The Shy One Ch. 07



“You have to stop me,” he said to Cassie, as soon as he could get her alone. It was easier to say in the daylight. He tried to keep his voice even, but to his own ears it didn’t sound like he had succeeded.

They were walking together toward Lisa’s house, to meet her and head to the beach. It was another gray, muggy day. There seemed to be far more of them this year than summers past.

Cassie stopped abruptly, turned and stared defiantly at him from behind her bangs.

“You can’t keep letting me do this to you,” he told her. He couldn’t maintain eye contact, instead letting his eyes wander off behind her, looking around, looking for anything else to focus on. The intensity in her eyes unsettled him.

She reached for his hand. He jerked it away.

“You’re not doing anything to me that I don’t want,” she said flatly.

It was his turn to stay quiet.

She stepped forward to hug him, pressing the side of her face into his chest. He fought off the urge to step back, but he didn’t hold her, either. When he kept his hands stiffly at his sides, she pulled herself up to kiss him on the mouth. Her lips were soft and gentle.

He immediately felt the need to hold her tightly, to force her mouth wider and make the kiss more passionate. So he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away instead.

“Cassie, I’m your brother. You can’t let me keep fucking you.”

She tried to pull him into another kiss, but he pushed her again and spun away, walking quickly down the street. Cassie hurried to catch him, grabbing and holding his hand as they walked. He didn’t look at her, but he didn’t pull it away. She let him tow her along by the hand, just like when she was very, very little.

They didn’t talk about it any more that day, or the next. Cassie respected his request. She still clung to him, and touched him when she could. He caught her looking at him frequently, and she caught him doing the same.

But they stopped having sex.

* * *

Brad heard her come into his room. He kept his eyes closed, but he knew she was there. It was close to three AM, and he’d been awake all this time, thinking about her, unable to sleep, just like the other nights. He should have been exhausted, having spent the past days thinking about everything incessantly. He should have fallen asleep instantly, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

He felt the bed give slightly as she sat down beside him. In the hot muggy nights up here he always pushed the covers off. He slept naked, too, so his body was exposed to her now. She ran her fingertips up the length of his body, from his knees to his neck. He felt her lips kiss him gently on the forehead and the nose. He waited for her to kiss his lips, but she passed over them to his chin, then his neck and chest, working her gaziantep escort bayan reklamları way down.

Brad tensed as she reached his abdomen, planting one kiss on each ripple of muscle as she worked her way still further down. His cock was already growing by the time she reached it to plant first one small kiss on its side, then a flurry of kisses up and down it’s length.

It had been four days since they’d had sex. He’d succeeded in staying celibate for four days. He hadn’t even masturbated. He knew he should stop her. He also knew he wouldn’t.

With his eyes closed, in the dark, Brad concentrated on the feel of Cassie’s lips against his flesh. They were so small and soft. They were unusually cool in contrast to the hot, heavy night air, and to how they had felt at other times, against his own lips.

She rained kisses up and down his cock as he continued to grow for her. He ached for her to take him in her mouth. She was more patient than he was, making slow, careful love to his cock with her lips and tongue.

She didn’t rape him the way he did her. She was a careful, considerate lover.

Her slim fingers touched him now, first stoking him very gently, almost imperceptibly. She made a ring around the base of his cock with two fingers, then slid them slowly up his shaft to his cock head, just as she’d done that night on the porch. When her fingers reached the end he felt her kiss the tip of his cock, then release him to place her hand in a new ring back at the base and start again. She did this incessantly, torturing him with her simple, repeated, gentle touch, while his body screamed at him for something more, to find release by plunging into her all at once.

Brad opened his eyes and lifted his head to watch her. Her mass of dark black hair hovered over him as she watched her own handiwork. Periodically her head dropped quickly to let her plant one little kiss on his cock, before lifting up again to watch some more.

He soon lost patience and self control. He reached toward her to touch the back of her head, gently at first, merely ruffling her hair playfully with his fingers. The next time she lowered herself to kiss his cock, he held her head firmly down, then pressed it harder against him, silently but forcefully insisting that she take him in her mouth.

She did so willingly, bobbing quickly up and down his shaft, but taking little more than an inch or so past his cock head into her mouth. He felt her small tongue brush across his cock as she engulfed him, as her lips slid down then back up the rim of his cock head.

This wasn’t enough for him. It was torture having so little of him in her at once. He was used to having all of her. He was used to taking all of her.

With gaziantep bayan escort reklamları his hand still on her head, he pushed her further down, released her, then pushed her further still the next time. He felt his cock touch the back of her throat. She instinctively gagged and jerked back. He gave her a moment to regain her composure, then forced her head down again, even further. The fourth time, when she started to gag, he didn’t release her right away. He held her there, with his cock stabbing the back of her throat, as Cassie struggled to get free.

She visibly fought back the urge to gag. He relaxed his grip, giving her longer this time to recover. Brad felt awful again. She had come to give him a blow job, to make love slowly and tenderly to his cock in the hot, silent night, and again he’d found a way to rape her. This time he was raping her mouth, and she was never even going to get to come herself.

He pulled his hand back, releasing her to continue however she wished.

Cassie lowered herself onto his cock, trying to take as much of it as she could. At the same time, she reached back, found his hand, and guided it back to her head. She slid back up is cock again, so that she held just the tip of it with her lips. She tickled it with her tongue, flicking it in quick circles around the top.

Then she pressed his hand against the back of her head and forced her own head and mouth, with his hand, down again, hard and fast. She had forced herself back down onto his cock, just as he had done, until she started to gag, and then some. After a long moment she relaxed the pressure, letting his cock slide out of her throat. Then she repeated the action more violently.

The second time down she let his hand go. As soon as she did, he removed it. She caught him immediately, putting his hand back. She wanted him to force her mouth onto his cock. She wanted him to rape her mouth.

That thought excited Brad as much as anything. He obliged her quickly, even more abusively than she had. He forced Cassie’s head up and down on his cock with both hands, thrusting his hips up to meet her at the same time. He fucked his little sister’s mouth wildly.

* * *

Cassie gratefully submitted to the harsh thrusts of Brad’s cock into her throat. She slowly was learning to overcome the gag reflex. She loved the feel of his cock filling her throat, just like it did to her pussy. Even more she loved his complete loss of control, his need to force himself into her as hard and fast as he could, even if it hurt her.

She had to take his cock however he wanted to give it to her, she thought. A good whore would do whatever he wanted, and she wanted to be her brother’s perfect little whore.

Now escort gaziantep bayan reklamları that he was getting what he wanted, now that she took his cock completely into her mouth as he savagely fucked her face, she felt his passion exploding. It wasn’t long before she felt his cock get harder and larger, signaling his pending eruption.

Cassie couldn’t wait to taste his cum again, a third time. This time it would be pure, sprayed straight into her hungry mouth. She was going to make her brother fill her mouth with his cum.

Then he did. They hadn’t fucked for four days, so he came and came some more, as much as she could take. It was surprisingly hot, and thicker than before. As it filled her mouth, she purposely let it leak out at the corners, watching it drip erotically down the sides of his shaft. She rolled what she’d kept around in her mouth with her tongue, then swallowed it so she could lick more from the sides of his prick. Her mouth moved patiently up and down his cum covered cock, like a popsicle, tasting it and cleaning it all at once.

It branded her as his whore, his cock loving, cum loving, brother loving whore.

Cassie sat up to smile at him, with her mouth closed like that of a cat that had happily and playfully eaten a songbird. She still held his cock in her hand as she eased herself forward onto his chest, into the crook of his arm, to sleep with her loving brother.

* * *

Brad awoke to see the brightening sky outside his windows, and to the sound of the hall toilet flushing. The water started running in the sink as someone prepared to start their morning regimen. Brad glanced down at Cassie, calmly asleep and nestled in his arm.

The clock radio said 6:25 AM in glowing orange letters.

He stared at the outline of Cassie’s breast under her nightshirt. He could feel it pressing against his chest. It felt wonderful, small, and soft, and delicate. He wanted to fondle her, but in her sleep that would be one more form of rape. She still wanted to keep her tits from him, or she would have removed the top. He willed himself to respect the boundaries she’d set.

They obviously weren’t going to stop. Neither had any control any more, but he had to at least set limits.

He kissed her forehead and shook her gently to wake her. Her eyes opened slowly, then filled with a smile as they focused on him and sleep slipped away from her.

“Do you want Mom or Dad to find you naked in my arms this morning?” Brad asked her gently.

Cassie smiled wider, nodding her head “yes”.

Brad smiled a glare back at her, then tilted his head toward the door, silently telling her to get out. Cassie responded by rolling her eyes and sitting up. She stretched a moment, pushing her arms out and back. Her tits strained temptingly against her shirt. Brad promised himself he wouldn’t fuck her again without fondling them.

Soon Cassie was up, peeking out his door. Abruptly she closed it, ran over to kiss Brad quickly on the lips, then the forehead, then she hurried back to the door to peek out again. She quickly stepped out and skittered down the hall in quiet but quick tip-toe steps, trying to reach her own room before anyone caught her.

Brad smiled at the door, then rolled over to go back to sleep.

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