The Party


I was looking forward to a long boring weekend. All my plans had fallen through just this afternoon and now I sat here alone. I was starting to pity myself so I walked into my kitchen and pulled a gallon of comfort food out of the freezer. At least I had my rocky road.

I turned on the radio that I keep in here and sat down at the table and started to shovel ice cream into my mouth. After about the third bite I started to feel better.

When I heard the phone ring in the other room I looked at the clock. “Who could that be? Almost everybody I know are out having fun tonight.” I think to myself.

I pick up the phone to hear my friend Melissa start talking before I have a chance to say anything. “What have you got planned for tonight?” she purred into the phone. “Oh never mind. So, when are you coming over? We are having a party tonight. I would have invited you before now but it just kinda happened.”

When she paused to draw a breath I answered all her questions. “Nothing but a gallon of ice-cream and an old movie.” I told her. Hearing my answer she laughed. “And I would love to come over. What kind of party are you having?”

“Oh just a little get together.” She said. “Well, see you in a few than.” She hung up before I could say another word.

Shaking my head I headed to my room to change and put my make-up on. That was just like Melissa. Once she had her mind set on something she would not take no for an answer and she would not give you a chance to change your mind.

I showed up at my friend’s house about an hour later. I knocked on the door and Gray opened the door. He looked me over and smiled. “My don’t you look good.”

“Thanks, but you are just being nice.” I said. I had decided to wear jeans and a nice T-shirt so I knew he was just flirting with me.

Stepping inside I look around, there are people all around. It took me a second to notice that most of them were women. Other than Gray there were only three other men there.

Gray shut the door than yelled to Melissa that I was there. She came in from the kitchen carrying a try loaded down with fruit and other condiments. Seeing me she smiled and put the food down on the coffee table. She stepped up to me and gave me a light kiss on the lips. florya escort “Glad you could make it.” She pulls back and motions me over to a chair near the couch.

We all settled down and begin talking and telling jokes. Then Melissa started off the night “I have a dare. Who wants it?” She said.

I sat there for a second and then said I would start things off. I was excited, waiting to hear what I was going to have to do. Melissa looked at me for a few seconds and then smiled really big. It was then that I knew she had wanted me to go first.

“OK, here goes it,” she looked me straight into my eyes. “I dare you to take your clothes off while dancing around the room. I want a strip tease to top all strip teases. Then I want you to lay on the coffee table and make yourself cum.”

I felt a trill run through my body. Just thinking about doing what she wanted me to do was making me wet. I stood up and walked over to the CD player and picked out some old music. I put the CD in and turned up the volume. As the first notes of Concrete Blondes “Bloodletting” filled the room I started to move. Moving my hips and rolling my body in time with the slow beat I moved to stand in front of Melissa. I ran my hands down over my breast and played with them over my top. Just touching my nipples made them erect and stand out begging to be touched. I took hold of the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up and off. I looped the shirt behind Melissa neck and pulled her head in close to my breast as I moved them right in front of her mouth. Letting loose of the shirt I turned away and picked my next victim.

Sitting on the love seat was a cute little red head. I moved up in front of her and dropped to my knees. I ran my hand up her leg while watching desire flare in her eyes. With my free hand I opened my bra, freeing my now aching tits. Pushing her legs open I slid my body up the length of her until I felt her breath on my nipples. Placing my hands on her shoulders to keep my balance, I ran my nipple over her lips. When I felt her open her mouth and try and suck it in I moved back a little. Looking her in the eye, I cupped my breast and brought my nipple to my mouth and lick the hard nub. Seeing her suck in a hard cihangir escort breath I suck it into my mouth. It felt so good that I moaned and felt my panties get wet. Letting go of my breast I move on to the next person.

My next target is a petit little brunette. I move in front of her and turn my back to her. I begin to remove my jeans. I slid them over my hips and push them to my knees. I bend over, giving her a perfect view of my wet panties. I put my hand on the coffee table and run may other hand up between my thighs. Running my fingers along the edge of my underwear before slipping my finger deep inside of me. I start moving my hips and finger in time with the music again. I am getting close to cumming. I feel the heat building in my pussy. I pull my finger out and stood up again. I turn toward the girl sitting on the couch and place my fingers on her lips. She sucked them it in and started to clean them of all my sweet juices. I pull my finger from her mouth and finish pushing my jeans off.

Now left standing in only my thong panties I move to the middle of the room. I ran my hands up and down my body, moving in time with the music now playing. I hooked my thumbs in the sides and began to pull the down my legs. When they lay on the floor at my feet I continue to move my body. I slowly lowered myself to the floor and began crawling across the floor to the coffee table where I would finish my little show. As I passed people I felt hands touching me. I have a hand on my breast and another on my ass. As I came close to the red head I stop and look at her. She has her skirt pulled up and is playing with her clit.

Seeing her I could not help but move in between her knees and push them wider. I ran my hand up her to hip and than pulled her panties off. Leaning forward I started kissing her outer lips. She held them open for me with her fingers and I licked her clit. Her hips bucked up off the couch. I pushed on finger deep in her cunt and started sucking her clit. She started moaning and the walls of her pussy started grabbing at my finger. I realized that she was closer than I thought. I moved down and stuck my tongue inside her. Her pussy was so sweet. I started fucking her hard with my tongue mecidiyeköy escort while playing with her clit with my hand. I moved my other hand between my legs and started playing with my clit. The harder I stroked her, the harder I stroked myself. My pussy was so wet. I could feel the wetness sliding down my legs. The red head threw her head back and screamed as her orgasm hit her. I felt her juices hit my tongue and started lapping at her, not wanting to miss any of it. She was shuddering under me now and I felt my own release coming over me. I buried my face in her cunt and moaned as my pussy started to pulsate. I rocked my hips and pushed my fingers deeper inside me as I came apart.

I lifted my head from the red heads pussy and looked at my friend Melissa. She sat on the other couch playing with herself. I licked my lips and moved to the table in front of her. I sat on the table and spread my legs, and slowly pushed a finger inside me. I started a rhythm and rocked my hips in time with it. I knew she would not be able to sit there with my pussy wet and begging right in front of her. I was right. With a gentle nudge from Gray she slid off the couch and started licking my cunt. She pushed two fingers deep inside me making me whimper. The harder she fucked me the louder I got. I could hear other moans feeling the room to. I turned my head and saw that almost everyone had paired off. Just seeing this on top of have my clit sucked and pussy fucked made me cum. I started to trembling all over and reached down and brought Melissa mouth in tighter to me as my cunt flooded. I laid there panting for breath as I watched the others in the room, all in different stages of their own pleasure.

Gray moved and sat beside my head as Melissa moved up my body to lay her head on my stomach. He looked around the room and smiled. “I always like having you at my parties. Every time you come this always happens.” He laughed then leaned down and kissed me. He sucked my tongue into his mouth, tasting the red head. Tasting that he moaned and started rubbing the bulge in his pants.

When he lifted his head I smiled at him . “Wasn’t my fault this time. After all I was dared to do this. I just got carried away.” I said. I felt Melissa move off me and watched as she moved to kneel between Grays legs. As I watched she pulled his stiff cock out of his pants and started licking it.

I lay there watching until Gray threw his head back and grunted, his hips pumping into my friend’s mouth. I smiled to myself. With friends like these two my life would never get boring.

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