The Tangled Web Ch. 09


The Tangled Web is a story spanning several years and is based on the complicated lives of a brother and sister and those they live with. Set in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories. Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each chapter stand as a complete and satisfying story in itself.


It is once again a Thursday night. Sara and Sam are sitting in the lounge of Sam and Lynn’s house. Sara is now obviously but not yet hugely pregnant, with a surprisingly large bump for this stage in her pregnancy. Blessedly, she can still wear ‘ordinary’ clothes, but Sara knows that the horror of full maternity dresses is only a few weeks away.

Their supposed tennis sessions have had to be curtailed because of Sara’s condition. She has told David that she is taking up swimming to try and keep in reasonable shape now her normal exercise regime is no longer an option. She has also told David she will drop in on Sam after her swim.

Sara is troubled by her pregnancy. Although delighted to be pregnant, and after all her carefully laid plans, even more delighted to be carrying her brother Sam’s child, she is having trouble coming to terms with some of the changes her condition has brought about.

Sara and Sam are sitting on the couch in the lounge, talking and sharing a little white wine (just one glass for Sara). Sara’s legs are across Sam’s lap. She is clearly uneasy about something.

“It really seems a bizarre way of bringing new life to the world” Sam was saying. “I mean, there can’t be many species where the female gets so incapacitated.”

“You’re telling me!’ Sara responded “and there’s more to come. It looks like I’m going to get really big before the end. My back has already started to ache in the evenings and I’ll just die if my ankles swell up. I can’t stand even the idea of maternity dresses, but I suppose I’ll just have to get used to it all.”

“You’ve been quite lucky so far, compared with Lynn. She was sick really badly, every day for months. It didn’t look as if you were anything like as bad.”

“No, I wasn’t. Just for a couple of weeks, really.” Sara wriggled to try and get more comfortable. “I didn’t think I’d ever feel sympathy with Lynn, but I do now.” She went on. “It’s a bit frightening having all these changes happening so quickly. My clothes don’t fit properly any more and I’m starting to get cravings for funny things, like cookie dough ice cream.”

“Watch out for that one,” said Sam, “we don’t want you getting fat.”

“Thanks for the sympathy.” Sara said grumpily, poking Sam hard in the ribs. “I can see you’re interested.”

Sam squeezed her thigh playfully. “You know I’m only joking, Midge. I really do want to know all about how you’re feeling. It’s my baby too, isn’t it? I just don’t want you to lose that fantastic figure of yours. You know what it does to me.”

Sara smiled, his tone of voice pacifying her a little. She continued “Well, I’m finding it harder and harder to sleep on my back. I’m getting more tired all the time.”

She paused then, under her breath said “And it affects me in other ways too. Some things that they don’t tell you in the books.”

“What do you mean, Midge?” asked Sam, concerned.

“Never mind. It’s nothing, Sam.” She blushed.

Sam noticed her face flushing. “If it really was nothing, you wouldn’t have mentioned it. Come on, tell me! I’m almost unshockable.”

“I’m not sure you are, Sam. But I think I do need to tell you something important.”

“I’m listening, Midge. Go on!”

Sara took a deep breath as if summoning up her courage, then blurted out “Something strange has happened to me, Sam. I can’t stop thinking about… “

“About what?”

“About…..about sex.”

Sam laughed out loud. “If that’s your problem, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve had that problem for years. I find it’s especially bad whenever I’m with you.”

“No Sam, I’m serious.” Sara’s face was unsmiling now and Sam listened carefully. “I’m getting worried about it. I can’t stop wanting sex, needing sex. The whole time. It’s driving me crazy and I’m getting frightened. Do you think it’s normal? My hormones must be going crazy.”

Sam looked a little amused by his sister’s discomfort, but saw the serious, worried look in her eyes. He thought it over for a while, then said slowly

“I’m not sure, Midge. We could look it up in one of our books, I suppose. Between us we’ve got most of them, I reckon.” He thought further. “Apart from that, it’s hard to know who we could ask without getting all embarrassed about it.” Then he suddenly looked up and asked, “Does David know?”

“He certainly knows something’s changed. For the last two weeks I’ve needed sex every morning and every evening. And if it’s a weekend, during the day as well. At first he thought it was great, but now he’s getting tired and I’m getting frustrated.”

Sam winced as he always did at the thought of David making love to Sara. “Don’t tell me that, Midge. You know gaziantep escort kadın it always upsets me.”

Sara stroked his cheek. “Come on, Sam, you know how I feel about you. No-one could ever mean the same to me as you do.” She had found, since her pregnancy that she had needed to comfort him more, that he seemed more insecure about their relationship at a time when she thought her swelling belly would have proved the depth of her love to him.

In an attempt to lighten the mood, she adopted a more confrontational role.

“And anyway! How do you think I feel about you and Lynn doing it? I’m surprised she lets you. It might spoil that perfect body of hers.” She added cattily.

“If only you knew!” thought Sam, but didn’t speak. He had never discussed the detail of his sex life with Lynn, believing it would upset Sara, who had always been intimidated by Lynn’s body. In truth, their sex life was at best only adequate. Lynn never really let herself go during their lovemaking, and Sam felt unable to let his passion take over.

But his love for Sara was different. There could be no pretence with Sara, who had known all Sam’s misdemeanors from an early age, and now knew and shared his deepest secret of all. When he and Sara made love, it was unconditional, understanding, unifying, uninhibited. Sam and Sara both remembered clearly the moment they believed their child had been conceived; when their forbidden love had created a new, living testament to itself. He would never forget that moment.

Sara was talking again.

“I don’t know what to do about it, Sam. It’s reached the point where if I don’t keep having sex I feel like screaming.”

Sam looked more amused than concerned.

“As I recall, you’re not very quiet when we do make love.” He smiled knowingly.

“Yes, I’m aware of that, Sam.” Sara said, hanging her head in an exaggerated gesture of shame. “I can’t help it – and anyway, I always thought you liked it.”

Sam took her hand and spoke softly, under his breath. “You know it drives me wild, Midge. And you’re carrying the evidence.” He patted the clear bump on her stomach.

“Sam, I’m serious. It’s not a joke. I think my hormones have gone wild. I think about sex from the moment I wake until the moment I fall asleep – if I can get to sleep. I think about you and me and all we’ve done. I think about David. I think about you and Lynn and all the things you do to each other. I think of all the things we haven’t done to each other – yet. It’s driving me crazy, Sam.” There was real distress in her voice and Sam slipped a strong arm around her shoulders to hold her close. His fingers lightly stroked her swelling belly.

“Midge, don’t be so upset. I’m sure it’s a natural part of being pregnant. I’m sure it’ll pass when the baby is born. And I’ll give you anything you need until that happens.” Sara, a little reassured, held Sam’s hand tightly as he carried on. “You should really call Mr. Samuels. He’s your consultant after all and would know if it was normal. It’s not as if I can talk to him, is it? That would be a real giveaway.”

“I suppose so, Sam” Sara replied, sounding doubtful. “At any rate I’m glad you think it’s natural.” She laughed, beginning to relax. “At least it’s one thing I do better than Lynn.”

Sam smiled. “It’s not a competition, Midge. There could never be anyone like you.” He kissed her lightly on the mouth.

Sara’s tongue darted out to part his lips. They paused, their mouths pressed together. She turned her head away coyly.

“Meanwhile, I’m practically insatiable.” She said, feeling aroused as Sam’s cock began to harden beneath her legs. She looked him in the eyes, cheekily.

“Perhaps we should make the most of it while it lasts.’ She was smiling now.

“OK, my Angel” Sam looked at her hopefully, his trousers beginning to bulge “How can I help you feel better right now?”

Sara raised her eyes, then lowered them again.

“Sam, I’m not sure how to ask you this.” She looked embarrassed, but pressed bravely on. “I want you to help me – do something.”

“What, my love? Tell me.”

“You’ll be shocked, Sam.”

“I’d do anything for you, Midge. Come on, just tell me.”

“Alright. Sam.” Sara stiffened as if summoning up courage “I want you to … No I can’t say it.”

“Come on, Midge. Spill the beans.” Sam poked his sister playfully in the ribs.

“Well, okay…..Sam, I want you to ……to shave me.”

“Shave you?”

“Down… Down there!”

“Wow! Golly, Midge. Really?” Sara nodded sheepishly. “Wow! This is ….well, a bit of a surprise at least.”

“You don’t want to? Are you disgusted?”

“No, no, no. Not at all. God! It’s every man’s fantasy, Midge. I’d…I’d love to. If….if you’re really sure you want me to. But what’s brought this on? You’ve never mentioned it before.”

Sara looked even more embarrassed. “I ….. I went to one of those Private Shops and bought a …. a film.” Sam looked astonished. Sara hastily escort gaziantep kadın carried on.

“I needed something to help me with my…my problem when I’m on my own. Oh Sam, it was amazing. I saw girls doing all these things I’d only heard of before, and really looking as if they were enjoying it. I saw that most of the girls were shaved down there, Sam. And they looked so much cleaner and sexier and much more attractive. And they seemed to have much better sex – especially when they were kissed – down there.”

“You can’t believe all you see in those videos, Midge. Most of the time they’re acting.” Sam counseled.

I don’t care, Sam.” Sara paused in her confession, drawing breath.

“I want some of that too, Sam. I really want it. Will you shave me? Please? Today? Now?”

Still barely able to believe his ears, Sam’s mind took refuge in practicalities. “But I don’t have a clean razor or soap here. We couldn’t use mine; it’s too blunt for one thing.”

Sara smiled sheepishly. She spoke under her breath. “I’ve brought some things with me.”

“Wow!” Sam was visibly surprised. And what on earth would you tell David?”

“He thinks I’ve had an internal examination today, remember? I’ll tell him they had to shave me for that.” She paused for a second. “Anyway, I know David. He’ll love it and won’t ask too many questions.”

Sam did not respond, speechless.

“Sam. Will you? Please?”

In answer, Sam slipped his legs gently out from under hers and rose to his feet in front of her. He offered her his hands. She took them, pleased yet still uncertain, and stood up in front of him. He kissed her, first lightly then more passionately.

Sam’s hands dropped to her waist, where he unfastened the button of her skirt and lowered the zipper. It fell to the floor. Sam took the hem of her soft woolen top in his strong hands and raised it over her growing ‘bump’. Sara raised her arms and it slipped higher then over her head. She stood before him in her soft white cotton knickers and – what was that? Sam was taken aback. A white bra?

Sara noticed his puzzlement. She grinned at him. “Sexual appetite isn’t the only effect pregnancy has had, Sam.” She announced triumphantly, thrusting out her chest.

“I’ve got real breasts at last!”

Sam’s adoring hands rose to touch them. The backs of his knuckles brushed against the swell of her nipples, clearly visible through the bra’s delicate cup. Sara watched, delighted at his obvious enjoyment, watching with joy her nipples firming under the thin material.

“Midge! Where did these wonderful things come from?” Sam asked playfully.

“They just grew during the last week. Sam, I love it. I feel like a whole woman now.” Unconsciously she stroked her growing belly. “Look! Touch me!”

Sara reached behind her back to undo the clasp on her bra. The straps fell loose, and slipped forward over her shoulders. Her breasts broke free as she slipped the bra to the floor. Sara took her breasts in her hands, cupped and lifted their unfamiliar weight as she had never been able to before. Sam dropped to his knees before her, and with his hands on her hips, took one nipple into his mouth. His tongue flicked lightly over its tip and Sara’s breathing quickened. Sam moved his tongue slowly to her other nipple, his hands lifting their firm tips to his mouth.

He kneaded her breasts slowly as he nibbled first one, then the other. Sara’s breathing became quicker and deeper. She felt a warmth within her.

Sam’s lips still toying with her nipples, his fingertips lightly ran down her sides until they reached the waistband of her knickers. As his tongue lightly brushed over her breasts, his thumbs slipped under the elastic and he deftly eased them to the floor. Sam’s hand rose gently between her naked legs, lightly stroking the insides of both her thighs, until he felt the back of his hand brush against her moistening pubic hair.

Sara took his head in her hands and gently tilted his face towards hers.

“Sam. Please. Will you do it for me?” she asked. He nodded and smiled up at her.

“I’d do anything for you. You know that, don’t you?”

Rising to his feet before her, Sam took Sara by the hand and led her back to the couch. “Where is it?” he whispered, almost afraid to mention what she wanted.

“In my sports bag. Here.” Sara whispered in return, indicating the green Slazenger tennis bag by the side of the table.

Sam knelt and opened the bag. He drew out a dark blue towel, which he spread over the couch. He stood up and took Sara’s hands. Gently he lowered her onto the couch where she sat upright on the towel. Whispering ‘wait right there’, Sam took the bag into the kitchen.

Sara heard the sound of running water. In less than a minute Sam returned bearing a tray on which stood a large bowl of warm water, a brand new lady shave razor and a tall blue tube of shaving gel. He placed the tray on the floor by Sara’s feet. She immediately parted gaziantep kadın escort her legs to allow him to kneel between her thighs. Sam looked across at his sister’s open thighs, his heart pounding in his chest. He saw her small triangle of soft brown tight curls only inches from is face. He looked up into her warm brown eyes.

“Midge, are you really sure you want this?”

“Very sure, Sam. I wouldn’t trust anyone but you to do it.”

“OK then. You must tell me if you feel anything wrong, or if you want me to stop.”

“I will, darling. Don’t worry.” She giggled. “Just be careful.”

Sam removed his shirt and trousers, to kneel in his pants before her. He plunged his hands into the bowl of warm water, warming them up, before unscrewing the top of the tube of gel and squeezing a two-inch long snake onto his right hand. Replacing the tube on the tray, Sam used his fingers to work the gel into a rich, creamy lather in his palm, then slowly, slowly placed his hand between Sara’s upper thighs.

She breathed in sharply at his touch, then gradually relaxed as Sam began to massage the foaming gel into her tightly curled pubic hair. Pausing, he took more gel and, making more lather, spread it alongside the first, massaging it into a rich smooth whiteness between her thighs.

Sara opened her legs wider, and Sam noticed the soft, light hair alongside and below her vulva. He reversed his hand’s motion, and began to massage the foaming gel deeper between her thighs and towards her buttocks. Sara was obviously enjoying the feeling. Her eyes firmly closed, she leaned back on the couch and opened her legs as wide as she could manage. Spread wide, open and utterly vulnerable before the man she trusted most in the world, Sara felt aroused and excited. She pictured Sam’s hands on her body and felt his fingers slide over her most private parts.

Sam could barely control his excitement. Every man’s fantasy was his at that moment. His hands slipped all around Sara’s vulva, feeling her tight slippery curls wrapping themselves around his fingertips as he moved them back and forth over her mound. His long middle finger slid tentatively between Sara’s buttocks, to rest against and circle her anus. Sam felt Sara shudder at his touch, and worked his fingers more.

At length, finally satisfied with the richness and density of the lather, Sam rinsed his hands carefully in the bowl, and with all the care of a neurosurgeon, picked up the razor.

“Last chance to change your mind.” He whispered. Sara said nothing, but reached forwards and ran her fingers through his hair.

Sam knelt down low, his face inches from Sara’s vulva. He took the razor in his right hand and, using his left to hold her skin taut, began to shave away her pubic hair.

In short, delicate movements, he started from the top corners of her tightly curled triangle, surprised at how difficult it was to remove the stubborn curls. Rinsing frequently, he painstakingly exposed her soft white flesh. First one, then the other corner of the triangle disappeared into the warm water. Then Sam began to shave closer to her tender lips. With infinite care, he worked his way from the top of her soft smooth thighs towards her delicate core – now clearly beginning to swell with passion.

Holding her skin tight, the razor passed smoothly over first one outer lip, then the other, taking several strokes on each side before the hairs yielded and Sara’s reddening skin could be clearly seen. Lifting her right leg gently over his shoulder, Sam carefully removed all the soft, downy hair between her vulva and her bottom. It floated away on the surface of the water.

Sara lay back with her eyes closed and her body on fire. As the clean, sharp blade glided over her skin she felt as if her whole body was being stripped bare. Her skin burned with the unfamiliar scraping, the cool air soothed her wet skin for the merest moment before the hot, sharp blade enraged it again. As the lather dissolved in the warm water, so she felt her remaining inhibitions dissolving with it, and felt more and more alive with every pass of the razor across her flesh.

Sam’s deft fingers parted her outer lips to allow the eager blade to whisk away the curls that held on so tightly next to her most private passage. His hands shook with both nerves and increasing lust as he felt his erection straining painfully against his shorts.

The last visible hair finally yielded to the remorseless blade and Sam finally finished his task. Sara felt the cleansing flow of warm water across her burning, sensitive vulva, followed by the unaccustomed and exhilarating coolness of fresh air on her newly naked skin.

She felt new, aroused, alive!

Recovering his breath, Sam dried his hands on the hanging corner of the towel and looked at his sweet, sexy sister Sara. Her skin, always soft and smooth, now flowed uninterrupted from her swelling breasts, over her growing belly to her soft, open thighs – thighs which, now spread wide, revealed the newly exposed redness of her swollen, opening outer lips. Her hardening clitoris was beginning to make its presence felt above the deep pink of her inner core.

Sara’s fingers slid tentatively across her rounded stomach and down between her thighs. The new smoothness shocked and aroused her, and the heightened sensitivity of her newly-bared flesh against her warm fingertips caused her to moan out loud.

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