The Poker Party Ch. 01


I was eighteen years old. My hair was a dusty brown, which I kept shoulder length, and in a ponytail to look cool and rebellious. I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that I was 5’6″ and weighed only 134lbs. Instead I thought I was aloof. I was a renegade. I liked to hang out with drug dealers and never in the normal flow of school society.

So, when some of the football guys invited me to spend a weekend of hunting and playing cards at the cabin of Jack Crowley, the star running back, I was surprised. But, I figured not to accept could cause more trouble then going, so I accepted the invite.

We left early Friday afternoon. There was Bill, Jimmy, Jack, John, Paul, Bob and myself all packed in Jack’s family Suburban and loaded with all sorts of gear. I don’t own a gun but Bill had said he would lend me one of his. After a couple of hours of driving much of the time spent on an old dirt road, we arrived at the cabin. It was late afternoon and the setting was spectacular. The cabin sat on top of a peak and looked down on a lake about a mile away and miles of surrounding woods. It was truly beautiful. It had rained just a little earlier and the road was muddy and the trees glistened from the water coating their leaves. You could hear the sound of animals. I knew there were bears and cougars up here. It sent a chill up my spine. I wasn’t really a hunter but I decided I’d better be cool even though I thought of myself as more of a gatherer.

Anyhow, I liked the smell of the cool mid-spring air and felt honored that I had been given a chance to hang out with the ‘cool guys’. Maybe my life would change. I picked up a few items from the car leaving the large coolers.

Walking inside the cabin, I put the bags down and looked around. It was a pleasant cabin. But, it was small. Jack pointed outside to the outhouse and then to the lake saying there was the bath and shower. The guys laughed saying, “well so much for bathing this week-end.” There was a big fireplace and Jack had gotten a fire going already. “Well, it will be warm in here. We have lots of firewood and Dad designed this place so it heats the rooms also.”

I looked around where the bags were and noticed mine was missing. I knew it wasn’t in the van since I had taken out everything but the chests. “Paul,” I shouted, “I thought you said you were going to put the bags in the van. What happened to my bag?”

He turned and apologized. “I must have left it inside the hallway at my house.” I had gone over to his house to wait to be picked up. Now I realized he had stupidly forgotten my bag. “But we’ll figure something out,” he continued.

There were three bedrooms in the cabin. Jack and Bill took the master bedroom and the rest (excluding me) took the four bunks in the other bedroom. It happened quickly as if it was a ritual. Each knew his place. That left me with the small bedroom with just a single bed. As I could tell, it was Jack’s 18-year-old sister Janet’s room. There was a makeup table. A closet full of skirts, dresses etc. and a dresser which I opened and saw full of personal items, bras, panties, stockings, etc.

When I came back out, John asked me to help him bring in the beer and food. I was bummed about my bag and was wondering what I could do about it.

As we went to the car I asked, “John is there a phone here or something?”

He said there wasn’t and that there wasn’t even electricity. Sometimes, he said, “we have been trapped up here for a week if there is a real bad rain storm.”

We pulled the large ice chest out of the Suburban. I noticed how much bigger he was and a flash crossed my mind that all these guys were over 200lbs and 6 feet tall. I grabbed hold of the handle and we began to walk back to the house. The chest was very heavy and I tried to get a better grip as it started to slip out of my hands. It was then that I slipped and fell in the sloppy wet mud pile. As I tried to get up I slipped again and slid about 20 feet tearing my clothes and sopping me to the bone.

“Hey, can you manage yourself,” John called down to me. “We don’t like getting our clothes wet here since there’s no way to wash and dry them.

I got up and walked back up to the house. Jack came out and looked at me saying, “Don’t come inside like that. You’d better strip first and leave them out here. I’ll get you a towel.”

As I stripped off my clothes, I noticed that even my briefs were sopped xslot so I took off everything and wrapped the towel around me. “What the hell am I going to wear?” I asked as I entered the cabin feeling the early evening chill.

Jack said that they only had one outfit each since it was only for the weekend and their hunting outfits. Also he pointed out they would all be too big and no one wanted to give up their weekend of hunting. He suggested I look in Janet’s room for something.

“But aren’t there clothes in your parent’s room or the other room?” I asked.

“Nope, just Janet leaves stuff here. As a matter of fact, I think she’s your size.”

“But she’s just got lots of girly stuff in there, skirts, dresses, no pants. No hunting outfit, I stammered.”

Jack sneered at me saying, “You’ve been checking her things out?”

Embarrassed I turned and walk into her room having wanted to ask one more time for a T-shirt or something. Sitting on the bed naked, I thought about my plight as I heard the guys in the living room talking about the weekend. I walked around looking again the closet and dresser. Everything was real girly. I found a pair of short shorts cut way up the thigh. At least it wasn’t the skirt or dresses I thought. All the panties were satin bikinis. I picked out a white pair and was surprised that they fit. So did the shorts. There were low heels, high heels and a pair of pink puffy slippers. I wondered what she does here as I put on the slippers and looked for a top. The only top that would go with the shorts was a purple puffy sleeve item. It fit but it sagged in the front looking for more to fill it out.

“Hey David come on out we’re going to play cards,” Paul called.

“I look like a jerk,” I replied.

“It’s just the guys. Come on,” he urged.

Embarrassed but without much choice I came out of my room. Although it was cold outside by this time, the house was very warm with the fire blazing. Even my room was warm. But I wondered what I would wear outside the next day. Just as I stepped into the hall trying to smile and make light of my situation, I saw the flash of a camera and realized after the third flash that I was the focus of the picture.

“Hey guys,” I protested putting my hands up.

“Davy come on in,” Jack said as he sat there with the other five guys at the table. There wasn’t even room for me, the seventh. “Gosh Davy you look real cute,” he continued. “How about a pirouette?” he coaxed. “You can’t even see her clit,” Jimmy whispered.

“Please guys, stop teasing,” I stammered.

Bill and John suddenly grabbed me and held me tight. They were so strong it was easy. They towered over me holding me as Jack began to tell me why I was invited in the first place.

“Well, Davy. Or should I say Miss. No, Missy. Yes that will be your name, Missy. We like coming up here for a weekend of fun but we always miss sex and none of the girls will come up here with us, except you of course. So, you will be our cabin girl. First we have a picture of you that you wouldn’t want getting out. Also you can’t get out of here without dying and finally you will do it because of what will happen if you don’t.

With that, Bob stepped behind me and pulled my shorts down and started spanking my panty clad ass over and over until I was crying.

“Now Missy, Jack said, if you are willing to continue as our girl I suggest you say YES SIR in the most girly voice you have or Paul will continue your spanking.

Sobbing and humiliated my ass red burning I caved and said “Yes Sir.”

Jack told Bill and John to be gentler as he continued talking to me. “Now I want you to go back to your room and dress in something a lot more pretty. Put on makeup. Shave all the hair below your head and fix your hair. You will find out how in the book in the left draw of the vanity. Oh, don’t forget the perfume, be ready in one hour and come out smiling and acting exactly like a little cabin slut. Anytime you don’t we will stop and you will get the next major spanking until you do. Now say “yes sir.”

I hesitated and Paul started to spank me. I started crying more and had a little accident. The front of my panties turned a little yellow and now completely humiliated I shuttered, “Yes Sir.”

Jack laughed a bit and said, “I guess you need a different name. Instead of Missy I guess you’ll have to be called little Miss Pissy. Now xslot Giriş go on and get ready and hurry up.”

I turned to go back to my room when Jack suddenly said, “Pissy” and I found myself turning and embarrassed even more as I did my eyes down looking at the floor. “Don’t forget to walk like a girl swaying your ass.” They all laughed as my ass swayed as I walked back into the room. I closed the door and sat down.


I heard a voice from outside command. I stood silently in my room trying to think what I could do. I could not come up with a plan. No way out. No safety net. The reason I was invited now burning a terrible image in my mind.

Suddenly the door to my room opened and Jimmy came in as I stood near the bed, unable to sit down my ass hurting so much from the spanking, He picked some clothes out and said, “Wear this sweetie. And hurry up and get ready, you only have 45 minutes left or else there will be more trouble.”

It was a kit with a feminine battery operated shaver and some sort of razor that seemed to fit in your whole hand. He had picked out a little flimsy pink skirt and white satin top. There were stockings and fresh panties and also a bra with some sort of gelatin breasts, glue with a small piece of paper with instructions.

Crying as I started to shave myself and put on the lotion which made my legs smooth I could hear the guys outside. One said, “girls are so moody aren’t they?” And then everyone laughed. I tried to open the shutters in my room but they were locked shut. Reading the instructions I glued the breasts on and could feel them move as I did. They felt real and I hooked the bra over them, put on my panties, stockings, skirt, top etc.

Another voice,

Fifteen Minutes

I put little powder, lipstick, stick-on nails and perfume on. Then I brushed my hair out. The lowest heels I could find and finally Jimmy came in again without asking.

“Oh, Pissy, turn to me when you hear your name,” he said.

I turned to look at him.

“You look so pretty. But here put this in your hair.” He handed me a big pink bow and helped me put in my hair holding it together. “And these,” handing me a pair of earrings. He whispered in my ear, “from this time on you’d better try very hard or else the rest of the guys will really hurt you. Do not stray from your femininity. Do you understand?”

I nodded yes. He slapped me on my ass and I simpered a feminine, “Yes Sir.”

“OK Pissy, let’s go. Time’s up,” he said as he took my hand and warned me once again to walk and act like a happy girl about to be used by a bunch of football players. His last word as the door opened was to “Smile.” I did.

We walked out, hand in hand, and suddenly another flash as a picture was taken of me holding his hand, swaying and smiling.

They were all in the living room sitting around the table. Jack held the camera as the photo developed and then showed it to me as a reminder of my predicament. There was no denying it. The picture said it all and they had it.

“So you see Pissy, you don’t have a choice anymore. These pictures would ruin your life. Come here now and show me how you can curtsy,” Jack said with a snide smile.

I walked over, my skirt swaying, stopped and mortified I did the best curtsy I could.

“Good girl,” Jack commented. I was barely two feet from him. He continued, “So from now on learn to do that and to say thank you. Come closer.”

I trembled but neared him. Standing just inches from him. He looked up at me. My shaved stocking legs and the hem of my skirt were not far from him. I could feel the tension in me and could feel my cock firm a bit. My face showed my shame as he put his hand on the inside of my thigh, just under my skirt.

“Now Pissy you know how to act from now on. Just imagine what you’d expect from a girl if you were one of us and do what you know we want.”

His warm hand moved on my thigh. My cock firmed more. I nearly cried as he continued.

Pointing to the pocketbook on the table he said. “This is yours. Inside are several things you will need. There are tampons filled with a lubricating jelly, which you will push up your pussy before getting fucked. There is also a butt plug to keep everything inside until given permission to douche. Also lipstick and, oh well it’s your pocketbook. You’ll find what you need.”

His fingers xslot Güncel Giriş moved higher and he started to lightly caress the underside of my cock. It grew and hardened. I squeaked an embarrassed sigh, which he answered with, “Oh, it’s ok, I know your pussy is hot and your clit is firming.” I trembled and felt my breasts move and bounce. Jack took my hand and pulled it down under my skirt saying, “You can rub your clit baby.” And he made my hand, palm open, rub my now hard cock. “Just remember, it’s your clit. Ok, Pissy?” he coaxed.

I heard myself say “yes Sir,” as I stood there in my outfit looking the part.

“Rub it and smile for another picture Pissy,” he said picking up the camera. I smiled and rubbed myself under my skirt as he photographed me with another camera. One of those new ones that let you take three types of pictures. I know he had the whole shot. “Now go and introduce yourself to each of the guys individually while you continue to rub your clit.”

I walked over to Jimmy who was on Jack’s left. Standing there, rubbing myself, I said, “Hi Jimmy, my name is Pissy.”

Jimmy put his hand under my skirt on my ass and rubbed it as he said, “Nice to meet you Pissy. Do you like to suck cock?” Another camera flash as the picture caught me rubbing myself, Jimmy’s hand under my skirt on my ass.

I answered, “Yes Sir.”

He spanked me hard and then asked, “Yes Sir, what?”

“Yes Sir, I like to suck cock,” I replied and noticed Paul was taping myreply.

Next was Bill. He pulled me down onto his lap. Sitting there he was feeling my “titties” as I said, “Hi Bill, my name is Pissy.” I could feel his semi-hard cock through my skirt and panties. It rubbed the crack in my ass as I moved around a bit. My ass was so sore and sensitive I couldn’t help it.

Bill said, “I can see you like the feel of my cock. I bet you can’t wait to get it inside you.”

The tape rolled and another picture was taken as I answered, “yes your cock will feel good in me.”

Then Paul stood up and said, “I always give my seat to a lady.”

I femininely sat down and said my mantra. “Hi Paul, my name is Pissy.”

He came close to me and I looked up at him. “Honey don’t look at me, keep your eyes on my cock,” he snickered.

With his cock almost in my face, I could see the bulge in his pants and smell his manliness. “I hope you like to wash a guy’s cock with your tongue Pissy,” he stated. “Breathe in deeply sweetie, when you clean it later it will smell nice and clean.” He held my head until I inhaled a deep nostril full of his unwashed odor.

John made me stand there near him as his finger rubbed my ass and he had me start playing with my clit again. But now he demanded I sigh like a girl as I rubbed my “little clitty”; as he called it.

“Ohhhh,” I sighed rubbing my clit with my palm with John feeling me. The taping and pictures continued.

Then he stopped and laughed. “Good girl Pissy,” he remarked pushing me over towards Bob.

My cock/clit seemed small as Bob took my other hand and held it too his crotch saying. “Go ahead girl; you can cum in your panties. But I know you need to feel a man to get you real wild. His other hand held

my hand against my clit and moved up and down rubbing my hardness as he coaxed me on. He whispered in my ear, “if you don’t cum I’ll spank your ass till it turns purple.”

I rubbed myself as I held his cock feeling how much bigger it was then mine.

He whispered again, “when you cum, sound and act like the girl you are.”

Suddenly I felt the first drops of pre cum oozing out as I sobbed girlishly. Shortly thereafter I filled my panties with my wetness.

Bob said “good girl.”

And the others said soft words of encouragement.

Then Jack made me hold my skirt up as he took one more picture and reminded me that the set of pictures would be forever damning. I knew that. I knew that I would be their girl. I would be their cum slut. I would be Pissy.

The cum puddled in the cotton crotch of my panties sticking to me as Jack finally said, “Ok guys, let’s play some poker. Pissy you can bring us some beer and munchies while we play.” As I walked to the counter I could feel the sticky wetness rubbing against me. I passed a mirror and could see myself.

Jack saw me look and said I should be sure to use mascara, eyelashes etc. next time I fixed myself up. He handed me my pocketbook and said to look through it and put on some fresh lipstick. Humiliated I stood in the kitchen area and applied lipstick. Even though they didn’t seem to be looking, but instead playing cards, I could feel their eyes.

to be continued …

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