The Story of D Ch. 05


Chapter 5

Allie Strenwich

“Let’s see now. ‘kay, here’s where we left off reading the diary. You don’t mind if we don’t start at the beginning do you Hoke?” Julie asked.

“Hey, whatever turns you on; and I WANT to turn you on, Baby.”

Did I say that he’s got the cutest dimples on each side of his mouth when he smiles?

Oh, I digress. Hoke has become somewhat active . . .

His middle finger was worming it way into her pussy. Julie braced herself against the headboard and raised her left leg onto Hoke’s shoulder?opening herself to his fingers or whatever else he was inclined to stick in there. I was still pissed about sharing my secrets with him. That is until he pulled my head close to his cock and closed his eyes.

Julie began to read I began to suck. I loved the taste of his meat in my mouth:

Dear Diary: I really don’t know if I should even record yesterday’s happenings. Sheesh, it was embarrassing, I mean . . . I’m serious now, I didn’t know what this girl, this Allie Strenwich, was up to until it was too late. Julie had to explain it to me later after Allie’d left and Julie came home. Oh . . . I’m rambling. I guess if I’m gonna document this I should start at the beginning.

I returned to the apartment around four. Julie was out. About twenty minutes later the buzzer rang and I opened the door to a tall, thin girl wearing a black raincoat and black boots. She asked for Julie and I told her Julie hadn’t gotten home yet, that she was welcome to have a seat and wait for her. One particular thing about her struck me as odd. Her short, black hair had a white streak running through it, reminding me of a bolt of lightning.

She sat down and just kept looking at me. Staring hard. I began to get fidgety and nervous and asked her if we’d met somewhere around the campus. Just trying to open a conversation, sheesh!

She crossed her legs and I was surprised to see nothing but leg almost to her hip. Curiosity got the best of me and I asked if she’d like me to hang her coat up.

She rose up and said with a smile, “I thought you’d never ask,” as she removed it and handed it to me.

She was naked! Well almost naked, she wore a collar around her neck and that was it! Oh, she had a tattoo of a cartoonish train that ran around one hip and entered her pussy (shaved!) and exited from her ass!

Freaky! But her doing this made me Hot! Hot! Hot!

She told me to call her Allie and asked me several questions that I have forgotten. Well, no I haven’t, but they were so blunt and embarrassing I won’t repeat them, but they centered on my immediate feelings.

I must have been reduced to a babbling idiot because Allie took control and started to order me around. To my surprise, I obeyed her.

In a harsh, no nonsense tone, she ordered, “Pull your panties down to just above your knees, and hold the hem of your dress above your waist.”

I did as I was told. Standing like that, I began to feel the first twinges of embarrassment. She looked at my exposed belly, groin and thighs for a little bit, then walked past me. I heard the squeak of the couch as she sat down.

I stood there, my face crimson, my backside exposed to Allie, knowing I had been told not to move. There was total silence. I closed my eyes, wanting something, anything, to happen.

“Leave the panties at your knees, but drop the skirt and come here.”

(I found Allie so powerful with her mind and voice, that I couldn’t help myself, I did what she asked me to do. Almost without even knowing better! I was shivering, not from the cold, but from the sheer excitement of it all.

Turns out Julie put her up to it, to give me more of an education. I mean, I didn’t even recognize that she was a dominatrix that’s how backward and immature I am. As I write this I’ve concluded I’m also vulnerable, possibly too trusting as well.)

I shuffled over to her and stood there waiting.

“Shall we begin, darling?” Allie asked.

“Spread your legs as far as they’ll go.”

“That’s it, good. Now take your hands and open your cunt for me.”

“That’s it, c’mon, all the way, so I can look into you, so I can see what is mine now”.

I spread herself for her, I was embarrassed and had never felt so exposed before in my life, yet willing, perversely enjoying the wanton feelings that washed over me.

“Good girl. Look at you Rachel, I can see your clit throbbing, I can see the wetness seeping out of you”.

I blushed even deeper, imagining she could see these things; I was intensely aroused.

“Now take both thumbs, hold yourself open, and rub your clit with them”.

I complied, Maltepe Yabancı Escort my thumbs quickly located my hard little button. I gasped at my own touch.

“That’s it, baby, feels good, huh? You’re such a hot little slut, aren’t you Rachel?

“Yes, Allie, I’m a slut . . . a whore . . . ”

I was rubbing faster now, the good feeling building, moving with the speed and diversity of mercury droplets down my legs and up to my nipples . . .

“Hold yourself open hon, that’s it, wider, wider . . . good girl!”

She watched me; I closed my eyes, my mouth open ? I was gasping, panting as I rubbed my clit faster and faster.

“Stop!” she said with quiet authority. “Stop!”

I groaned but stopped rubbing.

“Put your hands at your sides, now”, she said a little harshness crept into her tone. “Move!”

She was close now; I could smell her sour breath gently caressing my neck. Gingerly, my hand moved to my throbbing clit.

Once again she spoke quietly, but with God like authority. “Stop! You miserable cunt! Stop, you poor excuse for a slut!”

God, I was soooo close. From deep within me a guttural moan escaped. But I stopped.

“Please, Allie, I can’t. Please,” I whined… “I have too…. Oh, God, Allie, why?”

She cut off my words with a hiss.

“I own you, now, my piss drinker to be. That’s not your orgasm coming on, it’s mine! It belongs to me. I’ll lend them to you to have when I feel you’ve earned them”.

I stood there wobbling on my feet, trying to catch my breath, tears coursing down my cheeks.

“Do you understand me, slut-cunt?”

My head was spinning, but I knew the answer.

“Yes, Allie”, I whispered hoarsely.

“Good. Then we can proceed.”

Humbled, I awaited her next command.

“Lose the bra.”

I unhooked it and dropped it on the floor where it draped itself immodestly across my right foot.

“Take off those stupid panties.”

“What is that stupid design on them, ducks?”

“Yes Allie,” I said as I complied, pushing them down to my feet and kicking them off. At the same time I nudged the bra off to the side. My head was down, afraid to look at Allie.

“Break down and buy some decent shit at Victoria’s or Frederick’s tomorrow.” This as she walked around me, inspecting me.

Allie took my right hand and placed it behind my back, just above my ass, likewise with the left one. I felt an electric tingle as Allie briefly touched my inner thigh, and indicated she wanted me to spread my legs a little further.

“Look at me”, she commanded, and I did.

I had a moment to appraise Allie. For a thin woman, Allie is in good shape. She is tanned, with good muscle tone, small, pointy breasts with prominent nipples. It is the last I get to see of her; because she now puts a blindfold over my eyes, which totally deprives me of sight, of light . . . I am in a world of my own, where everything is black, where there is no reality.

As she adjusts the blind, I feel her naked breasts touch me here and there, and it stimulates me?this intimacy with another woman whom I don’t even know.

Placing a hand lightly on my ass, her thumb crept inside the crack of my cheeks. She began to guide me across the room. I bumped against something knee-high—it must be the couch I thought. She guided me onto it. It was the couch. Allie has me carefully positioned until I am on my hands and knees. Next, she spread my knees apart then with her arm across my shoulder blades compelled me to get down on my elbows.

I realized how exposed I was in this position, ass thrust out, legs wide apart, providing access to my cunny and ass.

I am mortified, but exhilarated. I’m confused and acutely aroused. I’m no longer just wet, I’m flowing, leaving a slug-like trail of juice down my legs. I’m ashamed my brown hole is visible, and curiously thankful I have very clean habits, but secretly hoping Allie will probe into it.

I recall an awareness of just how rock-hard my nipples became without my being aware of it as I felt Allie’s nipples slide across my back and it sent thrills through my body.

Allie began to stroke me. Such gentle stokes. One hand resting on my ass, the fingers of her other hand roamed over my slit, caressing and probing the wetness there.

Suddenly I felt a great weight on me — Allie must have dropped onto my back and I collapsed, my tits squashed beneath me with the sudden jolt, causing quite a lot of pain, a jab, first in each breast, followed by a dull, thudding pain. I wanted to clasp my hands to my tits, to soothe the pain out of them, but I couldn’t because of Allie’s weight Maltepe Yeni Escort on me… well sitting on me is more like it. I felt her slit pressing against my spine and found myself thinking, “Is she wet, or do her pussy lips just feel cool?

Without warning, Allie’s hand returned to my ass and started sliding up and down my slit with her fingers. I started to moan in pleasure; my climax has never been far away. Ever since we started, I’ve been on the edge.

Suddenly, I received a stinging pain in my right cheek as Allie slapped it, and another sting as she smacked the left one; then came a series of explosive slaps, compelling me to wiggle my ass in both pain and pleasure. I could feel my orgasm building. Then she was running her fingers through my pubic hair.

Allie began to repeat a deft alternation, varying between spanking, caressing my sore cheeks and teasingly touching my pubic hair, before becoming more invasive. Her finger slid into me just after a particularly hard smack. I took an express ride to heaven and almost came as Allie’s finger found my G-spot and frittered there as I shuddered and headed for my long awaited orgasm.

But she stopped.

I realized that I was trying to shove my pussy onto her hand. I don’t ever recall being this horny before.

Allie renewed her spanking, widening the target area, alternating between my upper legs and lower back as well as my ass. Her slaps traveled lower and lower until reaching the inside of my thighs, then gradually worked their way up to my exposed cuny, until finally she slapped my engorged lips.

I remember vividly bucking in pain, nearly throwing Allie off me, but with my legs forced so wide apart and her sitting my back, I can’t get enough leverage to raise myself.

The spanking continued, relentlessly raining down upon my poor, sensitive cuny. Even as I cried out in pain, I am getting incredibly hot, physically and emotionally. I feel my lower lips swelling more and more, both from the punishment and from my getting so incredibly turned on.

I was biting my hand and crying when Allie spoke to me in the kindest voice I’d ever heard.

“Well?” she said, “are you ready?”

“Oh, it’s so good, I whined. “Please, please… I’m, oh, am I going to come? Are you gonna let me?”

“Not yet. And what’s the magic word my little slut?”


“No, try again.”

I’m thoroughly confused, but realize I’ve got to come up with the right answer.

Without warning, Allie smacked my ass again. My poor ass was raw by this time, but I was loving each smack.

“Too much time Rachel. What’s the fuckin’ word?”


“Recalling a childhood game I tried a feeble, “May I?”

“Very good! Very good. You’re an apt student Rachel and I shall reward you for being correct.”

“Go on, bring yourself off. Quickly now.”

With that I start humping my fingers up and down against the couch, moaning as I came and came and came.

“You’re dribbling that juice all over the couch you sloppy bitch! And I receive another wallop that only serves to bring on another orgasm.

There were several more smacks. I was too fucked up to care. I remember Allie picking me up and wondering how such a thin, frail person could carry a cow like me. Then I was lying flat on a bed. She spread my knees, stretched my arms out. I thought I must look like Jesus on the cross.

I was panting, babbling incoherently. Then she flipped me over on my stomach and told me to kneel. I complied quickly. I heard a jar top being pried off and then Allie’s fingers—coated with Vaseline? Tickling my asshole. One second of dread, two seconds of dread . . .


She rammed two fingers all the way up my ass. Christ that was painful!

“Quiet cunt!” was all she said to me.

She withdrew the fingers almost entirely out, but immediately pushed them back in to her second knuckle. Then she commenced fucking me with them.

It hurt like hell each time she pounded into me. But then I was hollering, “Fuck me Ohhh, fuck me Allie, please fuck me! Please!”

It stopped as suddenly as it started. I sobbed quietly from lingering pain. Allie rose off me. I tensed up again, imagining what was next.

“You are enjoying this”, Allie suddenly exclaimed.

“You are the perfect little punishment slave. But we can’t make things too easy for you.”

Once again I feel Allie’s weight upon me, this time she sat on my belly. And yes, she really is wet herself, I can now tell for certain!

“Oh no”, I cringe, realizing what’s next.

“Don’t hit my tits, please don’t hit my tit’s.” I beg silently. Maltepe Masaj Salonu But I said nothing and have no-one to blame when my fears came true and the slaps start raining down on my poor, tiny tits, intermingled with excruciating flicks against my nipples. My breasts wobble. I bite my lip and endure—feeling a warmth creep into my breasts both from the outside stinging slaps inwards and from the inside out, until my breasts are molten lava.

Then there is nothing but silence. I could hear the clock ticking in the next room. Allie exhaled, sighed with satisfaction and rose off me.

I lay there concentrating on the hot spots of my body. My tits, which I could feel quite distinctly from one another; my ass, my cunt; and my agonizingly engorged clit, but above all, I waited for her next act, for surely there would be more.

Allie removed the blindfold. I blinked several times before my vision began to clear.

“Look at me,” Allie said.

I did. Her eyes were sparkling.

“No look at my cunt.”

My eyes traveled down her thin torso to her shaven cunt.

“Look at my clit.”

It had been pierced. There seemed to be a replica of a small bone thrust clear through her clit. My mouth fell open in surprise.

“Don’t gape you shit!” She reached out and pinched my left nipple and I howled in torment and pleasure.

She reached down to her clit and placed the side of her left thumb on the hood, and with her first two fingers slowly tugged on the glans, teasing herself. I watched entranced as her clit pulsed and stiffened with pleasure.

I was literally shaking with excitement. I wanted desperately to suck it. Too lick it. I wanted to stick my tongue up her ass. I wanted to do all the obscene things with her. My hand was between my legs, imitating Allie. I thought I’d faint from the ecstasy I was undergoing.

“There,” said Allie, pulling back the hood with the first two fingers of both hands, “Look.”

The crimson glans, fully erect and pulsating, stood out. I could hardly breathe—someone was pounding on the inside wall of my chest.

My mouth divined Allie wanted me to taste her and I did so.

Her hands rested on my head. As softly as I could I sucked her little cock. My fingers eagerly broached their way into her pussy and brought up a gob of fluid from Allie’s vagina. I gently massaged it along the underside of Allie’s clit.

“Oh my God . . . oh my God . . . oh my God . . . Rachel, you’re an angel of mercy,” Allie moaned. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

Allie began whispering in a fevered tone, but I couldn’t decipher what she was saying. I was on the cusp of coming a ton myself and could only take short gulps of air. Allie was masturbating openly, using three fingers while her thumb was strumming her clit like a guitar.

“I’m gonna come slut,” she croaked. “Get your mouth down here and suck me off.”

“Me too,” I said.

“Fuck you! Get down here!”

Ever so lightly, my tongue touched her clitoris. The touch was nearly as light as a feather. I could taste her juices, her engorged bud screamed out for my attention. I began sucking it as if it were a cock and Allie screamed with pleasure.

“Put your mouth to me”

“Eat my pussy”

Suddenly, her hands were on my head, my hair tangled in her fingers as I lapped at her lower lips and clit. It was so hot down there, I gasped for breath just as her thighs closed around my head. I moved my hands to her ass to maintain my balance and gradually thought to insert a finger up her ass as she’d done to me. I felt her stiffen in surprise and perhaps pleasure as she moaned and tightened her grip upon my head. I found it difficult to breathe and in desperation, jammed another finger up her ass. Her grip relaxed, and I drew a lungful of air deep into my chest.

Still I wanted more than anything to please Allie, to win her praise. I concentrated on bringing on her release. Wildly licking, sucking and swallowing her sweet juices which flowed freely down my chin. She pulled my head up and I looked up at her but couldn’t see her clearly because my eyelashes were wet with her as well.

“Put your hand inside me,” Allie grunted.

Instantly, my fingers curled inside her, and I pumped and twisted for all I was worth. Allie shrieked in pain and joy. She held tightly to my hair with one hand and yanked on my nipple, making both my breasts dance pointedly and angrily. Finally Allie shuddered and cried out from the intensity of it. Her pelvis jerked spasmodically as she came, and as I removed my hand (in up to my wrist) she gushed her juice over me and the couch and floor.

Allie never said another word. Without washing the residue of fluids from her, she donned her coat and left. I lay there transfixed, stunned and completely satiated.

Thirty minutes later Julie arrived and helped me get into bed. Just as I was about to doze off, she told me she’d arranged for Allie to stop by and meet me.

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