The New Girlfriend


This story is in the first person POV, but I change storytellers midway. I hope it is not confusing. This story is pure fantasy. Enjoy reading.


Part I


“Dude your step mom is so fucking hot,” my friend Will said.

We had just left the kitchen where my stepmother, Lisa, was in the middle of making dinner.

“Shut the fuck up man, that’s my mom,” I told him.

“She’s not my mother,” he said.

I wished that I could say that too. I lusted after my stepmother just like my best friend did.

“Shut up anyway or I’ll beat the crap out of you,” I threatened him.

“Jeez don’t get your panties up in a bunch.”

This was always the problem whenever I had friends over, they’d spend most of the time ogling my gorgeous stepmother. I guess I couldn’t really blame them too much. She was probably one of the sexiest women on the planet. She made the hottest Hollywood actresses look like dogs and the naked centerfolds in men’s magazines look like pre-pubescent boys. She seemed to ooze sex out of every pore.

Her body was un-fucking believable and 100% natural. Her tits were the size of two very large cantaloupes and were amazingly pert for their size. Her waist was trim, flat, and smooth thanks to her daily workouts. Her hips were curvy and in perfect balance with her tits. She had a generous heart shaped ass that looked amazing in a pair of jeans and in actually everything else.

If you could get past staring at her body, her face was equally incredible. Her long lashed eyes were a pale green color and almond shaped, which made her look a little exotic. Her nose was cute and slender and fit her face well. Her best feature though was definitely her mouth. It was a little too wide for conventional beauty but their full and plump lips were perfect for kissing and other more carnal activities.

Not surprisingly she actually modeled for a few years before she met my dad Bruce. She was only 24 when they married and he was 16 years older than her. Many believed he married her because he wanted a hot young wife and that she married him because of his money. I suppose that was partly true, but I think that one of the reasons my Dad married Lisa was because she reminded him of my real mother, Susan, who died when I was a toddler. In the few pictures I have of my mother she shared more than a few features with Lisa.

“Honey can you come into the kitchen for a minute,” my stepmother suddenly called out from the kitchen.

I left my friend Will, who was concentrated playing my newest video game, in the family room.

“Can you get the can of tomato sauce on the top shelf,” she asked when I entered the kitchen.

“Sure,” I replied and moved beside her.

The top of her head just reached the tip of my nose. I could smell the flowery shampoo she used on her long brown hair. And from my vantage point I could see the hint of cleavage her shirt revealed. Her skin was smooth, unlined, and blemish free, which made it hard to believe that she, was 34 and not much younger.

I easily grabbed the can she wanted and handed it to her.

“It’s so nice to have a big tall man around,” she told me.

“I’m here for whatever you want.”

She smiled at me and told me to go back to what I was doing. If she caught my double entendre she ignored it. Sometimes I can’t help the things I say to her. Usually she would take it in good humor and flirt back or she would pretend not to understand what I said at all.

An hour later Will left to go home and my stepmother called me from the kitchen to eat dinner. Most nights we ate by ourselves because Dad traveled a lot for his job. He was probably home on average about 3 days a week. He travel all over the world and got paid well for it. His salary provided us our two story five bedroom house with a pool in the back. Each of us drove a nice car and we took nice vacations, when Dad had the free time. My mom didn’t have to work, but she had a part time job as a real estate agent.

After we ate dinner it was usually my responsibility to wash the dishes. Those who cook don’t do the dishes was the rule in my house. When I finished the dishes I went into the family room where Mom was watching TV.

“The dishes are all done,” I told her.

“Thanks honey,” she said, her eyes never leaving the screen.

I sat down next to her and looked over at the TV to see what had her so riveted. I got a glimpse of bare skin when she suddenly shut it off.

“What’s the deal?” I complained.

“It’s nothing. You shouldn’t be watching it,” she replied.

“I’m already 18. I think I can take it,” I told her and then I took the remote out of her hands.

I turned the TV back on and saw she had been watching a skin flick on one of the premium channels we got with our cable service. It was tame compared with the hard core porn videos I’ve seen, but I wasn’t going to tell her that.

“Is that all?” I said when I saw a pair of naked breasts on the screen. They were nice breasts, gaziantep bayan escort but couldn’t compare to the size of mom’s melons.

“Those are no big deal. I mean yours are much nicer,” I said daringly.

“You are being bold tonight young man,” she admonished me.

“I meant it objectively,” I said giving her a smile.

“Did you finish that English paper yet?” she asked me all of a sudden.

Crap. “No.”

“Get to it,” she said, poking at my thigh.

I handed her the remote and she continued to watch the movie by herself. I went upstairs to my room and began the English paper I had been putting off. I usually like English class, but we were studying Shakespeare and I had trouble with the old bard. It was going to be a long night.

It was about midnight when I heard a splash outside my window. I got up and looked outside and I saw my step mom swimming in our pool. I stood mesmerized as I watched her voluptuous body slice across the water. She was wearing a bright blue bikini that I never saw before; its vivid color accentuated her tanned skin. My step mom usually wore a one piece swimsuit when we went to the beach or swam in the pool. I never saw her wear a bikini before and she looked amazing. The cups of her bikini top barely held her large breasts. Her bikini bottom dipped low and clung tight to her wide hips.

She did about three laps across the pool and then stopped at the edge of the shallow end. Suddenly she did something that would forever be burned into my brain. My mom undid the ties of her swimsuit and then shrugged off her bikini top. My jaw literally dropped. Her tits were magnificent. In their naked glory they were bigger than I imagined. Each beautiful mound was topped with a rosy pink nipple with silver dollar sized areolas. What I wouldn’t give to bury my face or cock between them. She then reached under the water and pulled up her blue bikini bottom. She leaned back and floated on her back, making her breasts look like two large balloons emerging from the water. Under the water I could barely make out the small triangle of hair between her thighs.

My cock was harder than it had ever been. Soon I found myself masturbating at the sight of my wet naked stepmother. I imagined myself diving into the pool and popping up right in front of her. She would be surprised of course but then greet me with a long hot kiss. I would cup her wet breasts into my hands and play with her nipples. I would lift her up so she floated on her back and then I would pound my cock into her. By the time she emerged from the pool in all her naked glory, my cum was all over the wall and floor around me.

After I quickly cleaned myself up I went downstairs hoping to catch a closer look at my step mom. I made it to the bottom of the stairs as she was going up. I must have startled her because she lost her balance. I reached out and grabbed her by the waist to stop her from falling.

“Nicholas you surprised me,” she said, her hands clinging to my arms.

A towel was tightly wrapped around her body and I was sure there was nothing but naked skin underneath. Her breasts were dangerously close to spilling out of the top the towel.

“Sorry,” I told her.

Her wet hair was plastered to her head and her skin was covered with tiny water droplets.

“That’s alright,” she replied. She began to lightly caress my arms. “I didn’t know you were so strong. You caught me like a weighed nothing.”

“That’s because you do weigh nothing,” I told her.

“I wish,” she said. “I could stand to lose a few pounds.”

“Your body is perfect,” I said, my eyes on her breasts.

“Nicky you’re going to give me a swollen head with all your compliments today.”

No, I thought, it was the other way around.

“You can let go honey. I’m steady,” she said.

I reluctantly go of her waist. I suddenly spied her blue bikini on the floor next to her feet so I bent down and picked up the pieces of fabric.

“Did you go swimming?” I asked, rubbing the material between my fingers.

“Yes. I was hot and decided to go for swim to cool off,” she explained and took her swimsuit out of my hands.

“I should join you next time,” I suggested.

Her eyes looked up and down my half naked body. I was only wearing my boxers, which the only thing I usually wore when I slept. I thought she spent a little too long looking at my crotch.

“Maybe you should,” she softly said. “Um. What are you doing up so late?”

“I’m trying to finishing my paper. I was thirsty so I came down to grab a drink,” I told her.

“Ok then,” she said. “Don’t stay up too late.”

She leaned forward and kissed my cheek, close to the corner of my mouth. I only had to turn my head slightly and her lush lips would be on mine.

“Good night honey,” she said breathlessly.

“Good night,” I replied.

I watched her climb up the stairs, my eyes never leaving her lush round ass. When she got up the top step she gaziantep escort bayan paused and I could clearly see the undersides of her buttocks. She then started walking again. If she were any other woman, I would follow her up stairs and have at her. From our brief exchange and her deliberate pause at the top of the stairs, I knew she wanted it as bad as I did. Damn, why did she have to be married to my father! When I went back to bed I had a dream of fucking my stepmother’s fabulous ass.

Amazingly I had finished my paper and turned it in the next day, despite my pleasant distraction the night before. When school was done I came straight home. To my disappointment the house was empty. I forgot that my mom mentioned she was showing some clients houses today. I watched some TV for a little while and then started dinner. By the time I was done cooking she was home. We had our dinner and we talked about the day we each had. Mom said she was exhausted, so I decided to be nice and wash the dishes too. She spent the rest of the night upstairs in her room. I guess she really was tired.

I went to my room and waited up hoping for a repeat of last night. Then again around midnight I heard the patio door open and close. I peered out my window and saw my step mom walk towards the pool. She wore a short kimono style robe and carried a white towel in her hand. She threw the towel on the chaise lounge and began to remove her robe. This time she didn’t bother with a bikini, she was completely naked underneath. This was the opportunity I had been waiting for and I was going to take it.

I put on my swim trunks and made my way downstairs. I walked towards the pool and luckily my step mom was too occupied to notice me coming up. I had a great view of her ass which was floating above the water. I made it to the edge of the pool and thought it was now or never.

“Hi,” I said.

She spun around and I finally got a good close up view of her great tits.

“Nicholas!” she cried out.

She then noticed where my eyes were staring at and covered her breasts.

“I thought I heard you outside,” I said. “I didn’t know you swam naked Mom.”

“Nicky you shouldn’t be here,” she told me.

“You said I should join you next time for a swim,” I reminded her.

“I know I did honey, but I’m naked,” she pointed out.

“What’s the big deal? It’s only me,” I told her. “If it’ll make you feel more comfortable I’ll go naked too.”

Before she could say anything I pushed down my swim trunks and kicked them aside. Her eyes instantly went to my huge rock hard cock. Her mouth opened and formed an O shape. She didn’t expect me to be so well endowed. I didn’t know if it was a conscious move or not, but her tongue darted out and licked her plump lips.

I walked down the pool steps and got into the water. The cold water only slightly cooled my raging hot flesh.

“Water’s nice,” I said.

She nodded in response, her eyes never leaving my body. I began to swim a couple of laps.

“Ouch!” I suddenly heard my step mom cry out.

She was now sitting on the pool steps, clutching at her leg.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I made my way to her.

“It’s nothing. My leg is just cramping,” she said biting her lip.

“Let me help.”

I took hold of her foot and then her calf and began massaging the latter.

“Oh yeah that feels good,” she said, closing her eyes.

Her calf muscle relaxed and I was aimlessly caressing her smooth leg. Her cramp passed but she didn’t stop me. I wondered how far I could go. I slid up my hand and began massaging her thigh and she still made no protest. It was now or never I thought and I brushed a finger between her pussy folds.

Her eyes instantly opened and wildly looked at me. I rubbed her clit and she moaned in response. I rubbed her pussy some more and her head leaned back onto the pool’s edge. Oh shit! I couldn’t believe that my step mom was letting me masturbate her. She cried out when I stuck two of my fingers deep into her.

“That feels really good honey,” she whispered.

That was the only encouragement I needed. I put my other arm under her back, pushing her tits out of the water. I clamped my mouth around one rosy peak and sucked on it hard. Her hands came up around my head and I thought she was going to pull my off, but she didn’t. She ran her fingers through my dark hair and then tugged on my ears to move me to her other breast. I gently bit her nipple and then sucked it into my mouth. As I sucked on her tits I kept rhythmically pushing my fingers in and out of her. Amazingly I soon felt her climax on my hand.

“Oh god! Oh yes!” my step mom cried.

I watched her as her orgasm swept her body. Her face was awash with pleasure and her body taunt with desire. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. When her orgasm ebbed she looked up at me. Her face was devoid of emotion and looked like she was studying me. I wondered what she was thinking. She then escort gaziantep bayan suddenly grabbed my head and pulled me down for a kiss. Her tongue went instantly into my mouth. She tasted better than any girl I had kissed before. God this was it, there was no doubt that she was going to let me fuck her.

I put my other arm under her knees and then I lifted her up from the water. I carefully made my way up the slippery steps and out of the pool. Water dripped down our bodies and fell onto the concrete floor. I laid her down carefully on the nearest chaise lounge. I lifted one of her legs up and kissed her ankle. I trailed kisses all along her inner leg up to her thighs. I spread her thighs wide and parted her pussy folds with my fingers. I licked her pussy and it tasted like ambrosia. I sucked on her clit causing her to cry out in pleasure. By this time her pussy was drenched with her juices. I wasn’t going to last any longer, I needed to fuck her now.

I got up and leaned over her. “I’m going to fuck you Mom.”

Her eyes filled with only could be described as lust. “Stop talking and just do it,” she said nastily.

I roughly pulled her up so that her thighs rested on mine and my cock was between us. I took my cock and slid its head into her pussy.

“Oh god baby, you’re humongous,” she whimpered.

She bit her lip as I slowly slid my big boy into her.

“Ugh! Fuck!” my step mom cried out when I was firmly deep within her.

I bent my head and kissed her again. I plunged my tongue into her mouth and she groaned in pleasure.

I began moving my cock in and out of her in a steady rhythm. I felt like I was going to die because it felt so good. Her pussy was so wet and tight and felt like heaven itself. Her hands slid down to cup my ass, pulling at it to encourage me to give her more.

“Come on baby, give it to me,” she said with clenched teeth.

I began to pound her pussy earnestly. The chaise began to move backwards little by little with each thrust of my hips. My step mother’s gorgeous tits bounced up and down her chest, arousing me further. By this time she was crying and moaning like a bitch in heat. I suddenly wondered when the last time she had a good fuck. My father was absent a lot and when he did come home he didn’t seem passionate towards my stepmother. Looking down at her right now, and seeing how hot she looked, if I was him I would never let her out of bed.

“You like how I’m fucking you?” I asked her as I roughly thrust my cock into her.

“Oh god yes!” she cried out. “I want you to tear my pussy!”

My step mom was talking dirty to me and I loved it. “I’m going to fill you with cum and afterwards you’re going to suck my cock!”

My nasty words must have set her off because a second later I felt her climax underneath me. She came like a wild woman, writhing wildly under me, and clawing at my back. She thrust her hips towards mind and almost bucked me off her body. At this point I was fucking her like a speed demon. I was close to my climax.

“Fuck! I’m coming!” I cried out.

“Baby you can’t cum into my pussy,” she said in panic. “I’m not protected.”

I understood. I couldn’t take the chance of knocking up my own stepmother. I pulled out of her and shot my load over her tits and belly.

“Jesus,” she said in awe when I kept coming.

When I was done she was fully drenched in my cum. She then suddenly giggled, sounding young and girlish.

“I’m impressed that all this is for me,” she said.

“You should’ve seen my room when I caught you skinny dipping the other night,” I told her.

“You’re such a naughty boy for looking,” she said with a smile. “But right now be a good boy and wipe your cum off Mommy.”

I reached for her towel nearby and then I cleaned off her body while she watched.

“Help me up sweetie,” she told me.

I pulled her up to her feet and she rubbed up against me. Her hard pointy nipples poked my chest.

“Let’s go back into the pool to clean up,” she suggested.

She led me down back into the pool and when we were back in the water she took my hands and placed them on her tits. I poured some water over them and began rubbing and squeezing them.

“Do you like my big breasts baby?” she asked.

Was she joking?

“I love your tits,” I replied.

I bent my head and latched onto a nipple. She moaned as I played with her breasts.

Suddenly she pulled my head back.

“Nicky I want you to pretend that I’m your girlfriend,” she told me. “I want you to sneak me up to your room while your parents are out of town. Then I want you to fuck me all night long.”

I gulped. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was a dream come true. “Alright Mom…. I mean Lisa.”

My stepmother smiled in response.

So I should treat her like a girlfriend, I thought. I definitely will.

“Let’s get out of the pool babe. I can’t wait to get inside and fuck that gorgeous body of yours,” I said and then gave a quick rub to her pussy.

“Oh yes Nicky!” she cheerily replied.

We got out of the pool and my stepmother suddenly bent down and began to pick up the suits and towels we left on the floor. This gave me a great view of her ass so I did what was natural and gave it a slap with my hand.

“Hey!” she cried out.

“Leave it babe. I’ll get them later,” I said and then pulled her towards me.

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