The New Slave Ch. 06


I would like to start by saying I am new to writing so I hope you don’t judge me too hard on my literary naivety. Nor am I experienced in Bondage or Master Slave relationships. This story is pure fantasy from my part and is about what I find erotic and stimulating. Please bear this in mind when reading the story. I hope you find it as stimulating reading as I did writing it.


I wake to the smell of bacon frying, wow I am so hungry, my stomach rumbles at the aroma. I think about last night and seeing Sir for the first time, albeit wearing a mask but I’m more attracted to him now than I ever was. I think back to when I first realised my homosexuality and when it was I came to accept it.

Sir enters the cellar and opens the cage door.

“Good morning boy, I’ve made breakfast, are you hungry?” he asks.

“Yes Sir, I’m starving, thank you Sir.”

He helps me out the cage and removes the blindfold. I look at Sir, he is naked and still wearing the mask. He removes the device, my cock looks a little deformed from it’s cramped quarters but I know it’ll soon get back to it’s regular shape. He leads me up the stairs and into the utility room, the sunlight is streaming through a window and blinds me. I cry out in pain.

“Sun hurting your eyes?” he asks. I nod, squinting.

He leads me down a hallway, the carpet beneath my feet feels deep and very soft. We end up in a room, my eyes are still hurting from the sunlight so I can’t make out any features, except this room also has the nice soft carpet. Sir stands behind me, puts his arms around me and kisses my neck. I feel his cock touch my hands so I instinctively wrap my slender fingers around it causing him to sigh.

“Look in the mirror, boy,” he instructs.

I squint, my eyes are slowly getting accustomed to the light. I can make out a naked boy in front of me and realise it’s me in a full length mirror. I look away shamefully. I have always suffered from low self esteem and seeing myself naked in the mirror doesn’t help it any.

“I see me Sir,” I say looking at the floor, nice carpet.

“And what do you see that is wrong with you?” he asks further.

I feel uneasy and continue to stare at the floor. He grabs my chin and forces me look back in the mirror.

“Tell me! What do you see wrong with you?” he persists.

“I’m puny! I’m too thin! I’m ugly! I have too many spots and I’m too damn shy!” I blurt out.

I have never told anyone how I feel about myself before and I suddenly feel an emotional release bringing tears to my eyes.

“Wrong!” he says, “Would you like to know what I see?”

I nod.

“I see a beautiful young man, with a beautiful body. This body is so sexy, look at your curvy hips.” he explains as his hands run over my hips. “Look at your chest, it’s perfect, with delicious pert little nipples,” he tweaks them as he says this causing me to whimper. “Look at this beautiful face, there will be a lot of people that will fall in love with this face, believe me. And look at this magnificent cock! You are going to give and get a lot of pleasure from this,” he says stroking my cock.

It starts to swell from his gentle touch, I must admit I do like my cock. I think about what he said about people falling in love with my face. I want to say ‘But I want you to fall in love with me’.

“No there is only one thing wrong with you,” he adds.

I look at his eyes in the mirror expecting the worst.

“You’re too pale, you don’t get in the sun enough so today we are going to do a spot of sunbathing.”

I smile, “that sounds nice Sir.”

He takes my arm and leads me through the house. I get a good look at the room we was in, it’s his bedroom. The room is large with a king sized bed dominating it. There are built in wardrobes along one wall, a dresser by the window and a large flat screen TV on the wall opposite the bed. The walls are a dark red and the furnishings are a combination of black and cream. The bed clothes are silk and I look at the bed with envious eyes wishing I could spent the night in there with him.

He leads me into a hall way and I realise there are no stairs, this house is a bungalow. We end up in the kitchen, it is beautiful. A high gloss black granite worktop lines three of the walls while the other leads in to a large conservatory. The units are high gloss white and there are various stainless steel appliances around the work top. In the centre is an island with stools around and freshly made breakfast laid out on top. I can’t help but notice that there is only one plate of food and I wonder if this is mine then perhaps Sir has already eaten.

Sir sits on the a stool and pulls me to him telling me to sit on his lap. I can’t do it alone as my hands are still tied behind my back so he helps me. He then feeds me my breakfast. I feel somewhat silly, slightly humiliated at being fed but it makes me feel like a young boy again being looked after by a caring parent. Those feelings give way to a sense of romance, his actions seemingly loving, slightly erotic even.

“I’m having some friends yalova escort over today, they are going to join us for sunbathing,” he says, “you’ll like them, they’re nice people and I want you to meet them.”

I feel somewhat nervous a meeting these people but I’ve always suffered with that and I was hoping to spent the day with sir alone.

After breakfast we head out into the garden, it’s very large with a high hedge surrounding it. There are no houses in sight, it seems very secluded. I notice on the lawn two beach towels side by side, one for Sir and one for me I guess. The one beach towel is situated in the centre of four pegs in the ground and I realise what these are for. If he ties me to these I will be completely vulnerable when his visitors arrive.

Sure enough I am made to lie face down on the towel while he ties my feet and hands to the pegs. He disappears and returns holding a bottle of sun lotion. He rubs it into my pale skin, his large soft hands kneading my tight white skin. I relax and enjoy his touch, he soon get’s to my bare ass and rubs some into my crack, I lift my butt to give him better access. His finger probes my anus spending longer there than he needs to, my cock stiffens. He reaches under and pulls my cock down so it is between my legs, he strokes it till it is nearly fully erect. It feels a little uncomfortable but very sexy. He finishes applying my lotion then sits on his towel and applies the lotion to his front.

We lie like that for quite a while, Sir occasionally leaning over to play with my ass and cock, keeping me hard. We talk about college and the courses I’m attending, and what I want to do when I leave. I try to learn more about Sir but he is very evasive.

Shortly the door bell rings and Sir get’s up to answer. I’m suddenly aware my bare ass and hard cock are totally visible.

“Oooh! V! That is adorable!” a voice says, “is it a new garden ornament?”

I hear others laugh.

“Fellas, I’d like to introduce my boy, Daniel,” Sir says, he used my name again.

I crane my neck round to see three men behind me, one of them Sir. One of them is carrying a few extra pounds around his belly and looks to be in his fifties as he has the beginnings of grey hair. He is wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt which does nothing to help his figure. He is quite attractive and has eyes that smile even when he isn’t. The other is slim, not quite as thin as me but tall with it, I guess around six foot. He is wearing cut off jeans and a black tank top, his head shaved making him look a little intimidating. He is also wearing a dog collar with a leash attached that his being held by the older man. I estimate his age to be twenties or so, he also has a hungry look in his eyes.

“Pleased to meet you boy Daniel,” the older man says smiling.

“Boy this is Mr G and his boy Robbie,” Sir introduces.

I smile and say, “hello.”

I blush as I notice they aren’t looking at my face, they are transfixed on my cock.

“My that is impressive,” says Mr G.

“We’ll have a little play later,” Sir says.

I push my face into the towel, this is going to be a long afternoon.

“Looks like your boy want’s to start play now,” sir laughs.

I look round to see Robbie kneeling between my legs, he looks up at Sir.

“Please Mr V may I?” he asked.

“Oh your boy is so polite,” Sir says, “well just a quick lick.”

Robbie bends down and runs his tongue up the length of my cock causing me to shudder.

“That’s enough” says Mr G pulling on Robbie’s lead, “we’ll have time for that later.”

Robbie moans disappointedly. Sir gets back on his towel to my right and lies back to sun himself. I look to my left and Robbie has placed his towel right next to mine. He removes his clothes and I look at his cock, it’s a good size around eight inches, it looks a little bigger as he is wearing a cock ring making his cock stick further out from his groin. It is now semi erect as he sees me staring at it, I look at him and he smiles as he pushes his hips forward to make it look even more impressive. I now want to feel that cock in my mouth and I lick my lips, my own dick getting very stiff indeed.

Robbie lies down on his side facing me, his face inches from mine. He places his hand on my head and strokes my hair then runs his fingers down my back. I groan a little, his touch feels just like Sir’s.

“Do you like Robbie?” sir asks.

I turn to look at him, “Yes Sir, he has kind eyes.”

“Oh lord he is such a sweetheart,” I hear Mr G say.

I look up to see he has placed his towel at my head and is lying facing me in between my arms, his hairy belly facing me, I shudder again. My eyes are drawn to his cock, JESUS! IT’S MASSIVE! I look in disbelief as it has to be all of eight inches soft but not only that, it’s thick, really thick! Robbie see’s me looking, my jaw must have been wide open.

“It still hurts even now and he’s been fucking me for five years” he whispers in my ear.

My eyes widen as I turn to look at edirne escort Robbie.

“He fucks you with that thing?” I whisper incredulously.

They all laugh. I feel embarrassed, Robbie sees this and kisses me, his lips sweet and tender. I giggle and say I wouldn’t mind seeing that, Robbie winks at me.

For the next hour or so we talk about different things, Sir and Mr G talking about people I don’t know and a party that Sir is throwing in a few days.

“Thanks for inviting us to the party,” Mr G says, “but I’m afraid we can’t make it, Robbie and I have had our vacation booked before we got the invite.’

“That’s ok, you’ll be missed tho, especially Robbie,” Sir says laughing.

“Yes he can be the life of a party,” Mr G replies laughing too.

“It’s a pity because Daniel here and two new slaves I’ve found are going to be naked serving boys,” Sir says.

“Sir?” I say my voice sounding alarmed.

“It’s ok boy, I won’t let anything bad happen to you,” Sir reassures me stroking my hair.

“Oh you’ll love it,” Mr G says, “Your masters party’s are legendary and so much fun.”

I should learn to trust Sir more now, every time he’s suggested something that has alarmed me has usually been a wonderful pleasurable experience.

“Time to turn you over,” Sir says. “but first I need you to oil my back.”

He gets up and unties me then lays face down on his towel. I get up and straddle his back my cock semi hard running up the middle.

“Oh and no trying to get your self off,” he commands.

“Yes Sir,” I reply.

I get the lotion and apply it over his shoulders and back, he already has a nice tan and the oil is making it look darker. My hands rub down his sides and he groans, I get a wicked idea and I tickle his sides. He bucks and laughs loudly.

“Ha ha, stop that, young man,” he gasps, “you’re supposed to be putting lotion on me.”

“Sir is ticklish,” I giggle and tickle him some more.

“Arrgh! Stop, other wise I’ll whip your ass,” he shouts.

I stop, not sure if he is serious or not. I move further down, my cock now resting in the crack of his ass. I wonder if Sir likes being fucked and whether or not he would let me fuck him. I look over to Robbie who is having his back oiled my Mr G, all the time they have been there Robbie’s eyes haven’t left me. I finish rubbing lotion into Sir’s skin. I continue to oil up Sir, my hands now at his ass. It’s nicely shaped and slightly hairy. I run my fingers down his crack and he moans, I find his hole and I’m tempted to drop down there are then and lick him out. Doing it front of strangers is the only thing that stops me, I feel very self conscious. I finish oiling Sirs legs.

“Finished Sir,” I inform him.

Sir instructs me to lie on my back and he ties my hands and feet back to the pegs.

“Would you like to help me oil my boy up?” he asks the others.

Soon they are surrounding me, Robbie between my legs Sir to my left and Mr G to my right. I closed my eyes to the sensation of six hands oiling and caressing my naked body. Robbie is taking special attention to my cock, taking long strokes making sure the whole length is oiled up. I groan in the ecstasy of many hands feeling me up and surprisingly Mr G’s touch is as gentle and soft as Sir’s and Robbie’s, I’m in seventh heaven.

“Mr V, my I suck his cock sir?” I hear Robbie say.

“Yes but don’t make him cum,” Sir replies, “I was giving him a cum denial for three hours last night so he’s a loaded gun waiting to go off.”

I feel Robbie’s lips slip over my cock head, I look down to watch him engulf my cock and for the first time in my life I see my cock slipping into someone else’s mouth, its unbelievably erotic.

“Three hours?” I hear Mr G say, “what method did you use?”

“E-stim,” Sir replied.

“Ooh you bastard, that must have been agony for him,”

“He was crying in the end,” Sir said with pride in his voice.

“And he hasn’t cum yet since last night?”

“Not yet, fancy giving me a hand to video it when he does?” Sir asks.

“Sir?” I ask not sure if I heard him right.

“It’s just a little memento of you’re biggest cum shot yet to cum,” Sir laughs.

I suddenly shout as I reach a climax.

“Stop! Sir please!”

Robbie pulls away looking very pleased, my cock twitches wildly and I’m panting heavily. Sir kisses me and tickles my testicles knowing full well it delays my edge from subsiding.

They get back onto their towels. Robbie and sir lying either side of me, stroking my skin, teasing my nipples, rubbing my cock to keep it hard and occasionally kissing my neck and ears. Mr G has moved his towel to between my legs and is now lying on his front sucking on my balls and flicking his tongue down my perineum to my tight hole. I am now back to the state I was in last night, groaning constantly in desire as the dire need to cum overwhelms my body.

I look at Sir, his cock is leaking pre-cum and I want it in my mouth. I lick my lips, Sir sees this and gets up. erzurum escort He grabs something from behind himself and positions himself kneeling above my head. I look up his cock is right above my face, I stretch to lick his ball sack but I can’t quite reach. He grabs his towel, rolls it up and put’s it under my shoulders. My head falls back my throat now stretched. He pushes down on his cock and feeds it into my open mouth, I can’t move my head in this position so Sir slowly fucks my mouth. I can feel his cock slide down my throat as I swallow it deep.

“Damn that is hot!” I hear Mr G say, “Robbie get over here.”

Sir picks up his pace and is fucking my face now, I can’t see his face but I can tell he is close. As his cock moves down my throat the scent of his pure manliness enters my nostrils. I feel him shudder and he pulls out just as he shoots a massive load over my open mouth and down my stomach.

“Shit V, did you cum already?” I heard Mr G say.

“Yeah,” he says laughing between pants, “this boy gets me so damn fucking horny.” I smile.

“ARRRGH FUCK!” Robbie screams.

I lookup to see an unbelievable sight. Robbie is on his back, legs are pressed against his body and and Mr G is on top sliding the biggest cock I think the world has ever seen let alone me into the poor boy’s ass. I have no idea the full length as some of his cock is in Robbie’s ass but there is still a good eight inches visible. It’s thickness is thicker than my forearm! I gasp in disbelief as the huge tool slides into the boy’s ass, deeper and deeper. Robbie is grasping at the grass, his face turning red with the pain. To my utter amazement Mr G gets the whole of his cock buried deep inside Robbie. He then pulls slowly out, when I think he is at the end more comes out. How long is this fucking cock! Eventually he reaches the tip, it has to be at least a whopping eleven inches.

“Isn’t that the hottest thing you’ve ever seen?” Sir asks.

“Fuck yeah!” I say

I look up at Sir still standing over me, “Please Sir don’t let him near my ass with that, I wouldn’t be able to take it.”

Sir laughs loudly, “Don’t worry boy, he would ruin you for me if I let him fuck you.”

I smile again. I look back and see Mr G now sliding the full length of his giant cock in and out of Robbie’s ass. Robbie looks at me with pure lust on his face, he lifts up his cock lets out an almighty groan. His cock pulses and cum flies out hitting him squarely on his face, again and again it bolts streams of hot ropey cum over his face and chest. Mr G is fucking him fast now and grunting and moaning heavily, he suddenly pushes hard into Robbie causing him to scream in pain and I can tell Mr G is dumping his load into Robbie’s ass. Mr G collapses on Robbie and they lie there panting, Robbie still looking at me.

I am so horned up now and all my being is screaming out to cum. I look up at sir with pleading eyes.

“Please Sir, I want to cum so bad, please may I cum?” I beg.

“Ok I think it’s about time,” Sir agrees, “You may want to watch this guys, G will you take the camera.”

I hadn’t noticed but Sir had been videoing us the whole time, I so want to watch that back later. Mr G takes the camera and Sir get’s down by my cock. It starts twitching in anticipation. He takes the head of my cock in his forefinger and thumb and slowly slides them down the length of my shaft.

“Please Sir, faster.” I cry.

Sir doesn’t go any faster he keeps it excruciatingly slow. The lotion allows Sir’s fingers to slip effortlessly while Robbie plays with my nipples.


His pace doesn’t get any quicker and my body is shaking violently now. Every fibre of my being tenses up as I reach the plateau of my orgasm.


A wave of euphoria washes over my body and the first bolt of cum erupts from my cock. I watch it shoot vertically for nearly six feet. Everybody gasps, again and again my cock spurts as high as the last, I’m like a volcano erupting. It’s going everywhere, some lands on my chest and face, some on Sir and some on Robbie. I can’t believe how much cum there is and the force at which it’s erupting, it has to be the longest most powerful ejaculation I have ever experienced.


I notice Robbie kneel up next to me, his cock fully erect, beating it vigorously. He grunts and delivers another load all over my face.

“Did that turn you on Robbie?” I hear Sir ask.

“Fuck yeah Mr V, that was the hottest thing ever!” he replies.

Sir notices that my cock is still fully erect, “I think he maybe ready to go again, what do you say boy?” he asks me.

I nod.

“Good but how about I fuck you at the same time?”

I nod harder. He unties my legs and lifts them up while Robbie who is now over my head grabs my feet and holds them there. Robbie’s flaccid cock is resting on my face so I start licking and sucking it into my mouth. My hole now exposed for Sir’s waiting cock is lubed up. Sir presents his cock at my entrance and he pushes, I relax and he slips in effortlessly. I gasp. Sir slowly slides in deep into me and Robbie takes my cock in his mouth. Robbie’s cock is on it’s way to an erection so I push my head back and take him in my mouth. All this time Mr G is videoing the whole thing.

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