The Photographer


Many thanks to my Volunteer Editor “Fyrstar”. He has improved this story from good to better. Or, perhaps from better to one of the best. You decide.

The first 692 words of this story are one hundred percent fact. The remainder I have sprinkled with my imagination.

This is a recounting of an adventure I started last April 28th. I am writing it down while I remember all of the details because they are details that I wish never to forget.

As I said, this all started on April 28, which was a Sunday that particular year. My wife and I had gone shopping at the local supermarket. This was a regular event for us, as we both had high-pressure jobs that left us busy Monday thru Saturday of each week. Well anyway, this particular Sunday everything was as normal as ever. We worked our way through our shopping list until the most incredible thing happened! Just in front of us was this woman with the most incredible ass I have ever seen. I could not take my eyes off of it. She was dressed in silk or silken like pants, but these pants had to be made of some special material and by that I mean what the material was doing to her body! It was almost like she was nude! I was so overcome with the sight that I felt that I just had to keep staring for some time. I had to get a good look at this woman. I then noticed that her husband and daughter accompanied her. I certainly did not want to draw attention to myself so I passed their cart with ours, moved a short distance in front of her and stopped. Looking back I almost lost it.

The material in her pants that so accentuated her ass showed me a Mons Venus that was very evident. I could even see the slit in her mound as she moved. She was also beautiful. Her hair and eyes were exquisite and her body was very nice. I could not see her breasts as her top clothing did not afford the same view as those pants she was wearing. I glanced at my wife, and luckily, she was totally unaware of my antics.

I am a person that is always quick to compliment people that I see on the street. I will comment on a nice smile, beautiful clothes, or a well-behaved child; that sort of thing. Well, I just knew that I had to say something to this woman. Obviously, I wasn’t about to tell her that she had the most beautiful ass and pussy I had ever seen. Instead, I walked up to her and said that she was very beautiful and that I would like to photograph her. (Where did that one come from?) She smiled sweetly and said thank you. With that she walked away with her cart. Her husband was picking out some items and her daughter had disappeared by this time. I truly felt overwhelmed.

I continued to look for her as my wife and I continued our shopping, as I was anxious to get as many eyefuls as I could. I, as they say, was in love. As we were about to wrap it up, I had to go up one aisle to find one of our final purchases. As luck would have it the “object of my affections”, as they say, was in the same aisle. I was actually standing next to her soaking up her perfumes, trying not to be too obvious when I was almost floored. She asked me for my phone number!! I could not believe my ears!!! Then she was gone without waiting for a response. Shit, this was too good to be true. I find my wife and tell her that I have to make a note; she provides me with a piece of paper and a pen. I write my name and phone number on the page and put it into my pocket. As luck would have it, as we are heading for the check out stands, my “new found love” (my words not hers) and I pass again. Without too much trouble at getting close to her, I hand her the piece of paper with my phone number on it. I suddenly realize my heart is beating rapidly and I feel extremely nervous. I am a teen-age kid again!!!

Some two weeks go by and my adventure at the market has become a very fond memory. I still think about her to where I am afraid it is becoming an obsession. It is time for me to forget this woman and move on with my life.

The phone rings, I answer (not something we do often as we rely on our answering machine to weed out telemarketers). A voice says “May I speak to Patrick?” Shit, I have done it again, they got me.


“Hi, this is Kathy.” Oh, yeah. And I’ll bet you have something for me to buy that I can’t live without… I think.

The voice says again, “This is Kathy, you and I met at the super market a while ago. Do you remember me?”

“Of course I remember. How have you been?”

“Great, in fact I have been thinking a lot about you since and I was wondering if you could stop by my house this Thursday?”

“Yes, I would love to”

“Does 8 AM work for you?”

“I will make it work”

“Good, here is my address and I will see you then. I will leave the garage door open and you can put your car in there with mine.”

I just cannot believe it. First thing I have to do is get the day off of work. Better yet, I feel the flu is coming on and I bet it will hit me hard; probably by Thursday. I literally go crazy all the rest of the week.

Thursday gaziantep bayan escort ilanları morning I call work and tell them that I am sick and will not be able to make it in. I also tell my wife that I am just going to crash for the day and at the very least take a little ride if I get to feeling better. No need to explain any unanswered phone inquiries from her.

As soon as she leaves I jump into the shower, get dressed, remember to take my camera and I am on my way to Kathy’s house.

It was not difficult finding the house and as promised the garage door is open. I pull in next to this really cool BMW and notice that the electronic control is just inside the door so as I leave I close the garage. I go to the front door, ring the bell and there she is. Kathy is dressed in an aquamarine robe, which appears to be silk. Under the robe she is wearing matching silk pants, and I imagine a top to complete the ensemble. Her eyes, which I had not really noticed in the market, are absolutely beautiful and their color is enhanced by the color of her outfit. Her hair is auburn with a touch of redness to it with free falling curls tumbling down to her shoulders. I am all but overwhelmed. She is BEAUTIFUL.

“Hi, so glad you could come!”

“Me too, this is a beautiful home, and so are you.”

I sit on the couch ensuring that I have an advantageous position to continue checking her body out. Her shape is so much better than that I remembered from the market. I am sure that her choice of an outfit for this occasion has something to do with it.


“Would you like a drink, we have tomato juice and grapefruit?”

“Grapefruit would be fine.”

She brings the drinks back into the living room, handing me mine. I thank her as she sits on the floor next to my legs.

We make small talk about things such as my business as a professional photographer and whether I have my own studio. I reply that I am not a professional photographer, but rather a novice at it. My real job is a computer technician with a local company. She accepts the fact that I am not a photographer as I had told her at the market. On the other hand she is married and her husband is in Paris on company business. That piece of information makes me breathe a bit easier. We continue our conversation about general subjects.

I notice that, although the touch has been all but imperceptible, she has been rubbing my thigh ever so lightly with her fingertips. Her hand continues to move up my thigh to where I am guessing it will soon be touching my cock. Up till then, the little man had just been relaxing and I had just been enthralled talking to and looking at the beauty of this woman. She is about a half inch from touching the head of my cock when I begin feeling impulses in my tool and the sensation of a hard on beginning.

I can’t help but notice that her breathing has become a bit more labored as she realizes my state of arousal. She is definitely excited and becoming more anxious in her mannerisms.

“Would you like me to touch it?”


“So why don’t you ask me, please Kathy please touch my cock?”

“Please Kathy, please touch my cock.”

She touches me and I am at full attention with my tool now straining against the material of my pants.

“So, would you like me to stroke it?”


“So why don’t you ask me, please Kathy stroke my tool?”

“Please Kathy, please stroke my tool?”

“My, he is growing in leaps and bounds.”

I just cannot believe it, she is possibly the most beautiful woman in the world and here she is at my feet rubbing my bulge.

“Don’t you think it is time to get these pants of yours out of the way?”


“So, why don’t you ask me, Kathy please get these pants of mine out of the way?”

Without waiting for a reply she releases my belt, unbuttons my pants, and starts tugging on the material. I skooch my rear end up off the couch to allow the pants to be removed, and they are soon down around my ankles on the floor. Her eyes get really big as we both note the tent we have created with my boxers and a cock that is now ready for any action that might be coming along.

“Oh, my, I believe he is really enjoying our game so far!”

Her hand once again rests on my raging hard on, and, not being a stupid person, I remember the game we are playing.

“Please Kathy, please stroke my cock?”

“You are a quick learner.” We both laugh as she complies with my request.

Now it is her turn to ask the magic question. “Please, Patrick, may I see it?”

My quick reply is an “Of course, it has already fallen in love with your fingers, and I would probably like it as much as you would.”

She remarks, “Let’s get these boxers out of the way” as she tugs at the waistline. She needs to reach inside to do some rearranging to get the hard cock out of its hiding place. The feel of her small hand on my tool is almost gaziantep escort bayan ilanları enough to bring me to a climax. I concentrate on something else for the moment, hoping to gain a little time. Tugging down on my shorts she giggles and says, “You’re going to have to rise up just a bit so I can finish the job!” She soon has the little man fully exposed with my boxers now joining my slacks on the floor. She is still sitting on the floor, by my knees, looking at my hard cock.

“Patrick, it is so beautiful, I love it. Oh my, he is so lovely.” and with that she ever so slowly starts to jerk my cock in short strokes. She also tells me that she is finished with our game of -Please May I-.

“I am going to kiss the head of your cock to let him know that Kathy loves him. I have never seen a cock that was not circumcised as yours is.”

She begins playing with the skin pulling it back and forth over the head of my cock, certainly at no displeasure of my own. With that, she kisses it ever so gently and then slips the head into her petite mouth. As the head disappears between her lips she starts licking me and sucking me until I feel like I am going to explode. Deeper and deeper she sucks while at the same time stroking my cock. With her fingernails scratching my balls and her sucking and licking and moaning I am soon at the brink. My next thought mixed with the feelings that this is just too good to be true is that I do not want to ruin a good thing by filling her mouth with the copious cum which I feel is about to erupt.

“Kathy,” I say, “I am about to explode and you may want to take me out of your mouth.” She shakes her head no and moves her fingernails from my balls to that area between them and my asshole. She starts to scratch ever so lightly there while redoubling her efforts at sucking and sucking and sucking. I literally lift my ass off the sofa as I feel my whole body has turned into a huge cock and I feel myself cumming like I have never have cum before. And then I cum even more. She just continues sucking and swallowing my hot cum. When she finally comes up for air I can see some of my cum in the corners of her mouth. She gives me a big smile and says, “That was wonderful, thank you.” Like an idiot I reply “You’re welcome,” which prompts her to giggle and give me an even bigger smile.

Once we settle down again I tell her that she is certainly someone very special. I take a moment to slip my shorts and slacks back on. Then, almost immediately as we sit there enjoying this warm moment, the sliding glass door to the patio opens and in walks this young girl.

From the looks of her, the same beautiful hair and somehow the great attitude of Kathy, this must be her younger sister. She is dressed in a short skirt, not too short, just cute for a girl her age, with a white buttoned down dress shirt, white socks and white tennis shoes. I only thought I was surprised until Kathy stood up and said, “Jill, what are you doing home so early? The girl replied that school maintenance had some kind of problem at just about the time last period was to start so they sent the students home. Kathy then said to me “Patrick, this is my daughter Jill. Jill, this is my very special friend Patrick,” and with that Kathy sits down next to me. Jill places her books on the floor and sits in the chair opposite us. We talked for a while, or I should say that THEY talked and I just squirmed uncomfortably. For some reason, silly as it sounds now, I felt that Jill must know what had been going on. Kathy finally said “Jill, why don’t you go to your room for a while?

She leaves for her room. Kathy and I just sat there looking at one another until Kathy started giggling, which soon turned into laughter, and the laughing was so infectious I was soon joining in. After we settled down, I said that kind of meeting was a first for me. And then added that I hoped it would be the last. Kathy then told me that she owed me one.

“Perhaps, in payment you would like to see me in the nude?”

She stands in front of me and unties her silken robe letting the material begin to fall part way from her body. The first thing I notice from my current vantage point is the pubic hair around her pussy. I also notice that there is also something that just isn’t right. But I just can’t figure out what it is.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Yes, I would like to see more.”

“Help yourself.”

I pull the material back very slowly so as to enjoy every moment. She has very nice breasts. however I never have learned just how the size thing works. I know that most men seem to like large ones like a 44 triple D or something like that. I have always liked smaller breasted women. My wife is a 34B, which to me is perfect, and with that in mind I would guess that Kathy is the same. Her nipples are much more prominent and that excites me. I am anxious to get them into my hands and into my mouth. I just sit there taking advantage of this opportunity escort gaziantep ilanları to drink in her beauty. Her beautiful flowing hair, her perfect pert and symmetrical body and those breasts and nipples that looks so inviting. Her stomach is flat with a nice hint of muscle tone and now I see that beautiful pussy of hers. I also recognize what did not make sense to me when she first opened her robe. I see her pussy now and could also see it then. But, whatever happened to the long pants she was wearing? I have never seen such a thing before but rather than wearing long pants Kathy is wearing silken leggings, that with the help of elastic run from just above her knees to her ankles. It creates an image that is extraordinary. It accents that portion of her body, including her pussy, above the leggings. I dwell for a few moments more on that garden of delight. Her pussy is magnificent, with the prominent mound and it is covered with curly wisps of hair the same auburn color and the red highlights as her head. I can also see the glint of pussy juice that has formed on her pubic hairs which I believe signifies her state of arousal.

“Would you like to see more?”

“I would, more than anything else at this moment.”

With that she turns her back to me and says “Help yourself if you wish.”

I slowly reach around her and with my right hand grasp the robe opening on her right side which allows me to pull the material slowly around her body until her back and her awesome ass is inches away from my eyes. I desperately want to kiss it but decide to go with the flow without taking any chances to mess this whole thing up. I let the material fall into its original position and she turns to face me. This woman is spectacular.

“Patrick, bring yourself forward on the couch. Just a little bit further. Perfect. Let me check something.”

She places two of her fingers in her pussy and tells me that her little girl appears to be ready for my little man. By the way, “my little man” is about ready to burst. I am harder and hotter than I feel I have ever been in my life.

“Would you like a little taste?”

“If I don’t have a taste I am sure to pout.”

She giggles and then straddles my legs. Reaching down she places both hands on my cock pushing her right hand as far down as she can to the base. And now she tries to get her hand even further down on my tool by pushing and tugging with her left hand until her right hand is hard against my pelvic bone. She asks me to push my cock even further into her hand. I can’t believe it is possible to get even closer but I thrust and thrust until she says it is OK.

“There, that will do nicely.”


“You will see.”

Removing her left hand she uses the right to guide my now screaming cock into the mouth of her pussy. She is so tight but then she is also so wet from her pussy juice that she gets the act done. A rush of pleasure races up my body. With her right hand still in place she begins to lower herself, starting the dance of love by moving up and down. She impales herself as deeply as she can considering the small hand width of cock that is not available to her love hole. Soon she is fucking me. The short length of cock that is available seems, to me, to make her motions even more rapid. I tell her that I am reaching the edge. She stops her fucking and leans forward asking me to last as long as I can. With that she gives me the sweetest kiss ever.

“Patrick, move my right hand.”

I trail my fingers along her arm until I reach her hand. It has remained wrapped around my cock. I start to move the hand and she releases her hold readily. Her hand is soaked with vaginal fluids. I bring it to my mouth where I greedily lick her fingers and her hand. This is truly the nectar of the gods. Kathy, ever so slowly, lowers her pussy over my rigid cock until I can actually feel her pubic hairs joining my own. She is so tight, she is so wet. She begins to fuck me in earnest. It isn’t too long before I am feeling that I must have relief.

“Oh, Kathy, your pussy is so tight and so wet.”

“You like that, huh. You like the way my pussy feels around you!”

I felt Kathy’s pussy once again clasp itself about my shaft. She contracted, released, contracted again pushing back against me, then pulling away. My penis slipped nearly all the way outside her before she suddenly thrust back again, capturing it entirely.

“I am going to cum, Kathy, I am going to cum.”

“No, no, no, please Patrick wait for me. I am almost there. Oh, my God, your cock is so hard and it is so big.”

It seems like forever but I am sure it was only a matter of minutes before her pussy and her ass are pounding me unmercifully.

“Jesus, oh, oh my Patrick, I am going to cum. Jesus, Patrick I AM cummmiiing, cum with me, fill my pussy with your cum.” With that I start to explode and cum inside of her.

“Kathy, Kathy, I am cumming.”

“Oh God, Patrick, I can feel it inside of me. Fill me; fill me with your seed. Unnnhhh. – That was so wonderful.”

She says, “Just sit there and I will get a cloth to clean you up.” That prompts me to look down and I see that there are copious amounts of semen and pussy juice all over my thighs, my cock and in my pubic hair.

She rises from the couch and turns to pick up her robe. As she does her cute asshole is only inches from my mouth. I cannot resist. I lean forward and quickly kiss this puckered hole.

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