The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 06


Katie was still in the bathtub of her hotel room when her last sexual adventure left the room. Since arriving at what she thought was La Xetymew, her company’s resort, Katie had been ravished by two women, her host and a woman pretending to be a maid.

Rita, the “maid,” told Katie she shouldn’t spend too much time in the tub as there was a meeting to attend. Katie dried herself with an over sized towel and saw an outfit had been laid on the bed, a short dress with a scoop neck, spaghetti straps and no back. Katie put her heels on her feet and walked to the elevator. She went down to the main floor where Rita said the meeting was taking place. But before reaching the ballroom Katie was forced into the women’s room.

“What’s going on. I have a meeting to attend,” Katie said.

“The only meeting you are going to is in here,” said Maureen, an athletic looking woman with short blonde hair. Maureen pressed her breasts up against Katie and inhaled. “You smell pretty for a slut.”

Katie was confused. “I know I shouldn’t, but I am supposed to obey everyone here,” Katie thought to herself.

Maureen pulled Katie into the largest stall, backed her up against the wall and pulled on Katie’s long hair to force her head back. Maureen then went at Katie’s neck as if she were sucking for blood, licking, kissing and nibbling on Katie’s ear. She lifted up her own skirt so she could grind her pussy against Katie’s.

The roughness of Maureen’s actions was having an affect on Katie as she began cooing in delight.

Maureen pressed her knee against Katie’s pussy. tuzla escort She ground it against her clit causing Katie to roll her eyes back as her whole body was becoming aroused. Katie found herself spreading her legs wider to achieve greater contact.

Maureen brought Katie off to her third orgasm of the evening. As Katie moaned, Maureen cupped a hand over her mouth to muffle the sounds and then covered it with her own mouth. Maureen then reached her hand inside Katie’s dress and began teasing her nipples. Maureen told Katie to keep her head back as she released her hair to begin finger fucking her wet pussy. Using a slow then fast motion, Maureen brought Katie off to another orgasm, this time the cum dribbled down her legs, before she left the ladies room. No longer being held up, Katie fell to the floor in a clump. Dazed, her mind cloudy due to all the orgasms she had experienced. Katie was a mess again, a state she was finding herself in often. Covered in sweat and cum, Katie used paper towels to clean herself up and replaced her dress before making her own exit.

Katie still reeked of cum and when she entered the ballroom. It was empty. Katie thought she may have missed the meeting when someone grabbed her from behind and forced her into a hall closet. Katie turned her head for a brief moment, saw it was Marcia, and then had her head pushed forward.

“Katie, you missed your company meetings. There is nothing more to discuss. I have to call your boss and inform her of you infractions.”

“No Marcia.” Katie suddenly felt a hand covering her mouth göztepe escort and she was turned around to face her new captor. “No more Marcia for you Katie. I am your Mistress at this resort. If you want to keep working at Xetymew, you have to follow all my commands. I would hate for Vida to know you have been a bad girl.

“Yes Mistress. Yes, I-I will follow your commands. I obey you. I always will if you please won’t tell Ms. Reyes how bad I have been. I will obey you.” Tears were falling down Katie’s checks. Marcia wiped them off with the back of her hand, just as she used her other hand to go up Katie’s dress and stab two fingers into her wet pussy.

Katie’s eyes grew big and she smiled as Marcia stroked her fingers fucking Katie’s pussy. Marcia then placed her mouth over Katie’s and began feeling around with her tongue. Katie was approaching another orgasm when Marcia turned her around and pressed her against the wall. Marcia hiked Katie’s dress over her back and used a studded paddle to whack Katie’s exposed ass.


“Stop that Katie. You will make a scene if you keep speaking.”

Marcia took a couple more quick swings at Katie’s ass, watching as it started to turn a light pink color. Katie was taking the pain by biting on the inside of her cheek.

Whack. Whack. Whack.

Three more hits and Katie’s ass was turning a pale shade of red. The stinging was hurting Katie, but she knew not to even whisper her discontent. This turned Marcia on and she began hitting Katie’s butt with more force as Katie began sweating from üsküdar escort all the activity.

By the time she was finished Marcia had swatted Katie’s butt 18 times, and gazed at her creation of a crimson red ass. Marcia dropped the paddle and eased her index and middle fingers into Katie’s pussy and her thumb up her ass and began to fuck Katie by slowly rubbing her fingers against each other. Katie was in heaven, getting finger fucked in her pussy and ass. Marcia increased the pace and pushed her fingers into Katie with more force, causing Katie to reach a big orgasm which left her physically spent.

Marcia turned Katie around, kissed her hard on the mouth, then pushed her down and pressed Katie’s face into her own pussy. Katie began kissing and licking and nibbling at Maureen, who was pressing her pussy into Katie’s face. She soon came and she wiped her fingers on pussy on Katie’s face.

Leaving Katie on her knees, Maureen gave her some new instructions.

“This weekend you will be at my beck and call. I expect you to be ready to do whatever I say at a moments notice. I will call Vida if you misbehave. We will deal with your missed meetings later. As for now, get yourself together as we are going out for dinner. Go back to your room and I will come for you later.”

“Oh my gosh. That was wild,” Katie thought to herself. “I feel so honored that Marcia found me and told me about the missed meetings. I know I can do better. But for now, I have to get ready for dinner. Maybe there will be a new dress for me to wear.”

Katie, a complete ditz, was at ease. She didn’t fully understand all the ramifications of what had happened, but it seemed to her that it was just like at the office, but instead of getting gang banged all at once, she was being used by women one at a time.

All in a day’s work.

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