The Quiet Zone


To say that it had been a long day would be an understatement. Amelia had gone home sick right after coming back from lunch and Courtney had to leave a few hours early because of a doctor’s appointment, both of which left her alone in the massive library. Cursing her bad luck, she figured she was in for another two hours of checking in books and re-shelving them, maybe three depending on how much (or little) that Courtney had gotten done before having to leave. Seeing the last person leaving, she bade them a good night and locked both sets of doors behind them, pulling the storm door down and locking that as well, as was mandatory. The University was very strict about security, not that she minded.

Pulling an empty book cart out of the copy room, she worked her way from one end of the library to the other, humming quietly to herself as she picked books up from study desks and placed them on the cart to be re-shelved later. As she moved deeper into the floor to ceiling shelves, the heavy scent of cigar smoke filled her lungs, growing stronger by the second as she abandoned the cart to search for the source. Thankfully, the carpeted floor disguised her approach as she caught sight of a single man sitting at one of the computers meant only for professors. Watching the blue-gray smoke rise and twist in upon itself before dissipating, she drew closer, preparing to clear her throat and admonish him when she realized what was on the computer screen. Covering her mouth as she silenced a gasp of surprise, she stood stock still, frozen in place as she began to reluctantly notice other things as well. The sound of skin sliding against skin and the occasional moan had her bulking, the realization that this man was masturbating (and not only that, but in a public place) made her bite her lip slightly.

In all her years at the University, she’d never once come across something like this, let alone thought about what to do in such a situation. She was grateful no one else was here to see it, especially students, but a part of her wished Courtney or Amelia were there to back her up. Standing as straight as possible, she sauntered up and stood behind his chair for a moment before plucking the cigar from his fingers and bending down to put it out against the inside of the metal wastepaper basket under the desk. Hearing him begin to protest, she spun the chair around and settled her hands upon the flares of her hips.

“I don’t know what you think you’re doing, Professor, but I know you have a choice to make. You can choose to cease and desist and leave here with a ban or I can call the Dean and the police and report you for indecent exposure at the very least.” Keeping her gaze on his face, it was a lot more difficult than she realized; especially when he resumed his stroking, the rise and fall of his hand acting as a silent invitation for her eyes to travel South. Biting the inside of her cheek, she narrowed those fierce blue eyes of hers and crossed to the desk beside him, her hand reaching for the courtesy phone sitting beside the computer. “You have three seconds.”

Okay, so maybe turning her back on him was a (very) stupid move on her part but she didn’t think he’d stand up and snatch the phone from her hand while firmly gripping the back of her neck. Letting out a soft whimper as he pulled her around to face him, the pressure he began to put on her shoulders quickly pushed her to the ground, one hand landing against the edge of the desk while the other landed against the bulk of his thigh. Finally, for the first time since she’d found him, he spoke.

“The way I see it is you have two choices. The easy way or the hard way. You can be a willing participant or I can take what I want. You have three seconds.” As he spoke, he pulled the chair up behind him and sat down, yalova escort his hand returning to her shoulder before caressing the side of her neck. He’d bet an entire paycheck that the up-tight, prim and proper, outwardly prudish librarian was a sex-starved minx behind closed doors. He’d had his eye on her for a while now, the way her hips swayed within the second skin of her pencil skirts never failed to make him pause and his mouth water. Watching her struggle for words, he finally lifted his hand from the side of her neck and cupped the back of her head, gently but firmly guiding her closer with each passing second. As she drew near she began to balk and fight a little, the shock wearing off as she realized this was all really, actually happening.

Tossing her gaze up to his face, she pressed her hands firmly against his hips, her head shaking as she pressed back against the fingers now curled into the swirl of her silver-blonde chignon. “No, no, I won’t! You can’t do this, you can’t make mprhh..” Her eyes flew wide as teacup saucers as he exerted the rest of his strength upon her, the bulbous head of his cock spearing past her perfectly painted lips to cut off the last of her protest.

“I see it’s the hard way, then.” Standing, the feel of her hands beating against his thighs didn’t hurt, simply because the angle wasn’t right for her, but it was definitely something he couldn’t allow.

“Stop or I will tie your hands behind your back with my belt.” Staring down at those heated pools of sapphire, the dig of her manicured nails into his thighs made his eyes narrow for a moment, his hips thrusting slowly to send his shaft a little deeper with every short thrust. Feeling her drag her teeth along his length, he cursed and reached down to slide the width of his thumb in beside his cock, forcing her jaw down as a slight whimper vibrated her mouth around him. “Don’t. Do. That. Again. Understood?” She didn’t even attempt a nod, nor any other sign of her understanding though she did dig her nails in a little deeper in an effort to cause him some sort of pain. Hearing his throaty growl, the pressure on the back of her head was gone as was the harsh addition of his thumb holding her mouth open. With the opportunity placed before her, she lurched back off his saliva coated cock and glared up at him.

“You son of a bitch! You’re going to pay…” Gasping as he covered her mouth with his hand, she tried to bite him to no avail.

“Now, now, none of that Miss Tuomi.”

Glaring at him with proverbial daggers in her eyes, the feel of her pulling her up and bending her over the edge of the desk had her struggling for a chance at freedom but he was too strong for her. Feeling him wind the belt around her wrists and fasten it, she almost lost her balance when he pulled her around to face him once again. Once more he forced her to her knees before him but this time she knew better than to protest. No, this time she kept her mouth shut, her lips pressed tightly together even when he pressed the damp head of his cock to their warmth. Another growl left him, a shiver running down the length of her spine as she continued to refuse him silently. What happened next was something she hadn’t considered but when he pinched her nose to cut off her intake of breath, she fought not to panic. She tried to think of a way to pull in a breath without parting her lips too much but before she knew it her lungs were screaming for air and her survival instinct took over, forcing her lips open to pull in a deep breath. As she did this, he palmed the back of her head and thrust forward once more, sending a little over half of his cock into the heated depths of her velvet-lined mouth.

“Wider….Don’t make me do it for you…Do it!” edirne escort His voice was gruff as his free hand moved to cup her cheek and jaw, his thumb resting at the corner of her lips in silent preparation. Resigning herself to what was happening to her, instead of continuing to fight, she opened her mouth as wide as she possibly could, only for him to suddenly slam into the back of her throat, her usually passive gag reflex coming into play as she tried to jerk back. Her eyes began to sting and soon enough they were swimming with unshed tears that quickly spilled over to course down her cheeks as he began to truly fuck her throat.

“Oh fuck yeah….take it..hmm every…last fucking…mmm inch..” Keeping himself buried within the luxurious heat of her throat, he rocked his hips just a little as his head dropped back on a length moan. All the while she kept her eyes closed as much as possible though when she did occasionally open them she refused to look any higher than his hips. Feeling his hand find the underside of her chin, she quickly closed her eyes as he tilted her head back, her throat constricting around him automatically with the movement. Her hair tumbled down against her back as he pulled the pins from the soft tresses, throwing them carelessly to the floor as he looked down at her. Sinking his free hand into the silky mass of her hair, he wrapped the length strands around his fingers and let out a gruff moan as he forced her to begin bobbing her head along his length.

“Look up at me.”

Refusing to do as he commanded, she kept her eyes glued shut, her nails digging into her palms as he thrust back and forth within the dark depths of her mouth, the taste of his skin coating every inch of her cheeks and tongue, making it hard to ignore. Her last time giving anyone head was almost too long ago to remember but it had always been something she enjoyed immensely; even now, when she was being forced to pleasure him, she found it hard to resist to begin meeting his short thrusts. Choking back her moans, her tongue curved against the vein covered underside of his shaft, her cheeks caving in to slide hotly against the curved sides of him as she fought to pull in a deeper breath between thrusts.

“Look. Up. At. Me! Now!”

Still she refused him, even though she was no longer fighting him on any other front. Denying him the one thing he truly demanded and obviously needed and craved, was the one way she could maintain a sliver of control. (Or so she thought, at least.) Feeling him grip her jaw firmly, the hand that was in her hair jerked her head back as he forced her mouth to open as wide as it possibly could. Suddenly his thrusts became more savage, the head of his cock slamming against the roof of her mouth right before it dropped off into her uvula. The strengths of such short, viciously hungry thrusts made her eyes fill once again, her hands straining at her bonds. When he pause, he wiped the tears from her cheeks and looked down at her pretty face, her lipstick smeared mercilessly across her lips.

“Should I continue? Or are you going to do what I say?”

Silently admitting defeat, watery, mascara rimmed eyes opened and she looked up at him, her cheeks streaked with saline diluted mascara. Pulling in deeper breaths as he stood her up, he sat in the chair he’d long since discarded and pressed her against the edge of the desk behind her.

“Don’t. Move.” Reaching out, he pushed her skirt up to the flares of her hips, the lace topped stockings making him throb in anticipation. Running a single finger along the lace between her thighs, the dampness he felt drew a low moan from deep in his chest. “Well, would you look at that..” He delved his fingers beneath one side of her panties and erzurum escort stroked them gently across her lips, teasingly leaving her engorged clit alone. Bringing his fingers to his lips, he savored the sweet taste of her, the sight of her licking her lips making him need her even more than he already did. Reaching beneath the bunched up fabric of her skirt, he snatched the scrap of lace fro her hips, working them down her thighs until gravity took over to pull them to the floor.

“Now…be a good girl and bend down here and finish what we started.”

Pausing for moment, she bent at the waist first before leaning down more, balancing as much as she could with her hands still tied behind her back. Closing her mouth over the head of his cock once more, she moaned in surprise as one hand closed over the back of her head, silently urging her to take every stiff inch back into the warmth of her mouth. Doing her best, she moved her mouth along his shaft, beginning to bob her head rather slowly as she worked more and more of him into the heated cavern of velvet with every downward thrust of her head. Feeling the chair shift, she gasped sharply when his fingertips came into contact with her clit finally, a light slap of a firm touch making her thighs clamp together around his hand. Rolling her hips steadily as he began pumping a single digit into her heated folds, she rocked her mouth along his shaft to the same rhythm, even when he began lifting his hips and thrusting his entire length into the hot, wet, liquid velvet of her throat.

Swallowing around him as both of their moans strengthened, her nails dug into the palms of her hands as she neared the precipice of her orgasm, the hard flick of his thumb around her pierced rosebud combined with the thrust of his hips and the hard finger-fucking he was giving her pushing her over the edge and into oblivion. Screaming out hoarsely around him just as he buried himself to the hilt in her throat, the muscles worked against the ridges of his cock so perfectly it pushed him to orgasm, as well. Shooting rope after thick, hot rope of seed against the back of her throat, he watched as she sank to her knees and swallowed every drop.

Falling to her knees, her thighs quivered as she looked up to search for his gaze, holding it when she finally found it. Nestling him in the curve of her tongue, she moaned automatically when he pulled himself from the cradle her mouth had become. Catching his hand, she cleaned the last few drops of salty sweetness from it’s hiding place in the very shallow groove of his head, smiling faintly as the moan she received from him as she did. Running a hand through her hair while at the same time tucking himself back into his pants, he gestured to the red lace boy-cuts around her ankles.

“Stand up and give them to me.” Watching her struggle for a moment with the belt, he grinned when she finally sat on the edge of the computer desk and lifted her feet for him to remove them himself. Standing, he tucked the scrap of red into his pocket and fastened his pants once more before removing his belt from her wrists.

“I suggest you write a note to your co-workers explaining that something you ate as a late dinner made you sick and that you won’t be in for the next few days. And then, in the morning, we’re both going to call in sick, probably for two or three days to avoid passing around any ‘bug.’ Do you object?” Smoothing her silver-blonde hair as she straightened her skirt, he pulled her close as she shook her head quietly. “Good, now…pick a restaurant. I owe you dinner after putting you through that, Mya. I’ll follow you to the restaurant and then we can stop at your house to drop your car off, if you want.”

“Yeah, I’d like to finally see the bachelor pad you call a home…Though you owe me more than one dinner, by the way. And lots and lots of desserts.” She nodded to back up her words and grinned as he gripped her ass and pulled her flush against him. Pressing her hips into his, she nipped his lip and soothed it with a sweet kiss.

“Come on, Professor Lover Boy. Before we get distracted again.”

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