The Prom Date Ch. 07


A Kellog Serial

“Well, today’s the day,” Cindy said anxiously into the camera lens. Just as before, the video camera was propped up on the tripod, directed at her dressing table. Cindy was speaking to the camera in the mirrored reflection, while she put on her makeup. “Prom night. In just a few hours, our date will —

“Hey, what are you still doing with that thing?” Sara asked, poking her nose into her sister’s bedroom.

“Get over here and say ‘hello’ for the camera!”

“Why are you still playing with that thing? We already got the money. You can’t bring the camera with us, you know!”

“I know. I’m not playing with it. I just want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who bid, and wrap everything up before we go to the prom. Now get over here and say ‘goodbye’.”

“Girls!” their mother yelled from downstairs. “You better start getting ready!”

“Okay, mom!” they yelled in near-unison.

Trying to avoid a fight, Sara stomped into Cindy’s bedroom. “Okay, I’m here,” she grunted.

“Geez, chill,” Cindy scolded. “Why are you so uptight?”

“I’m not uptight,” Sara replied, “I’m just nervous. And ugly,” she added, looking at herself in Cindy’s mirror and comparing the image against her sister’s. “I don’t know why I’m doing this. What if this guy just pairs up with you and leaves me all by myself? What am I supposed to do then? Dance by myself? I can’t compete with you! Look at you, you’re hot!”

“Sara,” Cindy said reassuringly, getting up out of her chair and stepping over to where her twin sister was standing by the edge of her dressing table, “it’s not a contest. We’re not competing against each other.” Looking over her sister’s shoulder at their reflection in the mirror, Cindy took hold of her sister’s hair and began to run her fingers though her long silky strands. Sara had grown it out so that it looked like Cindy’s. “Neither of us is going to get left behind. We’re in this together, right? Right?” she challenged.

“Yeah…” Sara mumbled, still not entirely convinced.

“That’s right,” Cindy reinforced. “We started this together, and we’ll finish it together. We’re sisters, after all. Two of a kind. The terrible twins.”

“Yeah, but what if I chicken out?” Sara complained quietly. “I’m not like you.’

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Cindy objected, slightly offended. “Are you calling me a slut? I’m no worse than you, you know. I’ve never had sex with a boy before. And after the past few weeks, I don’t think you’re in a position to judge…”

“No! I didn’t mean that! I’m not judging you. I think you know that. In fact, I think I may be more like you than you know. Even more than I knew. It’s just that, what if I chicken out? What if you chicken out? I mean, we don’t even know this guy. Sure, he’s got money, and the guy in the picture he sent us was kinda cute, but who knows what he’s really going to look like? I mean, I’ve never even seen a real cock before. Have you?”

“Y-e-e-e-a-a-h,” Cindy admitted grudgingly.

“You have?! When?!” Sara gasped, demanding details.

“At the dress shop. You know that guy who was there with his girlfriend that Dana and her model picked up? Well, they went into the dressing room and Jasmine and I were watching them make out through the security glass in the next room.”

“Well?!” Sara persisted.

“Well, what?” Cindy demurred. “What can I say, it looks like a lot of fun.”

“Fun?! It looks like fun? That’s all you have to say?”

“Well, yeah,” Cindy said, trying hard to suppress a large smile. “Look. Come here,” she said, pulling her sister to her bed and sitting Sara down on the edge, before getting up to adjust the camera so that it was focused on them. “You kinda like Steve, right?” Cindy asked, sitting next to her sister and taking her hands back into her own.

“Well, yeah,” Sara admitted reluctantly.

“You remember what it was like, us sitting next to him in the school courtyard kissing each other in front of him, and then us kissing him together all over his face, stroking his cock through his jeans, while everyone watched and cheered?

“Yeah,” Sara said cautiously, as Cindy dropped her hand into Sara’s lap and adjusted herself so that she was slowly leaning up against her sister.

“You remember how hard he got when we did that?” Cindy said softly, slowly moving her face into Sara’s neck, barely brushing her skin with her nose. Sara could feel the warmth of Cindy’s soft breath on her skin.

“Yeah,” Sara said softly. Her eyes closed involuntarily as her entire body felt like it was being drawn into Cindy’s gentle touch.

“Do you remember running your hand across it over his jeans and feeling how big it was?” Cindy rasped, running her own hand gently up and down her sister’s thigh as she planted soft little kisses on Sara’s neck.

“Uh-huh,” was all Sara could muster, swallowing hard, as Cindy made her way beneath her raised chin, kissing the underside of her chin and down her throat.

“Didn’t gaziantep rus escort you want to take it out so you could touch it? Stroke it in your hand, maybe kiss it a little, then take it in between your lips, getting his soft head wet, letting it rest heavily on your tongue as you took him a little deeper, a little deeper, until your mouth was filled with his cock?”

Sara didn’t answer. She couldn’t. Cindy’s open mouth was pressed tightly against hers. Their tongues slipped up against each other, and as they parted, Sara let out a soft, yearning, whimper that pierced into Cindy’s very soul. Once separated, the two sisters gazed into each other’s eyes as they delicately removed the excess moisture from their lips.

Sara closed her eyes and leaned forward. Cindy did the same, meeting mid-way. The two girls shared another long, passionate, open-mouthed kiss, pausing only long enough to breathe. Cindy was still lightly stroking Sara’s thigh, and as she leaned into her sister, Cindy felt Sara start to lean backwards, drawing Cindy on top of her as they lay on Cindy’s bed kissing deeply. Sara’s legs parted, giving Cindy greater access to her pussy, and Cindy’s hand crept upward, lingering underneath the leg opening of Sara’s cotton shorts.

“Come with me,” Cindy rasped.

“Uh huh….” Sara nodded, giving in to her passion. She knew they were still on camera, but the idea of finally making love to her sister on camera, hours before the prom, seemed destined. Sara reached up to caress the back of her sister’s neck and pulled her back down for another kiss before applying pressure to push her sister’s face down to her chest.

“No, tonight,” Cindy clarified, shaking her head lightly from side-to-side. “Come with me tonight to the prom. I can’t do it by myself. We promised him twins. I need you.”

Sara, taken aback by the correction, abruptly released the back of Cindy’s neck, and moved up the bed, separating her body from Cindy’s touch. She mistakenly thought that Cindy was suggesting a more immediate and intimate encounter.

“Is that all you…” she asked, her eyes watering and voice faltering with hurt emotion before she completed her sentence. She was feeling distinctly like Cindy had been taking advantage of her all along. Had it all been a set up?

“What..? No, Sara…” Cindy tried to console her sister, “Shhh….” she whispered, putting a finger to Sara’s lips. “I –“

But Sara didn’t wait for an explanation. Sara rolled in the other direction, scampering off of the bed and making for the door.

“Sara, no! It’s not like that!” Cindy called after her.

Sara paused just as she exited her sister’s bedroom, but it wasn’t to hear her out. “I’ll go to the prom with you and your date, because I promised I would. But that’s all. You and Dana can take over from there. Just leave me out of it.”

“Sara…” Cindy called out again, but it was no use. Sara had disappeared down the hallway into her own room. Moments later, Cindy heard her sister’s door slamming shut.

“Shit!” Cindy swore under her breath. It was hard to tell which girl was more upset. Sara, feeling like she had been used as a pawn in her sister’s grand scheme, or Cindy, still struggling to deny her desire for Sara, while trying to keep her plan in place. After all, everyone at school, including the teachers, was counting on her to pull this off. If Sara didn’t go to the prom with her, then the guy might refuse to pay, and then where would they be? Who would pay off the huge debt? She certainly didn’t have that kind of money. Unlike Sara, who was smart enough to go to college, probably even on scholarship, this was as far as she would go in life. Prom night was supposed to her moment to shine. It was all downhill from here. She just had to pull it off.

Cindy sat quietly in her room, replaying the morning’s events. Remembering that the camera was still on, she stood up and walked over to the camera, turning off the recorder, and switching it to “play”. Rewinding the memory, Cindy watched over and over as she and Sara kissed. Cindy studied her sister’s movements. How they fell together so easily, and how Sara eased herself onto her back, lying prone, legs gently spread apart, drawing Cindy on top. Cindy also noticed how her hand fell naturally between her sister’s thighs, caressing the soft skin as she slowly made her way up under the leg hole of Sara’s shorts. She hadn’t even been aware she was doing it at the time. But now, she saw how their kisses slowly deepened and how Sara thrust her chest out in response, as Cindy’s hand crept closer and closer to her pussy. It’s no wonder Sara was so upset, Cindy realized. “Come with me….Come with me….Cum with me…” Cindy heard herself saying over and over again on the video, along with her sister’s passioned reply, “Uh huh”.

“Oh, I’m such an idiot!” Cindy exclaimed, slapping her palm to her forehead. She hurried down the hall gaziantep rus escort bayan to Sara’s room and stood outside the closed door, gathering her thoughts.

“Sar?” she called out tentatively. There was no response. “Sar? I’m sorry, Sar. I’m really sorry. I didn’t– I mean, I wasn’t thinking. It’s not that I don’t want to — I mean, I — it’s just that– what if someone found out?” she stammered helplessly, before falling quiet, trying to battle her emotions with reason.

“Sara,” she announced with renewed confidence and determination, “you’re far more important to me than any stupid prom, and I would give it all up if you’d just forgive me. I know you’ve been through a lot these past couple of weeks, living more in my world than in yours. It couldn’t have been easy for you. But I want you to know that I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. I just, I guess I, I just wasn’t thinking about how much I was asking you to do, or thinking about how it would affect us.”

Cindy thought she heard Sara move up against the other side of the door. “I want you to know that I’m really, really, sorry, and I would put a stop to it all if you asked me to. No,” she corrected herself, “I’m not going to make you ask me to stop it, and make you the bad guy. I’m going to put a stop to it all and call it off. I’m sorry for what I put you through.” She turned to leave.

Just then the doorknob twisted and the door crept open. “No, don’t.” Sara said quietly. “We can’t. It’s too late. We’d never be able to pay everyone back, and everyone would hate us, and besides –“

“Don’t worry about all that. I’ll take the blame. People will understand. I’m sure I can get Jasmine to hire me to do some modeling, and maybe even give me a loan. It’ll be alright. I just, I just can’t–“

“And besides,” Sara interrupted emphatically, “I want to do it. I was just a little nervous and confused, that’s all. Maybe he’s gorgeous and I end up fighting you for him, or maybe he’s butt ugly and old and nobody blames us for saying no. Either way, I’m going, whether you call it off or not.”

“Are you sure?” Cindy asked. “I’m serious when I said I’d put a stop to it. We’d still have a fabulous prom, and I’m sure it wouldn’t take me too long to pay –“

“I’m sure,” Sara said adamantly, looking her sister in the eyes.

“Thanks, Sara,” Cindy said, extending her hand to softly stroke Sara’s cheek. Cindy was quickly debating whether or not to lean in and kiss her. She desperately wanted to, finally realizing what a sacrifice it had been for Sara to step into her world, and loving her for it. Sara had given up her whole identity, the serious and straight-laced student, and had become more like Cindy, having lesbian and group sex. Who could blame her for being confused to the point of wanting to have incestuous sex after all she had been through? Their eyes locked, and Cindy gave in, leaning in to kiss her sister. But this time, Sara pulled backward.

“No, don’t,” she said, shaking her head objectionably.

“Oh,” Cindy said, taken aback by the strength of the rejection, “okay, sorry.”

“Like you said, it’s not a good idea.”

“Y-yeah, you’re right,” Cindy agreed, “Sorry. I just, you know.” The two girls stared at each other in silence, each wanting to say something, but not knowing what, or how. “Thanks.”

“Should we get ready, then?” Sara asked, her eyes growing wet as she fought back her tears.

“Yeah, okay,” Cindy relented. She turned to walk back to her own bedroom, struggling whether or not to say anything. She knew Sara was hurting. She wanted to confess her own desires, but she still wasn’t ready. It just wouldn’t be right.

The hours passed, and the girls were finally ready. They had both agreed to wear the exact same style dress, even though under other circumstances, they would have killed any other girl who showed up at the prom in a dress that looked even remotely similar to the one they were wearing. They wanted to look as much like each other as possible in order to emphasize the fact that they were identical twins, even though they surely didn’t need to.

The twins had chosen a long elegant gown, white, of course, which perfectly complimented their slim figures, long legs, and narrow waists. The gowns themselves were taffeta with an empire shirred bodice and boning, and a double poufed ball gown skirt. The girls had debated whether or not to compensate for the lack of straps and sleeves with long white gloves, but decided against them, in favor of leaving their arms and shoulders bare, drawing attention to their smooth, firm, naturally radiant skin.

Although the dress was a bit youthful and “over the top”, which made Jasmine’s nose crinkle at the thought of it, when they modeled the dresses in the store, Jasmine immediately saw that the style of dress was exactly what the occasion called for. It looked like a younger girl’s party dress. One that a escort rus gaziantep young girl might wear to a “Sweet 16” or coming out party, to make herself appear older. But when wrapped around the twin’s slender but noticeably maturing bodies, the designed innocence and elegance suggested by the dress took on a whole new, and far more powerful, meaning. “I’m still daddy’s little girl, but only until midnight.” The dress was formal and austere, but still playful, and most importantly, it was innocently suggestive of the concealed untouched treasures underneath.

Beneath the gowns, the two girls were topless because of the low cut in back, but they wore the panties which matched the personalized lingerie picked out by Jasmine and modeled by Evangeline and Linda. Sara wore the silver satin panty which went along with her silver satin chemise with crisscrossing spaghetti straps in back, and Cindy wore her white lacey French-cut panty with matching garter and stockings. If they weren’t concealed by the long gown, Cindy’s stockings and garter belt, were, perhaps, the best way to tell them apart, since they were otherwise outwardly identical.

The two sisters had packed the rest of their undergarments, a change of clothes, their toiletries and make up, the video camera (just in case!) and an odd assortment of adult toys into two small overnight bags. They were ready, but still, understandably reticent. As they anxiously waited for their date to arrive, they each made nervous adjustments to their make up, hair, and gowns. With about half-an-hour to go, their mother popped into Sara’s room.

“Are you okay?” she said quietly, standing behind her daughter and primping her hair, but generally doing more harm than good. “You know, Sara, you don’t have to do this.”

“I know, mom.”

“I can’t say that I’m surprised about your sister getting herself into something like this, but you were–“

“Don’t say that, mom,” Sara interrupted, looking straight into her mother’s eyes reflected in the mirror. “Cindy might not get as good grades as I do, but she’s really a good person. Cindy’s looked ahead, and sees that this might be as good as it gets, so she’s going to make the most of it. I can’t say that I blame her. I’d do the same thing, if I were her.”

“But you’re not her,” her mother reminded her. “You have a lot going for you. Cindy does, too. She just hasn’t discovered that yet, but I think she’s close. And I think you had a lot to do with that.”

“Thanks,” Sara said, relaxing. It was nice to have an “adult” conversation with her mother. “You may be right about Cindy finding herself. I think she’s going to ask the owner of the dress shop if she can work there after graduation. She might even make a career out of it. I know the owner really likes her. But,” she added, “Cindy’s helped me find out a lot about myself, too.”

“I know,” her mother said quietly, lowering her head and trying to suppress a wry smile. “That’s good, too.” She continued primping Sara’s hair, smiling at her reflection in the mirror. “Just promise me you won’t do –“

“–Do anything you wouldn’t do?” Sara asked, finishing her mother’s thought, even as they both knew that her mother had been pretty wild in her younger days.

“No,” her mother said, smiling at her daughter’s willful irony. “Trust yourself. Don’t do anything YOU wouldn’t do.” Her mother leaned over and hugged Sara’s shoulders from behind.

“Thanks, mom,” Sara said. “I won’t.” Her mother gave her an air-kiss on the side of her cheek, not wanting to muss up her daughter’s makeup, smiled at her one last time in the mirror, then turned and walked out of her bedroom, heading over to Cindy’s room.

“I know, mom,” Cindy sighed dramatically, her shoulders dropping, as her mother appeared in the reflection of her bedroom doorway. “I’ll be good, I’ll stay out of trouble, I’ll look after Sara.”

“Thank you,” her mother said, stepping up behind Cindy as she had just done with Sara, “but that’s not why I’m here.” Cindy looked back at her skeptically, still anticipating a lecture on how she should be more like Sara.

“What do you want, then?”

“I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you.”


“Y-y-y-yeah,” her mother hemmed, mocking her own reluctant admission. She put her hands on Cindy’s bare shoulders, massaging them lightly. “You know that I wasn’t an angel growing up. In fact, you remind me of myself when I was growing up.” The two women looked at each others’ reflection in the mirror. “Well, maybe not exactly.”

The two women laughed, breaking the tension. “I think I would probably fall somewhere between you and Sara. Probably closer to you than to Sara, even though you’ve definitely did a lot of things that I –“

“Mommm…” Cindy complained.

“Oh, sorry,” her mother recovered. “I guess what I’m trying to say, is…”

“Don’t worry, mom. I know,” Cindy interrupted, patting her mother’s hand. “And don’t worry, I won’t do anything you wouldn’t have done. Which isn’t saying a whole lot,” she joked.

“I know, that’s what I’m worried about!” she joked back.

“But you turned out okay. We could have done a whole lot worse.”

The two women shared a teary eyed look reflected in the mirror, then comfortably reassured, Cindy’s mother patted her daughter on the shoulder then turned to leave.

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