The Lodge Pt. 05


It has been two weeks since our sisters visited. They are in the moving process and should be here at the end of next week. We are hopeful they are pregnant but have to wait for 7 weeks to test and be accurate. We are looking to add a midwife to our emergency clinic as several of our staff believe they are pregnant as well.

Today, Mom arrives for a weekend visit. Terry is at the airport with the limo to bring her to our house in town. Our sisters have been trying to convince her she needs to move here to be with them. Brian and I want to show her the house we have built, right next to ours, where she can live without a financial obligation and have her house in Boston sold so she would be mortgage free.

Terry honked as he drove down into the garage to park. We hustled down the elevator to meet her as Terry opened her door.

“Hey Mom, don’t you look nice,” we both said in unison. She had on pink blouse and black slacks. Her pearl necklace around her neck. Her blue eyes looked us up and down as we came over and gave her a group hug. “Hope you had a nice flight.”

“It wasn’t crowded,” she laughed. “I was the only passenger except for the flight crew.”

“We lease the plane, and they supply us with a crew when we need to use it. We have heard it is a nice crew, we are too busy to use it.” Brian said as we lead Mom toward the elevator.

“I need to get my luggage, “she said.

“Terry will take care of it. We plan to have dinner in town in a few hours, and then stay here tonight. In the morning we will move to The Lodge and our place there.” I let Mom know as we exited onto the main floor.

We led her into the living room and told her if she needed to rest, we would show her to her room.

“I don’t need rest, I slept on the plane. I need to see my boys and catch up on your lives.” Mom replied. “The girls said they had a great time, accepted jobs here and want me to move as well. It looks like you have plenty of room for all of us here.”

“We do have plenty of room, Mom, but not in our house. We built homes for everyone on this street. You probably noticed them when you drove up. Can we get you something to drink, coffee, soda, water?” I asked.

“Coffee would be nice,” she replied.

I hit a button on our end table and asked Margret, our housekeeper, to bring in three coffees.

“I am so proud of you boys,” Mom said. “Your game business was so successful, and when you sold it, well, I wondered what you would do, and look at this.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Brian said. Walking over to where she sat and gave her a kiss on her cheek. Her blouse was partially unbuttoned, and we both could see she was not wearing a bra.

“Why did you go into this type of business?” she asked.

“Well,” I started, “Sex sells and people need a place where they can be free to express their sexual feeling and find someone to share it with no matter what persuasion they are. The town was dying, only three businesses left operating, so we bought them and all the land around to go with the acres of The Lodge we own. We are still a work in progress, the town is only half rebuilt so far, and with a Western theme since we live out here in the West.”

“The girls told me everything when they got sahibe escort back home, they are so excited to get back.” Mom commented.

“Everything?” Brian asked.

“What they you fucked them, and they might be pregnant, well at least they think they are.” Mom replied.

We both turned red when she said that.

“It’s okay,” Mom said leaning back on the sofa. “Something I need to tell you, a family secret. Your dad was sterile. We didn’t know each other sexually until after we married. Not that would have told us his situation either. We wanted kids and my family, well, I grew up having sexual relationships with family and extended family all on the pill. Your Uncle Steve volunteered to provide the means for us to have children, so he moved in with us, and we fucked until I became pregnant. Three girls later, your dad still wanted a boy, so Uncle Steve stayed, and we could not have been more excited when we found out twin boys were in the womb. When you were born, I had my tubes tied, we had accomplished what we wanted. When your dad died 10 years ago, I continued to visit family and had my needs met.”

“Wow, I would have never thought,” Brian said.

“I told your sisters right before I flew out, their reaction was about the same as yours.”

We talked about family, business and Boston for about an hour, then we suggested we look at the house we had built in case she wanted to move out.

Mom was impressed with the five bedrooms, though she didn’t know what she would do with so much room.

“Grandkids, when you babysit. Or friends dropping by.” I told her. “Let’s head to town for dinner.”

At dinner we talked about the town and the construction taking place turning it into a Western Themed town. We talked about the clinic we had built on the street over. Mom is working as an RN in Boston. We offered her employment if she wanted it here. Not as active as where she is at, a nice change of pace.

“We so appreciate you; we have a gift.” Brian said as we finished dessert. “We opened a bank account for you here but it doesn’t matter if you stay in Boston. This is our gift for bringing us into the world and molding us into who we are.”

I handed over a bank pamphlet with the information and amount. “You won’t even have to work there are here if you don’t want to. Or here, even though we don’t have part-time employees, you could work as few hours as you want.

Mom’s blue eyes got big and bright as she looked at the million-dollar balance. “Oh, this is way too much,” she said.

“Gee,” Brian responded, “We didn’t think it was enough.”

Hugs and kisses followed as we exited to the limo and headed back home for the night in town.

We could see after talking for a while Mom was tiring, so we all went to bed for the night. In the morning we had breakfast and headed for The Lodge.

“Mom, we want you to know, here at The Lodge, clothing is optional. Don’t feel pressured to disrobe, just realize there will be those who are. Brian and I wear a red jockstrap. And this gold bracelet will get you to our floor if you decide to be adventuresome and explore around.” I told her.

“We also have booked you for an afternoon at sahibe escort bayan the spa. Manicure, pedicure, massage and wax though the wax is optional. We also have funds on your bracelet for the gift shop. It is an unlimited balance, but don’t buy the store, we have other guests.” Brian laughed.

Terry brought her luggage up from the car, we toured the third floor, our rooms and offices then went down to the main floor followed by a trip on the property.

Several times she was hit on to come join in one of the rooms. “You’re a lucky lady,” one guy said when she told them she was with us.

“That was a flattering walk,” she said as we went up the elevator to our floor.

“Not surprised. We always thought you were and still are MILF.” I responded as she turned a little red.

The door opened from the elevator. We walked into our dining room where lunch had just been placed on the table. The servers lifted the lids off the plates and departed. An Asian chicken salad was served, my lunch favorite.

Lunch over, we walked with her to the Spa, introduced her to the staff and went out on the grounds to meet with our guests.

“Things are getting crowed in some of the areas,” Brian noted as we saw lines outside the steam room and the maze with glory holes.

“Let’s move on to our next phase here.” I replied. “Add the 10 treehouses between the cabins and yurts with a sideways walk, ass three steam rooms and a large room with 5 king-sized beds surrounded with bench seating all around. I’ll head back to the office and get ahold of our general contractor and get it going. See you at dinner.”

When Mom came back with her purchases from the store and her spa day completed, we decided to have dinner downstairs where we served a buffet for our all-inclusive guests staggers for several hours.

“The contractor said he could knock it out in about 30-45 days since we owned the town and approved all permits. He also had a premium price since he had to hired almost twice as many workers. I told him to go ahead, that we had more work in town so he could keep everyone on.” I said to Brian as we sat down to eat salmon and shrimp for dinner.”

“You guys are growing quite a lot,” Mom remarked. “Not growing too fast, are you?”

“Not at all, we are now booked six months out and the bookings keep growing. Some changes we will make in town once this work is finished will help us. And make us a lot more money.”

“Your sisters said you have a couple of cousins coming to look at work.” Mom said.

“Yeah, Chris and Ed Jr., your brother Ed’s kids.” Brian informed.

We chatted some more, Mom was leaving in the morning, the cousins were coming two days later, this was a busy week. After dinner we went upstairs so Mom could get most of her things packed and some sleep before she flew out.

“Boys. Before I head to bed, I want to spend some time in your bed. I have been looking at your bodies and I think we are beyond the point of incest since your sisters were here as well.”

“We do have once question, are you on the pill?” Brian asked.

“No need to worry, after you were born, I had my tubes tied, so your mother won’t be joining escort sahibe your baby parade,” she laughed following us into the bedroom.

We all stripped and climb atop the duvet. Mom was awesome. So well kept, her petite breasts were solid, the brown areoles, shaped just like her daughters, and her tits where extended and firm. We also noticed she took advantage of the wax, hairless in her personal area. Her labia was extended, looking inviting leading into her clit which we both were looking forward to teasing to bring her to a climax and more.

“Mom, you look awesome, I said as I kissed her, parting her lips with my tongue as Brian leaned in to suckle her breasts.

I leaned down and took one tit while Brian took the other. I slipped my hand down to her vagina and began to play in her birth canal where we came out from when she got on her knees and started sucking on my cock. Running her tongue in circles around my head, then sucking my shaft down her throat, then back to circles again.

Brian was rubbing her ass, playing with her ass hole while she sucked my cock.

Mom lifted her leg and Brian brought his cock up against her vagina and started to slide in, stroking her.

“Uh,uh,” Mom moaned as Brians cock went in and out. She continued to bob up and down on my cock.

She changed positions, bringing Brian up to the top of the bed and sucked his cock while I bent down and began to suck her cunt, sliding my tongue in and around her clit. I could taste her juices and Brians pre-cum.

Moving from her side to her back, I pulled her legs apart sliding my cock into her sweet spot. She began to squeeze me while she stayed on Brian’s cock. He was squeezing her breasts as we played.

I lay down on the bed, Mom laid on atop me on her back as I grabbed some lube and globed some on her asshole, slowly inserting my cock through her ring. Brian then got on top, his cock riding into her clit. I could feel him inside here as we fucked both her holes.

“Oh yeah, fuck me boys, seed me deep,” she said as he increased out tempo. Her body shook as she climaxed, and we were not far behind. I could hear Brians balls slapping against her ass.

Brian shot his load first; I could feel his jizz dripping on my cock and balls, then came my release. Mom had both holes filled with out cum and we enjoyed the experience of the double penetration.

We got off the bed headed for our large shower and took our time cleaning each other off then drying Mom off first before she left, exhausted she said, but satisfied.

“I got a text this morning,” Mom said at breakfast. “I didn’t want to say anything before and get your hopes up, but I sold the house. Cash buyer who wants to move into the house in two weeks. I sold it fully furnished since your sisters told me the houses here are fully furnished.”

“That’s great Mom,” I said. “We will arrange with the movers to pack up what you are taking and have it shipped here.”

“I just couldn’t stand for my family to be here, with hopefully grandbabies on the way, and living in Boston. After a wonderful last night, how could I stay away,” Mom laughed.

After breakfast, Terry came up and grabbed her luggage, taking it to the car and we rode down the elevator with Mom to say good-bye.

“See you and our sisters in a couple of weeks,” we both said as Terry closed the door and headed to the airport.

“That was a nice surprise,” Brian said as we went upstairs to our offices.

In a couple of days we would be greeting two cousins and offering them employment.

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