The Reluctant Virgin


‘Have you fucked Debbie Mason?’

Pete looked at his friend Paul and groaned. He shook his head in despair due to the fact that no he hadn’t fucked Debbie Mason, he’d actually never fucked anyone.

Paul went on.

‘Everybody’s fucked Debbie Mason. She’s the easiest girl in the town to fuck.’

‘No I haven’t fucked Debbie Mason. I know who she is and it’s maybe because she’s the easiest girl in town that I haven’t fucked her.’ replied Pete.

‘Oh mate, you don’t know what you’re missing. She’s an amazing shag with great tits.’

‘Well, I’ll have to take your word for that won’t I?’ exclaimed Pete.

‘Yeah. It’s probably too late now anyway!’

‘What do you mean?’ asked Pete.

‘I heard her mother caught her fucking their next door neighbour’s husband on the floor of her kitchen.’

‘Really? So what happened?’ inquired Pete.

‘Her mother grounded her. Took away her phone and banned her from using the house phone. Apparently she takes the phone with her when she leaves the house. Poor Debbie is under house arrest. I bet it’s biting her leg off.’

‘Wow poor Debbie. I bet the next guy to fuck her will get one hell of a shag.’ mused Pete.

‘That could just be you.’ stated Paul.

‘What do you mean?’ asked Pete.

‘Well look at you. All mothers love you. They all want to mother you. Mrs Mason would probably let you take Debbie out because she’ll trust you then a quick half of lager and bosh you’d be in the park with her knickers down to her ankles.’

Pete understood what his friend meant. If you saw Paul and Pete together you wouldn’t think they would have become such great friends.

It all began when Pete and his family moved South five years earlier. Pete was only thirteen at the time and he was dreading moving to a different school.

He was a small child that liked to read books. At his previous school he was often picked on because of his size and lack of sports expertise.

It happened again soon after he moved to his new school.

One day he was walking home when three bigger lads stopped him and began to taunt him about his size and his Northern accent.

Pete didn’t want any hassle so he tried to run when one of the other boys tripped him and he fell to the ground, his school books scattering onto the road.

One of the other boys raised his foot to kick Pete in the ribs when all of a sudden he went flying to the ground.

Pete looked up to see a tall well built lad take on the other three who seemed reluctant to reciprocate as they recognised him as the captain of the rugby and football teams and the best fighter in their year.

‘If ever I see any of you fuckers anywhere near this kid I will personally find you and deal with you. Understand?’

The boys grunted their confirmation and scurried away.

The big lad reached down and pulled Pete to his feet.

‘I fucking hate bullies. I’m Paul by the way.’

Pete introduced himself and found they only lived around the corner from each other. On the walk home they talked about themselves, their school life and what they wanted to do with their life.

Pete found out Paul was struggling with his homework and Paul was made aware that Pete always got picked on in school.

‘Well that’s fucking sorted!’ exclaimed Paul. ‘I look after you and stop people bullying you and you help me with my homework!’

For the next five years they kept to their respective bargains which allowed Paul to move to a technical college and Pete to complete his A Levels.

Now it was their Summer holidays. They were both eighteen years old and Paul was still a rugged good looking boy who went to the gym four nights a week, played football and rugby at the weekends and had endless girls running after him.

Pete was still a less than average height kid but he had filled out a bit having been dragged crying and screaming by Paul to the gym once a week. He wouldn’t admit it but he did actually enjoy it, going at his own pace and seeing his body develop.

Pete still didn’t get that many girlfriends as he was too much of a pretty boy with his angelic looking face, blonde hair, blue eyes and full lips. Paul was correct all the mothers he knew loved him.

‘Yeah,’ he sighed. ‘You might be right. If I could charm Mrs Mason maybe I could get a shot at Debbie.’

He didn’t really say it with conviction as he still didn’t think he was in with a chance of taking her out.

It was agreed that Pete would adana escort go around at lunchtime the next day and see if it would work.

The following day Pete, in his best pair of shorts and his new Ralph Lauren Polo shirt knocked on the Mason’s door trembling with anticipation as he waited.

He was about to knock again when it opened and standing in the doorway was Mrs Mason.

‘Hello?’ she said eyeing Pete up and down.

‘Oh hi Mrs Mason. I was just wondering if Debbie was in. Please?’ he added.

‘Oh, you want Debbie do you? Well you’d better come in.’

Pete walked into the house and followed Mrs Mason into the kitchen.

‘I wonder where Debbie fucked her neighbour?’ thought Pete.

He looked at Mrs Mason and saw she was dressed in a raincoat with a shopping bag on the table.

‘Look, I’ll come back another time if you’re going out Mrs Mason.’

‘Nonsense, I’ve just got back from shopping. Just let me get sorted first,’ she said as she removed her coat.

Pete really saw Mrs Mason for the first time. He was amazed at how big her breasts were in her tight silver colour silk blouse. She was wearing a dark blue pleated skirt that stopped just above her knees, silver looking tights and dark blue shoes with three inch heels.

She was about five feet five tall in her stocking feet, curly blonde hair to her shoulders, blue eyes and full lips that were glossed a bright red. These matched her fingernails.

Pete thought she looked very good for a woman in her mid forties. She wasn’t fat but definitely not skinny and had a peachy bum.

‘Have a seat,’ she said as she finally put all her shopping away.

Pete sat at the kitchen table.

‘Would you like a glass of wine? I’m having one!’

Before Pete could say no she’d poured two glasses of chilled white wine and handed one to him.

‘So why do you want to see Debbie then?’ she asked.

‘Oh I..I just wondered if she would like to go out for a drink this lunchtime,’ he stammered.

‘A drink is it? Are you sure you don’t just want to get into her knickers like all the blokes around here?’

Pete nearly spit out his drink.

‘Don’t think I don’t know what reputation she has. I blame her Father. He couldn’t keep his cock in his pants around the other sex. She can’t keep her knickers on where men are concerned. Anyhow you’re too late. I’ve sent her to her Dad’s for a month to see if he can sort her out. That’s as long as he doesn’t try to fuck her!’

‘Oh. Well. I’d better be going.’ said Pete.

No don’t, finish your drink and keep me company. What’s your name?’

‘’s Pete,’ he replied thinking he should have given a false name and scarpered.

;Hmmm, that’s a nice name. How old are you Peter, you don’t mind me calling you that do you?’

He told her he was eighteen and going away to university in two months time.

‘Well you don’t look eighteen. Such a cute boy. And clever too. Are you a virgin Peter?’

He went bright red and took a large swallow of his wine.

‘Er…yeah. Yeah I am actually.’

‘And you wanted to lose it to a slut like my daughter? Good God no.’

Pete continued to blush as Mrs Mason stood up and walked behind him, leaning over his shoulder with her large tits pressed into his neck.

‘No. No that won’t do darling. You need someone who knows how to break virgins in slowly. Someone like me!’ she said as she gently bit his ear.

Pete’s cock rapidly grew and Mrs Mason reached out to stroke it.

‘Do you want Mummy to take care of this for you?’

Not waiting for an answer she pulled Pete out of his chair and led him upstairs to her bedroom.

‘Let Mummy show you what it’s all about cutie boy. Now why don’t we get you naked and onto the bed?’

Mrs Mason pulled off Pete’s shirt and shorts as he kicked off his trainers. He climbed onto the bed with his hands trying to cover his hard throbbing cock. He wasn’t a porn star but he did have a solid seven inch tool.

Mrs Mason slowly removed her blouse to reveal a silver satin bra that struggled to hold up her large DD breasts. Next she unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop giving Pete a view of her tight silver silky thong that just about covered her bald wet pussy. She wore silver lurex hold up stockings.

‘Here have a feel of these!’ she said as she stood beside the bed and took Pete’s right hand and ran it up her stocking covered thigh.

‘Like eskişehir escort it?’

Pete was breathing heavily and could only nod yes.

‘I feel so sexy when I wear them. Makes me feel so horny and now I have a young naked boy on my bed I can do what I want to satisfy my deviant sexual needs.’

Pete groaned and wondered what she meant by that.

After she removed her bra and slipped off her thong she climbed on to the bed to the left of Pete and started to stroke his body.

She started with his shoulders then ran her hands down his chest then played with his nipples before squeezing the left one. Pete let out a moan.

‘Hmm, do you like pain?’

‘I..I don’t know. I doubt it. I hate it when I hurt something.’ he replied.

‘Oh this isn’t about you hurting yourself, it’s about me hurting you,’ she said seductively.

Pete gulped. Her hands moved towards his taught stomach then down to his crotch. She ran her hands around his hard cock but not actually touching it.

Pete had his eyes closed and was internally begging her to hold of it.

Instead she got hold of his balls, dropped her head and took erect phallus into her mouth.

‘Oh fuck!’

‘Mmmm, like that do you?’ she asked rhetorically with a little giggle.

Her bright red glossed lips made their way up and down its length only to stop when she peeled back his foreskin and she licked its shiny head.

‘Oh God!’

Pete had never felt anything like it before and he knew he was going to cum quickly.

As Mrs Mason sucked he could feel his balls churning.

‘Mrs Mason, please. Stop please. I’m going to…oh fuck!’

The older woman kept her lips tight around his cock as he spurted his cum into her mouth. Ropes and ropes blasted from his erupting tool and she swallowed the lot making sure she’d milked him fully.

Pete lay there gasping for breath after enjoying his first ever blow job.

He stirred and looked at Mrs Mason who was staring back at him, licking her lips.

‘Wow, that was fantastic Mrs Mason, thank you so much…’ he gushed as he tried to get up from the bed.

‘Not so fast young man. We have all afternoon and I haven’t finished with you yet. In fact I haven’t even started on you,’

She pulled Pete back on the bed and straddled his chest.

‘Now, it’s my turn to be satisfied. I doubt you’ve ever eaten pussy before?’

Pete shook his head and blushed.

‘Well, it’s a good time to start and lucky for you I’m a good teacher.

She climbed over his face so her pussy was just above his eyes. She pointed out how to lick, use his mouth and where her clit was. She explained the technique and how fast and how slow he should go and when.

When she thought he understood enough to be going on with she lowered her pussy onto his face.

Pete did as he was bid and started to please the older woman.

‘Oh Peter you really are a good pussy licker. Oh yes! Just there. Good boy!’

The praise continued until he started to lick and suck her clitoris when she groaned loud and started to fuck his face in earnest.

‘Oh fuck yes. Oh my God. I’m going to cum. Oh I’m cuuummming!’

Her juices ran down over his young face and into his mouth which he clamped shut. He thought he might drown until she sat up and let her remaining essence fall over his chest.

‘Sorry about that. My ex husband said I spurted more than anyone he knew. And he knew a lot I found out after I’d divorced the bastard.’

She flopped back onto the bed before leaning over Pete to lick her juices from his face before moving in and kissing him hard on the mouth thrusting her coated tongue deep down his throat. He groaned and submitted to the older woman.

Her hand ran down his body once more until it found his hard again cock.

‘Mmmm, looks like someone is ready for some more instruction.’

She straddled his body one more time and sat on his thighs stroking his cock.

Pete looked down his body at the older woman, naked except for her shiny silver lurex stockings and silver heels sitting astride him playing with his now throbbing cock.

‘Are you ready for this?’ she asked with a squeeze of his erection.

He gazed at her huge breasts then up at her face, looking into her eyes he gasped, ‘yes, oh God yes please!’

She moved forward and lifted her hips until she was hovered above his leaking cock. She placed its head sakarya escort inside her pussy lips then leaned forward and placed both hands on his shoulder pinning him to the bed before fully impaling herself on him.

‘Good. I’m glad you said that,’ she said as she began to grind her hips. ‘Because if you hadn’t I was going to have to rape you!’

Pete groaned at hearing that and he realised this woman was taking him for her own pleasure as much as his.

She started to ride him, slowly at first then quicker, bouncing up and down on his cock as she felt her orgasm begin to build.

‘Oh Peter, Mummy is going to cum on your cock. Oh God I love it. You look so cute you make me want to cum. Oh fuck!’

He juices flooded his thighs as they poured out of her grasping pussy.

She leaned over him a took hold of his face, her tits squashing into his chest as she pulled her pussy along his cock until only the head was still in. She made short jerky movements with her hips that caused Pete to moan.

‘Look at me! Look at me when I fuck you. I own you now. When you shoot your load in my pussy you will be mine!’

At that she kissed him hard and started to fuck him even harder.

‘Cum for Mummy baby. Come on Peter shoot it all in Mummy’s hot pussy.’

Pete couldn’t hold on any longer and with a grunt he came. His first proper sex with a woman.

‘Wow, you certainly gave me what I asked for didn’t you baby?’ she said as she climbed off his wilting cock and laid back down beside him.

‘I hope you enjoyed your first time.’

Pete looked at her and smiled.

‘Yes, it was wonderful thank you.’

She took him in her arms and kissed him, her breasts pushing into him.

‘Do you think you can go again?’ she asked cheekily.

Pete collapsed on the bed and groaned.

They lay snuggled up to each other for twenty minutes or so before Mrs Mason tentatively ran her hand down to his crotch and after a few minutes stroking his balls she could see his cock twitching.

‘Let me see if I can get this bad boy to work again,’ she said as she lowered her head and took him in her mouth again, teasing the head just enough to get him hard again.

She came back up and kissed him sensually on the mouth, slowly stroking his now throbbing cock.

‘Why don’t you get on top of me and you can fuck me for a change?’

Pete crawled between her thighs and lowered himself down.

He took his cock and tried to find her opening. After several attempts she moved his hand away and took his dick in her own.

‘Here let me help you,’ she said as she lined it up.

‘Now push forward. Yes like that. Oh God baby you’re in me. Now fuck me but start off easy and build your pace. Try to get into a nice rhythm and alter the angle of your strokes. You’ll give me more pleasure that way.’

Mrs Mason looked up at Pete and smiled. He had his eyes tight shut as he concentrated at what he had been told.

‘Hmm, not bad for a first attempt,’ she thought. ‘I’ll soon have him whipped into shape.’ At that thought she lost it and a quick orgasm struck.

‘Oh baby, so good, Yes, fuck me.’ she cried as she wrapped her stocking clad legs around his back forcing Pete’s cock deeper into her.

Pete was in heaven. He was actually fucking a real live woman and what a woman he thought. Mature, sexy and attractive with huge tits.

He could feel his balls begin to tingle and he knew he was ready to cum.

‘Oh God Mrs Mason, I’m close.’

‘Try and hold it a little longer baby I’m nearly there too.’

Pete tried to think of things to put off the inevitable but he was fighting a losing battle.

‘Oh baby I’m cumming. Fuck yes. Cum for me Peter. Give me it. Oh fuck!’

Seconds after his lover’s orgasm Pete blasted his second lot of cum into her greedy cunt.

After climbing off he lay beside her panting, his head spinning as Mrs Mason reached out for his hand. She just held it until his breathing returned to normal.

‘You OK?’ she asked.

‘Ye…yeah. Phew that was amazing.’

‘Good boy. Do you want to come and see me again?’

‘Really? Can I?’ Pete asked like an excited puppy dog. ‘When? Can I come tomorrow?’

Mrs Mason laughed. ‘Give me time to recover. How about the day after tomorrow? Say in the morning. It will give us longer to play.’

Pete agreed then she told him to have a shower and get dressed.

When they were back in the kitchen and Pete was about to leave Mrs Mason hugged him.

‘Which bit did you like best darling?’

Pete blushed and told her.

‘I liked the bit where you pinned me to the bed and fucked me,’ he said sheepishly.

After he’d gone Mrs Mason’s thoughts turned to their next meeting.

‘Interesting,’ she thought, ‘Very interesting.’

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