The Learning Ch. 04


The Learning
Chapter 4
By MDF251

Thanks once again for the comments. The party is starting and the players are ready…are you?

With mom’s announcement, Frank, Jo Anne, my dad, John and Amy all clapped their hands and shouted, “Let’s party!” in unison. But, before things got rolling, heavy, my mother made one more announcement.

“Rob – Amy, we know that your not legally able to drink, but tonight being a very special night we adults have decided that if you’d like – you may join us…But, you won’t be able leave here until tomorrow if you do. So, speak up…What’s your pleasure?”

Amy looked at me immediately and giggled, “Rob?” she asked shrugging her shoulders.

“I’ll have a glass of wine please…red wine.”

“Me too.” Amy chimed in.

Uncle Frank did the honors and with everyone gathered in a circle glasses were raised and toast made by Jo Anne, “To friends, to lovers…To new friends and lovers…May the wine be sweet and the sex sweeter!” and we clinked glasses, laughing.

“Okay boys and girls, as we have new lovers, the first of tonight’s fun begins with threesomes! John, my father spoke out, adding, “Amy dear, Frank and I will take you…Jo Anne, you and Mary take Rob. There’s a one hour time limit for the first sexual romp and if either of the new lovers indicate they are uncomfortable that session ends and we move on. Agreed?”

With heads nodding, grins forming and one, voiced, “No problem!” the fun began.

I was already feeling the warm glow produced by the wine, when Amy reached up and kissed me. It was deep, slow and passionate. As she pulled away she mouthed the words, “I Love you.”

I grinned and said, “Ditto.” as I was being pulled away by my mom.

As we approached Jo Anne, I suddenly felt a low pitched vibration in my ass and my eyes widen at the sensation and I saw Jo Anne tilt her back, laughing.

“It’s a cordless butt plug Rob…Feels good Huh?” mom said, squeezing my arm.

Taking another sip of wine, I nodded my head and started to grin.

In the back round, I heard Amy squeal out and the word cordless, hit my ears when Jo Anne reached out and grabbed me. “Come this way dear boy, your mother and I want you to explore us.”

I gulped visibly, as Jo Anne and mom laughed, moving in on me.

They led me to a very nice air mattress, well padded and covered in a silk sheet. There my mother sat down and beckoned me. Cupping her breasts, she offered them up and said, “Please Rob, it’s been so long. Please suck my nipples!”

On my knees, I bent forward and drew in the first nipple, as a flood of childhood memories came back. I felt the nipple harden, as my tongue ran circles around it. I became more eager and lunged forward sucking in the nipple and as much of her breast as I could, never noticing Jo Anne’s movements.

As I sucked away, Jo Anne was removing my ball and cock holder. Undoing the clasps, she quickly removed the jewelry from my hard cock and slipped the ball holder away too. I was reaching for the second nipple when I felt her hands undo the remaining clasp that freed the holder from the butt plug and I moaned.

I couldn’t believe how natural and sexual I felt, sucking hard on my mother when I heard her say, “Easy Rob, your father likes them too, not to mention Frank. Sit back and play with my tits for awhile.”

I did as she asked and immediate felt the vibrations change in my ass…Pulsing now!

Jo Anne’s hands caressed my ass cheeks, as I squeezed and played with my mothers tits. They felt heavenly, large, full and heavy. I bent to kiss and suck them in various spots when I felt Jo Anne’s presence again.

She grabbed the jeweled stringer attached to the plug and pulled in time with the pulsing vibrations, which made my cock harder than I ever thought possible.

My mother brought me back, cupping my face and pulling me up and towards her to kiss me. Her tongue slipped in slowly, and deeply she played with my tongue and teeth, pulling me down on top of her as she kissed me.

Her tongue slid out and licked my lips and with a husky voice she said, “Now Rob, go explore where you came from…My pussy loved you coming out and I know I’m going to love you going back in.”

With barely a breath, I suck, nibbled and kissed my escort reklamları way down my mother’s body. As I drew closer to her clean shaven mound, she parted her legs and the sweet aroma of her pussy invaded my nostrils.

I cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy towards me, marveling at her wet, swollen labia. On my knees, ass high in the air and face buried in mother’s pussy, Jo Anne giggled and closed in on me.

Jo’s fingers slid between my legs and up my shaft, as I licked and sucked. Her fingers did a light pirouette around the head of my cock and then back down, grasping my balls.

She timed the grabbing of my balls and sticking her tongue inside my rectum simultaneously, and I moaned out loudly. My mother moaned with me as my attention had her close to coming and she cood, “I knew you would feel good…And God you have no idea how good… Don’t stop Robby I’m almost there!”

“Jo Anne…I…I’m close…don’t make him…cum…I…I want him….first…Please!”

And as she finished her sentence, my mother climaxed for the first time that night. Jo Anne quickly pulling her tongue from my ass and removing her fingers from my balls, slid around and sucked in one of mother’s nipples, prolonging her climax as I drove my tongue deep inside her pussy.

My mother drew up her legs and squeezed my head hard, signaling me to stop my probing and I pulled away. “Thank you Rob, I don’t think I could have taken much more…Amy must just love that tongue of yours!” she squealed out, relaxing after her climax.

Jo Anne winked at me and said, “My turn Rob…My turn!” and turned towards me, offering her breasts as my mother had. I looked up and over at Amy, cradled in a sex swing, my father eagerly sucking her clit and Uncle Frank working her nipples. Her face said it all, she was in heaven and close to cumming, when the men stopped and changed positions. Before turning back to Jo Anne I watched Frank’s tongue disappear in her pussy and dad’s cock disappear in her mouth and only increased moans coming from Amy. I smiled and turned towards Jo Anne’s offering.

Eagerly I cupped them and began yet another breast massage and sucking adventure. Jo Anne’s breasts were large and heavy too, but not quite the size of mom’s. Her nipples were larger and my attention brought them out to incredible length, a real treat for the eyes and my tongue.

My mother slid away from between us, moving behind me she slowly began massaging my back, working her way down to my ass. With expert care and gentle finger action she grabbed the vibrator stringer and gently pulled the bullet out, still working its magic. I sighed with some relief and renewed my assault on Jo Anne’s tits.

Jo Anne began a slow reclining movement that drew me down on top of her and between her legs. Low moans started to come from her mouth as I pulled each nipple out, in a long deliberate sucking action and then began my journey. Nibbling and sucking, I worked my way down her right side and then crossed, just above her mound and worked my way back up. Sucking in her left nipple for the last time I started down again, but this time I tarried at her mound and then dropped just outside her labia and inside her thigh crease. Raising her legs and spreading them wide, she begged for my attention and was rewarded.

“Oh God Mary, this kid of yours is awesome! He’s got me shakin’ already and he hasn’t even touched my pussy yet!”

At the word “yet”, I sucked in the left side of her labia and worked my lips up and down, occasionally slipping my tongue into her pussy. I tarried at the top, licking her clit and then quickly sucking it in deep and hard, causing her scream out in delight. “Oh God…Oooooh Godddddd…He is good!”

I heard mom giggle behind me and as her hand slipped between my legs and massaged my rock hard cock she said, “I know Jo….Believe me I know!” and then added, “Be gentle Robbie, Aunt Jo might have a heart attach!” the giggle turning into a laugh.

“Damn Rob you’ve found the spot, don’t stop…Don’t stop!” Jo cood, as I massaged the lower portion of her vagina, pressing down and in as I licked her clit.

Apparently knowing Jo Anne well, my mother slid her hand from my cock and moved to Jo Anne’s side and like before began an artful sucking on Jo’s gaziantep escort reklamları nipples as I worked her pussy. In no time, Jo Anne’s thighs were heaving and with a sharp intake of breath she screamed out, “I’m cumming…I’m cumming so fucking hard…Suck me Rob….Suck me!”

Almost in unison, Amy screamed out her cumming, with Uncle Frank working her pussy feverishly, as she sucked on dad’s cock between gasps and screams. I looked up, knowing Jo Anne had climaxed and watched in fascination as Amy bucked and thrashed in the swing, her hips violently shaking, as she pulled and jerked on dad’s rock hard penis. “Oh God daddy, that was so goooood…You guys are the fucking best! Only Rob has made me cum that hard!”

“Okay…Okay, looks we have winners all around…Time for a break and a little relaxation.” My mom called out.

“Ya looks like the girls all got an early cumming!” Frank added in and laughed, as he and Dad helped Amy from the swing. With shaky legs, Amy needed help out and down. The trio joined mom, Jo Anne and me and we all laughed and talked almost at once.

“God, what’s next?” Amy started out.

“Well, its a little game called, “Who’s is it?”” Dad answered.

Almost simultaneously, Amy and I said, “Who’s is it? What’s that about?”

“Oh its easy and a lot of fun. You think you know your lover…Right? But what if you have to guess who’s dick your sucking…Or who’s sucking your dick? Or who’s finger or dick is in you? There are a lot of variations…Get the drift?” Jo chirped up.

We nodded and Amy giggled, taking another sip of wine. “Does any one cum?” Amy asked as she brought the glass down.

“No!” The others said, as a group.

“It’s just for fun dear, but the hard part is not to give your self away! Mom added.

“Oh.” Amy said nodding and then turned whispering in my ear, “I’d know you any day!”

“Okay, I’ll flip a coin…Heads girls go first, tails the men.” Frank announced, as he stood and walked away.

“Hey what’s the prize?” I asked, which caused an up roar of laughter and me to blush for some unknown reason, as I looked at Amy and shrugged my shoulders.

Unknown to Amy and I the coin was one sided and the girls always won. Mostly because of the break the men had gone somewhat flaccid and guessing “who’s lips” was an easy way for the men to re-arise to the occasion.

Being the new comer, I was chosen as first up and blindfolded. The object was easy, guess who’s lips were sucking my cock. All three women would take a turn and then I would have to guess the order. No hands, only lips were to touch me. No talking, no laughing and nothing else to give me a clue.

With my hands behind my back, the game began. I felt my cock instantly disappear between a pair of very hungry lips. In fact, it was far too deep to be Amy, or so I thought. The lips drew out and then slid back down my shaft, as my cock rapidly hardened. Again a very deep penetration and I made my guess, mentally.

With no sound the lips departed and another set devoured my cock. This time it was slow and extremely sensual. Little by little I felt my cock disappear between the lips, almost in a loving way. The tongue wrapped and played and as they withdrew, they tarried nibbling my cock head and the tongue probed my hole. I made a second mental note, as the lips withdrew.

The third set grabbed me, but then stopped. Sucking hard on my cock head they released and went down my hardened shaft, biting and sucking and then came back up. Tensed together, they forced themselves over my cock head and slowly went down my shaft and began sucking me like they could draw cum from me at will. Like the set before they too tarried before leaving, depositing a large drop of spittle on my head and the tongue licking it around. I was unsure, almost immediately. “Had I picked right? Jo Anne for sure was the first one.” I thought.

I stood, cock throbbing, thinking hard and knew I picked right. I blurted out, “Jo Anne, mom, Amy!” and was greeted with cheers all around. I had picked correctly!

The game continued with Frank next and then dad. Neither of which got it right, but I think perhaps it was on purpose. It was great watching and girls seem to be having more fun which contestant.

The gaziantep escort bayan reklamları women were up next. The large sheet was set up that had a single hole in it, the right height for an average male to stand and place his cock through. The women drew straws and were blind folded. One male would stick his cock through the hole and the selected woman would be guided into position. Limited penetration was allowed, assisted by a cock ring that signaled a penetration stop. This assured that, more, endowed males could not “make a statement” with full insertion, so to speak.

The two non-contestants would assist the player by spreading her cheeks and guiding her onto the waiting shaft. Once contact was made, the contestant would back onto the shaft and move at will, the male had to remain still. Dad was given, at least in one case, extra time and nearly came. Of course his guess…Amy! He was right and extremely happy about it.

It never dawned on Amy and me that the entire party was a bit skewed. Fun, but skewed. How stupid of us! Amy being young and tight was a synch to guess. Although I got rock hard, being young, my cock hadn’t thickened like dads or Franks, another fairly easy guess…But, those were all afterthoughts of the best night either of us had ever had.

In the end, it was all about one thing. I recall years later thinking, “It was like a scene from “Rosemarie’s Baby”, where she is seduced and fucked by the devil. Side by side my father and I lied. Frank had his wife, Jo Anne, bent over the picnic table and mom and Amy were poised, squatting over dad and I, ready to slide down our cocks.

Jo Anne called out huskily as Frank slowly pushed his cock home in her ass, “Rob, remember were I want you!”

Amy reached out and slapped my chest and with her other guide her pussy onto dad’s shaft. At the same time mom grabbed my cock and squatted lower, impaling herself and sinking down.

Grabbing hands, the women began a slow up and down movement in unison. Frank backed his cock out, leaving just the head in and in unison, with the girls, began a slow in and out movement in Jo’s ass, as she watched.

A dozen penetrations later the girls dropped down to their knees and began another series of slow rocking movements, pushing down as hard as they could. I recall telling Amy later, “I felt my mother’s uterus, Amy!”

“Jeeze Rob, what do ya think dad was pushing around in me!” she came back, adding, “It felt so fucking good Rob! I’m sure mom was going as nuts as I was!”

But I digress…Frank was busy too. With the girls change, Frank slid in farther and began his own slow moves, causing Jo Anne to cry out. She stopped when he reached to massage her clit…”It was a serious moan then!”

Mom dropped down on her hands shortly thereafter and whispered, “Oh God damn Rob you’ve got me so close, I love you son.” and placed a nipple at my lips.

I turned my head slowly and saw Amy doing much the same thing, but she was talking, not dad. “Daddy…Oh jeeze dad I never thought I’d be this fucking horny. I love your cock…It’s…It’s…Oh God its big daddy!”

Amy’s legs and thighs started uncontrolled shaking as she came and at the same time, mom contracted her uterus muscles and grabbed me. Instantly I was soaked! Mom had ejaculated and squirted me with a heavy hard stream.

Her final movements sent me over the edge and I felt my cock burst. A heavy thick wad of cum shot out, followed by several more bursts. I swore I felt her heartbeat at that point, it was damn near religious!

Dad’s load was well into Amy and her dance on his cock was almost magical. Jo Anne had cum dribbling down her legs and was working Frank’s cock to the max, screaming out, “Fuck me Frank…Damn you…Fuck my ass hard!”

As for the neighbors, “Well, thank God we live in the country!” I always say. Thank God for starry nights and summer too. But most of all, thank you Dear Lord for the winter nights. The snow, the fire place, the hot tub and, most of all, friends and lovers, for they make it all special.

Amy and I remained lovers and inseparable friends. Of course as time went on mom and dad faded from the picture, as did Frank and Jo Anne, but, with love in mind, wouldn’t you know they managed to pair us up before they moved on. Amy and I decided not to have kids. It took many conversations but eventually we came to agree on one thing, “Incest might be a way of life, but not the only way.”

Amy passed away in ’98…I’ve been lost every since. At 91 she had a full, if not insane life, that she loved. Her last words to me…”Come daddy…Come be with your baby.” Guess I’ll always wonder about that, least til I meet her again!

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