The Journey of Sexuality Ch. 02


A Ride on the Train

After our reunion, in which me and Kairi became closer (a lot closer) I decided to go back to Bozeman, MT. I felt that it was best for both of us to remain just friends. I mean, yea I like her a lot but I don’t think our parents would appreciate it at all.

I was on the train, in my own seat with the door closed and no one else around. I was playing my Nintendo DS when suddenly I heard a knock on the door.

“Hello, is this J-Jason D-Dmyt-trii?” The voice said. It was a soft voice, one I thought was familiar.

I set down my DS and went to the door. After I opened it I exclaimed, “Sarah!? What are you doing here?”

She sat down as I examined her. She was 6’1″, tanned, and had beautiful red hair. She also had very lively blue eye and lips that were plush and full. I went into my bag and got her a Pepsi.

“Sorry it’s warm. There aren’t any fridges on the train.” I said. She took a sip out of it and shrugged it off. I understand that, because of her stutter, she didn’t talk unless she was sure that it was quiet.

After three minutes she said, “Jason, I-I wanted to te-hell you something. I-”

And after stammering a chorus of I’s, I said, “Its ok. Take your time, and just let it out.”

I set my hand on her shoulder and she said, “I wanted t-to feel w-what Kay f-felt l-last week. I-I want you to be m-m-my b-b-boyfriend…”

I looked into her eyes to see if she was serious. I saw that she was serious, and then I put her hand in mine and said, “Well, I think that would be a great idea, Sarah. But I don’t know how we can be. I mean, you live in Austin, which is all the way in Texas. I live in Montana.”

She looked down at the ground and said, “I w-will m-move to whe-eh-ever you want me t-to.”

I kissed her on the lips softly. Then I got up, locked the door, and then said, “So, do you want to show me how much you love me?”

We got a quilt and set it on the floor. I then began to unbutton her shirt, and slid my hand down to her B-cup breasts and kneaded them softly. I suckled one nipple, and then the other, the whole time Sarah was moaning in ecstasy. I then threw her shirt onto the bench, right next to my backpack. I then put my hands around her and tried to unbuckle her bra. Sarah was giggling as I have trouble with her bra. She then backed up, took off her bra, and dropped it on the edge of the quilt.

We kissed passionately, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths and we gently went down onto the quilt. I started kissing down her stomach and she started giggling and moaning. I pulled down her pants, and for a second my breath caught in my throat (god I hope she doesn’t have a dick) and then I sighed as I saw her vagina, small and hairless.

I looked urfa escort up at her (she was blushing profusely) and said, “Are you a virgin?”

She looked at me and said, “N-no, not really. I had sex with Alex the same day you went with Kairi.”

I pulled my pants down, exposing my penis, fully erect, and said, “So, who’s bigger?”

She looked down at me, her face fully flushed, and said, “Yours is definitely bigger. His was six inches and you’re…well…I think eight inches.”

I grabbed her pants and pulled them all the way off. I also took off her shoes and socks, sucking on each toe as they were exposed. She sighed with happiness as I sucked on her toes. I then kissed up her leg, a little bit at a time, until I reached her vagina.

I slid my tongue along her clitoris and she started moaning extensively. I began to worry about the neighbors hearing us. I had stuck my tongue in deeper and licked her extensively inside and out. She began becoming wet, and I began licking that up too, noticing its sweet and bitter taste.

I then took my mouth out of her vagina and said, “So, will you return the favor?”

She set me down on the floor with my legs spread, and she was blushing with heat. She began stroking my member with her soft and experienced hands. She began moving her head closer and closer, making me start to be hotter and hotter. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and as she began licking me, precum began flowing out of my penis. She started licking it off my penis and smiling at me. She had such a beautiful face, such a beautiful smile, and such a talent for this that I was afraid I wouldn’t last. She then started kissing up and down my member, making me feel better and better. She then began putting the head of it in her mouth, moving it around with her tongue.

I couldn’t take anymore, I said, “G-god, here I come. Hang on, Sarah!”

I slammed her head onto my dick all the way to my balls as I began pumping my seed down her throat. I thought she would cough or gag but she didn’t. She sat right there and swallowed everything. After I was done I felt a breeze. I freaked out as I realized that the door was open, and Kairi was standing there.

“Hey guys. I thought you were up to something. Why didn’t you guys invite me?” Kairi said.

I looked down at the quilt. I had just been caught with another woman right after telling her that I didn’t want to be with anyone. But she didn’t seem mad, in fact, she started taking off her top, revealing her small breasts.

“Do you mind if I join you, Sarah?” Kairi asked.

“No, I don’t, Kay. It’s just…well…I wanted to be with Jason.” Sarah replied.

“It’s ok, Sarah. I want to be with you both. balıkesir escort I love you both, we’ve been friends forever and I don’t think that I would have it any other way” I said with a smile. Both Kairi and Sarah were blushing profusely.

Kairi walked over to Sarah and said, “You already know my secret. Do you mind giving me just as good a head as you gave Jason?”

Sarah pulled Kairi’s pants down, revealing her eight-inch cock (remember, she is a dickgirl) and began licking the head of it. She started with just little licks to take the precum off of her penis, and then she began suckling the head of her penis while licking it all around. It was making me hot, so I decided to join her. I started licking one side of Kairi’s penis while Sarah licked the other half. Then I began suckling the head as Kairi had done while Sarah continues licking her penis.

Kairi was kneading her breasts the whole time and now was saying, “oh god, how do you guys DO that? I’m – oh I-I’m coming guys! I’m – ooooOOOH!”

She slammed my head down on her dick, and began pumping the sweet nectar of life down my throat. I realized that it was sweet and salty just like last time, but with the taste of Sarah’s juices still on my lips, it tasted so much better.

Kairi, Sarah, and I had then sat down and began kissing each other lustfully. Sarah bent down and began sucking both me and Kairi while we kissed each other.

I then picked up Sarah’s head and said, “Do you want to try it?”

Sarah bent over so she was on all fours, then I walked behind her and began using her ass cheeks to massage my penis. It felt amazing, because hers was bigger than Kairi’s, if only slightly. I then looked at Kairi and realized she had her dick pointed directly at Sarah’s mouth, and she was waiting for me.

I then stuck my dick into the voluptuous chamber of her ass, first only the head, then slowly putting more and more of it in until my penis was in her ass up to my scrotum, and then I picked up the pace. Kairi, meanwhile, was putting more and more of her penis in Sarah’s mouth and bottomed out the same time I did. We pumped in sync, each time all three of us moaning in pleasure, impervious to the fact that we were making a lot of noise. Then Sarah stood up, just stood up, catching both of us off guard, as we were just about to finish.

She then said with a smile, “Jason, your turn on the bottom.” With a face like that, I couldn’t do anything but lie down and wait.

Kairi sat herself so that her dick was placed right into my mouth and straight down my throat. Sarah had sat on top of my dick, moving really slow while her vagina sucked up and gobbled my dick, which was a very tight fit. That trabzon escort feeling of sucking and fucking was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

I then got the feeling and said, “Sarah, I-I’m coming! It’s – its unlike- ooh-OOH!”

I then pumped more seed into Sarah’s vagina than I thought I could ever produce in my entire lifetime. At that point Kairi shot her load down my throat, again, and for the second time I felt like I was in heaven. I realized then why some women become whores – they love this feeling of using and being used by someone special to them.

After all of that, we decided to clean ourselves off, using towels and tongues alike to get all the juices off of us.

I looked at Sarah and said, “I hope that I didn’t make you pregnant…”

Sarah looked back and said, “How? I can’t have children, remember? I had fallopian cysts that killed all my eggs.”

Kairi looked at her and said, “Lucky. I can still get pregnant. In fact, if I’m not careful, I will impregnate myself. How weird is that?”

I chuckled and said, “Well, that may not be a bad thing. It would make it hard to explain how she was born when you had no husband.”

All three of us began to laugh and then there was a knocking at the door. Everyone went silent. We all feared that it was the conductor telling us that we’re in trouble.

Instead, Alex opened the door and said, “How on earth does this happen? You’re in here with my girlfriend and my best friend.”

I looked over at Kairi and realized that she had hidden her penis beneath her pants, so he still had no idea about her. I realized I knew more about her than her boyfriend did and said,

“You know what? I don’t know how that happened. Maybe if you ever gave them any attention, they wouldn’t have come to my door wanting me.”

I thought he would get mad at that, but instead he laughed heartily and said, “Oh man! Burn! So tell me, are you that much bigger than I am?”

“By at least two inches, Alex” Kairi said, giggling with Sarah.

“Oh, oh, I see how it is. I’ll just sit back up here, alone, crying to myself, thinking of the bridge I’m gonna jump off.” Alex said, faking sadness.

I jumped up and put my hand on his shoulder. “It’s ok, man. Next time we have an orgy, you’re invited.” I said, “Although we are on opposite sides of the field, got it?”

The girls were laughing hysterically at that, and I realized that I just had sex, again, without my girlfriend’s knowledge. This epiphany downed my mood, and I sat down with my shoulders slumped.

We reached the station in Bozeman, so Sarah and I said farewell to Alex and Kairi. Before I left I asked Kairi if Alex knew about her unique problem. She said he didn’t have a clue, as the only sexual contact they have is her giving Alex a blowjob. I then asked why she hasn’t told him. She said that he would hate her, that he wasn’t as understanding as I was.

I was driving home in the rental car and looked over at Sarah in the passenger’s seat, and wondered how I was gonna explain this to Karissa.

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