The Smelliest Couple


This is my first attempt at writing erotica, and it reflects many of the fetishes I have, although some of them are too nasty even for me. My idea was reaching the limits of an almost unexplored niche, hope some people out there enjoys it and even leave a comment.



Maddeline was in panic. A few meters away from her, the train was closing its doors and accelerating away, leaving her standing on the platform with an ice-cream melting over from her hands onto her bare feet. Three minutes earlier, she was still inside that very hot and crowded train. The air conditioning aboard was not enough for the inclement Spanish sun of August blazing over the carriages. She had taken her sneakers off to get fresher and was fanning herself with a magazine, sweating profusely, when they slowed down and stopped at Barcelona’s main station. From the window, in the platform, Maddeline saw something that would change her life forever: a vending machine.

-Give me two euros – she asked Sonja, her best friend and fellow traveler on their first backpack journey through Europe. – I’ll be back in one minute.

Her friend handed her the coin, thinking she would maybe get something in the train cafeteria. But Maddeline started to run on the corridor, leaving the train barefoot as she was.

-Where are you going? – shouted Sonja. – Put your shoes at least.

-They are somewhere under my seat, I don’t have time to find them now. I’ll be back in a moment. – Maddeline shouted back. She was dying for an ice-cream. The stop there would last three minutes, time enough for buying it and coming back safely to her seat. But just when she was approaching the machine a mother and his son anticipated her and took a precious time choosing what to have. Maddeline nervously flipped the coin among her fingers and looked down to her white bare feet while waiting. Her dark long trousers and blouse made it feel even hotter. She finally got her ice cream, and when she turned around to enter the train… it was departing.

She still tried to run behind it, crying for it to stop, but the only result of that was dropping her ice cream on her clothes and onto the platform floor. Her cell phone with all her contacts, her money, her clothes and shoes, her documents… Everything was going with Sonja towards Seville, while she was stranded in a huge train station of a big town where she had nothing and knew no one.

She left the platform and started to walk aimlessly around the huge hall. Feeling exhausted, she sat on the floor and tried to think on what to do. Then she saw a group of guys walking in front of her and decided to ask for help. They were all about 20 years-old, wore good clothes, had nice sunglasses, maybe they wouldn’t mind helping her to buy a ticket for the next train, and a bottle of water – maybe even some flip-flops to protect her feet.

-Hey, could you help me please – she said, very politely.

-Fuck off, filthy scum, go back to your fucking country!! – cried one of the boys, with a heavy Spanish accent. Maddeline was shocked. She was taken for a beggar or something like that, and she was only a lost 19 year-old girl, lost in a foreign country. Then she looked at herself and understood the reason: the soles of her feet had become completely black from walking on the station, she was all sweaty, her hair was messy from the long trip from Paris… She could easily be taken for a homeless, or one of those punk types that roam around train stations everywhere.

The other boys also began to insult her, but one of them interrupted.

-Wait, this whore is a disgusting beggar, but maybe if we put her under the shower she would be okay for fucking, eh?

The boys started to get nearer, and Maddeline ran away horrified. She left the station and got into a big square. Seeing no sign of the boys, she sat at a bus stop bench and started to cry. Resting her face on her arms, she sniffed a strong smell coming from her armpits. Maybe Sonja was right: her habit of not shaving frequently could cause more odor in situations of stress and heat like that one. Sonja was horrified that Maddeline had not shaved since they left Germany, three weeks ago, while she would shave every night, during the shower. By the way, Maddeline suddenly remembered that last night she came very tired from their sightseeing in Paris and decided she would take a shower next morning – but they woke up late and she had to let it go…

All those thoughts had for a moment distracted Maddeline from her drama, and by now she had calmed down a little bit. But then she saw a man approaching. It was now getting dark, and she could not see him well, but thought it was better to run again.

-Hey, wait – he cried. – I saw what happened to you in the station. I think you need help.

The guy didn’t sound menacing at all. She stopped, but kept distance.

-I have a phone, if you want to call someone. – He insisted, taking a cell phone from a ragged backpack. Maddeline could now examine him better. He was barefoot too. His hair and beard were greasy and long. As she cautiously approached him, she felt Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort that he also had a strong body odor. That made her feel less ashamed about her own situation. She took the phone from his hands, but didn’t know what to do with it.

-I lost all my contacts too. In fact all I want now is to drink some water…

He invited her to a cafe near there. They sat on the external tables, and Maddeline wondered how that guy, probably a homeless, could have a cell phone, and money to pay for the two bottles of water he ordered. But did he pay as soon as the drinks arrived, and as they started to talk Maddeline felt even more curious. The guy was really nice and smart, and she immediately felt at ease with him. She told him what had happened to her, how she had lost herself from Sonja and what she intended to do now, he listened and gave some ideas, and after a few minutes of talking they were like old friends. The man, who was on his late 30s, told her that his name was Robert, that he had recently got a job working remotely and decided to move to the city to live what he called “an alternative lifestyle”, away from a repressive family. That included, for example, the habit of going barefoot and not caring a lot about her external appearance.

They were both hungry, and Robert ordered a fine Spanish dinner, with lots of sangria to get along with it. After that they went back to the station and discovered that the next train to the south would only leave the next day.

-I live in a small apartment near the beach, you can stay there if you want – Robert told her. – It’s better than sleeping in the station, you already saw that people can be really abusive. Don’t worry, I’ll not do you any harm.

Robert seemed to be trustful, and the fact was that Maddeline felt really attracted for his hippie look and ideas. There was something very interesting in the way he flouted his dirty feet, ragged clothes and natural odor without caring about what people would think. Maddeline thought that maybe one day she would like to be as free as that.


They kept talking with enthusiasm during the crowded subway journey to his house. Maddeline was a little ashamed by some strange looks they were receiving, specially their bare feet, while Robert seemed to be ok with it. They ended up kissing on the subway and, thirty seconds after entering his apartment, they were getting naked on his bed. When he took his shirt off, his smell got even stronger. She had never been intimate to someone with such a pungent body odor, and apparently she couldn’t hide her reaction to it, as for a moment Robert became self conscious.

-Ok, listen, I haven’t showered for a couple of days… I can clean my armpits and everything a little bit if you want.

-Well, I haven’t showered in two days, too, I think I can already smell me down there… If you want we could both have a sh…

Before she could finish the world “shower”, Robert decisively opened her legs with his hands and dove his face on her pussy. He licked her so hard that she immediately forgot about having showering now. Maddeline started moaning as Robert passed his humid tongue over and inside her sweaty and skunky pussy. He paused a little bit and started to rub his face on her hairy vulva, then licked her belly and her tits, and started to sniff and kiss Maddeline hairy armpits, what she considered an unexpectedly nice feeling.

Maddeline then raised Robert’s arms and started to sniff it too. She had to admit it: she was loving his BO. At the same time, he was driving his hard cock towards her hairy pussy and slowly penetrating her. They kept fucking and smelling and licking one another’s armpits until Maddeline screamed on an intense orgasm. He soon followed her and came profusely inside her pussy.

-I like that you don’t shave – Robert told her after they calmed down, his face still buried on her armpits.

-Really? All my boyfriends have always complained that I am too lazy to shave. My female friends like Sonja also hate me for that. Many times I avoid sleeveless clothes because of my hairy pits. And if I forget to put deodorant, like today, I feel really ashamed!

-But it’s part of your natural self, Maddeline. Adult women are naturally hairy, they sweat, they have a smell… It’s ok to be like that!

They were getting ready for the next round of fucking. Robert now seemed to be more assured about expressing his desires. He flipped his position on the bed and put his face close to Maddeline’s feet.

-You now what? I also like feet very much. I’m sorry about you losing your shoes and luggage, but you looked sexy as hell going barefoot around town! – He started to kiss Madeline’s left ankle, then went down to the top of the foot. Maddeline liked it, she felt powerful having her feet kissed, but wondered if Robert would dare to go further down and kiss her dirty soles. Maybe it was now her time to offer some washing.

-Do you like those kisses? – he asked first.

-Yes, but don’t you prefer that I wa…

Again, Robert didn’t let her finish. Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort He grabbed her right foot and started to vigorously licking her filthy sole. The black grime accumulated from all those hours walking around the train station, the streets and the subway started to be dissolved under Robert’s saliva. A brownish liquid dripped towards her ankle and the top of the foot, Robert’s tongue was now completely dark. He penetrated her pussy again, but got on his knees and Maddeline raised her ankles over his shoulders. That way, he could fuck her while licking her feet.

-And about the licking, do you like it? – he asked.

-I’m loving it. – Maddeline moaned. – That they are dirty… I don’t know… Seeing you licking my dirty feet… I’m getting really horny with that…

Robert intensified the rhythm of the licking and fucking. Maddeline was orgasming as hard as never.

-Fuck me, lick my dirty feet, all of them!! – she cried. – I want to be dirty for you!!


The next morning Maddeline could inspect Robert’s apartment. It was rather small, the typical flat you would expect for a single man, but notably dirtier than usual. The sheets they were sleeping over were covered with stains, some of them brownish, some yellow, and some grey. The floors were sticky and dusty, and the small kitchen was unusable, as it was taken by trash and dirty dishes. She went to the bathroom and noticed that the shower box was filled with some empty bottles, and a spider had made a robust web on the dry drain. It looked as nobody had taken a shower there for many days.

-Well, this guy is really a pig – Maddeline thought, smiling, as she pissed. She was now inspecting her own state of filthiness. Due to the tongue bathing they had received, her soles were not as black as the night before, but still quite dark. The top of her feet, on the other hand, had black spots from the grimy saliva from Robert. She raised her arms and felt that her smell had intensified from the night before. She sniffed it hard and enjoyed it a lot. She then put a finger inside her pussy and when she took it out she saw something white, as a soft cheese. She put her finger close to her nose and sniffed it. The girl got horny with the smell and concluded it was time to wake Robert up. She finished pissing and decided that maybe it would be fun not to wipe herself this time.

Robert was sleeping with his belly up. Before acting, she took a moment to observe his body. His soles were crusty, slightly less black on the arches, and full of greyish callouses, with cracked heels. He had stains of grey dirtiness up to his knee, and especially around the ankle. His arms were down, but even so she could feel that his armpit BO was stronger than hers. His hair and beard was all tangled and greasy, and smelled wonderful. His face had some black spots from Madeline’s foot grime the night before. But then came the better part. She quietly took his cock and pulled the foreskin down, taking care to not to wake him yet. All of it was covered by a thick layer of smegma. She recognized the smell she felt last night while they fucked, but now, getting her nose so close to it, the stench felt much stronger. Maddeline thought that maybe she wouldn’t be able to suck that dirty cock, but at the same time she was incredibly aroused by that idea. She moved her body as to put her pussy over Robert’s face, then she held her breath and moved her open mouth on the direction of the filthy penis. The taste was not as repulsive as the smell, and soon she got used to it. Robert’s cock got hard and he woke up to start licking her pussy and asshole too.

-Oh, how good it tastes – he moaned. – All this pussy juice, some rest of my cum, your sweat, and a little bit of piss… I love it!

She thought it was crazy, but she also loved the taste of his dirty cock cheese and pre-cum, and felt that all his smegma was adhering to her tongue, until it was completely gone. It was a wonderful mix of Robert’s stale sweat, piss, rest of cum and her own pussy juice from last night, which got crystalized all over his cock. She would also put her fingers inside her own pussy, and then would lick her fingers, mixing the smells of his cock and her cunt. Soon she felt an intense jet of semen reaching the back of her throat. Maddeline had never seen a man cumming as much as Robert that morning, and she loved the taste of it. His cock had got reasonably clean with all her licking, so she decided it would be a good idea to drool some of his cum over his cock and pull its foreskin, as it would ferment over the next hours and get good and stinky again. She then changed her position and went to French kiss him, noting that they both had pieces of smegma clinging from their tongues. He also saw it, and they laughed relaxed, touching the tips of their filthy-covered tongues.

-Sorry, I have no toothbrush with me. Hope you don’t mind my breath – She quipped.


They went out to eat something. Maddeline was delighted to see that they were in what seemed to be an alternative and touristic neighborhood, and that most Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort people around didn’t mind at all about how they looked or smelled. They brought items on a small supermarket and went to eat breakfast on a square. After all the intimacy of last night and this morning, Robert was now willing to talk more freely about what he had called “alternative lifestyle”.

-Since I was a child I always preferred to be dirty instead of clean. It progressed when I became an adolescent, and turned into a sexual fetish: I hate showers, and I hate the feeling of being clean after showering, I hate hygiene in general. And I also love to be around people who are unclean too. That’s why I decided to move to a place where I wouldn’t know anyone, where I could live the fantasy of my whole life.

Maddeline and Robert were now sitting over a bench with their feet up, facing each other, the dirty soles of him tenderly touching the dirty soles of her. She listened with attention, thinking of her own attitude towards hygiene.

-When was the last time you showered? – she asked him.

-Around eight days ago. It’s not being as easy as I thought it would be. When I finally start to really smell some meters away, like now, people start looking me weird, I even hear some comments; I get ashamed of doing tasks like going to the supermarket or a bank, and eventually I´ll take a shower.

-I myself was never a huge fan of showers too, and I like to be barefoot around home – Maddeline said. – But skipping showers for one or two days, having a little BO or going weeks without shaving my pits was something I always saw only as a sign of laziness and lack of interest for futile things. But since last night you made me see that there is also a strong sexual pleasure in it, something I had never allowed to surface. I mean: in other situations, I would be very ashamed to be seen like this, with filthy bare feet, all smelling sweat and cum, with my hair tangled and greasy. But now, as I am with you and know that you like me to be this way, I feel very proud to be dirty like I am.

-You’re right. I feel I would be more secure to act like I really am if I had some company.

-Listen: I don’t need to keep traveling with Sonja for the rest of my vacations. I still have six weeks before coming home. I want to explore this rebellious and unclean life with you, for a time only… If you don’t mind, of course.

The morning was getting very hot. Drops of sweat rolled from their faces and made their clothes damp.

-You’re so sweaty! I can smell you from here now – said Robert, leaning his head a little towards her. – I guess in one week you’ll be perfectly stinky!


They resumed their walk through the city and after around one hour they were exhausted. Except for one lady who looked intrigued, nobody told them anything about their dirty bare foot or body odor. Maddeline was feeling increasingly confident.

-Let’s compare our soles – she proposed him. – I bet I’ll match your filthiness.

They sat on the pavement to examine their feet. Maddeline’s had got darker than in the morning, but the general color was a dark grey, and her arches were still totally white. The skin of her soles was notably soft, even under the layer of dirty. Robert noted this passing her fingers along the sole, and then asking her to do the same: his soles were very hard and completely black, except for the arches, that were slightly greyish.

-I think I won! Remember I’ve been barefooting for months more than you. And I last cleaned them eight days ago!

-Ok, so I must do something about that – Maddeline replied. She got standing and started walking around the street in an awkward way, like limping.

-What are you doing?

-Rubbing my feet on the ground to make them dirtier and harder. Let’s go, we have to find filthier places!

She was not any longer interested in see Barcelona; instead she kept looking for all corners that could guard the black grime that would make her feet more dirty and attractive. She rubbed her soles on shop doors, on street kerbs, parking lots, subway stairs, gas stations, taking care to step on all oil puddles she saw. Some people noted what she was doing, and a family of tourists started to walk fast to avoid her, but Maddeline found it funny and just smiled. At one moment, she went to explore around some thrash containers, that are obviously disgusting areas, and found a bag with some used clothes. She was not comfortable with the long trousers and blouse she was using, and she also thought that Robert would like to see her floating her hairy and smelly armpits on a strap dress. More than that, she herself would be proud to show it off. She asked Robert to go away for some minutes and went between two trash containers, where she rapidly changed clothing, leaving her old outfit behind, bra included. Now she felt more adequately dressed to be a filthy smelly hippie. Maddeline appeared from behind the container in the exact moment Robert was coming back, and at distance he smiled looking at her. The dress she had found was rather sexy, and seemed very dirty and a little ragged. He observed that her feet had really become darker after all the foot-rubbing, and it was dirty also on the tops, sides and ankles. And, when she raised her arms for him to see the dress in a better way, he could admire her armpit hair for the first time under the sun light, and felt her aroma from two meters away.

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