The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 03


Initial Fucking of My Wife part 3

It was 2:00 when we arrived home and suddenly Jen received a text from Master. Excited we are moving forward my owned little slut. I would like you both to arrive just after the sun goes down. The reason for the change is that I want you both to walk to my place and will do so in the same under garments you wore to my office this morning…to be completely clear, you will be in your panties and heels and cucky will be in the same matching panties and his stockings. Neither of you should shower as I expect to be able to see the dried leakage from earlier today and the lipstick smeared on cucky’s face.

The one addition is that I want you each to be wearing an ankle bracelet with a charm reading “Property of Master B” on one side and “slut jenny” on the other side for you and “slave patricia” on the other side for cucky…hint hint, Petco is the store where you can have these charms made…yours should be red and cucky’s should be pink. While I would love to see you both earlier, I would not want to have either of you arrested or the neighborhood in an uproar just yet! I will see you both no later than 7:45 and I have made a copy of the executed contracts for your records. Also…you will ring my bell and both wait in a kneeling position on my porch until I come for you. Tell cucky that his cock sucking skills have a lot to be desired, but with a great deal of time and practice we will make him a pro. And just to be crystal clear, neither of you are allowed to touch yourselves or each other. You are my property and require my permission to do so. See you soon my dirty slut.

We read it a second time and then proceeded to the nearest Petco to have the charms made. Surprisingly this was quite easy and the hardest part was standing watch while the machine completed the process. Anyone nearby could potentially see the writing on the screen which would have been quite embarrassing. We hustled out of there and got home and played the waiting game. Minutes seemed like hours, but before we knew it, the time was 7:30. It was still partially light out and the trip in our current attire was going to be quite the mind fuck. Miss Jenny texted Master to see if we could get there by 8 due to the light / visibility.

Given there was no response and not wanting to start the cuckold relationship on a bad note, we exited our back yard and proceeded through the neighborhood yards in a discreet and meticulous fashion. A few cars drove by and we had to avoid a few houses due to the neighbors being outside but we safely arrived at Master’s house with a few minutes to spare. We rang the bell and obediently knelt at his doorstep. A porch light was on, but within seconds a much brighter light came on highlighting our half naked kneeling bodies. Any car driving by would clearly be able to see us but would unlikely be able to identify exactly who the bodies belonged to. Still the wait and the anticipation was exhilarating and it felt like 15 minutes before Master finally opened the door (the actual time was probably five minutes).

Come in was all Master said, and we scurried on our knees into Master’s doorway and into his luxurious living room where we had just consumed wine and cocktails the evening before. Master simply wore a robe that wrapped tightly around his body and again, highlighted Master’s nice physique. The robe ended around the knees leaving Master’s defined calf muscles visible and I caught Miss Jenny ogling his definition. It was strange to think about the transformation…in less than 24 hours here we were as Master’s new toys…I hung onto that thought until Master again spoke. Would my pets like something to drink…Master asked politely? We both said yes Master. Master ordered me to the kitchen to pour us each a glass of wine from a bottle that had already been placed on the kitchen table in anticipation of our confirmatory reply.

I returned within minutes and Master and Miss Jenny were on the couch making out with their hands roaming each other. Master’s robe was now open and his tan fit body was mostly revealed. He wore a pair of briefs and Miss Jenny’s hands roamed over his muscles making their way to his massive bulge. They both were clearly aware of my presence but easily ignored me as they ravished one another. Strangely, it was if there were boundaries that were not supposed to be crossed or a game where one could tease the other without actual touching the naked genitalia as the rubbing was incredibly erotic but there was never an attempt to remove the minor clothing that each of them wore. It finally crystallized…this was not a one-time encounter…not a rushed event to get to the finish line or find the treasure…this was a long term exploration of sexuality between my Master and Mistress and I watched in amazement as their bodies meshed together and their hands explored each and every part of one another.

There was no curve or crevice left untouched except the areas hidden by clothing and I watched in delight at the erotic display of physical excitement. Their interaction Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort was intensely sexual and the build-up was intoxicating. I knelt there with my little cock pulsating hardness and visually poking a small tent in my sissy panties. I looked down and not surprisingly, a wet spot had already formed. As Miss Jenny tried to escalate the play by placing a hand inside Master’s briefs he stopped her…he took hold of her hand and pressed it to her side, he stopped kissing her and raised leaving her leaning in and clearly wanting so much more.

Thank you slave…Master said as he took hold of two of the glasses and sipped one while he handed the other to his slut, my wife. He allowed us to drink and both Miss Jenny and I took a large gulp of our individual wine glasses and their respective liquid content. Master asked a simple question as he looked at Miss Jenny…what is it that you seek? Miss Jenny hesitated and blushed a bit before saying…I am highly aroused Master and if you are asking what I want at this very moment it is to have you inside me. I seek and crave something that cucky cannot provide…I need your big, thick, massive, superior cock inside of me, filling and stretching my cunt and allowing me to cum like I have never done so before. My breath escaped me listening to the words of my wife…so sincere…so honest…it stung to hear her say this in my presence and my feelings were so separated…so bifurcated in nature.

I loved this woman more than I loved anything in the world and I was feeling torn apart…one aspect of me was so aroused that I thought I would cum in my pants as soon as Master entered Miss Jenny and fulfilled her desires, and the other aspect of me was jealous and feeling hurt that I was not what she wanted…I was not enough to satisfy and gratify her in the way she wanted to be pleased and pleasured. My mind settled and a feeling of calmness overcame me…I was so lucky to be kneeling in such beauty…what my wife and I were embarking upon was what so many men actually dreamed of…it was what I dreamt about night after horny night and we were finally experiencing what had consumed my thoughts for so long. I was lucky to be in the presence and have the opportunity to serve and be a part of such eroticism.

My mind could have raced forever, but Master interrupted my thoughts…what do you seek slave? My answer came from a place I had not known…it felt like someone else was speaking, but I could hear the words spilling from my mouth…I want to be the cuckold in this incredible relationship Master…I want to aspire to please you and Miss Jenny in whatever way you see me fit of doing so…I want to work and dedicate myself to the connection that you, as my Master, and Miss Jenny, as my wife, share together. I want to be a part of the sexual energy and sexual experiences that evolve and heighten between the two of you. I want to escalate the world of sexual bliss for you both knowing that it will frequently come in the form of debasement, humiliation, emasculation, degradation, being disgraced, being shamed, being humbled, being demeaned and experiencing acts that are defiling, cruel, brutal, appalling, callous, sadistic, nasty , harsh, vulgar, offensive, naughty and even inhumane.

I want to be owned by you both and be an important toy for you both to use at your discretion…my ultimate happiness will ultimately be derived from the pleasure I bring to each of you by my undeniable obedience and servitude to you both. I glanced at Miss Jenny and I was clearly blushing at the words that had just emitted from my lipstick smeared sissy, cuckold mouth. Miss Jenny seemed a bit astonished as if I had sat in front of the mirror and practiced what a response would be like to my new Master…that was not the case and just flowed more easily and comfortably than ever imagined.

Still, I immediately wanted to regress and take away all of my dialogue and wished during this moment that I had provided a short and simplistic answer to Master’s question. Miss Jenny then smiled and I was immediately back in a submissive trance…on the upswing of a roller coaster ride. My mind again crystallized…it felt as though I was born to be in a cuckold relationship…born to ultimately be owned by my wife and her Bull…it seemed so natural and so right to be in the position I was in at this very moment.

Master seemed impressed, but commented in a dismissive way…that was a nice speech cucky… the obedience of your actions will prove whether you are true and worthy as a slave. Your path will be a difficult one I assure you and there will be times, quite often, that you would have wished you were not in this situation…not a cuckold to beautiful Miss Jenny…and surely times where you wished you were not owned by me as your Master. There was a strong amount of arrogance in Master’s voice and the strange comfort of the past 24 hours was quickly erased (strange comfort in the fact that while Master had definitely humiliated and demeaned me as his bitch, Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort he had done so in a very polite manner). Now Master sounded like he did at work, an aggressive and arrogant boss, a dictator of sorts, and I could sense a change in the intensity of the room.

Master approached Miss Jenny, pulled her into a standing position on her heels, and proceeded to remove her panties pulling them slowly down her sexy shaved legs. My mind danced as I loved the stature of how Master still stood over Miss Jenny in heels. It also deepened my feelings of submission as I had always promised myself I would never date a woman taller than me and while I was taller than Miss Jenny, in heels we were lucky to be the same height and I was shorter than her in most of her sexy heels. The thought was just a moment as I was brought back to reality…Master firmly took hold of Jen’s hair and spun her around so she was facing away from us both…keeping her ass in place he bent her over, allowing her hands to rest on the couch ahead, and ordered his slut to spread her legs.

You are my slut, my whore do you understand…Master said. She meekly replied…yes Master. He pulled her cheeks apart like he was a doctor inspecting her asshole. Roughly he smacked her inner thigh and then the other. Miss Jenny moaned but that only escalated the assault as Master again and again struck her with his hand, alternating between her thighs and her delicious bubble ass. I could see her skin start to redden and surprisingly, if possible, I felt my little cock harden more, pushing further and more aggressively against my lacy pink panties…I was confident more wetness was forming at the humiliation of watching my boss, my new Master spank and assault my wife in such a manner.

Do you want me to fuck your wife slave…Master asked turning to look directly in my eyes? Yes Master was my immediate reply. Master then asked what kind of husband would truly want to watch his wife get fucked in front of him. Before I could answer Master answered his own question…a sissy…a wimpy husband with a tiny boy clit like you…a cucky that cannot please his wife and the only way to hold on to her is to allow superior men like me to fuck her brains out, to stretch and satisfy her pussy, and please her in ways you could never do. Yes Master was all I said. No sissy…tell me what kind of husband you are to allow such behavior…Master asked sternly.

I answered sheepishly, stuttering about…I am a sissy, a small-dick husband that cannot please my wife like you Master. Miss Jenny needs and deserves a real man to fuck and please her tight pussy. Better slave Master commented…now come over here and remove my briefs with your teeth. I shuffled over to Master and started at the side, but he immediately positioned my head at the center of the waistband above his bulging cock underneath. He moved slightly so Miss Jenny could watch in her bent over position and he smacked her ass roughly once again causing her to shiver in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I love the smeared lipstick slave…Master laughed as he said this.

I blushed and then with my teeth, I took hold of the top of the center of his briefs and slowly lowered them, pulling outward until his gigantic cock popped free and hit me in the face causing both him and Miss Jenny to laugh. He took hold of my face before I could continue to lower his briefs, though still in my teeth, and began to assault my face with his huge thick shaft. Again and again he smacked me on the forehead and each side of my face while holding my chin upright underneath the band of his briefs which remained in my mouth. You enjoy being dick slapped slave he said as he cock whipped me time after time.

He let his cock rest on my face while he reached and rubbed Miss Jenny’s pussy commenting…slut is definitely enjoying the show…her pussy is soaking from the abuse you are taking slave. He let go and I lowered the briefs until they finally pulled away from his muscular ass and settled down on the floor. I unattached and kneeled upright once again…my face now inches from his mostly hard cock. Master took the back of my head and with one shove, slammed his thick warm long cock past my lips and into my mouth and throat. I gagged but he certainly did not care and roughly face fucked me telling me to get him hard so that he could properly fuck my wife.

My eyes were watering and I was trying to relax my throat but to no avail as I gagged on his massive cock. Finally he released me and I lowered my head, spit dripping to the floor while I took a few deep breaths. You dirty fucking cock sucking slave…get back to work and with that he again slammed his now larger and harder cock inside my mouth and throat. Again I gagged and I felt my mouth fuller than it had ever been…Master’s cock was huge and seemed to still be growing and stretching my mouth…it was almost unimaginable and I could not get any aspect of my lips, mouth or throat comfortable. Still he roughly assaulted me and thrust in and Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort out…banging my mouth like a pussy. He finally released me and took hold of his magnificent cock, smacked me roughly in the face once again and positioned it at the entrance of Miss Jenny’s pussy.

The massive head rested against my wife’s glistening eager cunt hole and I watched as she slightly lunged back…trying to gather Master’s cock head inside of her slutty pussy. He roughly smacked her ass. Come spread her ass cheeks slave…Master ordered. I immediately shifted and took hold of each cheek, spreading her wide. She looked so delicious and I had seen this many times. Humiliation engulfed me as before it had always been my little cock about to enter her or my mouth lapping at her beautiful cunt or delicious ass. The moment now was neither and very different…I was spreading my wife’s ass so our Master could fill her pussy with his thick superior throbbing large cock. I knew that my little cock would never be physically desired again by Miss Jenny after Master had filled, stretched and pleased her with his monster.

Without even asking, Miss Jenny pushed back and spoke in a begging manner…please Master…please fuck me Master…I need your thick manly cock. It has been so long since I had a real man’s cock inside me and I am begging for you to fuck me. Blushing I spread her cheeks wider and felt precum emerge from my tiny boy clit. Beg me slave…Master said. And I eagerly did so…please fuck my wife Master…please fill Miss Jenny as she needs and deserves your superior cock. It is magnificent and your superior cock will please her more than my little boy clit ever could. With that Master pushed forward and thrust a few inches inside of her eagerly awaiting fuck hole.

Miss Jenny moaned loudly as I watched her pussy lips stretch over the head of Master’s bulbous cock head. Her cunt was doing its best to acclimate to Master’s huge cock, but even soaking wet, her pussy lips were so tightly stretched around his shaft that they folded inside slightly as he thrust another few inches or so inside of her. Miss Jenny’s body tensed and shook and I was amazed as she began to moan…my wife, his slut was experiencing her first orgasm and I never imagined she could cum so quickly as she had never done so in her time with me. Master’s arrogance increased and he spanked her and teased her for cumming on his cock so quickly…I don’t even have my full cock inside you and you are cumming without my permission you dirty little slut.

Miss Jenny just moaned as Master thrust one last time jamming the full length of his massive cock shaft inside of her. Rather than pushing back against it, Miss Jenny lunged forward to escape all of it…Master’s huge cock seemed like it was too much for her to take. Her hands rested on the couch and she breathed deeply as Master was balls deep inside her cunt. Again, I felt my little cock twitching and more precum was leaking from my sissy boy clit. Master pushed me aside and began his real attack on my wife’s pussy.

He slowly pulled out and I watched as inches and inches slid from her cunt and I was amazed when I finally saw his cock head slip out…his cock was monstrous and I was astonished that all of it had been inside my wife’s tight pussy. Master was absolutely massive…I thought how could I compete and for that matter how could anyone compete with his magnificent size. His cock was the most wondrous cock I had seen…I know that Miss Jenny had former boyfriends with large cocks, but nothing like the new toy she was experiencing.

It was a masterpiece and Master was focused on taking his prize this night and proving to both Miss Jenny and I that we were lucky to be owned by such a man. Miss Jenny pushed against the couch with her arms and lunged back for Master’s cock. His cock may have been hurting her as it stretched her pussy, but the absence of it was much much worse. She whined a bit…a simple please over and over escaped her lips before Master violently thrust his thick superior cock back inside her eager whorish cunt…this time it was a single long and forceful stroke, he stretched her cunt hole wide as he buried the full length of his massive cock deep inside of her eager slutty pussy.

Miss Jenny screamed in anguish…Oh My Fucking God…it is huge. What came next surprised me as a voyeur. Please don’t leave me again…please don’t stop fucking me Master, Miss Jenny pleaded. It was shocking that the pain I thought Miss Jenny was experiencing was transforming into lust and desire and clearly Master knew this and appreciated this quick evolution. Master looked down at me, his owned cuckold bitch and whispered…I own your wife now you sissy faggot…she is mine, never to return to your small little clit.

Master vigorously pumped in and out of her drenched cunt at a rapid pace and Miss Jenny screamed with each and every masterful thrust. I watched as her pussy was stretched and abused with each stroke…I had never seen anything like it and had not even dreamed or imagined the experience could be this intense. My cock felt like it would explode without touching it and I was already transformed into such a naughty, dirty little slut myself. My wife, the love of my life was getting roughly fucked beyond my own imagination and I was leaking precum and about to experience my own orgasm without even touching myself.

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