The Princess and her Suitors Ch. 01


Once upon a time in a far away land I was a beautiful princess, and I was indeed beautiful.

Tall with a long alabaster neck, my exquisite features, almond eyes and full lips – red as cherries, were framed by tresses as black as a moonless night that cascaded down my back in waves, on past my generous cleavage and crashing upon my voluptuous buttocks.

(“My my, someone thinks highly of themselves”.

“OK ok….. the “Princesses” voluptuous buttocks!”)

Yet, no man had seen what lay beneath the haute couture dresses the princess favored and that outlined her form so finely, though many had dreamed.

Now It was the custom in that land that maids should be wed by the day of their 18th Birthday, and this festival was fast approaching.

Though still a virgin, and stranger to the touch of a man, she yearned for the day, and was hungry to feel a lover’s sweet caress.

For she was no innocent, she had been instructed in all the ways of love by her teachers and this study had become her primary pursuit.

She pored over depictions of the act by the great, and lesser, artists of the day and devoured descriptions of the same, both poetic and prosaic.

So it was she was anxious to put her leanings into practice.

And it came about that the first opportunity for this practice occurred prior to her wedding day.

It was the custom in that land that the head of the household has the right of first knowledge of the maids of the house.

Most often this right was not enacted, and when it was it was not commonly at the pleasure of the recipient, but the princess’s studies had engendered in her such hunger to know with her body, not just her mind, and her love for her father was so great, it was her desire he be the first to know her.

So gaziantep bayan eskort it was she let it be known that she wished to be initiated in the ways of love by the King, himself a powerful man in the prime of 42 years.

When the news was received by him, he was overwhelmed by joy and love for his daughter, since she had come of age he had desired this consummation with all his heart. But he had vowed to the Queen he would not enforce his right unless she, and the princess herself, consented.

The Queen so did, but on the condition that she may watch from behind a glass.

The Queens wish was to observe duty was performed respectfully by the King, and to ensure her presence be a secret from the princess while her own private doings remained hidden.

The King accepted these terms and his love for his wife grew even stronger.


When the appointed hour came, the princess knew not she was under the watchful eye of her mother, yet she felt safe and content, though trembled with nervous excitement as she lay naked in the royal bedchamber with her father.

This, she knew, was to be the flowering of her life, the opening of her heart and body to the mysteries of womanhood.

After whispered professions of love and respect between father and daughter, she turned, raised herself on her knees, her ripe breasts pressed to the counterpane, and presented her nether parts to the king for his contemplation.

The King marveled at their beauty, the generous lips fretted round with dark curls, the tight sphincter nestled in the deep valley twixt smooth, full buttocks.

Despite feelings of modesty and apprehension gaziantep eskort bayan on both parties, brute nature soon took control.

The princess felt her nipples harden and expand, her moistening sex throb and tingle, and the king’s member rose to greet it.

He placed a hand on her back and, with a look to the glass behind which the queen hid, he mounted, slowly penetrating the princess’s generous, yielding lips and on into the elastic tightness beyond.

And there was discomfort at first, and some blood.

The princess gasped and whimpered as the king broke into her intimate chamber.

He felt huge as he expanded her channel, his entry seemed to last an eternity as he slowly slid all the way in.

Eventually she felt him pause, she felt his testes and pubic hair rest against her rear parts and knew he was fully embedded, and the pain gradually transformed into delight.

She felt filled and complete, now she knew the reality of having a man inside, her studies become reality.

She did not move, nervous still and wanting to cede volition to the King out of respect, yet she involuntarily found herself tightening in a loving embrace that seemed to be inviting him even further in.

The King thrilled at the acknowledgment of his offering, but remained motionless, savoring the moment of this first and most intimate connection.

But finally, he gave in to instinct and moved his hips forward and back, carefully, slowly, stimulating the virgin royal orifice and allowing it to adjust to its first male guest.

She cried out in joy as delicious feelings consumed her, emanating from her sex, cascading around her buttocks, spreading over her entire body till they filled eskort gaziantep bayan even her Being and she felt as though she were floating.

Her mouth hung open, her eyes glazed and closed, and she felt herself start to move to meet his thrusts.

The Kings lust was redoubled at the sight of the princesses opening, stretched wide, encircling his manhood, his little girl now a lustful woman, her movements urging him deeper.

He caressed her nether cheeks and brushed her anus with his fingers, then allowed his thumb to intrude an inch with the help of lubrication from her dripping pussy.

He increased his pace, but though an act of great will remained the gentle caring father and was able to control himself and not thrust animalistically as he so desired.

So they continued for many blissful, agonizing minutes. Yet she did not attain completion, she wanted the first man she show that too to be her husband.

And the king was careful to deposit no royal seed, when he reached climax he withdrew, gently but expeditiously, spraying copious amounts of warm, thick ejaculate upon her back and buttocks with a cry.

Despite the sudden emptiness at her core, the princess sighed in contentment as she felt his majesty rain down upon her.

Then it was she determined to devote herself principally to the practice of love and she would accept as a husband only a man comparable in nobility and form as he who came upon her now. Even if that nobility were obscured in the form of a rude farm laborer with no knowledge of courtly etiquette and little regard for womanly sensibilities, she would reverence him and his rough ways.

Her mother hidden behind the glass, was so happy to see the love between father and daughter demonstrated in such manner that she pressed 3 fingers deep inside herself while her husband anointed their daughter, as he had her countless times before, and would do so again tonight she prayed.

The queen struggled to suppress her cries at this thought and doubled over in ecstasy.

(“You dirty bitch, I never realized what a depraved women I married till now”!)

To be continued……………

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