The Secret Garden – Emma


Bringing home a girl, to my aunt’s place. The story is about this girl I met, not about my aunt, though in the very end, there is incest in play. If that’s not for you, your warned. As always, all persons have reached the age of eighteen years or more since they were born.

Note to the reader: English is not my first language. Many thanks to oldnakeddad for editing and proofreading this story and making it more readable.

* The scene of this story relates to A Garden Revisited, which has yet to be published. It’s not an integral part of that story, but it could’ve been…


The summer after I’d turned eighteen-years-old, I went to the big city to stay with my Aunt Alice for two months. She was my father’s youngest and favourite sister, unmarried, and pursuing a career as a lawyer. She lived near the centre of the big city in an old, small industrial building that had been turned into a loft-like, large apartment.

It resembled a studio, a one-space apartment. I could stay for the summer months, in a separate room that was reached via a patio. Every day, I would take the bus to my work at a coffee-shop in the centre of the city. During the week, Alice left early to take the metro to her work, at a big law firm, and worked late.


After a month or so, I took a girl home with me. I’d seen her come into the coffee shop a couple of times a week to get an iced-latte and take it out with her. But one Friday, she was later than usual, and I was cleaning the coffee machines when she stepped through the door.

She was a happy, radiant girl, about my age, and always had a smile on her face. Most of time, she wore her sleek, brown hair tied in a knot on top of her head and she always wore a dress.

As we discussed the fact that I couldn’t serve her any more iced coffee that day, I noticed she’d let her hair loose and it’d fallen to her shoulders. She ended the discussion by insisting I owed her a coffee.

“I think you owe me an iced-latte and I suggest you buy it somewhere else,” she demanded, more as a joke but I could sense she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

When I walked behind her on our way out of the shop, I pinched myself for a moment, and blessed my luck. I didn’t notice before, but to me, her figure was pretty perfect. Slender, toned legs appeared from under her dress, which stopped well above her knees. Her bum looked firm, small and round in her dress as it hugged her hips. As she turned around to hold the door open for me, she flashed her wonderful smile and my knees went nearly buckled.

Her name was Emma. We didn’t stop with one coffee. Beers followed and we got to know each other better. We got along very well. There were no silences, nor useless talk that would bother either of us. Like me, she also had a summer job, but in a bookstore.

She’d take the bus to her parents’ home after she’d get the latte, which was more than an hour bus ride, but it gave her time to read books and she had an, almost, infinite resource at the store.

I told her my story, living at my aunt for the summer, being away from home for the first time, for such a long time. I told her about the special apartment and how lucky I was she had a separate room that I could use for myself.

All the while we talked, I wasn’t shy to look at her beautiful face, wide mouth, and full lips that ended in an upward curl, which made hers a friendly face even when she didn’t smile.

When we started to get hungry, she asked: “Would it be possible to cook for ourselves? I’d love to do that! I’ve become very curious about this special place you’ve described as a hidden treasure inside of the city!”

Emma sensed my reluctance.

“But if you’d rather not, it’s okay if we simply find a nice cafe to have a bite!”

I told her: “Well, you see, it’s not that you’re not welcome. I’d love to take you home and show you this special place, but with this special place comes a special person.

“You see, my aunt is very casual at home. To be frank, she’s something of a nudist at home and, as I told you, it’s a place without much privacy. That goes for her and for us, as well. So, even though she won’t deliberately confront you with it, you might be confronted with nudity. But, you know, when she’s home already, there’s no escape.”

She was silent for a moment, as she looked unbelievingly at me, and then burst into a fit of laughter. When she calmed down, she excused herself.

“I’m sorry. Really, I am, but I had this image of an eighteen-year-old boy with a naked aunt in a place without any privacy. Where do you go to jack-off? That’s so funny!”

I was shocked because she was direct enough to mention jacking-off. But out of Emma’s mouth, it didn’t sound rude. It just sounded funny.

I answered: “Alright, alright. Of course, there’s some privacy. I have my own room, so we don’t share a bed.”

“Mmm, I think I’d like to meet your aunt. Your description of the hidden treasure inside of the city becomes even more provoking when there’s someone who is free enough to be gaziantep escort bayan naked in front of her young nephew! It sounds like a secret garden to me, now.”

“It’s funny that you call her free. You could’ve called her an exhibitionist or a pervert.”

Still laughing, she answered: “She might be, I don’t know. You tell me!”

“No, she’s not. Not as I see it. It’s also funny you call it a secret garden. That’s exactly how it started to grow in my mind. A special green place between the concrete of the city, where you can leave it all behind. I’ve come to think of it as an oasis.”

I sensed she was excited to see the special place, which seemed to be very different than you’d normally encounter on a normal date. And, of course, I became excited about how it’d play out. A girl like Emma, on a first date, taking her home, and a possible encounter with a naked Alice.

We bought ingredients for a big salad, some bread, and got on the bus to Alice’s place. I became aware it felt nice to be next to a girl of my age.

Alice was special, and she was a beautiful woman…not a girl in the way I was still a boy. Emma was, and it made so much easier in a way. I looked sideways at Emma, she turned her face towards me, and raised her eyebrows. I smiled at her.

“Somehow, I get the idea it wasn’t a coincidence that you came into the coffee shop too late. Somehow, I get the idea you planned this all along.”

She laughed at me as she butted her head against my shoulder.

“You should know, by now, there’s no such thing as coincidence and everything is part of a bigger plan. Don’t you?”

I looked at her and, suddenly, I knew I wanted to kiss her…there and then! I looked at her wonderful lips and moved mine toward hers.

My face was close to hers as I whispered: “Is this what you’d planned?”

As she reached out to me, she whispered: “No, this is purely a…coincidence!”

Our lips met, and we gave each other little kisses on the lips, tasted each other, and looked at each other as we continued to let our lips play around.

We stopped, and I looked at the passengers around us. Nobody had seen anything or gave any sign they’d noticed what was going on. Still, I had to laugh. Emma looked at me in an amused way and asked.

“What is it?”

“I felt as if I was being a part of my all-time favourite ending…of a movie, that is. You know, the end of The Graduate where Dustin Hoffman’s character turns around and finds the whole bus looking at them?”

Looking back at me, she grabbed my arm and answered: “Yes! I know! It’s a wonderful, hilarious ending. But the way she looks at him and then looks outside, realising what the future will be, is sad in a way.”

Curious if she’d come to the same conclusion as I had, I asked: “So, you have the same idea? What kind of future did she foresee?”

While looking away, Emma told me: “You know, a future with kids, a family, and family problems. With discussions and fights. A future of embedded disappointments.”

She turned her face toward me and looked serious for the first time.

As I moved toward her, I said: “So, there’s only one solution. It’s to live in the here and now, not in the past and especially not in the future.”

Again, she kissed me with her soft, tender lips and closed her eyes for a short moment. She smiled and rested her head on my shoulder for a moment.


When we got off of the bus, the evening was half over, and the shadows were long. We walked toward the house and talked about our favourite movies. Suddenly, she stopped, and I sensed she was getting nervous.

“Jona? Tell me, when your aunt is nude, do you get naked, as well?”

I laughed at her, but it was an uneasy feeling. She was right! What would I do?

I answered: “No, I mean, I don’t have to. She’s okay with it, though.”

She insisted: “But do you? Do you join her? Are you nude in her company?”

I answered as she walked up beside me.

“Sometimes, before or after a shower or if we lay in the sun on the patio.”

I didn’t want to tell her, yet, that for most of the time I was naked at home, because of the weather. I’d take a shower after I’d get back from work and wouldn’t get dressed until I had to go to work the next morning.

“But don’t be afraid. Most of the time, she’s not naked and if she is, she’s totally okay with us being clothed.”

She went on as if she didn’t hear what I’d said.

“So, do you spend time naked at home as well, like she does?”

I confessed.

“Yes, I do, sometimes. It feels good. Especially these days when the summer heat is almost tangible the whole day and even in the night. I never did it when I was younger, though.”

I asked her: “Have you ever stayed naked at home? Did you hide something from me and now you’re going to tell me you’re a nudist, yourself?”

We laughed.

“Okay, okay! I’ll confess! I wear clothes only when in public, and the bookshop I work in is a naturist bookshop, escort gaziantep bayan so we work in the buff, so to speak!”

As we turned the corner to walk onto the street where Alice’s house stood.

“No, I’m sorry. I’m joking. I’m not a nudist and I don’t work in the nude, either.”

I replied: “But you didn’t answer my question. Have you had any experiences, or experiments, at home?”

She answered me: “You know, as an only child, I had our house to myself most of every day. So, as you can imagine, being nude wasn’t limited to my bedroom. Sometimes, I sneaked into the garden to tan in a secluded corner, but I was always alert to noises because I was anxious about possibly getting caught by my parents unexpectedly returning home. It was something of a guilty pleasure, so to speak.”

“Were you ever caught?”

She laughed.

“No! Thank God!”

We stood in front of the door as I got the key out of my pocket. Emma’s anxiety crept back into her as she asked: “Do you think she’s home?”

While turning the key and opening the door, I replied: “I don’t know.”

As we entered the hallway, I called out.

“Hello! Alice? I’m home with a friend!”

No answer. No sound emerged from her apartment. We walked through the little corridor to the patio and, as we entered, I saw no one was there, either. The heat of the day was still tangible on the stone covered patio and the shadow of the few small trees weren’t enough to prevent the patio from heating up during the day.

Emma exclaimed: “Wow!”

I was bemused, at the surprised expression on her face, as I said.

“What did I tell you? A little secret garden in the middle of the big city!”

As I walked toward my room, I suggested: “If you take your sneakers off, you can feel how warm the floor is.”

Emma followed me into my room. Suddenly, with two people in it, it became very small. As Alice used to call it…a monk’s cell. As I stood next to the small table, Emma sat down on the bed and looked around the room and outside toward the patio.

“Welcome to my cell!” I joked.

“This is so strange, yet, so nice. A room without a window, a cell indeed, but with a whole glass wall towards a beautiful patio!” Emma replied as she looked up at me.

“Are you sure it’s okay to take my shoes off?”

I nodded, and she bent over to take her sneakers and little socks off to reveal ten, little, toenails that were painted red. She looked at her polished toes for a moment and wriggled them before she turned to me.

I extended my arms, to help her get up from my bed, and asked her.

“Shall we go and cook?”

She looked at me as she took my hands and I pulled her up. She stood close, looked straight at my chest, and said.

“Maybe it can wait for a minute?”

I knew what she wanted to do when she pulled my hands behind her back and reached her face up to mine. I asked her.


Before she kissed me, she whispered.


That time, it wasn’t only our lips that met. She pulled my hands further as she pushed her body against mine. I felt her young, slender body against mine as her small boobs pressed against my chest and her tummy pressed against my crotch. That time, our kiss lingered as our mouths opened, our tongues met, tasted each other, felt the special texture, licked, pushed, and received.

I broke our kiss and whispered.

“I can’t believe my luck!”

Emma kissed my chest and replied.

“I can’t believe mine, either!”

I pulled my hands free and asked.

“Shall I show you around?”

She smiled.

“Okay, but we’ve got to eat sometime, don’t we?”

I picked up the groceries and Emma followed me onto the patio as we went back through the entrance hall. We entered Alice’s apartment and, again, I called out to her to see if she was present. Again, there was no answer, so we stepped into the apartment. I walked to the kitchen corner, to put the food on the table, as Emma followed me. She looked around and said.

“Wow, again! Now I can see why your aunt has all of the privacy she wants. The high placed windows prevent people from looking inside, but they provide so much light and a view of the trees and sky!”

We walked around the central, closed block that housed the bathroom, through the corner with Alice’s bed, and I showed her the door that led to the patio. Then, we entered the bathroom, which was surprisingly well-lit because of a large window, with shades, that looked onto the patio.

Emma looked at the double rain-shower heads in the corner of the bathroom and remarked.

“That’s strange to have a double shower when you’re living on your own. And they’re so big!”

I joked.

“Well, she’s not living alone, at the moment, and I don’t think she lives a celibate life.”

She raised her eyebrows as she looked up at me.

“Say. Do you shower with your aunt?”

I had to laugh out loud because of the expression on her face.

“No, gaziantep bayan escort but it’s the only bathroom and we do use it simultaneously, sometimes.”

I thought it’d be wiser not to tell her the whole truth about our use of the shower, but I guess she felt I was telling her a little white lie. We looked at each other in the large mirror above the washbasins and she used the mirror to look around the bathroom before she said.

“You’re so lucky to have found this place and to have an aunt to share all of this with you.”

Realising the double meaning of it, I said.

“As I said. I can’t believe my luck!”

She looked at me and smiled her lovely smile, as I took her hand into mine, and said.

“And as I said. I can’t believe mine, either! But I really have to go to the toilet!”

I showed her the closed toilet inside of the bathroom.

“It’s in here and if you want to take a shower, go ahead. I usually do when I get home, but now, I’ll start with the food.”

She smiled as she entered the toilet and turned around.

“Well, don’t let me get in the way of your habits. The food can wait, can’t it?”

And with that, she closed the door.

I couldn’t believe her. She’d invited me to get naked in front of her and with a big chance that she’d join me! On the other hand, she could go on and start with the food herself. Nah.

As I heard Emma pee into the toilet, I started to remove my T-shirt. I’d gotten out of my shoes and socks before I heard she’d finished and the door opened.

Without turning around, I pulled my jeans and shorts down in one move, stepped out of them, walked into the shower, and turned one on. Then I turned around as the water flowed around my shoulders and down across my body. The excitement and anticipation had made my dick grow larger as it hung free and heavy in front of me.

Emma stood in the middle of the bathroom with my clothes scattered around her on the floor. She looked at my body as she held a tiny white panty in her hand. Then she looked at me and smiled. Without saying a word, she let go of her panty and started to pull her dress over her head.

Her crotch, including the dark tuft of pubic hair on top of her pussy, became visible above her beautiful, slender legs. I was mesmerized by the gap between her legs, where her protruding inner labia were clearly visible between the thick, full lips of her pussy.

A moment later, her dress fell to the floor, she moved her hands behind her back, and unhooked her bra. After she shook her bra off, two perfectly round breasts, with small brown areolas and pointy nipples, were displayed.

She dropped her bra to the floor and stood there, naked. Only then did she look at me in a rather shy way.

I shook my head with disbelief: “You’re beautiful!”

I turned the other shower on as an invite for her to join me. As she walked underneath the stream of water, she closed her eyes, turned her face toward the shower, and allowed the water to flow across her face and body. I marvelled at her beautiful, naked body which was so close to me.

She turned around, wiped the water from her face, stepped forward, embraced me, and we started to kiss as the water flowed onto our backs. Her soft, firm breasts were pressed against my chest as my dick became erect and pushed against the flat of her stomach.

I held her back with one hand as the other one slid down and held her round buttock. We continued to kiss as I felt her hands move down, as well, grab my buttocks, and start to squeeze them.

“Hello! Jona? I’m home!”


Her voice rang loud and clear through the open door of the bathroom. Startled, but laughing, we stopped and let go of each other.

I shouted: “Alice, I’m in here! I’m taking a shower!”

She called back.

“Ok! I’m dying for one myself!”

Before I could tell her that I wasn’t alone, she’d come in through the opening toward her bed and stood next to us. Surprise crossed her face as she saw Emma’s nude back between us.

“Oh! Excuse me! I’m so sorry!” She said as she looked at me.

A smile appeared on her face as she turned around and left. She called to us again from outside of the bathroom.

“Take your time! I’ll get myself a drink. Let me know when you’re finished.”

Emma pushed her forehead against my chest and started to giggle. Suddenly, she stopped, and I suspected I knew why. My dick had become completely straight, stood erect, and it pointed straight up at her.

“Wow!” She murmured.

She didn’t move, and I didn’t dare. Finally, she looked up at me with a big smile across her face. She reminded me of a little girl who’d opened an unexpected gift.

“It’s beautiful!”

“Can I touch it?” The little girl in her asked.

I smiled at her and nodded. She looked down and used one thumb to stroke my penis from the underside of the glans all of the way to the base, which caused it to jerk. As she held it between her thumb and index-finger, she moved it from side to side and giggled.

“I’ve never seen such a beautiful penis! In fact, I’ve never seen a penis on a first date.”

I replied with a joke: “I guess you’ve never showered on a first date, either.”

“Nor have I kissed a naked boy on a first date.”

She smiled, embraced me, captured my full erection between our bellies, and whispered: “Shouldn’t we stop showering? Your aunt is waiting for us.”

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