The Long Weekend Ch. 20


Chapter 20

Ladies Day

“Thanks for the offer Stella, but my partner and I play together and right now she seems to have had enough so I’ll pass.” responds Kathy as she continues to cradle a limp Annie in her arms. Annie completely relaxed and contented begins to rouse herself.

“How about you Kathy, what can I do for you?” ask Annie as she looks up from her head on Kathy’s lap. As encouragement she caresses Kathy’s thigh and begins to play with her dense hairy red bush.

“Thanks, I’m good for now. I wanted to thank you for making Danny’s birthday so special for him. Maybe later.” replied Kathy as they sensed more ladies coming into the play room. “I guess the fashion show is over. Do you want to stay?”

“No, that was so incredible that I don’t think I could take anymore. I think maybe a bit more sun and a glass of wine or two before I call Brice to come and pick me up.” said Annie lazily as she continued to softly probe Kathy’s nether region.

Opening her legs a little to let Annie touch her more deeply, Kathy offers, “Danny is coming to pick me up at 3:15, why don’t we drive you home? I know the way. I am sure Danny would love it. Please!”

As other women around them were making themselves comfortable on the mattress, Kathy bent over and gave Annie a quick kiss on the lips. “Time to go or we won’t go with what you are doing to me.” Kathy stated as she began to extract herself from the embrace and stand up.

“OK, let me find Nancy and tell her and then, what say I join you. Do you want to do the hot tub?” Annie replied as she watched Kathy’s bush pass her face on her way to standing up.

Reaching down to help Annie up, Kathy responds, “That’s a great idea, Danny was hard on me last night and I could use a soak to recover. I’ll see you there in a few minutes. If you bring some nosh, I’ll get us some wine.” Giving Annie a little hug, Kathy sets off through the red glow to find the exit.

Annie follows behind and as she parting the curtain to leave, she runs into Nancy coming in.

“Oh Nancy, I was just going to look for you.”

“Annie, is that you? I was wondering where you got to. Are you leaving? I was hoping to maybe spend some time with you.” Nancy said with surprise since here eyes had not adjusted to the dim light and really could not see who was talking.

“Yes, it’s me. I am leaving but I’m going to the hot tub. Kathy is going to join me and then likely she will drive me home. It was great to meet and get to know more about you.”

“Thanks Annie, I loved it to. I just got a text message from my sister who decided to spend the day with my dad. She said they have a free day tomorrow and that she and my dad would come over. Do you want to come for lunch? Richard is still away, so it will be just the four of us.”

Hesitating for a second or two since she did now know what plans were being made for tomorrow Annie replied, “I am not sure what I am doing, but I will leave my mobile phone number on your chaise in case I don’t see you. Call me later today and I will let you know. I think I would like to come, unless the others have plans.”

Pulling Annie close while reaching down to lightly fondle Annie’s bald vulva, Nancy finds it enlarged and damp. “I would like to see more of you. Do come.” Nancy coos into Annie’s ear.

“I’ll try.” was Annie’s response, which made Nancy smile very broadly.

Annie drops off the used towels into the bin and emerges into the bright sunlight. Squinting her eyes, she finds her empty chaise and table. Rummaging into her bag she finds, in her make up kit, an eyebrow pencil to write her phone number with for Nancy. Gathering up her belongings which aren’t much, hangs them on a peg near the hot tub, before heading to the buffet.

Returning to the hot tub, Annie finds Kathy already in the water and choosing the side in the shade, she slips in. Nibbling the food treats and sipping their wine, the two women enjoy each other’s company as they do their body.

Chatting like old friends the remaining time went very quickly. It was only when they heard Beth blow a loud whistle before calling out, “That’s 2:45pm ladies, we open up to general members in 15 minutes. Top up your wine and help yourself to the food. Thank you so much, and remember the third Sunday of every month in Ladies Day. Mark it on your calendars now. Please, a big hand escort sitesi now for the organizers and to Maggie for the fashion show.”

“This water feels so good, I don’t really want to go. Danny was so hard on me last night that I am still sore. I can never get over the stamina of an eighteen year old. He was so excited, to be at the party and to have met you, that he was randy all night. He came four times after you left us.” confided Kathy to Annie as she wiggled to find a jet of water to bubble on her private parts under the water.

“Yes, I know how young men can be. He was rock hard buried inside of you when I left. Four times you say in what two hours?” replied Annie.

“Less than two hours, it was virtually none stop. He was on a roll.” responded Kathy before elaborating, “Then when we got home, Bob was wondering what I did while he was talking to his buddies al night. I told him that I danced and showed Danny around. He thinks something is going on with me and Danny, but doesn’t know the half of it. It gives him a hard on to think that I am flashing Danny or that Danny perves on me. Last night was no different. I was so sore that I had to give him a blow job to protect myself.”

“Wow” expressed Annie with mock surprise, “that must have been some night. To tell you the truth since Friday I have had some of the best sex of my life. It must be the country air. What you did to me in the play room just now was incredible. It was one of the best orgasms of my life. I had a few girl friends at boarding school, but not since then. And never was one as talented as you are. Whatever woman ends up with Danny will be lucky woman with all the tricks you are teaching him.”

Wondering who was giving her all the sex, Kathy encouraged Annie by asking, “Yes the country air will do it to you. Who else has been doing it to you — Brice?.”

“No, not really. I only just met him Friday and I must say when I saw Stella and her friend with him this afternoon, I was envious. But his son Jake does a very long tongue that I suspect could be fun if used properly. No, my son Jr. keeps me worked up. Just recently he has taken more than an active interest in me. I think he could use a few good lessons.” replied Annie, looking deep into Kathy’s eyes.

“Danny is turning into a wonderful lover and I would be happy to help if you need it.” replied Kathy, picking up on the overt suggestion. Well we better get going, we don’t want to keep lover boy waiting. I told him to pick me up at 3:15″

Leaving the resort, the two lightly dressed women with their shoulder bags see Danny in the parking lot sitting in a silver Miata.

“Damn. I forgot I told Danny he could bring my car to pick me up. I’m not sure how we are all going to fit.” stated an embarrassed Kathy.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just call Brice. He said I could.” countered Annie.

“Nonsense, don’t do that. We can figure something out. You and Danny are smaller than me. I’ll drive, we’ll put the top down and you two can share the passenger seat. It’s only a short drive.” organized Kathy as they proceeded to walk to the car.

“Danny, you remember Annie Sullivan from last night.” introduced Kathy.

“How could I forget.” said Danny as he seemed to be looking right through Annie’s dress at her body that was flushed from the hot tub and his eyes. Annie could not help but notice the frail boyish body that belied the force of the pounding he had given his surrogate mother last night.

“I offered to drive her home, so let me have my keys and try to see if we can figure how to do this. Let’s put our bags in the trunk, and then I’ll drop the top.” directed Kathy. Everything went smoothly, so when she said “Danny you get in first.” There was no hesitation.

After getting in and pushing the seat back as far as it would go, Danny patted his lap as he looked up at Annie. Annie looked down to see the small space for her to fit. As she slid in the bottom of he dress floated up behind her and caught on Danny’s seat belt. It meant that she was sitting on him with her naked crotch in contact with the front of his shorts. She felt his naked legs under her thighs as she wiggled to find a comfortable position.

After they had driven a couple of minutes, Kathy heard Danny yelp, “Ouch…just a second Mrs. Sullivan. I need a slight adjustment. gaziantep escort sitesi Do you mind, can you raise yourself up a bit?”

“I’m sorry, maybe this won’t work.” apologized Annie, as she quickly hoisted herself up by gripping the door and the dash.

“It’ll be fine, just a sec.” came Danny’s reply as he reached under to center his half hard cock downward. As everything was hidden by the sun dress, unbeknown to Annie, he also loosened up the tightness of the shorts and pulled up the hem so that the end of his hardening cock was exposed. “OK, that should be fine now.” he offered.

Settling herself back down, Annie immediately felt the change and experienced anxiety of the forwardness of Danny’s action. “Well” she thought, “he did finger me last night and it’s only a short trip.”

Deciding not to say anything, she enjoyed the feel of his cock pressing between her thighs. As Kathy rounded a sharp corner, Annie’s legs came apart and she felt a wet trail of pre-cum as the satiny head of Danny’s cock trace an arc up her thigh.

“Do you mind, one more time?” Danny asked as he encouraged her to raise herself up. Annie looked back as she held her buttocks up. She saw a big smile, as he pulled his shorts aside to fully withdraw his rampant hard cock before adjusting it to rest against the outside of her vulva. As if Annie had been sitting on a flag pole, the wet head of his cock creased the outer folds of her labia and lay long her moistening furrow. He knew he could not penetrate her without asking her, he wanted to ask and instinctively knew she would say yes, but he also knew that he did not have a condom.

Kathy sensing the movement and fearing for the discomfort of her passengers asks solicitously “I know it’s small. Do you fit in all right?”

“It’s not that small and we seem to fit quite nicely, don’t we Danny?” came Annie reply.

“It’s seems tight but it we’ll manage.” Danny shouted above the wind noise of the open convertible.

On a bumpy part of the road, Kathy instructed Danny, who was the one wearing the seatbelt to hang on. He was only too happy to and when he went to grab her waist he slid his right hand under her billowing dress to grab her naked hips. He held her tight on the rough patch, but when they regained the smooth asphalt, he kept his hands under the dress. He subtly extended his right arm out and took a dollop of his pre-cum from the end of his cock and stretched its viscous strand to begin gently stroking her clitoris. The slow light movements lubricated with his juices make the red button in her slit emerge for more.

His left arm, which was closest to Kathy, slid upward under Annie’s dress to find the underside of her unencumbered breast. He slid his hand further up and cupped her fully before beginning to gently palm her nipple. As blood raced to her areola and nipples, the flush on her face and chest grew. Annie laid her head back and gave into to the persuasive fondling.

“Do you two mind if I stop at the Starbucks drive-thru on the way. I am concerned about the wine I drank and the sun I got. I need to keep my focus.” asked Kathy as she realized her passengers had stopped talking and seemed to be concentrating on something else.

“We are not far from Brice’s I’ll make coffee when we get there.” replied Annie who was desperately trying not to let her arousal allow Danny to penetrate her.

“That’s too much work for you and besides, I have quirky requirements for my coffee. It’ll take just a minute, you’ll see.” stated Kathy as she noticed the movement under front of Annie’s dress. This was a game that she and Danny sometimes played and it gave her an idea. A few minutes later they took a left and at the next stop light, Kathy was sure something was up with Annie and Danny. “Great day to have the top down isn’t.” Kathy surmised exuberantly.

“I think I take mine down a little. Danny likes it when I show off a little. Don’t you Danny?” continued Kathy as she undid a few buttons on her blouse. The light fabric of the blouse fell away exposing a large expanse of her chest. “Why not do the same, Annie. It feels great.”

Annie looked back at Kathy’s ersatz son Danny who was grinning from ear to ear. “Another birthday present?” she asked.

He nodded, “Please, you can never have too many presents.”

With gaziantep escort bayan sitesi that comment and the rising sensations in her body, she undid two, then three, then four more buttons at the top of her sundress. This allowed the bodice to spill open and like Kathy display her bountiful breasts.

As the light turned green, Kathy sped away and the wind in the cabin blew their tops all about. The drafts caught the fabric and ripped at the edges suck the material away from their bodies and let their areola and nipples meet the fresh air. The fabric expanded and collapsed with the wind and Kathy could see that Danny now had both hands under Annie’s dress working her turgid nipples.

“Almost there, just another block.” Almost there is right, thought Danny.

Driving around the back to the ordering post, Kathy called out, “One extra hot, grande soy latte with an extra shot and three sweet and lows put in first. See I told you I was quirky. Anything for you two?”

“No thanks, I’ve got my hands full.” replied Danny as he continued to squeeze and knead his latest birthday presents.

Biting her lower lip for concentration, “Thanks, but nothing for me Kathy.” replied Annie.

“Are you ready for this, the kids at the window love this part.” Kathy offered mischievously as Danny withdrew his hands from direct view. He did not take his hand from under her dress but instead cupped her breasts from below and like a bra, held them high and out. Barely constrained by the gaping bodice they complimented Kathy’s exposed chest. Like two perfectly cooked poached eggs, her breasts were being served up for visual consumption.

Kathy and Annie looked at each other and shook their heads with amazement at what they were doing as Kahty crept the car forward. Looking up at the checkout they saw a young man slide the window open and stare as if in shock.

His mouth fell open at the sight in front of him. He was agog that looking down he could see two MILF’s with great bodies flaunting themselves. It appeared as if there was also another person under the one in the passenger seat.

“ummm…er… One extra hot, grande soy latte with an extra shot and three sweet and lows put in first …” came the order confirmation.

“Are you sure it’s extra hot? We like extra hot don’t we.” Kathy said as she looked at a slightly embarrassed and flustered Annie.

“That will be $4.25.” the young boy mouthed as he seemed to have completely lost consciousness.

“Darn, we put our purses in the trunk. I forgot about that. Do either of you have any money?” asked Kathy.

“My purse is in the trunk too.”

“Danny, how about you?”

“Yeah, I think I have some in my shorts pocket.” came a male voice from under the woman on the far side of the car. “Just a sec.” Danny called out. As he withdrew the support of his hands, one breast fell completely free of her dress and settled naturally on the outside of her bodice. As he began his search for the money, he pulled the bottom portion of Annie’s dress aside to let more light in to see by and in doing so exposed her splayed thighs. “Its here somewhere.” Pulling her dress up and more out of the way he obscenely displayed his cock between the smooth bald lips of her vulva.

Kathy looked over and was shocked at what she saw. She knew something was going on with her two passengers but she had no idea it had gone this far.

Annie’s immediate instinct to her being exposed was to hide her private parts with her hand. She covered her extended red nipple with one hand and with the other reached down quickly but the only way to shield herself was to cover Danny’s cock and press it closer to her throbbing pussy. She had to do it. She had no choice.

Danny moved his hips back and forth driving his cock between her fingers and the juicy labia as he sought to find the money in his pocket.

“Almost there.” Danny said as Kathy and the young store clerk watched a final violent thrust and the inevitable explosion of creamy cum, spurting through the Annie’s fingers. She felt the initial blast of his seed and tried to control the pulsing eruptions, but the hot copious cream began to pool in the crevasse of her sex. The blasts was so large and so full that it was going everywhere and in an effort to contain it, Annie let her breast fall naked and exposed while she used two hands to stem the flood.

Finally finding and handing the money to Kathy, he asks, “Can you get some extra napkins?”

Reaching to get the coffee and passing the money Kathy’s blouse fell completely open to expose both her breasts.

The boy in the headset didn’t now where to look.

“Keep the change, but can we get some extra napkins.”

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