The Spark Ch. 02


Over the following weeks the spark that had ignited my sinful desire had turned into a consuming flame. Rarely a moment passed without me thinking of my son Donny masturbating, I found my mind wishfully encouraging him. I would steal a listen at his bedroom door as I passed. And on the occasions when I heard the creaking sounds of his bed, the unmistakable rhythm of his wanking, I would tremble with excitement.

I often thought of simply opening the door and quietly stepping into the room, closing the door behind me in the hope that he would unashamedly carry on pleasuring himself, all the while smiling. Then he would invite me to join him as if it were the norm for a mum and her boy to share such moments. But the risk always seemed too great.

I instead would press my ear against the door whispering little instructions under my breath, such as ‘Ohh Donny, wank your wonderful cock for Helen and mummy, wank it my darling, wank it!’ or ‘Helen would be so jealous of you my handsome son wanking your big hard cock for mummy’. These little whispers made my lust burn and my desire to sin, skyrocket.

With all my fantasizing and this desire for pleasure, I had discovered that when I retired to the marriage bed each evening, I had become much more sexually active. My husband was loving our rekindled sex life, never for a moment realizing that I was imagining him to be Donny. In the variety of positions that we would make love, I used each one to play out little fantasies, creating stories of how my son had come to be enjoying my body. The thoughts intensified the sexual experience and my orgasms were coming like trains at Grand Central. But these thoughts were also becoming calculations and schemes of how I could create a situation where I and my son would be coupled in lust.

Some of these schemes involved me letting my son catch me masturbating, I knew that no youthful, maturing man would be able to resist watching a lady play with herself and I reckoned that even a son would watch and enjoy his mother in the act, He may even be so overcome with lust that he would have to have her. Other ideas involved leaving my sexy laundry in his bedroom by accident and collecting it when he was there, perhaps asking if he would like to see a woman model them. I could volunteer in a teasing manor. Or I could simply dress up in a naughty outfit and try seducing him directly with suggestive conversation and actions when his father was not around. All of this was too outrageous and would probably destroy my relationship in the family forever.

What was I thinking? Any sane mother realizes, an attempt to make love with her son was going to destroy family life, I had to get these thoughts out of my head. This guilt always carried me back to the incident that began this horny fascination, Donny’s attempt to have sex with Helen, my friend and neighbour.

Then one evening, an event transpired which took me over the edge. It was a thursday evening and my husband was working in the north, not due to return home until tuesday of the following week. That evening, Donny and his friend Simon had come home from a late night shopping spree in the city and went straight to the bedroom to listen to some CDs they had purchased.

I had heard the music playing for some time throughout the evening but as the evening progressed the room had become very quiet.

I had decided to walk to the room and listen at the door where I overheard faint mumblings and some low grunts. My curiosity getting the better of me and not wanting to walk in on, or disturb the boys in an embarrassing moment, in which I would only have embarrassed myself. I decided to go outside of the house and around to the bedroom window to see if I could discover what was going on in the room.

Being late and dark, there was no-one around gaziantep escort ilanları to witness me in the garden as I spied through a small gap in the curtains.

Inside I observed the two boys sitting on the bed, close to each other, watching the TV Screen. On that TV was a movie, in which an older woman, dressed in classy black stockings and suspender belt and a negligee was laying on a bed with one young man slamming his cock into her, whilst another knelt by her side wanking his cock into her mouth.

Both Simon and my son sat very quiet, focusing intently on the screen. Both were still fully clothed, but their youthful cocks must have been straining in their tight jeans as they sat engrossed in this porno spectacle.

This perverted moment rather than shock me, was making me hot.

As I stood in the bushes I found my hand wandering into the front of my jogging slacks, my fingers searching for my clitty. I bit on my lip as spurt after spurt of cum, shot from one of the cocks on screen, covering the older womans face. Then the other young man in the movie, pulled his cock from her pussy, of which there was an incredible close up – and he blasted streams of sperm all over her spread pussy lips.

With nothing but a pane of glass separating me from my own son and his friend, enjoying the porno movie, the situation seemed somehow unreal and all the more fantastic. I now found myself hoping the boys would undo their trousers and expose their cocks. I was feeling a slight tinge of shame at my thoughts but it was subdued by an overpowering feeling of excitement. This was exactly the type of situation I could have never imagined but desperately hoped for.

The TV screen cut to another scene in which an attractive mature woman in a business suit was arriving home and entering her house. Again, two younger men were featured, sitting in the lounge watching a TV show. It did not take much time before the lady was sat between them and their hands were wandering over her body. It looked like she was resisting their advances at first, but she eventually conceded and was participating in sharing erotic wet kisses whilst she began rubbing the young mens crotches.

If only I were in this situation with the boys, I would be in heaven. My knees were trembling with excitement as I stroked my pussy. I was unbelievably wet. Never had I thought I’d be in such a perverted situation as sharing the pleasure of watching a porn movie with my son and his friend. Even through it was through a window and they were unawares of it.

This was developing into something more than I could bare, I had to have my sons cock. I was thinking how gorgeous it would be, if I was somehow able to have my son in my bed making love to me tonight. Did I have the nerve to do it? This had to be my chance, he was as horned up as I was.

My heart racing, I decided that I was going to attempt a risky course of action in return for wicked sexual satisfaction. Donny would soon want his mother so much, I was sure of that.

Simon would be leaving for home soon and afterward, I would have my son and home to myself. The risk and anticipated rewards from the evening ahead had my body burning. Not daring to involve Simon in my plans, I now could not wait until he was leaving.

I re-entered my home. I headed to my bedroom, pausing to listen outside my sons room for a few seconds as I passed, yes the sexual grunting could still be heard ever so faintly from the TV. I was going to dress to blow Donny’s mind and become an irresistible sex object, usable for pleasure purposes only and I was going to offer my body as a pleasure toy to him.

I was going to be loved all night by the most exciting young stud, I was about to become a special gaziantep escort bayan ilanları mother, and I was not concerned about the consequence. Helen had caused the spark when she told me about Donny and his advances toward her, but I was going to have the most sordid secret. I was going to cross the crazy taboo boundary and enjoy a real love fuck with my own son. This was going to be the most exciting night of our lives.

When I returned to my room I immediately turned to my lingerie drawer. I emptied the contents onto the bed. I trembled with the excitement as I removed my casual jogger outfit enjoying an inspection of my curvy mature body in the mirror as I did so.

I sat on the edge of the bed sifting through the selection of nylons, finally deciding on a pair of fully fashioned, black seemed stockings . My husband always had the hardest ragging hard-on when I wore these along with my black six strapped girdle suspender belt, so why shouldn’t our son. This was to be my choice complimented with an embroidered Parisienne black silk push up, half cupped bra.

I figured Donny, my nineteen year old son would have a cock that would be desperate to sample his mothers honey pot when he seen me in this outfit. I would be like a classy temptress, just like a character from the movie they were enjoying along in his room. Only, I would be more exciting because I was his mother. A forbidden object. But an object of hot desire.

From the emptied lingerie drawer I also found my silver vibrator and could not resist switching it on and sampling it’s vibrating pleasures. I traced the smooth bullet like object across my stomach then placed the head against my swollen vagina lips and slowly inserted it into my sopping wet hole. The cool plastic sent shivers throughout my body as it hummed inside me.

I left it inserted as I pulled one of the nylons up over my leg, smoothing it along my thigh, then I reached for the other nylon and placed it around my ankle. I was about to pull the nylon up around my calf when suddenly and unexpectedly the bedroom door opened.

I froze in shock.

‘Simon’s going home now mum . . .’ pause

then ‘oh . . .’ came a voice.

Standing in the doorway was my son Donny, his hand on the door handle. Simon was standing slightly over his shoulder to the right of him. The moment held us all in a silent suspended animation as our eyes attempted to assess the situation. The boys flicked their view from the lingerie garments strewn all over the bed to my nylon sheathed leg and exposed naked body, sitting with a vibrator buzzing in my pussy and my breasts heaving. I had minimum make-up on and my hair was a mess. I watched their view dart around the spectacle. I myself immediately noticed they both still had bulges in their trousers, probably from their movie viewing and I figured the present situation must have also been adding to their arousal.

Donny’s face went beetroot red and Simon stretched over Donny’s shoulder to view what was going on between my legs.

I was at a loss as to how to react and found myself moving very slowly in my shame. I slipped the slime covered ‘vibro’ from my cunny and placed it gently upon the bed then brought my knees together as if this was going to end the situation.

For all in the heat of a moment you think you know how you will react – it never happens that way.

I wanted the two boys to simply whip their cocks out, grab me, and fuck me, but somehow all I could do was stand, lift my robe and slip into it and slide my feet into my maribou slippers, one stocking up the other still around my ankle.

As I stood there stricken with mixed emotions desire, lust and want, coupled with shame, guilt and fear, Donny stepped escort bayan gaziantep ilanları into the room. He gently raised his hand and took hold of mine. He walked me the few short steps to the foot of the bed and beckoned Simon into the room.

None of us spoke as Simon walked to me and gently raised his arms around my waist pulling my body tight to his. Although Donny continued to hold my hand I allowed Simon to kiss me and snake his tongue between my lips searching my mouth. I returned the kiss warmly and gently allowing my tongue to wrestle with his. The fact that my son was standing witnessing this behaviour and holding my hand tightly, turned me on no end.

I was conscious that Simon was getting more aroused and more passionate as he began grinding his crotch against the front of my robe. I let the robe fall open and felt the rough of his clothing grind against me. From squinting my view to the side I could observe Donny clasping the front of his trousers and kneading his erection with his free hand. He looked serious and slightly distant. The arousal from the porno movies had allowed him to detach himself from the fact that I was his mother and his best friend and him were now entering a very taboo situation.

I felt red hot and consumed in the moment. Two horned up young men, eighteen and nineteen year old were about to take my body to the ultimate peak of pleasure.

I freed myself from Simons’ kiss and turned my face to Donny offering him my pouted lips. Then it happened, he leaned into me and our lips met. Electricity shot through my body . . . I was kissing my own SON . . . wet hot kisses . . . our tongues entwined and we silently moaned together.

Simon had lowered himself to my boobies and was sucking hard on one of my nipples. I shuffled backward guiding the boys with me and we all lay back onto the bed amongst the scattered collection of lingerie. . . nyons, suspender belts and panties strewn everywhere.

As I lay on my back, robe open with a gorgeous teenage boy either side of me, I opened my legs inviting them to explore my desire. They took turns at kissing me and squeezing on my tits, but it was Donny who at first worked up the nerve to slide his hand smoothly over my stomach and search through my curly pubes to find my open slit. I shuddered as his fingers stroked at my engorged clitty. Then I felt his finger slip into my love tunnel.

It was incredible, intense, and I was on fire. I had experienced no excitement like this, EVER ! It wasn’t enough that I was lying on this bed of lingerie about to commit the ultimate taboo sin, but I could picture my husband entering the room accompanied by Simon’s father and them both fishing their hard cocks from their trousers and masturbating to the present vision.

‘Undress darlings’ I whispered as the finger inside of me worked itself in and out in a marvelous rhythm.

Both these young men stripped faster than I have ever seen a man undress, revealing their youthful toned bodies and throbbing hard erections. I watched as they both nervously looked at each others manhood in a comparative manor. The size did not matter to me as I reached forth and clasped a hand around each shaft beginning the stroke of love. Almost immediately my son Donny started shooting his cum all over my lower body creating small pools of sperm on my tummy and pussy. My hips juddered in want . . . in seconds my son had cum all over me.

Simon with a young and over excited action, crudely pulled my legs open and rolled atop of me, then positioning his cock helmet against my swollen vagina he thrust his length into my body. The cum juice on my stomach started splashing and lubricating us as we slapped together, the bed bouncing with the thrusts. It lasted no more than ten or twelve seconds before I felt the sensation of his hot cum exploding into my screaming cunt.

I clasped the bedsheets with my fingers, nails digging in deeply and screamed as wave after wave of orgasm created tremors throughout my body, my head was pounding with the intensity and I was now to far gone for saviour.

Simons heavy body collapsed onto me.

It was my son that I desired to take his place. I would not be complete without him Fucking Me!

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