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Back in the early eighties just before I joined up with my friend Rich in his telephone services company, I had an office job at a local securities firm. It was a relatively menial job, getting files and miscellaneous paper work but it did put some spending cash in my pocket. That was the main priority at the time. Come to think of it, some things haven’t changed. What was a change for me at the time was having to actually get dressed up for a job. Dress shirt with collar, dress pants, tie, the whole nine. That was certainly a change. Prior to that, my idea of dressed up was a clean T-shirt. Another big change for me was having a female boss. Oh yes, that was a change.

Helene Cohen was an older woman. An attractive older woman I might add. She was always impeccably dressed, the way you would expect of a successful woman in a managerial position. One look and you could tell this woman was never inside the local K-Mart. Her hair was always impeccable. Her nails and makeup always perfect. That would be the word, perfect. She was full figured in a way middle aged woman often are. A very good way I might add. Those impeccably tailored business suits never wrinkled because her full hips strained against the fabric as she walked. If I close my eyes, I can still recall that sway as she moved. The kind of movement that made a young man’s mind go into overdrive. The kind of movement that made me want to just reach out and grab her perfect full-figured behind. And those thighs. Did I mention her thighs? Imagine if you will a middle-aged white Tina Turner strutting down the aisle in an impeccably tailored business suit. Instead of a microphone she carried a manila envelope. But all eyes were on her just the same. I know mine were.

It is no secret guys like older woman, and younger woman I might add. But older women always had a special allure. I recall an incident where a friend of mine from high school would not get in the car with my mother after she offered to give him a ride somewhere. He told her he couldn’t trust himself. My mother and I can still laugh about it. So, I knew I was not the only one. There was always something very mysterious about an older woman. Perhaps it was because at that time I had yet to experience one. I think though, it went well beyond that. Helene Cohen represented a world a young man like myself could only dream of. From the Mercedes 450SE she drove to the designer handbags, she represented a world of wealth, luxury and intrigue that was so foreign to me at the time. She had no doubt experienced so much more than this young man had at the time. What knowledge did she posses? An experienced, sexy full-figured woman with incredible butt and thighs. Did I mention her thighs?

I never really did find out how old Helene was. I was all of nineteen at the time, so 25 would have been an older woman. I would have to say looking back, that Helene had to be in her mid-thirties. Approaching her sexual peak if I recall what Masters and Johnson wrote. Since I was about nineteen, that would have made us perfectly matched. Not that that thought ever entered my mind. Heck, she was just an attractive, wealthy, experienced, impeccably dressed older woman with perfect thighs. Did I mention her thighs?

Helene spent most of her time in her spacious and tastefully furnished office. She was manager of various site services and the file room fell under her jurisdiction. She had a relatively prestigious position in the company. She was certainly the highest level woman in the area and it seemed like she had all the male low-level managers groveling at her feet. Almost literally, so it seemed. I know I would have groveled at her feet, had she asked. She also had a reputation for being a bit tough at times, which may have accounted for some of the groveling.

I never did find out her marital status. There were a lot of rumors. There were always rumors about mersin escort Helene, but I really don’t think anyone really knew anything for sure. It was rumored that she had broken up with her husband. There was the rumor about her having an affair with a senior vice-president in the company, that being how she got her job. Always rumors. She was just the kind of woman that stayed on men’s minds. Put men’s minds into overdrive. They never really knew anything about her so they made up things. She was the type of woman that every heterosexual male in the office imagined being with at some point. I know I did. I know I was not the only one.

I can distinctly recall one day in what seems like a so very distant past, yet so fresh in my mind. Helene walked up to me or shall we say sauntered up to me with a file in her hand. She held out the file to me before speaking.

“File this for me, please.” She said in her seductive voice. Her speech and mannerisms were befitting of a woman of her stature.

I paused for a moment and tried to look her in the eye. I could not help but glance down first to her full bosom straining against her tailored designer suit, then down to those shapely full-figured hips. I stopped to take in those thick thighs which seemed to be miles of silky, soft white flesh tapering into shapely calves which ended in perfect pedicured toes stuffed into designer heels.

“Huh?” She caught me off-guard. Really didn’t take much.

“File this for me, please.” She repeated. She smiled as she said this. Her perfectly applied red lipstick sparkled under the overhead florescent lighting.

“Yes, Miss Cohen.” I stammered.

“Helene. You can call me Helene.” She grinned a sly grin as she spoke.

“Yes Helene.” I said, trying to be calm as I took the folder from her soft, delicate hand.

I felt a stiffening in my trousers like an I-beam being extruded at a steel mill. I held out the folder to block what I knew was a bulge I couldn’t battle.

Helene just smiled again with those perfect white teeth before turning and walking away. I stood motionless as I took in the sight of that voluptuous rear end swaying with every step she took. I was captivated. I stood there in a trance taking in those full, gorgeous thighs tapering so seductively into perfect calves and finally ending in spiked heels. My heart fluttered in time to every step she took.

“If you’re lucky she might let you wash her Mercedes.” Joe, a wise ass co-worker joked.

“If you’re lucky, I might let you suck my dick.” I answered, still staring down the hall.

He was right. What would a rich, gorgeous, successful and super hot older woman with perfect thighs ever see in me?

The next couple of months were basically more of the same. I briefly dated one of the secretaries on the next floor but that didn’t last. She was gorgeous but a real bitch. She turned out to be one of those girls that was so good looking she never had to develop a personality. It was a relationship that was never meant to be.

I continued on at the job doing my daily tasks and day dreaming about the hot looking older woman that seemed so far out of reach. Every time she glanced my way my mind would shift into overdrive. She really was captivating on so many levels. Older, more experienced, secure, hot looking and those Heavenly thighs. I could not help but imagine them as two soft pillows for me to rest my weary head. Oh, if this woman knew what I was thinking. It was good she didn’t I thought. After all she was my boss. Not only that, but quarterly performance review was coming up. My raise depended on it. I had to be good.

Performance review time soon rolled around. I really was not looking forward to it. Oh, I was looking forward to the time I got to spend in her office. I would be sitting right across from Helene looking kocaeli escort right into her eyes. I could stare and daydream all I wanted to for a time anyway. I was looking forward to that. She did have a reputation as being tough at times, so I was a bit apprehensive. I felt I was a good worker, so I should come out unscathed. Or so I had hoped.

When she called my name I walked into her office and seated myself in one of the plush chairs directly in front of her oversized desk. Her desk was really quite large and seemed to put a significant distance between the two of us. I took it as her way of keeping the commoners at bay.

We made some friendly small talk as she smiled at me with what was in my mind a very seductive smile. A lot of things were going through my mind as I sat on the other side of that large desk. She did tell me she was happy with my work. That was comforting.

“This is a performance review.” She made clear, “Your raise depends on it.”

Oh, I was getting a raise just hearing her talk. Her voice was so incredibly sexy. It was more sensual than any music I could imagine. The snake in my pants was responding and she was the snake charmer. I began to feel a bit embarrassed at my somewhat obvious excitement.

What happened next I could have never imagined in a million years. Helene got up from her seat behind the desk and slowly walked around to the front of it. She seated herself on the desk directly in front of me. My cock became so hard I was convinced I could use it to etch glass.

She was seated directly in front of me between my open legs and the desk. Her gorgeous round butt was firmly planted on the desk. She had both hands at her sides. My head level was slightly too high to view under her skirt but my mind was painting a picture Rembrandt would be proud of.

What she did next was even more amazing. She grinned a devilish grin with those perfectly glossed lips. She then eased her right foot out of her polished shoe revealing a perfectly manicured set of gorgeous toes with red polish that matched her fingernails and lips. She then eased her right foot up to the inner thigh of my left leg and began to seductively run it up my leg heading towards my now throbbing member.

“Helene.” I stammered in a voice colored by a combination of excitement and awe.

“Shhh…I’m the boss.” She cooed.

I knew I couldn’t argue with the boss. My raise depended on it. Heck, I had already got a raise. Bigger than expected I might add.

She then lifted her skirt revealing a set of white cotton panties. I could make out a small dark spot where moisture had formed. I so much wanted to dive my face in between her legs and lap up her juices like a kitten lapping a bowl of milk. Her legs were so close. Her gorgeous thighs seemed so inviting. Miles of soft white flesh just within reach.

She looked at me with big dark eyes that had a certain laugh of their own. Her voluptuous body gave her a sexiness that was unmatched by my previous experiences. And yet, her middle age gave her a sort of motherly look. I looked at her and wanted to be mothered. I wanted her to engulf me in those incredible thighs, rest my head on her soft, full breasts and stroke the back of my head and tell me everything is alright. I wanted to crawl between her legs and up into her love canal and make my way back into the comfort of her womb. I wanted her to engulf me with every inch of her body and protect me like a newborn.

She removed her foot from my diamond hard erection. She stood up in her bare feet and eased her panties down past those incredible voluptuous thighs and stepped out of them. She tossed them aside. For a moment I wanted to run over and pick them up and savor the scent, but I was soon presented with the real thing before my eyes.

I sat there in a trance barely able samsun escort to believe my good fortune. Helene hiked up her skirt and spread her legs presenting me with a view so Heavenly I would have thought it reserved for angels. Her incredibly soft, creamy thighs parted for my pleasure only. Her delicate smooth skin seemed to go on for miles as I gasped at the view before me. Her full bush looked so captivating I could have sat there and counted the hairs, fully expecting to be tested on it the next morning. I was so in awe of her gently rising mound, her delicate folds, which looked so inviting. I wanted to explore every single fold, with my lips, with my tongue and with every other part of my body. The delicate scent of her womanhood mixed with the scent of her perfume wafting through the air. The incredible sight before me, her scent, the seductive sound of her voice, her soft touch, it was truly a feast for my senses.

“Alan.” She spoke softly as she leaned forward and touched me on the shoulder, “This is a performance review.”

She smiled as she spoke. A smile that could launch a thousand ships and I wanted to sail in her ocean. I leaned forward into her waiting bush. I savored the scent as her delicate hairs tickled my face. I was engulfed in those gorgeous, silky smooth thighs that seemed to surround me and shield me from the rest of the world. I began to explore her soft, delicate folds with my kisses. I grabbed those thighs with both hands and allowed them to engulf my head. I reveled in the soft cushion that was so extraordinarily comforting, like a baby in its mother’s arms. I kissed those creamy thighs so lovingly with all the attention they deserved as I made my way back up to her womanhood. I delicately parted her folds with my hands and gazed at the prize before me like a pearl in an oyster. Her juices were forming visibly on her engorged lips and I wanted to lap up every drop.

I began to slowly insert first one finger, then two into her silky smooth love canal. I fingered her G-spot with upward pressure as I slowly encircled her button with my tongue. As I began to work my fingers and tongue together in rhythm, her sweet juices began to flow. I wanted every drop like it was water in the desert. Her loudening moans signaled her pleasure as her juices began to engulf my face, soothing me like a cool rain on a summer afternoon. My own excitement began to build like a death row inmate who just received a pardon from the governor. I stood up and dropped my pants and underwear. In my mind, I was about to present this incredibly gorgeous woman with the largest erection since Shah Jahan presented his wife with the Taj Mahal.

I held my engorged shaft in my right hand as I stood between her gorgeous creamy thighs and wet the tip in her delicate folds. Helene reclined all the way back on the massive desk as the sound of crinkling papers broke the silence. Those voluptuous hips and gorgeous thighs presented me with a view as spectacular as any found in nature. Her legs spread apart, I slowly entered this incredible woman who was old enough to be my mother. I slipped her my entire length as her tight wetness surrounded me securely like I had re-entered the womb. As I began to stroke, her soft creamy thighs enveloped my body giving me a feeling of comfort I never wanted to end. As I continued my pumping, her intense moans reassured me that the unimaginable ecstasy I was experiencing was a feeling that we shared. In short order, her muscles gripped my member like she never wanted to let me go. I shot my load like a sixteen-inch gun on a battleship, sailing on an ocean of pure pleasure.

When it was over, we gathered our clothes and sat on the edge of the desk for a while holding hands. We exchanged glances, smiles and jokes. After a while, it was decided it was best I went back to work. I was informed by my superior that I had in fact passed the performance review.

Helene and I made love several times after that. I left the job a couple of months later and we both mutually decided that our relationship was something that was not suited for the long term.

I will however, never forget Helene. Or those voluptuous hips and gorgeous thighs.


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