her hand began to stroke my hips, and upper thighs, Trish brought her mouth to my navel, and mimicked fucking that shallow crevice with her tongue. I had never had anyone do that, and I felt a special pleasure course through me as her rough, wet tongue rasped against the sensitive skin inside my navel. I heard olgun porno myself sighing with pleasure, and regretted that there was no significant part of my lover’s body that I could bring pleasure to currently. I consoled myself by stroking her smooth, firm back under the fabric of the gown.

Trish grunted to signify that she appreciated my touch, not wanting to remove her tongue from my skin. Soon, though, her hand moved to my knees. Anticipating her next move, or perhaps more honestly, desiring her next move, I lifted my knees up, exposing my slick pussy, and spreading the lips apart. Her hand curled under my knee on one leg, and lifted it even closer to my chest, exposing my wet pussy from a new direction.

Trish’s hand slipped down the back of my thigh, to come directly to my slit, and my anus below it. She gently ran the tip of her fingernail down my labia on one side, then slowly up the labia on the other side, gently skirting just around my sensitive clitoris, which was standing up nearly outside of its protective hood from my heightened state of excitement.

“Ohh, sweetheart, that feels so nice. I love it when you touch me there, Oh, yeah, your fingernail, oh, oh, it’s so nice. Yes, yes, yes, touch my clit! Oh, oh, yes, oh. Make me cum, I can’t stand it, I want to feel you inside me, oh, yes!” As Trish’s lovely finger worked its magic on the outside of my pussy, I longed to feel her inside me, in every hole. “Ohh, please, Trish! Fuck me with your finger! Oh, yes, no, please don’t tease me, fuck me, fuck me deep, deep, put your finger in me, please, don’t tease me so! Oh, oh, oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! Oh! Oh! I’M CUMMING, OH, I’M CUMMING, MY SWEET TRISH, I LOVE YOU! FUCK ME, OH, YESSSS!!!!!” I nearly passed out from the teasing, then the ultimate fulfillment that Trish put me through.

I wanted to shower her with kisses then, but she was not finished. After I had recovered for a few minutes, Trish allowed my leg to slip down, so that both legs were flat against the mattress again, slightly spread. Trish slowly kissed her way down my leg, kissing the outside of my thigh, down to my knee, then quickly down my calf to my foot.

Trish lifted my foot up gently, and each in turn, took my toes into her mouth, and sucked them into her mouth, licking between the toes with her agile tongue. I had never felt anyone’s tongue or mouth on my toes before, and my pussy tingled with the new-found pleasure. In the back of my mind, though, I was glad we had just showered before our lovemaking. Trish pleasured my toes for the longest time, making me giggle, and then moved to my instep, and the inside of my leg. She kissed her way up my leg, which I lifted up as she progressed upward, so that it would be easily within her reach, and not coincidentally, making it easier for her to get to my pussy.

Trish’s kisses on my inner thighs felt far different from her kisses on the outside of my thigh. It felt so intimate to feel her warm mouth on that part of my body so close to my hungry pussy, and my sensitive anus. Blessedly, Trish was just as impatient to bring me the ultimate pleasure that a woman can bring another, and soon, her tongue licked along my now plump and sensitive labia, tracing the path her finger had taken earlier.

Trish licked up along the left side of my pussy, and I could feel my lubrication seeping out at the bottom of my hole as she did. She circled around my clit, standing high, teasing me more, then licked down the right side. At the bottom of my slit, where so much of my liquid was dripping down into my ass hole, Trish centered her tongue and rapidly, deeply thrust into my hole, lapping up the fluid that had accumulated from my seeping pussy walls, but not yet secreted out of me.

“Oh, god, Jess, your pussy is fantastic! You taste so sweet and womanly, I want to eat you up! I love the taste of your cunt, so sweet, so thick and syrupy, so hot-” Trish returned to her pleasurable task, swabbing out the inside of my pussy, all the while approaching her target. As her tongue worked its way toward my swelling clit, the tension of approaching ecstasy built, and built. When she had licked every part of my pussy, she clamped her lips gently on my clit, stabbing at the sensitive tip with her tongue, then thrumming it against the tip very rapidly, shooting me over the top.

“Oh, oh, Trish, that’s good. You’re so good, yes, lick my pussy, deep, deep. Oh, you’re getting it all, I love the feel of your tongue inside me, oh you’re such a good fucker! Yes, yes, my clit, please, please, lick my clit, oh YES! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK! FUCK OH, MY CLIT, MY CUNT! FUCK! OH, You’re so good, oh yes, yes…” as I trailed off in exhaustion. Trish made her way back up my body, and snuggled her head along my throat, as my arms went around her, to hold her in a tight embrace.

I dozed off, but woke up after about 10 minutes. “You haven’t cum yet, darling,” I murmured lazily.

“It’s enough for me that you’ve cum, my love,” whispered Trish, my sweet lover. We lay like that a few minutes more, but I began to grow impatient, not only to taste Trish’s wet pussy, but to bring her to the heights she had brought me. I gently nudged her over, so that I could have my way this time. She slipped over on the bed, and I eased out. I began kissing my gowned lover, with me still nude.

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