….The most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet: part 1

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Samantha Norman. Known as a hot chick at my high school. She had a beautiful face, long straight black hair and a fit slim body. I couldn’t wait to get her in my house. We didn’t really know each other that well but we saw each other when we happened to be visiting our high school at the same time. I was very friendly to her and we “hit it off” (of course we did it’s fucking me). I told her I shared the apartment with my brother (lie) and that I was dating a girl who was currently on vacation in Florida (another lie) that way she wouldn’t expect me to hit on her and could relax and feel comfortable. I told her my brother must’ve went to the mechanic because he needed to get his oil changed (‘nother lie) and he should be back soon (doubt it, he’s in Minneapolis now you dumb bitch). I told her I got a new puppy and asked if she wanted to see it. “Okay!” she said cheerfully. I told her he lived in the basement and showed her the way. “Ladies first,” I said as I opened the door. I locked it before closing it behind us and turned on the light. “Where is it?” she asked. I smiled.

I pulled the black Ruger Bisley revolver out of my pocket and pointed it at her head. She gasped and looked terrified. “Why….why are you doing this?” she choked out, her voice breaking. “Because I’m a monster,” I replied, “now shut the fuck up and take off your clothes.” “W-what?” her eyes started to water. “Take off your fucking clothes!” I yelled. She complied, removing her black t-shirt to reveal a black lace bra. She took that off to reveal her nice B-cup tits. She then removed her uggs and dark blue jeans. She was wearing white panties. She hesitated and looked up at me pleafully. “Those too.” She pulled them off to reveal her shaved pussy. “Now get the fuck over here and get down on your knees,” I said as I unbuckled my belt and pulled out my 7″ cock.I grabbed her by the back of her hair and pressed the barrel of the gun into the top of her skull. “Suck.”

She looked up at me terrified, tears streaming from her brown eyes. She was quietly sobbing now. “Open your mouth!” I shouted, pushing the pistol into her head. She obeyed and I put my cock in. “Listen to me very carefully,” I stated, “you try to run, you die. You bite anything, you die. You scream, you die. That clear?” She muffled an “uh-huh” and nodded her head. “If you make me cum and blow my mind, I won’t kill you,” I told her (another lie), “So you better hope to God you’re good at this.” I removed her hair, letting it fall down. She moved her head up and down on my cock, weeping the whole time. This continued for a few minutes. She was oboviously scared, but I didn’t care. I was getting bored. “That’s the best you can do? You’re coming close to the literal definition of ‘can’t fuck for your life.’ You better step it up.” A look of panic washed over her and she began to blow my dick much faster. She pushed her head further down, wetting it and licking it. The muffled sounds of her crying turned me on. I pressed the gun down on her head, causing her to increase the pace even more. She was sucking me off good now and I felt myself getting close. “Look at me!” I screamed, channeling my inner Joker. She got startled but did as I said. I then pulled her head off my dick and ordered her to keep her mouth open. I Sex hikayeleri beat my dick 3 times with my left hand and came on her beautiful face. The first strand hit her in the left cheek directly below her eye. The second blasted into her chin. I tilted her head up as the third spread from the bridge of her nose to her hairline. The fourth collided into the right side of her open mouth, half going in her throat and the other half on her cheek. The fifth went in her mouth. The sixth landed right under her nostrils and the seventh went on her left cheek. When I finally ran out, I had violently splattered a 7-roper all over her. She was softly crying. She looked so hot covered in cum and tears. Her pain made me happy. I had humiliated her. I made her wipe all my jizz off with her hands and eat it. Then I wiped the small remains off with her panties and smacked her in the face with it. I had fucking traumatized her.

“Now get on the bed,” I growled at her. “What?” she asked pathetically. She thought it was over. Not even close. “Get on the fucking bed!” I demanded, grabbing her by the throat and throwing her onto my cot which rested on a wiry metal frame. I sat down across from her on a metal folding chair and removed my shoes and socks, keeping the gun on her the whole time. I pulled off my shirt and my jeans and began to jack off to get my dick hard again. I wasn’t done with her. Then I decided to stop and pass the time another way. “You know why I chose you right? Cus you’re a worthless pathetic piece of shit. What do you do with your life? Fucking nothing. You hang out at malls, go to the beach and go to work. That’s it. You’re still doing the same shit you did in middle school. You haven’t changed. You haven’t accomplished shit. Your life is meaningless. You’re fucking filth. You’re nothing but another whore with nothing in your fucking life. All you do is take up space.” I relentless insulted her. I wanted to psychologically ruin her. She began to cry even more. “You spend your life doing nothing with other worthless entities you call friends. Friends? Pssh. How pathetic.” Finally, after about 10 minutes of berating her, she choked out, “You’re the fucking devil.” I smiled sadistically “Damn fucking right I am.” My cock was hard again and I was ready for more.

“Turn around and get on your knees,” I growled at her. She obeyed, still silently crying. She was bent over on all fours. I shoved my cock deep in her pussy without warning and began pounding away violently. She tried to hold in her tears, but I heard her gasp and her eyes started flowing. Her tears only made me more turned on. She started grunting as I slammed her. For fun, I rubbed the barrel of the gun against the back of head and watched her squirm and gasp in terror. I loved her fear. I continued pounding her for about 5 minutes as she sobbed and groaned. Then I pulled out and looked at her on all fours crying, wishing this living nightmare would end. I smiled sadistically, admiring my work. Then I pushed my dick into her asshole. “OWWWW!!!! NO!! PLEASE!!!” she screamed in pain. She had been behaving until now, but her pain was intense. I smiled at her agony. I had soundproofed the basement long ago so I didn’t care about her cries. She screamed and screamed, explosively crying Sikiş hikayeleri now as I tore apart the fabric of her tight ass. She was in complete and total agony as I ruthlessly pounded into her, ripping her open. I shoved her face down into the mattress and slammed her harder and faster, burying myself to the hilt in her anus. Her screams were muffled by the bed as I split her open. I began to laugh at her as she started bleeding. However, I wasn’t wearing a condom so I stopped and removed my cock from her ass. I then flipped her over and saw a sight to behold. Her eyes were red and wet, her ass was bloodied and she had a look of utter anguish and defeat on her face. I had destroyed her. I looked into her eyes and laughed.

I forced her to suck her own anal blood off my dick. Then I grabbed her legs, put her ankles on my shoulders and put my dick back in her pussy. I fucked her hard and fast, my left hand wrapped around her throat. I pointed the gun into her face every once in a while, laughing as she closed her eyes and turned away. After a few minutes I let her left leg fall of my right shoulder. I moved my left hand to her right leg, cupping her thigh for support. She had a beautiful pair of legs. Her skin was unbelievably smooth. I fucked her rapidly and brutally, pile-driving my cock in her tight hole without restraint. She grunted and moaned through tears. After a while, I put the gun on the bed behind me. A slight look of relief washed over her face. That quickly diminished as I removed a butcher’s knife from my back pocket and shoved it up under her ribcage into her heart.

Her eyes got wide. She softly moaned, gasping as her ventricles collapsed. I twisted the knife and shoved into further into her, prompting a quiet exclaimation of pain. I stared into her eyes, the sight of her death turning me on even more. I smiled as I felt her heart and breathing stop. Then I saw the life leave her eyes. The sight of her dying eyes almost made me cum right there. Nothing had ever turned me on as much as watching her eyes die. I laughed slightly and removed the knife, causing blood to flow from her. I wasn’t done with her yet though. Not by a long shot.

I tossed the knife away and knocked the gun on the floor so I could focus completely on Sam (or should I say, the slab of dead whore formerly known as Sam). I began pounding her corpse hard, spreading her legs apart as my hands pressed down on her inner thighs. I fucked her hard and deep, the sight of her empty eyes making me harder than a rock. I grabbed her tits and squeezed her beautiful legs as thick crimson blood continued pouring from her wound. I slammed her as hard as I could, her body moving with each thrust. My pelvis was starting to hurt as I smashed into her with reckless abandon. The sound of our skin smacking together became louder and louder and I was fucking her so hard her entire body was moving. I looked upon her in complete ecstasy as I hammered her dead cunt with my stiff cock. Finally, I pulled out (don’t wanna leave semen IN a dead body, I might as well just turn myself in) and began jacking off in front of her chest, finishing all over her nice smooth tits. I gazed down upon my work. A smoking hot tight fit 18 year old with dead eyes, my dried cum on her Porno Hikayeleri face, my fresh cum on her tits and a bleeding gash in her abdomon. I took a photograph of my first work of art. My first kill.

I cleaned my cum off of her chest. Then I walked over to the closet and retrieved garbage bags, a hatchet and plastic wrap. I covered the floor with plastic and pushed her body on it. I then put on my Hazmat suit and put her cadaver in the middle of the plastic. I grabbed the axe and violently chopped at her. I cut her arms in half at the elbows and removed them from her torso at the shoulder blade. I then cut her legs off and split them at the knee. Then I sliced her head off. I took a photo of her chopped up corpse and got ready to dispose of it. I used 5 garbage bags. One for her torso and one for each limb. I took her necklace as a trophy. A silver cross. Where was your pitiful god when you needed him? I then cleaned everything up except the bed. I then went back on the bed with her severed head and put my dick in her mouth. I had to use lube but after some time I was facefucking her severed head. I kept pumping and pumping it until I felt my third orgasm cumming. I blew my load down her throat and almost collapsed in sheer exhaustion. I then put her head in a clear plastic bag and left it in the refridgerator. I cleaned up the bed and tossed the rest of her body in a nearby river off a cliff. They wouldnt find her for at least 3 weeks, if ever. I weighted down all the bags with bricks. My first kill was amazing and I couldn’t wait to do it again.


Today was the day. I was finally gonna kill. I had been having fantasies of killing since I was 10 and now I would satisfy my urges at last. I had gotten everything ready. I live in a house my grandfather left me in a suburbian town. It’s not so small everyone knows each other, but it’s not so big there are cameras everywhere. People go missing all the time and murders go unsolved in this town. I could easily get away with murder as long as I don’t leave evidence. Plus I live on the ass-end side of town and don’t really have neighbors. I went over everything repeatedly and memorized the plan. My basement was soundproofed and I had gone over the plan methodically in my head. I knew all the lies I’d say to gain her trust. I had the gun right by the door so I could grab it as soon as I got in the house without her seeing. I had the knife in my back pocket (which was deep enough to conceal the entire thing). I decided to go double check the basement. My basement has dark gray stone walls with a dark brown wood staircase that goes straight down along the wall. There are two closets. The first is very small and is under the stairs. The second is on the wall and is much more spacious. The floor is also dark gray and stone. I had a small cot in it. There was only one mattress and one sheet. I kept the plastic on the mattress and put the sheet over the plastic to avoid any blood seeping throgh the sheets into the mattress (buying a lot of sheets is not as suspicious as buying a lot of mattresses and a plastic covered mattress isn’t exactly comfortable). I opened the larger closet. Everything I could possibly need was there. A hazmat suit, a hatchet, a saw, lots of plastic wrap, garbage bags, cleaners, bleach, a mop, a change of clothes and a spare gun. I saw on facebook that Samantha Norman was visiting our old high school. I think I’ll visit too.

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