The Night Train

Anal Fisting

1923, Vienna

They had boarded the Night Train in Vienna and were now on their way to Istanbul. To the unsuspecting passengers they were just two young travelling companions, daughter of diplomats maybe on their way to some grand occasion at the end of Europe. But they were quite a bit more. Aniela, a polish girl in her early twenties and Daiya a Japanese girl the same age were Europe’s most successful diamond thieves. Among their luggage was the most recent chapter in their book of crime, the “Blue Tear” diamond, liberated from the safe of a filthy rich Russian diplomat, among with some of his finer jewels he kept for his mistress.

“Oh Daiya,” Aniela smiled while wearing one of her newly acquired necklaces, “it is an honour watching you work, how your fingertips gently forced that safe into submission, I never tire of it.” “Domo” Daiya nodded, “I’m just grateful, I never have to see your work, that Russian looked a brute.” “Oh nothing I couldn’t handle my dear, a little bit of powder from my ring, an inviting toast and they are out before they know it. The note I left will make him think he spent the best night of his life in a hotel room in Vienna. He’ll never know that we replaced his diamond with a copy, I must say it is my best work so far. They laughed and Aniela refilled their glasses with Champagne.

They drank, they laughed, they tried on more jewels while their carriage slowly travelled through the winter landscape. The had set off long ago yet both of them were still too giddy to go to sleep. Usually after a successful reacquire mission they went out to celebrate yet this time their schedule made it necessary to run from the hotel to the train station and jump onto the Orient Express. So now they only had themselves to keep them company. They had undressed, Daiya wore a stunning kimono that seemed custom made to perfectly fit her small but delicate curves. Daniele herself had just took the top layer off her dress and was sitting in her bunk wearing a seductive corset and divine lace panties.

“You look so beautiful in that,” Daiya observed, “no wonder no man can resist you.” Aniela blushed, her eyes glancing at her friend, moving down her body to the floor, “yes, if only it was men I was interested in…”.

Daiya looked at Aniela curiously, then turned around, filled fikirtepe escort more Champagne in Aniela’s glass and handed it to her. Their finger touching for the briefest moments as the glass changed hands. A moment too brief to notice yet long enough to send a shiver down Aniela’s spine.

Daiya had felt the spark as well. The compartment suddenly felt very small, she quickly turned around to hide her own blushing, stepped to the window and looked outside at the passing landscape. The moon shone down on the maiden snow, it was a beautiful image, yet she could not linger on it, there was something more beautiful waiting for her.

She turned around, Aniela was sitting on her bunk bed, their eyes met, they both were at loss for words, both tantalised by the other girl, so close and yet so far. Then suddenly the train rolled over something on the tracks, Daiya lost her balance and was flung towards Aniela and landed on her lap. “Oh..” Aniela gasped, their eyes met again and this time no words were needed. Their lips met and the world disappeared.

It was their first kiss, a clumsy kiss, a hurried kiss, yet a promising and hungry kiss.


“Shhhh, don’t speak.”

They kissed again, more curiously this time, aggressively even. Aniela parted her lips and Daiya’s tongue slowly made her way between them. Their tongues met and it was electric. They lost sense of their surroundings, one of them must have turned down the lamp and the only illumination was the moonlight that was shining on their flushed faces. Their hands were starting to touch each others bodies, Daiya touching Aniela’s cheek, moving her fingers through her thick brown hair, Aniela’s hands moved around Daiya’s back, exploring, touching, pulling her closer as their tongues were playing hungrily with each other.

Aniela couldn’t hold back any longer, her hands moved quickly to the front of her friends Kimono and with one swift motion opened it and let it fall over Daiya’s pale shoulders. The view made her gasp, Daiya’s body was barely visibly in the dark room, but the occasional flickers of moonlight revealed that her skin was covered in colourful tattoo’s.

Daiya broke off the kiss and stood up, turning around and letting the kimono fall to the ground. She turned her head over her shoulder gebze escort and looked at Aniela. A long dragon was twisting and turning down the length of her naked back, her small but perfectly shaped bottom glistening in the moonlight.

Aniela was in awe, at loss for words, she did the only thing she knew to do, she stood up and slowly unhooked her corset, breathed a sigh of relief as she let it fall to the floor and slowly slid down her panties and kicked them away. They were both naked now, looking at each others bodies, devouring each other with glances, then Aniela held out her hand and Daiya took it. She felt her herself being pulled against Aniela’s curvy body and they kissed again, slowly, wanting to cherish every moment.

Daiya’s hands moved up Aniela’s body and came to rest on the beautiful breast that she felt were so much curvier and more sensual than her own small ones. She touched them curiously, placing both hands on them and squeezed. Aniela gasped and her own hands who had found their way to Daiya’s bum squeezed as well. They moaned and they knew there was no way back, only forward.

Daiya helped her friend to lay down on the bunk bed and climbed in afterwards, her knee sliding between Aniela’s legs. Daiya moved down to kiss Aniela’s neck, softly biting it, loving the sound of her friends whimper. Kissing again with more passion her fingers wandered down, playing with Aniela’s erect nipples, squeezing her breast, trailing the skin down to her belly button, resting for only a moment and then sliding slowly between Aniela’s thighs.

“Oh Dai!” Aniela moaned, trying to move, but Daiya was on top of her and in a better position. She was pinned down by her Japanese friend, still not quite believing what was happening, but not wanting it to stop, not ever. Daiya’s hand moved between her thighs, making Aniela moan even louder, she didn’t care. She was at the mercy of Daiyas expert fingers and just like they were trained to open safes, they seemed trained to open the centre of her lust. She wanted this so bad, she let her thoughts wander for a moment, just enjoying being touched by this wonderful woman when suddenly she was pulled back to reality. Daiya’s fingers had slid inside her. Aniela’s body arched and this time she was sure her moan was heard right up to içerenköy escort he locomotive. “Oh god, that feels so good…” she gasped, Daiya slid her fingers deeper insider her, touching her very being, playing with her, moving her fingers, finding every secret spot that bough on wave after wave of lust. Bending down, she slowly licked one of Aniela’s nipples, toying with it, sucking on it then using her teeth, before Aniela could moan she slid the fingers of her other hand inside Aniela’s mouth and let her lick them, suck on them, devour them.

Aniela’s body was red hot flushed with lust, her nipples hard, she was sweating and she could smell the sex in the air. Daiya’s finger went ever deeper, moving inside and out, rubbing her where she had never been rubbed before by another woman, being driven insane with lust. “Oh yes, don’t stop!” Daiya didn’t, the beautiful Japanese girl couldn’t stop if she had wanted, she was in a trance, playing with the gorgeous body at her mercy, going deep inside her, fingering, rubbing, faster, deeper, fucking Anielas pussy, watching her body arch and jerk and thrusting back with her hips, letting her fingers slide even deeper inside her.

Aniela wrapped her arms around Daiya’s sweaty back, scratching it, moving her fingernails down to Dai’s ass, digging her nails into the soft cheeks, moaning and screaming, biting Dai’s earlope, whispering, whimpering, moaning. “fuck me, don’t stop, don’t stop.” She felt she was close to a climax that would be stronger than anything she ever experienced! She pulled Dai closer to her, moaning louder, moving her body, feeling the heat between them.

“Oh god!” She felt Dai’s finger touching her most secret spot and she couldn’t hold back any longer, her body arching, the orgasm hit her with such strength that she nearly passed out, Dai had to use all her strength to keep her pinned down so they didn’t fall out of bed, “oh god!” wave after wave the orgasm hit her body, moaning, shaking, breathing heavily she felt her herself being carried out of her body, lifted up to heaven before coming crashing down again. She collapsed, her chest rising and sinking like a ship in a storm. After a while she opened her eyes and saw Daiya smiling at her. “That was… I’ve never… how…” she began but couldn’t finish. She still felt the lustful sensation burn in her body and her eye caught the desire in Daiya’s. Quickly she grabbed her friends hips and rolled them over in the tiny bunk bed, now on top she looked down on her friend, grinned and whispered: “Now it’s my turn, it’s a long way to Istanbul…”

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