The Switch Up


She couldn’t help the attraction she felt for him. It was animalistic in nature. A hunger buried deep inside. She had never let people see the side of her that was hell bent on animal desire and lust. She chose to hide these from the people she was closest to and worked with. Yeah, they knew she had a peculiar sense of humor but had no idea that under the surface was a woman who needed to be controlled, told what to do and how to do it. When she wasn’t compliant she was sure to get a lashing. The thought of his hands beating against her tight ass had made her turn a deep shade of scarlet and could feel the heat raise from her chest all the way up her cheeks.

He may not have been what you would consider classically handsome, but the way he held himself in conversation and could make her laugh was all the sexy she needed. He was intelligent and she was certain that he was attracted to her too. It didn’t matter because she was going to try something new. She walked straight up to him her hand around his neck, she brought his head down to her lips; lightly biting on his earlobe she whispered, “I want you to stop by my place tonight. No questions, no excuses.” He had locked eyes with her and simply nodded.

She couldn’t believe that she had done that. Who was she? She chuckled at the idea then got nervous. This was real, she had wanted to try her hand at being a Domme, even if it was just once. She knew she was ok with him letting her try it out. Previous trysts with him had proven that she would be ok. She just hoped that he would be ok with this, if not she wouldn’t mind being his sub. She had gotten her home ready for him. A leash and collar, a whip, a blindfold. He knocked on her door.

“Hi, how are you?” she asked politely. Her large breasts nearly spilling out of her bra. He could see the tops of her barbells over the cups of her bra. Her panties gently gliding over her sex, she can feel the familiar stirring in her vagina, the warm wetness marking her panties. Her thigh high boots felt welcome against her cool skin.

“I love this get up you are wearing for me,” he put one arm around her waist and pulled her close kissing her neck and up to her cheek.

“It is for me slave, tonight, you will wear this for me.” She grabbed the collar and leash. He smirked at her and turned around for her to put the collar on. He enjoyed this new approach. She snapped the collar around his neck, and slowly undressed him. She planted tender kisses down his body. Once he was naked she sat him down. Blindfolding him, she tied some around his hands and bound him. Then lightly whipped him. His thighs glowing red and warm. He tilted his head upward and breathed heavy. She sat on his lap and whispered in his ear, “do you like that slave?”

“I do mistress,” his dick growing hard. “May I feel your lips against my dick?” She got up and whipped his thighs again.

“You may voice what you want, but that does not mean I will give in.” She sat back down on his thighs, her wet vagina working all over him. “Do you feel what you do to me slave? I’m very aroused right now.” She bit his ear lobe. Moving her panties to the side, she sat on his erection. She rode his dick hard and fast. The chair creaking under them, she bit and clawed at him. He was a strong slave and merely made a peep. It was quick for her. She came fast and moved off him at once. Moving around the chair he was bound to, she opted to tickle and tease him with a feather. istanbul escort Wanting him to stay hard for her she alternated between tickles and teases. Using her tongue to lick herself off him she could feel his veins throbbing from his cock.

“Mistress, please, may I feel your tongue wrap around my dick?” She chuckled lightly. Then dropping to her knees in front of him, she licked the length of his dick, she enjoyed the taste of herself around him. His head moving back, he raised his hips to her mouth.

“That’s a bad boy,” she grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, “I did not say to do that did I?”

“No mistress you did not, I apologize.”

“Your apologies are not necessary; your obedience is required. You do as I say slave, do you understand?”

“yes mistress, I do.”

“That’s my good boy.” She untied his hands and bent him over the chair. “For your sass, I am going to give you five lashings.” Leaning into his ear she whispered, “If you do not feel comfortable, say so now.”

“I agree mistress.” She raised the whip and brought it down hard enough to hear it crack. She rubbed his cheek, and then kissed it. Another lashing, then rubbing and kissing. She brought the whip back down on his opposite cheek, rubbing then kissing. Again. And again. She continued rubbing his bottom until it didn’t hurt so much.

“You’re a very good boy, now I will do what you have begged mistress for.” She lowered herself to the floor. His dick soft, she put him in her mouth and began rubbing his balls. She could feel him grow in her, so she started to stroke and suck him, until he was completely hard for her. “You may pull my hair slave, and when you are ready I want you to cum all over my tits.”

“I was hoping you would let me cum in your mouth mistress. It feels the best when I know you have swallowed me.”

“Is that so?” She slurped his dick.

“Yes ma’am” he growled. She continued with his dick, deep throating him to the best of her abilities. Moving her head fast and hard up and down his dick. She loved to hear him growl, the animal desire coming to the surface. He gripped her hair in his hands and forced her head on his dick. Faster and harder, she could feel his balls clench with the urge to cum. His veins throbbing in his cock. The impending release, he couldn’t stop himself, he knew he needed to pull away to mark her tits, but he couldn’t pull out. His hands still forcing her head down he came in her mouth, straight down her throat. She pulled away from him finally.

“What did I say slave?” She asked sternly.

“You felt so good on my dick, I couldn’t help it.” He grabbed her face in his hands, and pulled her in for a kiss. “You were a good Domme tonight, but you are my sub, now let master show you how it’s done.” She looked down and gave a coy smile. “Yes sir. Thank you for letting me try.”

“Do you like being in control little one?”

“It was different, but I much rather be your good girl.” She felt her face grow red.

“I like you being my good girl. On the chair and remove all your clothing slowly for me. Keep your boots on.” She slowly took off her bra which was to small already and felt amazing to get rid of. Then she put her thumbs in the string of her panties and started to pull them down. He ripped them off. He told her to sit back on the chair and spread herself wide for him. She did as she was told. He bound her wrists tightly, she escort bayan would not be able to break free from these restraints. Then he bound one leg to each leg of the chair. He didn’t need to blindfold her, he wanted her to watch and see the pleasure in her eyes.

“What are you going to do to me sir?” Her breathing intensifying.

“whatever I want little one.” He cracked her whip a few times. “It has been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of whipping a sub.”

“Please, sir, I will do whatever you want.”

“Oh, I know you will.” He grabbed her by the neck and kissed her deeply. One hand tracing the outline of each breast, he worked his head down and licked a spot from her neck down to her right breast. Squeezing hard he made her murmur. He got on his knees, her legs bound, and began to lick her velvety vagina. He could feel her enjoy herself, the small movements of her hips trying to reach his lips. He didn’t mind her movements, he wanted to know she was enjoying herself. “I want you to be vocal little one, but you do not cum without my permission.”

“Yes sir,” she started rocking back and forth in her seat. I love when you eat me. Please don’t stop.” She kept rocking into his face. His tongue and fingers invading her. He fingered and licked her sweet juice. Lightly nibbling her clit, he used his other hand and gripped her right thigh. He squeezed her thigh, hooked his fingers and pounded into her g-spot. “May I cum for you sir?”

“Not yet, I am going to watch you squirt for me first.” He continued playing with her. His hand working hard while she watched him. Her body starting to shake while she tried to hold it in. He brought his free hand around her neck and choked her, “oh you did well little one, you squirt for me like a good girl. Now I want you to cum for me.” He put his fingers inside her again, she started shaking, her head rocking back, she bit her lip and came for him. Her head dizzy from him.

“Thank you, sir.”

“You are welcome. I will bring you some water and let you drink. We are not done here yet.” She nodded her head understanding. “I am going to take what I want from you tonight, you are not allowed to object, nothing is off the table tonight.”

“No sir, I want you to take it all.” He walked into her kitchen and brought back a bottled water. He opened it and held it to her mouth for her to drink. Then took a drink himself, he walked behind her and rubbed her neck and shoulders. He wanted her to be as relaxed as possible. Kissed up and down the back of her neck and moved her long hair to the side, then licked up her neck. She tasted sweet against his tongue. Then he moved to the front of her body and licked up her vagina again. Savoring the flavor of her cum on his lips. She tasted satisfied.

“Are you ready for more?”

“Yes sir.” That’s what he loved to hear. She was such an obedient girl. He fingered her again, loving to watch her squirm. Her clit tender from the last session. He knew it wouldn’t be long before she came again. The trick was to pull away just before she released. He loved to build her up and watch her release. He pounded her hard. Her sweet pussy tightening around his fingers, he put his thumb inside her ass. He could feel her clench. “How do you feel little one?”

“very good sir.” She caught her breath. “I am ready for more.”

“You’re a cock hungry whore, aren’t you?”

“yes sir, I need your cock.” He pulled his Kartal escort thumb out of her ass and untied her legs.

“I am going to untie your arms now, after I release you, I want you on all fours.” He untied her arms, doing what was told she waited for him. He walked around her staring. He slapped her big ass. Then slapped her other cheek. “You have a lovely ass. I plan on licking and fucking it.”

“please sir,” she whimpered. He fucked her from behind, her hips rocking into his. She could hardly contain herself. He spread her butt cheeks and licked her crack. Then he put his index finger in her ass. Riding her ass hard. Her pussy swelling against his thick shaft. He fucked her until he came. His free hand pulling her head back he growled cum for me. At his insistence, she came hard. Whole body convulsing under him. She nearly cried out. The floor under them wet with their combined fluid. He kissed her back. She laid down breathing heavy. He moved her hair from around her neck, and laid beside her, rubbing her body up and down. He held her tightly. He wanted her to feel safe with him and this was the best way for her to come back down. They chatted for a little while about the exchange of power. He gave her some good advice on what to work on and discussed what she liked and what he liked. He wanted to know just how far she could go for him. After they had relaxed for a few they went right back at it. He had decided her bed was a better option for what was going to happen next. At least it would be much more comfortable for the both.

She was moving around the bed, stretching and wrapping herself in blankets. She smiled up at him. Hugging him while he stood in front of her she thanked him for everything. He put one hand around her neck and kissed her, laying her back down. He spread her legs wide and looked at her wet vagina. He played with her clit again, little bolts of pleasure spreading through her body while he worked her up again. He found a dildo in her drawer and pulled it out. Impressed with the size he lubed the head of it generously he put it on her pussy and had her play with it. Then he put her on her hands and knees demanding she still play with it, he spread her butt cheeks and put himself in her.

His dick felt amazing in her. He was thick and was her first. She thought it was going to hurt a lot but he had her so wound up with desire all she felt was pleasure. He made her keep playing with her dildo while he rode her ass. He gripped her love handles so hard she could tell there were going to be scratch marks or bruises. She loved when he marked her up. He pounded her ass hard and in turn she rode the dildo harder. She had never tried double penetration but this was ok for now, maybe someday her master would let them both play with another man. She knew he wasn’t gay but thought he would be ok with another man if they didn’t touch.

Her ass was so tight. He nearly came, he held on but damn she was tight between the massive dildo in her pussy and him all the way in her ass. Her hips rocking rhythmically into him, he grabbed her hard and smacked. Watching those cheeks jiggle while he took control of her. That was a sight her certainly enjoyed. She really was a good sub. He took ahold of her shoulders and pumped himself into her ass, all the cum he could muster was now inside her. He pulled her hair and gave her permission one last time to cum for him. She cried out, one big “FUCK” and she was done. Her breathing heavy, her breasts heaving. She could not cum anymore tonight. She pulled the dildo out, and laid on her back, he laid next to her, her head on his chest. She kissed his chest, he kissed her forehead and it was lights out for the night.

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