The Ordeal


At one end of the long room was a dais and on it an imposing magisterial bench. Behind the bench there were two throne like chairs, and on the wall above them the golden crest of Philastan.

Below the dais at floor level was a long desk, behind which sat the two Clerks of the Ordeal Tribunal clad in their traditional dark blue robes, murmuring to each other and shuffling papers. Beyond them in the body of the room a number of green clad figures – Stewards of the Ordeal – sat or stood either in silence or whispering as they openly or surreptitiously looked at the two white robed figures seated in the front row.

Those in the white robes were a man and a woman; the woman very beautiful and the man, looking younger than the woman, bore a distinct facial resemblance to her. Their physiques could not be judged since the loose fitting robes allowed no clear view of their figures.

A door to the right of the dais opened and an Usher in the chocolate coloured robe of his office entered.

“All rise,” he called out, “The Tribunal of the Ordeal is now in session, Eminences Raka and Matia presiding.”

Two scarlet clad figures, the crest of Philastan embroidered on their left breasts, entered; a man and a woman who appeared to be in their fifties and of immense dignity and handsome looks, made their way to the two thrones.

As they stood before the thrones the usher continued, “The gods protect Philastan.”

All present responded, “The gods protect Philastan.”

Raka and Matia sat. Raka nodded to those assembled who also sat, and then leaned over the bench and said, “Master Clerk, the business.”

The clerk stood and said, “Eminences, Breni and Nurina have applied for incestuous hand fasting and the Registrar of Hand Fasting has requested that they be put to The Ordeal.” He handed Raka and Matia each a sheet of paper.

For a few moments Raka and Matia studied the papers in silence, and then Matia, looking at Breni and Nurina, “You are mother and son?”

Both replied, “Yes Eminence.”

“You have engaged in bodily union?”

“Yes, Eminence.”

“For how long?”

“For seven months, Eminence,” replied Nurina.

“How did your bodily union begin?”

“Eminence, we came upon each other naked and desired bodily union, and so I took Breni to my couch.” Matia sat back and Raki took up the questioning.

“As you know, in Philastan all bodily unions are accepted whether within hand fasting or not. Why then do you seek hand fasting?”

Nurina answered again, “Eminence, it is our desire that our bodily union should bring us progeny, but it is forbidden by Philastan law that progeny should be produced outside hand fasting.”

“It is well that you are aware this, Nurina and Breni, for you know what happens to progeny born outside hand fasting.”

“Yes Eminence; they are taken from their begetters at six years of age, and must serve all their lives as acolytes in the temples of the gods.”

“That is the law,” Raki said, and smiling grimly went on, “If you lived beyond the borders of Philastan in Atraps and had been detected engaging in incestuous bodily union you would have been tied facing each other and burned at the stake. But here in Philastan we are civilised.”

Matia commented, “Nurina, you have been hand fasted before.”

“Yes, Eminence.”

“And you are now unhand fasted?”

“Yes Eminence.”

“Unhand fasting is a serious matter, why did the Registrar of Hand Fasting permit you to be unhand fasted?”

The Clerks hunted through papers as Nurina replied, “The law of Philastan states that if one hand fast refuses bodily union to the other hand fast, then the Registrar may unhand fast them.”

“That is so…”

“Eminence;” the Clerk handed Matia a sheet of paper. She studied it for a few moments.

“I see the Registrar reports that your hand fast claimed that you are insatiable for bodily union.”

“Yes Eminence.”

“Your hand fast admitted he was unable to cope with your demands for bodily union and he had withdrawn from you. Ah, I see; the Registrar granted unhand fasting under the law which says that for gaziantep escort a hand fast to refused bodily union without reasonable excuse the hand fasting is null and void.”

“That is so, Eminence.”

“And Breni is able to sate you?”

“Yes, Eminence; he is the only male who has ever been able to do that.”

“And you, Breni, you can sate Nurina with pleasure and ease?”

“Yes Eminence, I love her.”

“Ah yes, love, we shall come to that.”

Matia glanced at Raki who nodded and called out, “Stewards of the Ordeal.”


“Lay bare Breni and Nurina.”

Two Stewards came forward. Breni and Nurina stood as the Stewards untied the cords that held their robes together. They stood naked.

Eminences, Clerks, Stewards gasped.

“You are both of great beauty,” Matia exclaimed; “Your breasts, Nurina, are like two halves of the fruit of the Ahab vine. And your phallus Breni is like the mighty Shofkah tossed by our young men at the Philastan Games to test their strength.”

“Is it not lust for Breni’s phallus that drives to ask for hand fasting, Nurina?” asked Raki.

“And you, Breni, is it not desire for Nurina’s breasts that urges you on?”

“Eminence,” protested Nurina, “I loved Breni in the womb, and have loved him unfailingly through his childhood and now in his manhood. It is true that I rejoice in his mighty phallus, but it is for love I join with him in bodily union.”

“Eminence, although Nurina is the only female who has been able to receive the fullness of my phallus, it is for love that I enter into her,” cried Breni.

“You have spoken much of love; have you both read the Sacred Scriptures of Philastan?”

“We have Eminence.”

“Breni, do you recall verse fifteen of chapter six in the Missive of Blessed Epithum, ‘Love can bear all things; love can forgive all things.”

“I have known it since Nurina taught it to me as a child,” Eminence.

And do you believe it?”

“Eminence, the Sacred Scriptures are from the gods; they cannot err.”

“Clearly you are a pious young man, so tell me, is there anything that Nurina could do that your love could not bear and your heart not forgive?”

“There is nothing, Eminence.”

“So you say…so you say.” Raki leaned back in his chair smiling ominously as Matia spoke.

“Breni, our learned Professors of Erosology tell us there is one thing that that few lovers can bear and forgive.”


“It is to see the beloved in bodily union with another.”

“But Eminence, if she has been overcome, if she is being forcibly…”

“Yes…yes Breni, I perceive you are a compassionate young man, but I am not speaking of force. I speak of her entering voluntarily into bodily union, and furthermore, delighting in that union. Would your love bear and forgive that?”

“Eminence, Nurina would never put me to such a test.”

“You think not; then let me explain. In the case of incestuous hand fasting it is written in our laws that the love the applicants claim to have for each other must be put to the test. The test is known as ‘The Ordeal.’ I emphasis that it is a test and not a punishment, and if you now revoke your application for hand fasting, then this Tribunal will come to an end; so how say you Breni and Nurina, do you revoke your application?”

“I cannot, I love Nurina, Eminence.”

“And I love Breni, Eminence.”

“Then I must tell you of what The Ordeal entails; Master Clerk.”


“Let them see the Room of Ordeal.”

The Clerk pressed a button on his desk and the floor between his desk and where Breni and Nurina stood slid away to reveal a large glass panel. Through the panel could be seen a small room in the middle of which was a large upholstered platform or couch.

Matia waited for a minute as Breni and Nurina looked down into the room, before she spoke.

“If you do not revoke your application for hand fasting, you, Nurina, will be taken to that room. There you will be laid on the Couch of Ordeal. Three young men, among the most potent in gaziantep escort bayan Philastan will attend you. They may do with you as they will short of causing pain or bodily harm.”

“If you struggle your application for hand fasting with Breni will be automatically rendered null and void.”

“You Breni will remain here to witness what is being done to Nurina. Over your ears will be placed audophrams so that you may hear as well as see what passes. You will be closely watched, and if you close your eyes for more than a blink your application for hand fasting will be rendered null and void. Do you both understand what I have said?”

“Yes Eminence.”

“Then I ask again, will you revoke your application for hand fasting?”

Breni and Nurina looked at each other. Nurina smiled and said, “Breni, if you can bear it, then so can I.”

“I can bear it, Nurina.”

Raki asked; “You are determined to proceed to The Ordeal?”

Together they answered, “We are, Eminence.”

“I must now tell you what happens after The Ordeal with the three young men. You, Breni, will be taken to join Nurina.

She will still have the bodily fluids of the young men within her, and you will smell the odours of their union with her. If she requests you to join her in bodily union you will immediately enter her and mingle your seed with that of the young men.”

“If you succeeded in all this we shall know that your love can bear all things and forgive all things. The Registrar of Hand Fasting will be summoned and you will be hand fasted.”

“Now is the last chance for you to revoke your application for hand fasting. If either one of you refuses to proceed with The Ordeal, then the matter is at an end and you will never be hand fasted. How do you now say?”

“Eminence, if Breni desires me to undertake The Ordeal, “then I go to it willingly,” replied Nurina firmly.

“Eminence if Nurina goes to The Ordeal willingly,” then my love can bear and forgive.”

“So be it. Stewards take…”

“One moment,” said Matia. “Nurina, have to taken your bar fluid today?”

“Yes Eminence.”

“It is as well; we do not desire any progeny to result from The Ordeal, it involves too much paperwork afterwards.”

“Take Nurina to The Room of Ordeal,” Raki continued, “and summon the young men to sport with her. May the gods be with you.”

All responded, “May the gods be with you.”

Nurina was escorted from the room to appear soon after in The Room of Ordeal. Audophrams were placed over Breni’s ears and proved so sensitive that he could hear Nurina breathing.

Further breathing was added as three naked young men entered the room. They lifted Nurina onto the Couch of Ordeal and joined her there. One young man began to kiss her; another played with her breasts and suckled her nipples, the third knelt between her parted legs and started to stroke her vulva.

Each young man took it in turns to stimulate various parts of Nurina’s body, and Breni could hear her starting to moan and whimper. One of the young men said, “She’s ready,” and Nurina was lifted up and made to sit on the edge of the couch with her legs parted and raised. They took it in turn to give her cunnilingus, and while one did this the other two continued to kiss her and play with her breasts. As each withdrew his tongue from her vagina Breni could see their faces gleaming with her female fluid.

Nurina’s cries rose in volume and as the third young man withdrew his tongue from her vagina she was drawn back into the middle of the couch. They spread her legs wide and one of them came over her.

Breni, in his agony, noticed that Nurina took hold of his penis and guided him into her. As the young man started to penetrate her Nurina began to cry out, “Yes…yes…oh gods…its happening…come into me…come with me…ah…aha…oh…yes…do it…I’m co…naaaeow…”

It was clear that the young man was realising his sperm into her, and she was clutching wildly at him and her legs had wound round him. His groans mingled with her now piercing screams of ecstasy.

Breni escort gaziantep was sweating and tears of humiliation were streaming down his cheeks. “How can she…how can she,” he wailed.

The young man finished and Breni could hear Nurina begging him, “Don’t stop…don’t stop…I’m still coming.”

Despite her pleas he did pull out of her and one of the others lay on his back. Nurina was lifted over him and brought to a kneeling position. The recumbent young man drew her face to his penis, and she took it into her mouth. The third young man knelt behind her and inserted his penis in her vagina.

Nurina, her mouth filled by the penis, could no longer be heard; only the gasps and groans of the young men.

The young man penetrating her from behind suddenly cried out, “By the gods,” and seizing her hips thrust deep into her, holding her to him tightly for a few seconds, and then rapidly moved back an forth.

Nurina was trembling violently as another orgasm washed over and through her.

Almost simultaneously the young man with the penis in her mouth gave an anguished yell, and holding her head tightly to him started to beat his seed into her mouth. Soon the glutinous fluid was oozing out of the corners of Nurina’s mouth and hanging from her chin in sticky strands.

There was a pause when they finished and then withdrawing from her the young men stood up. Looked down at the still recumbent Nurina for a moment, and then left laughing.

Breni could see the sperm dangling from Nurina’s chin, the saliva still drying on her nipples, and faint traces of sperm starting to ooze out of her vagina.

She had a bemused look on her face as she stared up at the glass panel. Breni, Their Eminences the Stewards and the Clerks stared back at her for a few moments, and then Raka said, “Take him down to her, and the gods be with you.”

“The gods be with you.”

Two Stewards escorted him out of the room, down a short flight of stairs and into The Room of Ordeal, then they left him.

He looked at Nurina who was still lying prone. The room was pervaded by the smell of bodily union and he could see more clearly the melange of sperm and lubricant clinging to her genitals and inner thighs, and she was still trying to swallow the residue of the sperm that had been injected into her mouth.

She looked at Breni imploringly, stretching out her arms invitingly.

Breni felt sick. He wanted to vomit as he said, “You enjoyed it…you wanted them to do it to you…you…you…”

“Darling, I couldn’t help it,” she said thickly, “but come to me…let us have bodily union…you said you could bear it…I need you…come…”

Breni slowly shook his head and Nurina started to wail, “I did it for you…for us…for our progeny…so that we can be hand fasted…”

Breni turned to leave the room and Nurina’s screams grew louder,

“Breni…darling…don’t leave me…Breni…Breni…Brian…please Brian…”

A voice, at first sounding a long way off but drawing nearer was calling, “Mother…mother…wake up mother, you’re having a dream.”

The Ordeal Room, the glass panel and the staring inhabitants of the room above faded. One face looked down at her.

“Brian…oh Brian…I had such an awful dream. I was…there were people…people looking…and…and you were leaving me.”

The face above her smiled and said, “Well I’m not leaving you and I’ve been with you all night.”

The face came nearer and she felt warm lips enclose hers. For a few moments a tongue probed into her mouth and a hand enclosed her breast.

“You just need your morning loving, mother.”

Fingers searched her genitals, penetrating her vagina.

“My God, mother, it must have been some dream, your saturated. I hope it was about me.”

“I think it was, but I’m not sure. Don’t make me wait, darling, I need you.”

She parted her legs and he came between them. As his penis entered her she asked, “Would you mind if I stopped taking the bar fluid?”

“The what?”

“The bar…I don’t know why I said that, I meant the pill.”

“You’re going to let me make a baby with you at last?”

“Yes; well it been seven months since we started to have bodily…making love, so why not?”

“That’s what I’ve been saying for a long time.”

“Oh Brian darling, that’s beautiful…ah…ah…do it again…harder…oh my darling…”

The dream was forgotten as Brian drove his young seed into her.

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