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She was just 37 years old. Still young, but feeling old by what life had dealt her. She was getting ready for work, and had just stepped from the shower. She took inventory for a moment in the mirror. She was pleasingly proportioned. She was not thin and skinny like the young girls of today, but decidedly not overweight. She had that attractive look of a real woman. Her breasts were not the biggest, but they were full and did not sag. Her nipples, one of they things her husband had enjoyed the most, were very nice sized. She was about 5-5, with light brown hair and blue eyes. She weighed a very nice 125 pounds. All in all, she thought she was a pretty good looking woman.

Jackie and Joe had been Highschool sweethearts. They knew from day one that they were going to be together. They loved each other with a fire that could not be put out by any means, except death parting them. They were the same age and in the same grade during high school. She finished her senior year with his baby in her belly. It was not an accident, nor was it planned. They had simply created life. They had not set out to get pregnant, did not make any particular plan to prevent it, and were thrilled when it happened. No more and no less than any loving couple that had made a baby.

They had fucked with total abandon. There were times it was animalistic; there were times it was tender; there were times it was making love; and there were times that it was simply getting a piece of ass. It was so varied that they were never bored with their sexuality.

But life was not all happy go lucky. Of course there was the clucking by the crowd about her having gotten “knocked up.”

The biggest problem had been their families. Joe was fourth generation American, but was of Hispanic origin. His family had never married outside the Hispanic culture. She was as white as you could get, being of European decent, mostly German. Neither family would agree, allow, or consent to them dating, let alone getting married. Old prejudices and bigotry die a hard death. So no one on either side of the family was exactly happy when Jackie came up pregnant. Her parents had insisted she get an abortion, which of course, she would not even consider. This baby was her child with THE man she loved.

After graduation, they went off and got married. It was tough. Both of them had to work, and both went to college. But they were together. They decided that they would not have any more kids for a while. It was already so much effort to do what they needed to do. However, the son she bore for Joe was perfect in every way, and they had named him Michael, or of course Mike.

Time marched on and Jackie and Joe continued with life. She graduated with a degree in advertising, Joe with a degree in Criminal Justice. She went on to a job in advertising, which was financially quite rewarding. Joe, who had always wanted to be a cop, got on with a big city department. The fact that he could speak and write Spanish was more than just a plus. Although he had a very high IQ, there were those that thought the only reason he got hired because he was a “Mexican.” Joe proved them all wrong. He progressed through the ranks, passing every promotional exam with the highest or near highest scores every time. By the time Mike was in high school, they had both progressed in their fields to high management positions, and in so doing were knocking down a middle six figure income.

Jackie and Joe had made every attempt to keep their sex life from being a dull. They bought quite a few sex “how to” tapes and CD’s. They enjoyed an occasional straight out old porn fuck fest tape and CD. They had tried just about anything and everything. They had considered a threesome, but felt that it would be breaking their marriage vows, even if it was consensual. So they had invested in some toys, mostly vibrators and dildos, so she could experience and enjoy double penetration. There were no parts of their bodies that they did not mutually explore and enjoy. Like most men, Joe loved a good cock suck. And Jackie was fantastic at it. For Jackie, she ended up liking Joe in her ass. And so it went, they had an enviable sex life.

Because of Joe’s often odd hours scheduling, they had continued with their commitment to only have one child for the time, although they kept telling themselves that as soon as things settled, they would have another one.

When Mike was just 17, tragedy struck. Joe had gone off shift at 2 AM one morning, and had found a drunk driver, the hard way. He was on his way home when a drunk driver hit Joe head on. It killed Joe instantly.

Of course Jackie was devastated. The families, who really had never accepted the union of the two and their cultures, grudgingly were pleasant to each other during the funeral. The police department presented an Honor Guard. It was all grand, and totally out of her ability to cope. Mike acted more like a man than ever, trying to support his mother and deal with his own grief.

Mike had gaziantep escort telefonları grown tall and muscular. The blending of the genes had produced something of a hybrid. He looked like he could be Joe’s brother, but was several inches taller. He had slightly off white skin, sort of like a perpetual tan, not quite as dark as his father was. He took his mother’s European genes in his build. He was on the football team, and did some weight training. He was his mother’s “Golden Adonis”.

Financially, Jackie and Joe had planned for everything. His death kicked in life insurance that paid everything off, and gave Jackie well over a half million in the bank. Plus she still had her very high paying position.

For the next couple of years, life continued to take its course. Jackie had dated some, usually got fucked for her efforts, but never could find it truly satisfying. The feeling was just not there. She was dynamite in the sack, and she knew it. She could suck cock as good as anyone could, swallowing loads of creamy cum. She always satisfied the men she was with. She could ass fuck, cock suck, and give them the rides of their lives. Her cunt was so sensitive, she could feel every spurt of cum hit her cervix when she would fuck. The same was true with ass fucking. She could always feel the hot ejaculate of every man coating her bowels. There were not many of the men she dated and took to bed that could do the ass very well though.

Most of the men she took to bed did a fairly good job of giving her pleasure. An orgasm was not difficult for her to achieve, and many of the men were good “lovers” as such.

The problem was that she just could not find anyone to love in the men she had taken on since Joe’s death. She just could not find the soul connection she needed to really appreciate their efforts.

She was years away from menopause, and her fertility was of some concern. Although she was taking birth control shots, she made her sex partners use condoms when fucking her cunt. She hated it. She loved the feeling of a man’s juices spurting into her and the out and out sexuality of sperm running around in her cunt. If she had been with someone who gave her that soul connection, then she would have fucked with less care as to the results.

Just after Mike turned 18, she really started to take more notice about him. He had grown into such a man, and he looked so much like Joe, she had several times called him Joe by mistake. Now she was starting to fantasize about him when ever she took on a sex partner. They would be fucking her, and she would be thinking of her manly son.

She was concerned, as she was fully aware of her thoughts and desire to commit incest with her son.

Non-the-less, Jackie could not put Mike out of her mind.

She started doing suggestive things. When she would get dressed she would leave her door open a bit so that if Mike went by her room, which he had to do as his bedroom was at the end of the hallway, he would have the chance to see her nude. She set up scenarios where he could not help but come by her room and she would purposely be nude and give him a great show. And, since she slept in the nude and always had a night light on in her bedroom, it had been easy to leave the door open and make it simple for him to see her nude if he went by her room during the night.

Now she knew Mike had dated a little. And she was pretty sure he had gotten his first fuck out of the way. But she could not help but try and make sure what his mother had was better than any of those teen age girls he dated. And, Mike did not seem to date all that much. She was not worried at that, and in many ways, it was tantalizing for her to think he was maybe comparing her to the “girls.”

She also manufactured a number of occasions where she would “accidentally” walk in on him while he was dressing or in the shower. Mike was very good looking. And, even flaccid, his cock hung nicely towards his knees, bigger than his dad’s by at least two inches. Joe’s cock had satisfied her always, and more than any of the sex partners she had taken on. Joe had put great effort into satisfying her, orally, anally, what ever. So his size, although better than most, had not been the key.

But now, with Mike looking like Joe as he did, and having a bigger cock, well now at night her toys were always Mike’s cock pleasuring her.

Twice Mike had caught her. Better yet, there had been nights that she could hear Mike through the wall while he as jacking off calling out “Mom” and saying things like, “Here it is Mom,” when he would come. So she was well aware that the stage was set. She knew she would have to be the initiator, as Mike had become such a gentleman. She figured he ask his girlfriends if it was okay to cum when fucking them.

Mike graduated from Highschool with honors. With the finances they had, he could have picked nearly any school he wanted to go to. escort gaziantep telefonları But he picked the local college. At one point Jackie had set down with Mike about this. She asked him why he did not pick a more prestigious school.

After a time, it had become a game for the two of them to catch the other nude, or in the throws of masturbatory passion. She didn’t bring her sexual conquests home when Mike was there. Many had been younger than Jackie, and she was getting the reputation as being a cougar. Something she did not mind at all. For all the connotations the term had, she actually was proud of being labeled as a cougar. She could fuck ’em, suck ’em, and send them home crying to their mommas. Not bad for a “mature” woman.

So one Saturday morning, when neither of them had anything they had to do, she brewed some coffee and invited Mike to talk in the kitchen. They talked about life in general and how they both missed Joe. The subject of school came up and she wanted to fully understand Mike’s reasons. Not that she would have agreed or disagreed, it was not her decision. Mike was a full grown man, and was making full grown decisions.

Mike, at first, stammered and stuttered a bit. Then he finally calmed down. Mike told his mother that the reason he wanted to attend the local college was that he did not want to leave her. When Jackie commented about that she could take care of herself. Mike said no, and that was not what he meant. He told her that he knew what she had been thinking. She too had been calling out in the throws of passion, and the walls went both ways. He told her that she had heard her calling his name, and could hear the buzzing of her vibrator while doing so.

Mike told her, he knew what both of them had been doing and that it was not yet over the line, but certainly was stepping on it. He also told his mom that normally a mother was the first woman any boy would see nude, and that he certainly was appreciative of her looks. He admitted that he had spied on her many times while beating off.

Now it was time for Jackie to stammer a bit. She admitted the obvious, that she had been having a fantasy about him for some time and that she “knew” it was wrong. Mike, now being a man, said, “Mom, it is only wrong if we get caught or it is hurtful.” At that point Jackie’s panties were starting to become wet with her cunt juices. Her mind was racing about how maybe her fantasy was nearer to her than she had imagined.

She happened to notice that when Mike got up to get them another cup of coffee. His crotch looked like someone had put a grapefruit in it. She knew he was getting turned on. She could smell a faint whiff of her sex juices, and was worried he would smell it and think less of her.

Now Mike scooted his chair next to her. She was sure he could smell her now.

Mike, how much of a man he had become. While looking her in the eyes he unflinchingly stated to her straight up. “Mom, I have been in love with you always. Now it is becoming much more than a mother-son thing. I know you have set it up to let me see you nude. There have been too many “accidental” times you have come in to see me nude. I know what incest is. It is not something I had ever thought about. But now it is all I think about. I want to be with you. I want you to fulfill my fantasies and I want to fulfill yours. I want you to show me what you like and teach me. Although, I will admit, I found your tape and CD collection years ago. Dad was a hell of a man, and I know he did everything you wanted, and you did everything he needed from a lover. I want the same thing!

It was all more than Jackie could take in. She had been hoping for, yet dreading this moment. She was contemplating committing one of the biggest taboos in the world, being a lover to her own son.

Mike could see the conflict in her. He leaned forward, took his mother’s face in his hands, and gave her a very NOT mother-son kiss. It was the kiss of two intimate lovers.

When Jackie felt his lips part, she nearly lost it. Her panties were soaked now. She had no doubt Mike could smell her sex juices. Hell, they were about to overpower her. She parted her lips, and felt her son’s tongue slip in. It was so much like the way Joe would kiss her. She guessed that the famous “Latin Lover” heritage had passed on to Mike. The kiss lasted for a long time. When they finished, she realized that she was beginning to get tears in her eyes.

At seeing the tears, Mike jumped back. He had a terrified look in his eyes; like he had crossed the line was now a shameful piece of shit.

Jackie, seeing his look, said “Mike, calm down.” “I wanted that as bad as you did, I was just thinking how that kiss reminded me of how your Dad would kiss me. No one else has ever come up to the same measure as your Dad, at least not until just this minute. You are your father’s son!

That seemed to relax Mike, and he leaned gaziantep escort bayan telefonları forward and repeated the kiss. This time it was even more sensual and passionate, as there was the knowledge that it was consensual and wanted by both. Jackie found herself with her hand dug into her panties, starting to stroke her clit and trying to wiggle in a couple of fingers. She also could see Mike was running his hand over his crotch. It looked like someone had put a salami in his pants.

At that point, Jackie knew she was going to take on a new man, and that it was the biggest taboo of all. She was going to take her son for a sex partner, and full blown lover.

Her mind was racing as to how they should proceed.

The man stepped in, her son, and said ‘Mom, we must always be careful about this. I want to be your man, your partner, and please you. But I do not want any regrets, ever! I can not date these other bimbo girls. None of them can compare with you, your looks, and your intellect. You are the most exciting “Girl” I have ever known. And you’re better looking than any of them. All they can talk about is getting their tits enhanced. Your natural breasts are nicer looking than all those silicon bags. None of them have a clue about real love making. They are all up for a good fuck, but they do not really understand how to “make love.”

Jackie was about to cum in her panties. Mike finally pulled away far enough to actually see what she was doing. Mike grinned a very lecherous smile.

Mom, do you need any help?

Her fingers had been busy and with that she blew her orgasm. A low moan escaped her lips. She could not think, she could not stop, and she could do nothing except hear the words of her son, expressing his willingness to become her new “man.”

With that, Mike asked if she was going to leave him high and dry. Jackie said, “You know Mike, your Dad thought I was the best cocksucker in the world. Although, you understand, he did not have much to compare me with. We neither one fucked around before we got married, and never did after we got married. You are very well aware you were conceived before we got married. You were never considered to have been a mistake. Your Father and I fucked with total abandon, as two lovers with no care as to the results, will do.

Now are you willing to take that risk? To fuck with total abandon. To not care as to the results. I am still a very fertile woman. I can still become pregnant, and can do so for a few more years, if family history repeats itself. I will tell you now; I am a one man woman. I will never fuck anyone else when I am with a man. If you are that man, if I get pregnant, you can be absolutely sure that it will be your child. Can you accept that possibility?

Mike said yes. “Mom, we will do what ever. I would ask that if you think you want to get pregnant be me, that you wait till I get my school done, and get started in my career. That ought to give us a lot of time to sort things out. But right now my cock wants to explode!”

Jackie reached over to her son’s pants and undid the belt, slid down the zipper, and removed his cock. It was even bigger than she imagined.

Jackie moved out of her seat, kneeling in front of her son’s crotch. She put her hand on his stiff rod. She looked at the few drops of pre-cum, and told Mike, “Hang on boy, your going to get the ride of your life.”

With that she employed her considerable oral skills. Her first lick of his pre-cum reminded her of the pleasant taste of Joe’s man juice. It was salty, and warm, and sticky and very nice to the taste. Mikes cock was hard, smooth, and the skin was like velvet to her tongue. After a few licks to clean off the cock drool, she put her mouth around the head of her son’s stiff cock. She ran her tongue around the head, to which Mike let out an animalistic grunt-groan. She knew she was going to please him. She was looking forward to his semen; to tasting it; to having it hit the back of her throat; to running it around her tongue like a fine wine to taste it. Simply put she wanted to drink her son’s sperm. There was that incredible word again, SPERM!

She plunged her mouth down his cock. It was such a size that she had to straighten up a bit and get her throat at a different angle so she could take it all in. When her lips hit the base of his cock, Mike groaned again and said how the fuck did you take it all. None of the other girls have taken more than a couple of inches and they did not make it feel this good.

Jackie, now with no further thoughts that she was sucking her own son’s cock, got with the program. She moved up and down the shaft. She would take it out of her mouth and lick it like a sucker. She ran her mouth up and down the shaft. She took his balls and sucked them one at a time, gently. Then she spit on a finger, and got it good and slippery. She stuck his cock back in her mouth with extra sensuality and he rose up a bit to meet her mouth, just what she wanted. Before he could sit back, she had her hand under his ass, and started to tickle and play with his anal opening. She looked up as Mike made another noise that sounded like a cross between a groan and shriek. As she found his back door, she wiggled a finger around it, and when it opened slightly, she slipped her finger in. Mike nearly jumped up, and had he done so, he would have made his mother gag, and probably gotten bit at the same time.

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