The Smell of Sex Ch. 16


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.


“Put you pink outfit in your bag dear, and let’s get you to your sorority house, before you are late.” Dr. Adams told Laura.

While Laura rushed to pack up her old clothes, Dr. Adams stood fingering the button on the remote control in her pocket, while thinking, ‘Oh my, I didn’t plan on this. Not only does my little joy buzzer give Laura’s cunt pleasure; it makes me hot watching her squirm. This can be highly addictive.’

“Follow me to the car, sweetie,” said the teacher, while she kept little egg inside of Laura vibrating on low to keep the girl at a nice low boil. She could just imagine the blonde getting turned on by watching her walk. Of course, Dr. Adams put on an extra special show of strutting for the girl.

Soon they arrived at Dr. Adams’s convertible Beamer. Dr. Adams took Laura’s book bag from her and tossed it in her trunk. When she opened the door for Laura, she noticed the blonde had trails of moisture running down her thighs. “Have you wet yourself sweetie?” she asked innocently.

It was embarrassing enough being so turned on that she was uncontrollable leaking her sex juices. Worse, Dr. Adams asked her in such a way that she felt like an errant girl who peed her pants. Laura stuck out her tongue and wet her lips, as her face turned a dark shade of red. “Yes,” she replied blushing.

“Be a good girl and wait there just a minute honey,” Dr. Adams said, as she walked around the car and then sat down in the driver’s seat and moved the sunglasses and books out of the way so Laura could sit down. “Now you can sit down.”

As she bent down to get into car seat Dr. Adams screeched, “Stop, your accident will stain the skirt!”

‘Oh God, how much more humiliating can my life get,’ thought Laura. She turned around to see if anyone was near. When she felt sure no one was looking; she quickly raised her skirt and sat down bare-assed on the soft leather seat. She rushed to close the car door behind her to hide the expanse of thigh she was displaying.

“Oh no you don’t young lady,” scolded Dr. Adams, as she slapped Laura on the thigh. “You are not going to ruin my leather seats either.” Then she proceeded to position Laura so that her long legs were parted and her pelvis was tilted up. Dr. Adams grasped the meat of the young blonde’s upper thigh and pulled it up so that she could examine the intimate areas between Laura’s legs. “Quick Laurie, wipe it up before you leak on my expensive seats!”

Dr. Adams looked on with pride as Laura quickly wiped up the offending trail of sexual nectar with her fingers. “That’s my good girl, let’s get you dried up again and then I’ll take you to your sorority meeting. Oops! There goes some more!” the older woman said as she pointed out another wet trail of fluid. “Don’t think I won’t give you a spanking in front of the sorority house if you stain my expensive leather seats!”

Laura swiftly captured the new stream of honey as it dangerously approached her teacher’s car seat. She watched her sex intently, lest it seek to get her in trouble yet again. The poor girl could feel her body flush with excitement from displaying herself in such a humiliating manner. Laura looked down in horror at the spread pink petals of her sex, as yet another trail began to appear at the base of her cunt. The poor girl was dismayed to discover that both of her hands were covered in her slick juices. She did the only thing she could and licked the musky honey from her fingers, before capturing some more nectar and licking it off as well.

Thus, Laura fell into the rhythm of her task. Swipe- swipe-lick-swipe-swipe-lick. Her juicy quim had blossomed and it was all the poor blonde could do to keep up with its copious discharge. Laura was slightly caught up in the moment and then she realized with a start Maltepe Ukraynalı Escort where she was and what she was doing.

Laura cheeks reddened in humiliation as she turned to look at her teacher’s matronly gaze. The blonde’s eyes fell from the embarrassment, while she cupped her hand over her sex to hide her shame.

Dr. Adams stroked Laura’s hair in sympathy. “You shouldn’t be ashamed of it sweetie, I think it is very beautiful. Come now, let momma have a look.”

Hesitantly, Laura moved her hand away from the plump slick lips of her sex. Her hopeful eyes gazed up longingly searching for approval from her teacher.

Patricia glanced around the empty parking lot, then back to her obedient student and smiled. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a pretty pussy, Laurie. It is so smooth and unblemished, like a virgin’s, yet at the same time it is swollen, red, and aroused as if you were a common whore.” The teacher started the car, turned the air conditioner up and said, “Open your pretty pink lips for me and I’ll dry you with the air conditioner.”

Laura scooted down further in the seat and held open her nether lips with her right hand, while her teacher aimed the vents at her aroused sex. ‘Oh! That’s cold,” Laura thought, as the frosty air evaporated the moisture on her slick mound.

Dr. Adams looked down appreciatively as chill bumps began to cover her young student. She felt a throbbing twinge in her cunt, as she looked at the stunning and obedient girl. Laura’s nipple’s had hardened and pointed through the thin fabric of her blouse, but what caught the teacher’s attention the most was her student’s clit. The cold air had caused the little nubbin to distend and contract into a tiny little pearl.

Unconsciously, Laura had moved her left hand under her nose and inhaled the scent of her sex, which emanated from her fingers.

Dr. Adams’s be speckled eyes took notice of this little detail. “Do you like the way you smell Laurie?”

“Yes, but . . .” Laura jerked her hand away and her lower lip trembled as she threatened to cry again.

“Yes, but what, sweetie?” asked her professor.

A crimson red blush spread from Laura’s face to her chest. “It t-t-turns me on,” she whimpered. Laura looked up at her teacher with renewed hope and asked, “What about the thing you put inside my – you know.”

“It’s called a pussy dearie, a pussy or a cunt.”

“-pussy. Can’t you turn it on and keep me from getting so wet?” Laura asked.

“Sure I *could* Laura, but then the batteries might run down and I want to save them for your sorority meeting. No, I think we should wait until you get to Lambda house.”

‘Besides, why on earth would I provide any negative stimulation, when you are behaving like the perfect obedient lesbian slave,’ thought the older woman.

Dr. Adams reached down, took off her shoe and handed it to Laura. “Here, your sex is almost dry now. Put your skirt down now. Then smell this to take your mind off the other. At least until we get to your sorority house.”

Laura took her professor’s shoe and wrinkled her nose up as she inhaled the scent of pantyhose, feet, and sweat. To her dismay, she found that the smell of her teacher’s feet was erotic too. She yearned to stroke her sex, but she knew she had to hold off until after her sorority meeting.

Dr. Adams drove the car to the sorority house and then helped Laura straighten up, until she was the picture of a young debutante. “Okay, Laura, I’m turning the device on now,” Dr. Adams said, as she brought out the remote control and turned the dial in the opposite direction. Now, instead of vibrating the little egg was giving Laura small electrical shocks. “This is going to feel uncomfortable, but it should keep you control your urges while you are at your little meeting. I’m setting it for one hour, so the discomfort will grow until Maltepe Üniversiteli Escort I can switch it back off. Make sure you meet me back outside in one hour, okay?”

Laura was wincing a little from the pain. It didn’t hurt terribly bad, but felt as if she was suffering bad menstrual cramps. “Yes, ma’am,” she replied as she opened the door.

Laura, walked up to the Lambda Epsilon Theta house, waved good-bye to her teacher, and entered through the front door. She heard the sound of spanking down the hall and one of the other pledges met her halfway with tears in her eyes. ‘Just what I need . . . another spanking. Whew, I’m still sore from the last,’ Laura thought as she took her place in line behind the other fidgeting girls.

The house president Terry saw Laura in line, frowned, then walked over and pulled her out of it. “Laura, get out of that line right now,” she quietly hissed.

‘Oh no,’ Laura thought, ‘She knows about the stuff that has been happening to me and she’s kicking me out!’ Laura felt her heart sink, when she realized she was going to have to tell her mother, she didn’t get accepted.

“Laura, leaders aren’t made on the receiving end of a paddle. Since you are going to be house president yourself one day, we have something special in mind for you,” Terry said, as she turned to walk up the stairs. “Follow me.”

Laura watched Terry’s ass sway as she walked up the stairs. Laura was thankful that she had the device embedded in her to help her control her urges and she was equally thankful she was dressed as an equal to these stuck up girls. Although, she didn’t feel like an equal, she was suffering from cramps and having to be so concerned about everything she did or said was giving her a headache. Laura longed for was the familiar feeling of arousal that came from the musky smell of a woman’s sex.

“In here Laura,” Terry said, as she let Laura into her room and locked the door behind the attractive blonde. She walked over and unlocked a small safe, retrieved a thick black photo album and sat down on the bed with Laura.

“Laura, I’m about to tell you about a tradition in this sorority that has gone on since its founding. Before we begin, I will give you the same choice that was given to me and every other house president. Promise to keep everything we talk about in this room a secret for the rest of your life. This means you can tell no one, not even your daughter. You have a choice to make. Walk out of this room now and take your place with the other girls or swear to keep our secret. If you ever tell, I promise you that every member of Lamda Epsilon Theta will make you rue the day you were born.”

‘Well, if mother was able to do it, I can bear whatever the consequences are,’ Laura thought, feeling very afraid of what was in store. “I swear I will keep it a secret.”

“Good, as I said earlier in the hall, leaders aren’t found at the end of a paddle . . .” Laura blushed when she heard this, because she had spent quite a bit of time there lately. ‘If Terry only knew what happened to me in the last few days,’ Laura thought.

“Leaders are found on the backs of their inferiors. So every year, one our top pledges befriends a freshman girl from the honor’s dorm, gains her trust, then *ruins* her. Now, I can tell by the look on your face you think this is horrible. But, how will you feel when you are CEO of a company and you have to lay people off or conduct a hostile takeover of the competition. Leaders have to be willing to make certain *sacrifices* and this is where the wheat is separated from the chaff,” Terry said seriously, as she opened up the photo album. “Anyway, it beats kissing a nasty old skull.”

She showed Laura picture after picture of young girls in various terrible situations. One was a picture of a girl in jail, below was the comment: Caught with drugs! Ha ha! Another was naked, Maltepe Vip Escort dyed purple, and running through a busy campus. What caught Laura’s attention was that in white letters on the girl’s back it said, “Warning: Victim of Excessive Masturbation”.

“Here, let me show you the best,” Terry said proudly. “Feast your eyes on this!” Terry showed Laura a picture of a young pretty, if slightly geeky young girl. She had long dirty-blonde hair and wore glasses. The girl was naked and covered in streams of thick white semen. The thick jizm was even in her hair and coating one of the lenses of her glasses. Behind the girl, there appeared to be a young man fucking her from behind. But what really caught Laura’s attention about the girl was the look of abject betrayal that blazed from her one visible eye. Her mouth was open, and it too was full of cum, but Laura could almost here the girl screaming, “Why?”

Laura shivered and tried to look away from the haunting image.

“It’s awesome isn’t it?” Terry said, “Your mother took that picture. She convinced that stupid bitch to blow the whole Alpha Phi house. She took the picture the moment she told the girl, she used her. Hopefully, you will be able to top that.”

Laura nodded her head. She was just thankful she didn’t have to look at the picture anymore.

“Here’s your assignment Laura. Your girl lives in room 233, her name is Susan Tyler. We’ve got her school records, photo and phone number. Take them, you may need them.” Terry looked closely at the photo, then back up at Laura. “Funny, if you had dark hair, glasses, and terrible taste in clothes, you two could pass for twins,” the house president said, as she passed the folder of materials to Laura. Laura looked at the photo and indeed the resemblance was uncanny.

“Laura, just remember to do your homework on this girl and don’t let your guard down for a minute. These girls are smart, but emotionally and socially they are very dumb. Use that to your advantage and you will do just fine.”

Laura secured the folder with shaking hands. The poor blonde felt cold inside. As helpless as she had been in the last few days, she had been able to depend on the compassion of strangers. Now she was expected to gain a stranger’s trust and then betray her. A painful cramp hit Laura and she wanted desperately to be somewhere else. Somewhere, where she didn’t have to worry about hurting people and she could feel all tingly inside again.

Another cramp hit Laura, almost making her double over. She looked at her watch and she only had a few more minutes left before the hour was up. “I wish I could stay longer, but I’ve really got to go Terry,” Laura said, putting all the information back in the folder.

“Are you sure Laura? We have a dinner planned?”

“No, I’ve really got to go. I want to get started the project you’ve given me,” Laura almost snapped at the Terry.

She tried to just leave, but she had to give her good- byes to what appeared to be the whole sorority. Finally, she was able to break free from the preppy bitches and leave. She ran pigeon-toed toward Dr. Adams’s car, as the shocks growing ever more painful.

All of a sudden Laura’s worst fears were realized. “Oh God, not that!” Laura moaned helplessly. Just as she turned the corner of Dr. Adams car, a shock caused her bladder to contract, the urine staining the front of her dress and pouring down her legs.

Laura squatted down behind the car, as the front and back of her skirt became dark with urine. She did her best to hide from the windows of the sorority house, until the flow stopped.

The car window rolled down and Dr. Adams looked out curiously at the squatting girl. “What’s wrong sweetie?” she asked innocently.

Laura’s face flushed with redness as tears welled up in her eyes. She looked down at her ruined skirt and the puddle that had formed underneath her. “I wet myself,” she whispered dejectedly.

To be continued. . .


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