The Look_(2)


The Look

My name is Stanley Vernon and I’m 32 years old. I’m a white guy, 6’2″ and about 185 pounds. I still don’t understand how it started or why. I’ve always been a guy that people can talk to. I’ve always enjoyed meeting and talking to people. I’ve talked to many women and some have invited me to bed. Things changed however.

When it all boils down to a specific time that I know for a fact this all was working for me was when I took my elderly neighbor’s puppy dog to the vet.

It was time for a puppy checkup. The pup was growing and needed his shots. For some reason the night before I couldn’t sleep. Something kept me from going out. A mild headache, constant mental repetition. As soon as I closed my eyes, BOOM, wide awake. Finally I gave up and read a book.

In the morning, my eyes weren’t focusing right. Constantly slipping in and out of focus, loosing edge detection and clear lines.

In the afternoon I got the little puppy from Sam’s house. He doesn’t like to travel at all anymore. As soon as I sat down behind the wheel everything was good. I drove to the vet hospital and took him in.

There were two girls at the counter and one new guy. Both girls walked over to the puppy and petted him. I told the guy the name of the puppy and he was disinterested. He said to take a seat.

I sat to wait and looked at the friendly counter girls. One asked me a question and I didn’t quite understand. My vision seemed to loose focus fast. I looked at the girl and asked what she had said. We made eye contact and she repeated herself. I told her what he was eating and that he had a good appetite. All written down by my neighbor.

The young girl started smiling a lot. After a couple minutes she said that she thought the puppy was just too cute. She sat next to me and I thought she was a little too close.

The girl’s name tag on her flowered scrubs said ‘Caitlyn.’ She reached over to my lap where the little fella was curled up. She rubbed his ears. She started baby talk to him, and I looked at her. She looked very nice.

She was a hard body, maybe 18 or 19 years old, blonde. I guess about a 32B/28/34. She wore glasses but she left them on the counter when she decided to sit next to me.

“You have pretty eyes Mr. Vernon. They are so blue, really deep blue. Are you married?” Caitlyn asked.

“MR. VERNON PLEASE COME THIS WAY.” The new guy said.

I excused myself. The new guy said Dr. Brown would be seeing me soon.

Within minutes there was a knock at the door and it opened. Caitlyn and another girl were at the doorway.

Caitlyn said to the other girl that she can handle me. The other girl said that it was her job and she should go back to the front desk. Caitlyn said she wants to do it. Caitlyn was reminded that she has a fiancee and to quit it. Just then Caitlyn was called away. The other girl entered and shut the door.

The other girl’s name tag said ‘Penny.’ Also blonde, a bit taller. Around the same age. Smaller boobs. Bigger butt.

“Hi Mr. Vernon. I know he isn’t your puppy but we need to complete this worksheet. Can you answer what you know?” Penny said.

Together we went down the list. I noticed she stopped asking the questions. My focus again acted up right as I looked at her. I tried looking her in the eyes.

“Mr. Vernon your eyes are so blue. Wow. So pretty.” Penny said.

“They must be. That’s what Caitlyn told me just a few minutes ago. I must be having a good day.” I said.

“I could help make it better. I’m off in a couple hours. If you could meet me in the parking lot. I promise you, I will make your day-.” The door opens.

Dr. Brown walked in for the examination. I’ve met Dr. Emily Brown before. Other visits with my neighbor’s momma dog. My neighbor sold the entire litter except for this last one.

I said, “Hi, Dr. Brown. Ready to check out this little puppy dog?”

“Stan, always a pleasure. Penny go to exam room 2. Prep it for use. Better bring a mop too, that mastiff’s vomit is everywhere.” Dr. Brown said.

Penny looked at me again, smiled and said that she might see me later. She gave the papers to Dr. Brown.

I sat down and she started her exam. The puppy was perfect and she gave him his shots. She was talking to me about her daughter and school. Then her husband’s promotion at his work.

I always liked Dr. Brown. She was very personable and easy to talk to. Brown hair and brown eyes. About 5’4″ and larger around than the two young girls that I just talked to. She was a sexy 36C/D and a 38/40 ass. A little thick around the middle but still sexy and very fuckable. She was wearing a navy, biker type zip front scrub top and matching pants.

I sat in a chair and talked to her, I also looked in her eyes while talking. I was fairly used to the loss of focus and just relaxed, not trying to fight for clear vison. She moved closer around the table talking to me. Next she picked up the pup and stood directly in front of me. I looked up at her staring down at me and laughed about something she said.

“Oh Stan, you’re funny! Listen, please call me Emily. I’m using your first name, you can use mine. I never noticed, your eyes are really,,, blue. I guess I didn’t notice before. So,, deep, beautiful, sexy, blue. I really enjoy talking to you. Are you seeing anyone? I don’t see a ring.”

“No, I was in a relationship but she stopped seeing me. She was married and I think she was given an ultimatum.” I confessed.

“Really! ,, Well, her loss. (Smiling) So were you around when the puppy nursed his Sex hikayeleri momma? I need to understand if he actually latched on. Can you tell me?” She asked.

Emily moved very close, actually standing between my feet as I sat talking to her. She looked really nice. Her teeth were bright white, her lips were shiny and her eyes were a little dilated.

“Well, momma was actually letting him feed when I picked him up. He looked like he was going at it pretty good.” I said.

She put the puppy out toward me, then sat him down on my lap. As the little pup gently landed, I saw a surprise. Emily was kneeling between my legs.

“Stan, let me show you why it’s important he latches correctly.”

Emily then did a very good job of explaining the digestive tract and his teeth. I started to think that everything was, while maybe not 100% professional, innocent. Emily petted the pup and casually laid her palm on my balls.

“Some guys, no offense, don’t know the difference between the areola and the nipple. He needs to get beyond the nipple and suckle by squeezing the areola.”

While she was talking to me, she was staring into my eyes. I looked down to see her tug the zipper down on her scrubs. She opened the zipper blouse and popped the front clasp between her black bra cups. Her breasts dropped slightly down and forward. Her areolas were big and brown with her nipples that stuck out a half inch.

Emily pointed to the nipple and then the area around it as the areola. She explained and demonstrated the nursing latch of a mouth on to a lactating mammary with her finger tips. This was crazy exciting for me. Emily stood up and leaned in toward me.

“Here, Stan. I want to show you. Let’s just sit this guy on the floor so he can explore the room. Now I want you to latch on to my nipple. Get it deeper inside your mouth. That’s right. Oh yeah. So, yes that’s good. Now the other. Oh God. You totally get it, you are so good. It’s been years since I was lactating but I’ll bet you could get a little taste sucking like that. Good, suck it hard. I love it.” Emily stood between my legs, leaning into my face.

Since she was pushing her big nipples into my mouth, alternating. I decided to help myself by grabbed them and squeezed them as I sucked.

I felt her unbuckle my pants and pull my zipper down. She found my hard cock and let it stand upright. She grabbed my cock and stroked it up and down.

Emily pulled back from my mouth, basically ripping her breast from me. I looked up to her face and found her looking into my eyes again.

“I don’t do this. I’ve never allowed my desires to effect my work. But, I really need this today. Stan, just let me. OK, please?” Emily asked.

“OK.” Is all I could think to say.

Emily planted her lips on mine. I saw her open mouth descending and her tongue peeking out. I opened my mouth as well. She sucked me into her mouth. She gave a ‘unphh’ as she slipped her tongue across my lips, playing a sexy tongue dance. Emily then kneeled again.

“I knew you’d be a good kisser. I could tell from the way your lips look. So, all I need now is a quick semen sample. I’ll help you. You can hold my head to help with the,, collection. (Smiling wickedly) I stopped giving head to my husband years ago. Maybe I should start again.”

Emily had both her hands on my cock. She slid one down to fondle my testicles.

“Huhm, big balls and a nice big dick, you are so lucky. This one is a pussy pleaser.” Emily murmured.

She put the tip of her tongue to my cock head. She stroked the head and licked all around it. Her lollipop candy. Finally she pushed it into her mouth. She began slow then increased the speed of pumping her mouth up and down my penis.

Emily touched the back of her mouth with my cock tip. She suddenly stopped. It rested right at the start of her throat. She tilted her head and looked up at me. Her eyes were watery and pupils ‘blown’ dilated. She pushed her head forward just a little then drew back. Starting entrance inside her throat, then withdrew. Still looking in my eyes. She was teasing me.

It dawned on me what she said, about holding her head to help. I grabbed her hair. Emily closed her eyes and I saw her jerking her hips while kneeling between my legs. I pushed her head down until my balls were punched by her chin. Pushing inside her tighter throat opening felt awesome.

I was cognizant that she couldn’t breath but it felt so fucking good to throat fuck my neighbor’s veterinarian. I only stayed in it a few seconds then I pulled her off.

Emily drew a huge breath and smiled happily at me. Spit strings were still connected from the side of my hard penis to her lips. Emily took a big breath and flared her lips open, pushing her head again toward my manhood. I helped guide her head down, that awesome feeling of her tongue cradling my erection as it sought to violate her throat felt wonderful. Emily made a ‘gluck, gluck’ noise as I pumped in and out of her face. I let her up a few times for air.

After only seven or eight minutes of Emily’s throat play I was ready to blast off.

“I’m going to cum, Em. Get ready.” I whispered. I started pumping her head quickly, my cock sliding in and out of her face. Emily put her palms on my hips. She was inching them closer to my cock.

Emily felt so fun and nasty. My penis swelled that extra 10%. I arched myself and froze. She pulled her head back until just the head was inside her lips. I started squirting my load of love juice inside her mouth. I felt her catching it inside Sikiş hikayeleri and not swallowing any.

After 10 to 20 seconds of white cum dumping I was done. I settled back into my seat and watched Emily let my deflating cock slip out of her firmly closed lips.

She opened her mouth by pursing her lips, holding them up and out. She showed me my semen, all pooled on and around her tongue. It was a little lumpy and had plenty of simi-white liquid slipping around her teeth. She closed her lips and tilted her head back. She made a big swallow and then smiled at me.

Emily stood up and backed away from me. She leaned against the exam table. She gathered her bra cups and closed the clasp. She adjusted her tits inside.

“Thanks, Stan. I really needed that. Your cum tastes good! I’ve never swallowed cum. I was going to spit it out in the sink but after tasting it, I decided to keep it. Now, Stanley, I want you to know that I love my husband. I’m NOT your girlfriend or mistress. This just, happened and it was fun but it has no future. So, don’t expect this to happen again. Our secret. We go back to professional, Doctor-patient.”

All things considered, a no strings attached blow job wasn’t a bad thing.

“Our secret, nothing happened.” I agreed.

“Great! I was so worried, I knew that after you told me about your ex-married-girlfriend you would help me. So thank you for letting me play with you.” Emily said.

“Don’t you want a pussy rub or suck? We could have fucked. Did you orgasm at all?” I asked.

“Of course, I did that while you were holding my head. I’m happy. Don’t worry.” Emily said reassuringly.

The door opened just after I stood and started to zip up my pants. Emily put her back to the door and quickly gather her zipper and closed her blouse.

Penny stood in the doorway looking at us. “They need you in surgery Doctor Brown.”

I picked up the puppy. Emily turned and said “Mr. Vernon let me digest the sample results and we will call if we need to schedule any follow up appointments. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Dr Brown left the room.

“Looks like you’re satisfied with the care at our hospital.” Penny said smirking.

“Yes, very much so. Completely,, satisfied.” I smiled.

Penny smiled. She wrote on a paper and led me to the front desk.

“Ok, Mr. Vernon. The account will be charged this amount. Please sign here. Thank you for choosing us as your veterinary care givers.” The guy at the desk said robotically.

I signed the form and turned to leave. Penny walked up as I started for the door. She had a report read out with her. She scribbled as she walked.

“Mr. Vernon, Dr. Brown asked you be given this report. Thanks for coming in.” Penny handed me the report and headed down a hallway.

I walked to my truck and placed the little dog in the back seat, travel box. I shut the door and turned. Caitlyn was standing behind me.

“I’m not married yet, Stan. I saw that Dr. Brown sent a cat’s urinalysis report to you with her cell phone number written on it. Then Penny wrote her number on the report under Dr. Brown’s and she wrote ‘for a better time’. Can I see the paper please.” Caitlyn said.

“I really haven’t seen the report yet, Caitlyn.” I said as I handed her all the papers given me.

Caitlyn wrote on the bottom of the report and handed it back to me.

“Stanley, I have to tell you, YOUR EYES! When you look at me, it makes me wet. I really want to fuck you. Call me up. I can sneak you into my bedroom. My folks go to sleep early. You’ll just have to keep me quite. Or I could meet you somewhere.” She told me smiling huge.

I looked at the report. It was for a cat named Tazman. It had handwritten black ink ‘Dr. Emily Brown’ with a cellphone number. Next was blue ink with Penny’s cell number and ‘for a better time.’ Lastly Caitlyn’s violet ink writing with her name and number, then a ‘let’s fuck.’

I thanked her and said I would keep her in mind. I started my truck and drove home.

This day was the first, I can actually say, my condition or ability, was evident.

By the way, I did get a notice that Dr. Brown required a follow up consultation.


I checked my email Thursday and saw an appointment notice for this Friday at 5:30pm at the vets office. It stated test results, consultation only, animal not required. Friday was tomorrow.

I was pretty sure of something very different with me because of the blow job and phone numbers. I went shopping and got followed by a woman I had only glanced at. The checker gave me her cellphone number. She told me she would get a motel room and I could do anything I wanted to her.

The next day I wore dark sun shades and everything was normal. I got the feeling that if I looked at them and they saw me eyes, they got urgently sexually attracted.

An interesting thing I decided to do. I wanted to test out this look I had so I parked my truck in front of a lesbian bar. I sat inside my truck and watched the girls go in and out. I picked the most butchy, man’s haircut, tattooed, Jean vested, girl and took off my glasses to ask directions. I even had a gas station map.

“Excuse me, can you help me?”

She looked at me and frowned, reluctantly she pointed out a way to the freeway. She looked in my eyes, then she smiled. She asked me if she could sit in my truck with me. I asked her why. She said she wanted to ‘make out.’

I noticed a couple other females getting interested in me. Probably being protective of their group Erotik hikaye member. Afraid I might be a gay basher. I looked at all of them.

There were now three lesbians at my truck window, giggling and playing with their hair. I pushed it and asked if I could see some titties. Two of them pulled their shirts up. Flashing their breasts at me. I’m sure if we hadn’t been in broad daylight all three would have flashed me.

I lied and said I had to go but I’d try to get back in a few hours. I’d come inside to see them.


I arrived at the Vet hospital right at 5:30pm and the guy behind the counter said that he saw the appointment but Dr. Brown was on a day off. I stood there confused, still expecting to see her but still confused.

Dr. Brown walked into the lobby with a guy in a suit and tie. She was dressed very nice. High heels, black stretchy dress a few inches above the knee, pearl necklace and earrings, hair up and curled, evening makeup, eye lashes and lips.

“Alright, Sweetheart. I just need to do this consult and then we’ll go. Should be only thirty minutes or so. We have plenty of time until the reservation.”

Her husband said ok. He would wait in her office.

Emily walked to me and asked me to take off my glasses. I did and she smiled.

“Thank you for coming in Mr. Vernon. Follow me please.” She led me into a conference room and locked the door.

“Stan, you look so damn fuckable. We only have a little time. I’ve been thinking about what we did and I really need just one more time with you.” She said.

She peeled the hem of her dress upward above her hips, exposing her black panties. She hooked the corners and pulled the panties down to her heels. She sat them on the table. She hopped up on the table and spread her legs showing me her freshly shaved pussy.

“I don’t know why but I shaved myself for this conference. Stan! Please. It’s my anniversary and you are my present to myself. Please, just,,, take off your pants,,,. I really want you squirting in me, but if you wanted to suck my puss a little first, I won’t fight you.” She smiled.

I dropped to my knees this time. She put her feet wide in the air. Her labia was slippery wet. Her lips were hanging out dark pink to near black. Her clitoris was sticking out of her lips and looked almost huge. I zeroed my mouth on it. Plunging my face into her open pussy.

Emily laid back and rocked her hips upward into my mouth. She was on one elbow watching me suck her pussy. Her other hand was at her mouth. She had her index and middle finger inside, on her tongue. She was sucking her fingers and using them to keep herself quiet.

I really liked her taste. She had a strong good pussy taste and smell. It was getting stronger the more I sucked on her.

“Um, um, oh,, good Stanley, yes. Suck it hard. Fuck! You’re making me cum already!” She whispered to me with her fingertips still inside her mouth.

As I tongue lashed her clit, I looked her in the eyes and she orgasmed. She squeezed her eyes closed tightly and jerked her hips rapidly into my mouth. She was cumming rather intensely and I realized I better get to fucking her before she said her was done and was going.

I dropped my pants as I stood and took my cock in hand. She still had her eyes closed, still jerking slightly as I slipped inside her juicy vagina. I wasted no time getting inside deep and started pumping her pussy hard.

“Oh YES! Stanley. Fuck that pussy. Your cock feels so good. Just cum inside me when you want. Shoot it all up in me.” Emily panted.

“Are you protected? On the pill, or something? Emily?” I asked and looked directly into her eyes.

“Stanley you’re deeper than anyone has even been inside me. Please cum in me. Pump me full of your cum. I’m cumming, I need it!” She circled her legs around me. Jerking her pussy up and down my cock.

This was about it for me. Emily was thrusting her pussy on me. Her tits were bouncing around under her dress, her naked pussy was dripping down the side of the table. Her husband was waiting for her to finish her meeting with me. Today was her anniversary. She was asking me to shoot my cum inside her vagina. She was going to keep my cum inside her while she had anniversary dinner with her husband.

My cock suddening erupted. At the last second I tried to stop it. It really surprised me. I couldn’t stop. I shoved inside her deeply and just shot everything deep inside her.

“Ahw, I can feel it. Its jerking, shooting inside me. Fuck that’s hot. Your big dick, giving me all your cum. Look at me Stanley, please look at- I’m cumming again, it’s good. Oh Fuck!” Emily sharply inhaled.

I shot the last couple shots and then it stopped. Emily kept her legs around me, keeping my cock inside her.

“Thank you Stanley. I love your cock, and your eyes. You made me cum just looking at me. ,,I know I’m taking advantage of you. I won’t do it again. I just had to get you to fuck me.”

“Em, I noticed you didn’t answer me about protection. And you haven’t let me out of your pussy. Am I getting you pregnant right now?” I asked.

“Don’t worry Stanley. I’m going to have sex tonight with my hubby. If I get pregnant, it will be his baby.”

Emily finally relaxed her legs and I was able to slide out of her. Not a lot of cum came out of her.

Emily took a few tissues and put them inside her panties as she put them back on.

I zipped up. I knew that I and the whole room reeked of sex. But I didn’t really care. Emily straightened her dress. She told me to stay in the room for a couple minutes before leaving. She kissed me and walked out.

The guy at the counter told me there was no charge. He was sniffing the air as I walked out to my truck.

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