The Lesson in the Sauna Ch. 01


Willow stepped into the Sauna and saw her lover immediately. She smiled, as she looked him up and down. He was naked from the waist up apart from a towel. She had last seen him at the cave when he had made love to her for the very first time, and she had loved every minute of it. She would always remember his soft caress on her breasts, the heat of his mouth round her nipples and the rock-like shaft as he plunged into her body.

She was dressed in a white robe and underneath she was naked apart from a skimpy red bikini, the bra of which showed off the valley of her cleavage to its fullest effect. The panties of her bikini were a g-string. Slowly, she opened the robe, giving the man a glimpse of her body, which he had already viewed. He smiled and got off the bench, the sweat gleaming on his well-toned body. He kissed her, deeply and with passion as he slowly took off her robe.

“I think you’ll be warm enough in here without the robe on,” he whispered. ‘I have a surprise for you.’

Willow smiled and kissed him again, her tongue darting into his mouth.

“Having you inside me was a good surprise,” she said “what is it?”

“Look.” he commanded.

Willow peered through the fog of the steam and saw that they were not alone. On the bench was one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen. The woman stood before them and slipped off her towel gown revealing a body that must have pleased many a lover. She was tanned all over from all the days she had sunbathed naked and covered with sweat. Her bikini was small, the bra of which pushed her breasts together and enhanced their shape. Slowly, deliberately, she came over.

“I’ve never felt like this before.” said Willow.

“Then enjoy it. I could be your master, teaching you all the sexual and sensuous things you have never know. Would you like that?”


“Then learn. Today’s lesson is in how a woman can pleasure and satisfy you in the same way that a man can.”

Willow looked deep into the woman’s sensuous brown eyes and studied her full lips, wondering what she would taste like. In the crevice between her legs, Willow realised türkçe altyazılı porno how moist she had become simply by being in the presence of these two people.

Willow closed her eyes as she felt the woman’s hand fall on her shoulders. This was nuts. For the second time in the space of a few days, she was allowing herself to be touched by a stranger. Willow knew that in a few moments she would be naked before this unknown woman who would take control of her mind, body and spirit completely. She wanted to leave the steamy heat of the sauna and get back to her own room so she could cool herself down but it was too late now. Why did she allow herself to get into such a position. First there was the oasis where she had finger fucked herself in front of the man and then a few minutes later she had got completely naked with. She smiled as she remembered the feeling of his rock hard manhood slam into her, shaking the walls of her being as came over and over again.

After they had finished making love at the oasis, the man finally told her his name and that he would meet her in the sauna later to continue her education in the world of the sensual. He was on the bench now, looking on, drinking in the sight of her about to get it on with a woman for the first time. Willow had often wondered what it would be like to make love to someone with the same sex. When she had been alone Willow sometimes fingered herself, imagining what it would be like to feel the lips of a woman against her own. Now here she was, in a sauna and deep inside, she wondered if she was ready for this experience. The woman who was now so close Willow could feel her warm breath on her body. She was certainly stunning. She had long brown hair, similar in style to Willow’s own tresses. Her body was tanned and covered with a bikini that suited her perfectly. Her breasts were just the right size and shape to please the most discerning of lovers.

Then the woman’s lips gently kissed the side of Willow’s neck. Willow let out a low, feral groan of pent-up sexual longing.

“This is too fast.” Willow whispered twitter porno as the woman’s kissed grew more intense.

“You have never been kissed by a woman before, have you?” asked the woman.

“Not in a sexual way,” replied Willow

“Then relax,” said the woman “I was like you once. I believe that the only true way to happiness was if a man made love to me. Now I choose who can have sex with me whether they are a man or a woman. Every time I make love with a woman now, I wish it were the first time.”

“But I’ve never felt this way before,” said Willow “I feel so….”

“…Embarrassed? Why should you be? You have a fine body, built to please any lover. The secret is to relax and enjoy this new experience. I have kissed you on the side of your neck. Do you want to kiss me?”

“Yes. But…” Before Willow could continue, the woman had pulled her close and kissed her, exploring Willow’s mouth with her tongue as her arms snaked around her back. Willow put all of her longing and passion into the kiss as if she were kissing a man for the first time. It was the most natural thing in the world, to let this woman’s new tongue into her mouth and the longer it went on, the more willow relaxed. It was so erotic, so pleasurable, that Willow just wanted to stand there, kissing this woman until there was nothing more to give. Willow allowed her hands to explore the back of the woman, feeling the smooth skin beneath her fingertips. The kiss went on and on, space and time having no meaning until the woman broke the kiss and touched Willow’s face with her hands.

“Did you like that?” she asked.

“Yes,” gasped Willow.

“You are not embarrassed anymore?”


“Good. Then undress me.”

“But I don’t…It’s too sudden.”

“A few seconds ago you were kissing me. Do you really think I will be self-conscious if you remove my bikini? And besides, you’ve already masturbated in front of this man here and then allowed him to make love to you. I want your mouth to explore my body and to pleasure it and then afterwards, I will pleasure you in anyway you want me to.”

Slowly, üniversiteli porno Willow walked around the woman and reached around, across her flat stomach from behind. Gingerly, she kissed her back between the shoulder blades, just above the clasp of the bikini. Willow drew her hand back, kissing further and unclipped the bra, getting faster and faster as she grew more confident. In one smooth movement, Willow slipped the bra off the woman’s tanned brown shoulders. The woman turned around to face her, smiling.

“Good. Now take it off.” she commanded.

Willow needed no further encouragement and tore the bra off the woman, her hands grasping for the woman’s now naked breasts, tweaking the nipples into hot peaks. Willow desired nothing more right now than to have this unknown woman’s red-hot tit in her mouth where she could suck on its intensity. As Willow flicked the nipple, she could hear the woman gasping and whispering words of encouragement although she couldn’t quite make them out. After a few seconds of blissful abandon, the woman gently pushed Willow’s head away.

“Touch me.” She commanded.

“Where?” asked Willow, although she knew the answer before it was given.

“Between my legs. I want you to touch me like you touched yourself before your other lover.”

The woman took Willow’s hand and guided down the smooth stomach to the Lycra edge of her panties. Willow could feel the most juices mingled with sweat and needed no further encouragement. She pushed inside the woman’s briefs and made straight for her cunt, her fingers playing over the clit. The woman almost had an orgasm over her hand but Willow wanted more than this. Slowly, she pushed the woman onto the bench and pulled the tied knot of string which held the panties up, deliberately kissing up the woman’s leg as she pulled the panties down to the floor. He woman was now completely at her mercy. Her pussy was neatly shaved and willing to accept any tongue. Willow got down on the bench and kissed up the woman’s shapely smooth leg, all the while stroking the woman’s sex.

“Do you want me to eat your pussy out?” asked Willow.


“Then I shall.”

Willow had relaxed completely but she knew that she wanted to take off her bikini and let this woman explore her body. She would be a dilligent student and learn everything there was to know about pleasing a lover be they either a man or a woman.

End of Part 1

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