The Neighbour’s Son Ch. 07


Finally, it appeared that spring was here. I woke up on Saturday to bright sunshine and a clear blue sky. Given the vagaries of British weather I knew it might only be temporary so I decided to go out for the day. After having a shower and drying my hair I wanted to feel good about myself so I selected some nice underwear and a dress I had bought from Monsoon. With no suntan on my legs I knew I needed to cover them and having briefly considered wearing tights elected to go for flesh toned hold-ups. As I would be on my feet quite a lot I selected a pair of “sensible” shoes, black with a low heel.

A light dusting of make-up and a quick dab or two of perfume and I was ready to set out on a day of retail therapy. There was even the chance that I could take in a show later in the day if one took my fancy.

I loaded up the large “handbag” I knew I would need for my wandering around the shops with the usual set of essentials and made my way out to my car. As I did so I glanced down the close and noticed Linda’s car on her drive. We hadn’t seen or spoken to each other for a couple of weeks so I decided to call in and see if she was interested in joining me.

As usual, I walked around the side of her house past her garage and entered through her utility room into the kitchen. I was about to call out when I heard what sounded like the TV. I walked to the living room and greeted her with a “Morning, I’m off to town for the day, are you …” when I suddenly realised it wasn’t Linda in the room but Matt.

He quickly dropped the book he was looking at and a smile broke out on his face that was probably as wide as mine.

“Sue! Hi. It’s been ages. Wow, you look stunning.”

I was momentarily taken aback. It had been quite some time since I’d seen Matt as his work had taken him “up north” almost 2 years previously. He was doing well for himself and had used his holidays to go travelling so he hadn’t made it home for either Christmas or Easter.

I blushed slightly at the memories of some of our previous encounters and I was surprised that a compliment from the young (handsome) man in front of me could make me feel a bit giddy. I was almost a teen again (some chance!) as I struggled to find the words to greet him.

While I was still trying to get my brain and mouth to work together he jumped up off his chair and crossed the room towards me. There was a momentary hesitation then we embraced in a hug accompanied by the now traditional kiss on each others’ cheeks.

The hug probably lasted a little longer than would usually be the case for a mature woman and her neighbour’s son but I think it was understandable given our history. I have to admit that his young hard body felt good pressed against mine and I couldn’t resist a quick stroke of my hands up and down his back.

At the same time his hands dropped to my bum and he pulled me tightly against him. I thought I felt a movement in the area of his groin so perhaps part of his anatomy was also remembering me!

“Matt! I didn’t know you were home. I haven’t spoken to your mum for a couple of weeks. When did you get here? How long are you staying?”

He laughed “Ah, the traditional greeting. ‘Nice to see you but how long are we going to have to put up with you?'”

We both laughed as we knew that wasn’t the real sentiment behind the greeting.

“We arrived on Thursday night and will be leaving on Tuesday morning.”

It took a moment but the “we” did register in my slightly addled brain.

“We?” I asked.

“Ah, yes. You probably don’t know. I’ve met a lovely girl. Her name’s Jenny and, although she’s working in Durham, she’s actually from Bromley. We’re going to visit and stay with her parents before heading back up north next weekend.”

A slight pang of jealousy flitted through my mind as I remembered Matt’s attributes and assumed that Jenny was enjoying them as much as I had in the past.

“Is Jenny around? Am I going to meet her?” I asked.

“I was going to pop around with her this weekend. Mum and her have just popped out to the supermarket otherwise you’d meet her now.”

“Oh, I was going to ask your mum if she wanted to go shopping with me.”

“They shouldn’t be more than another hour or so, so why not have a coffee and wait for them?”

I nodded that I would and Matt went to kitchen to do the honours.

I sat on the sofa and noticed that the book that Matt had been reading was actually a photo album. I’ve always been slightly nosey so there was no way I would be able to resist having a peek.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, probably some family and / or holiday snaps. What I wasn’t expecting to be confronted by was photos of a young woman dressed in a light robe, relaxing in a garden on a sunlounger. The photos seemed to be taken from above and off to the side. I immediately suspected that Matt had taken them from a house adjacent to the one in which the young woman lived.

I turned the pages of the album and was not surprised to see the woman with the robe removed to reveal a tiny bikini which showed off her adana escort magnificent body. Matt must have used a powerful lens because I could see much of the detail of her body. On one page there were three photos of her face, two with her wearing sunglasses and one with her eyes closed. She looked stunning.

As I continued to turn pages it was like watching a film or a set of flick-cards as she sat up on the lounger then reached back to remove her top, allowing her breasts their freedom. Next, her hands moved to her bikini bottom and she raised her hips so that she could slide her bikini bottoms down and off her legs.

I felt like a voyeur. My mouth seemed to be dry. The next page of photos concentrated on her breasts and pubic area. I realised that I was holding my breath.

Over the next set of pages the young woman rubbed sun cream on her body, liberally covering her breasts, stomach, arms and legs. She then parted her legs and her hand positioned itself between her legs. I couldn’t tell whether she was still applying sun cream but her fingers lingered for a while in her pubic region. Thinking about how I enjoy sunbathing in my garden, I imagined that she would be gently stroking herself. In the final few photos she laid back with her eyes closed.

I took a deep breath and jumped with surprise as Matt said “She’s gorgeous isn’t she? In case you haven’t guessed, that’s Jenny. She lived next door to me. I’d seen her sunbathing about half a dozen times before I took those and made up my mind that I had to meet her.”

“And does she know about these, or are they your little secret?”

“Oh she knows. In fact, she knew that I had been watching her and used to deliberately take her time and, shall I say ‘flaunt her body’, hoping it would encourage me to introduce myself.”

“Well, they make up a wonderful series.”

“Mum liked them too.” He said with a smile.

“I bet she did.” I said with small laugh. “But I didn’t realise you were such a keen photographer.”

“I wasn’t when I lived at home but I love it now. In fact, I’d love to take a few photos of you.”

I looked at him and smiled but shook my head.

“I don’t think so Matt.”

“Oh, come on Sue. It’s not like I don’t know what a great sexy body you have under that dress.”

I felt myself flush and wasn’t sure how much was due to the thought that Matt wanted some photos of me even with his luscious girlfriend and how much of it was due to the photos I’d been looking at.

“Please Sue.” He said. “It would be fun.”

“I’m not sure Matt. Having the fun we used to have was one thing but you taking photos of this old body is something else.”

“What about a few in your dress?”

I was confused. I was sure that I was too old to allow him to take photos of me. What would Jenny say? What would Linda say?

I’m not sure how it happened, but I heard myself saying “Okay, you can take some photos of me in my dress.”

Matt’s face lit up.

I stood up nervously and smoothed my dress. It was buttoned all the way down the front with a cinched & belted waist. I felt good about how I looked and struck a couple of poses.

Jeff reached off to a side and picked up his camera, a Nikon digital SLR. He asked me to repeat my initial poses then to turn sideways then to turn my back to him and look over my shoulder into the camera lens. After I’d completed a full turn I was about to sit back down when he suggested I loosen the top three buttons. I hesitated but then reached up and did as he asked.

“Yes, that’s great. Now, lean forward with your hands on your knees.”

I looked down and realised that I was showing him & the camera the tops of my breasts. I pouted my lips and heard the beep of the camera but quickly lost count of how many beeps I’d heard.

“You’re as beautiful as you always were.” Matt said.

“Why thank you maestro!” I replied and then sat back down on the sofa. My dress rode up my thighs slightly and as I caught my breath I covered my face with my hands.

“I feel awkward doing this.”

“Sue, this is great. You look fantastic. Let’s try a few more?”

I gave in much too easily and struck some more poses as the camera beeped away.

“How about loosening another button?”

I knew that would reveal my bra.

“No, I don’t think so.” But my fingers were playing with the top button.

“Come on, you can do it. Just one more button. Yes, I knew you could do it. Your bra looks so sexy, so beautiful!” he said as he altered his position to take photos from different angles.

“What would be even better would be to see your breasts free of the bra.”

I raised my eyebrow and looked at Matt. I stood up and turned my back to him. I think we were both surprised at the speed with which I reached into my dress, unhooked my bra and then worked it off my shoulders and out of the left sleeve of my dress.

I let the bra hang off my finger and heard Matt taking more photos. I dropped my bra, turned back around to face him then leaned adana escort bayan forward. I knew that he could probably see my nipples as the dress fell open and away from my body.

Matt continued to encourage me.

“Now, let’s see a bit more leg. Yes, that’s it!”

I found myself raising the hem of my dress.

“Higher! Beautiful. A little more.”

I was no longer thinking, just reacting to Matt’s voice.

“Turn your back to and keep your dress there.”

I sensed him move closer and get down onto his haunches, apparently trying for an ‘upskirt’ view.

“Turn back to face me. Bend over. Great! Now, let’s lose the belt.”

In a trice I’d slid the belt out of its loops and it joined my bra on the floor.

Matt reached forward and loosened buttons at the bottom of the dress until there was only one button keeping it together.

I turned my head to the side and caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. My breasts and nipples were more or less completely exposed to Matt and his camera as I moved and the dress moved slightly out of time with my body.

“Ok, now let’s see your thighs. Raise your hem higher. I love the hold-ups Sue! Your skin looks fantastic over their tops.”

I raised the hem higher, revealing my thighs. Even though Matt had seen them before, there was something about their revelation this time which was different. I looked down and knew that I was giving Matt a glimpse of my panties.

“Take your dress off, Sue!” Matt commanded.

I looked at him and we both held our breaths as I decided whether I should go any further. I breathed out as I loosened the final button then peeled the dress off my shoulders and let it drop and pool at my feet. My breasts aren’t as pert as they once were so I immediately crossed my arms over them.

Again, I looked towards the mirror. The woman I saw there was flushed and seemed to be glowing. As I looked down I noticed that my tiny panties hugged my pubic mound but that wisps of hair curled out at the edges. I was slightly embarrassed and wished I’d trimmed my hair that morning in the shower. I lowered my hands and revealed my breasts. My nipples were as erect as they’d ever been.

“Your hold-ups are fantastic but I want to see your legs naked.” instructed Matt.

I sat down on the sofa, kicked off my shoes and then slowly peeled my hold-ups down and off my legs. I tried to make a show of it, lifting each leg in turn, bending it at the knee and point my foot in Matt’s direction. Matt made encouraging noises so I knew I was doing something right.

“Now stand up and remove your panties.”

My fingers were at my hips immediately, but it didn’t seem to be quickly enough for Matt.

“Come on Sue. Do it! Yes. That’s it!”

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties then worked them down. The crotch was trapped between my labia and need a little encouragement before my panties were free and they fell down my legs to bunch at my feet.

“God, Sue. This is unbelievable.”

I remained standing as Matt put his camera down and moved towards me. His hands reached out and cupped my breasts. His thumbs brushed across my nipples and my knees almost buckled. A loud sigh escaped my lips.

Matt released my breasts, turned away from me and walked out of the room. I was frozen in place. Only moments later he returned with a glass of water and held it to my lips. I took a couple of sips and the cool water refreshed me.

He dipped a finger into the glass and dabbed the water onto my areolae, circling my nipples and leaving my breasts with a slightly chilled sensation. What I really wanted him to do was enclose my nipples in the warmth of his mouth and tease them with his teeth. That was not part of his plan.

He put the glass down on the table and picked up his camera again.

“Lie down on the sofa!” he commanded and I did as he said.

“Put your arms over your head and cross your legs.”

He walked around the sofa taking photos from different angles. I stretched out with my eyes closed and my mouth partly open.

“Now, part your legs slowly.”

I did as he said, gradually exposing my pussy to him.

“Yes, more, wider!”

I opened my eyes. Matt had his camera pointing directly at my pussy. Given the close-ups he had of Jenny I could only imagine the detail that he would now be seeing.

“You are doing fantastic Sue. Now, why don’t you put a hand on your pussy?”

My hand descended between my legs and I began to gently stroke myself. In only moments my hips were moving as my fingers slid between my labia and over my clit. The camera remained focussed on my stimulation of myself. I was moving about so much I wondered if any of the photos would be in focus.

“Time to change the view. Stand up Sue.”

I didn’t want to stop the pleasurable feelings but I found myself standing up as instructed.

“Turn around,” Matt’s voice seemed to crack.

I slowly turned around so that I was facing the sofa, with my back to escort adana Matt. My sense of arousal was increasing. I was gulping in air, my chest heaving with the effort.

“Now, move your feet apart Sue. Further. A bit more!”

Matt’s voice was a hoarse whisper but I was so focussed on him that I heard every word clearly.

“Now, keeping your legs straight, no bending at your knees, bend at your waist. Oh yes, now bend over more. More!”

I did as he said, parting my legs and bending at the waist. I had been exposed like this previously but only in the throes of passion. I was slightly alarmed at the view I was presenting to Matt. I imagined his eyes trailing over my bum cheeks, taking in my bum-hole, travelling down to my pussy. I knew my lips would be shining wetly. I was sure I could feel moisture trickling down my inner thigh.

I was bent over with my face in the sofa when I heard Matt moving about. I moved my head so that I could see backwards. Matt reached into his camera bag and pulled out a tripod. He extended the legs and fitted the camera to the top of the tripod.

“Stay where you are Sue. This is beautiful. You are gorgeous.”

I looked back and saw a camera remote control in one of Matt’s hands whilst he was loosening his jeans with his other.

“Your pussy is begging for attention Sue.”

I was not going to disagree.

Matt kicked off his jeans and underwear. The cock I had been so familiar with was standing out in front of him. He stroked his hand along its length as he approached me.

As his cock touched me I turned to face the sofa again and braced myself. By applying pressure to my hip Matt moved us a little. I realised that he had moved us so that his camera would be focused on his cock at the entrance to my pussy.

Matt paused for a second or so then rubbed his cock up and down my slit, gathering moisture from my lips. His cock lodged at the opening of my pussy and then, with a grunt, he pushed forward burying his cock inside me in one single motion.

“Oh God, yes!” I moaned with pleasure as the head of his cock and then its full length penetrated me.

He partly withdrew and then drove into me again. I moaned with pleasure again.

He soon set up a rhythm he was comfortable with and I was happily pushing back, matching his thrusts. I closed my eyes again and revelled in the pleasure. I could hear myself gasping with each thrust.

My knees buckled and Matt couldn’t keep me up so we fell onto the sofa. I briefly wondered whether the camera would still be focussed on us.

When Matt withdrew once more I quickly turned around so that I was facing him. As he approached me again I reached down, took hold of his cock and guided it inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and began thrusting upwards, eagerly meeting his thrusts.

“Yes, Matt. Come on, Fuck me! Fuck me!” I gasped.

Matt responded with harder, more eager thrusts. Then he began to grunt and I knew he wasn’t far from coming. Would he stop? Would he pull out? Did I want him to pull out? I didn’t need him to. I decided to let him know.

“Yes Matt! Come! Come inside of me! Fill me! I’m coming!”

My body shuddered as my orgasm went through me.

My climax encouraged Matt and he was happy to comply with my request. He groaned and I felt his cock spurting inside me.

I collapsed backwards, gasping for breath. I could hear Matt breathing deeply too. All too soon he eased his still hard cock out of me and I was disappointed at the empty feeling left behind. As I recovered I opened my eyes and Matt was standing over me again, camera in hand. He walked around the sofa, photographing me in my sated state.

As he got to my head I reached my hand out and took hold of his cock. I urged him towards me, opened my mouth and fed his cock between my lips. I could taste my own sweet juices and, of course, his slightly salty sperm. It was an interesting combination.

With his cock firmly embedded in my mouth I looked directly at his camera and saw Matt pressing the button to record the pose for posterity. I licked and sucked at his cock until I was happy that I had cleaned it of our combined juices and he moved backwards.

His cocked was hard again and looked ready for another adventure. Just then, however, we heard a car on the gravel driveway.

Matt turned and looked out of the window.

“It’s mum and Jenny. Quick, I don’t want them to see us like this. I will tell Jenny what happened before we come to see you.”

I understood his need to control the revelation so I managed to lever myself off the sofa, grab my dress, underwear and shoes and head towards the kitchen and the door through which I’d entered. I slipped my arms into my dress and fastened the buttons but just slipped my underwear inside the dress. As Lindan and Jenny entered the house by the front door, carrying a couple of bags of groceries each, I made my way out of the utility room and down the side of the house.

As the front door was being closed I heard an unfamiliar voice (Jenny’s I assumed) saying.

“Have you been looking at that photo album again?”

I heard Linda laugh but didn’t catch what she said. I walked away from the house and headed back to my own. As soon as I got home I settled into a bath and forgot about going out shopping. I wondered when Matt would bring Jenny around to introduce her.

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