The Trip_(5)


She was hot! – and anyone who caught even a glimpse of her knew it instantly. She glided through the airport exuding sexuality itself – in her dress, her shoes, the faint wisp of perfume trailing after her long, flowing hair. Her silky tanned legs began at her neck, or so it seemed; her tiny waist gripped snugly with a gold chain; her breast threatening to volcanically erupt from the shimmering white nylon top that encased them; her willowy arms tapering to red-tipped nails; her short black skirt barely covering her firm round ass swinging in rhythm with her rocketing hips. Everywhere she glistened with gold accents against her brown skin – earlobes, neck, writs, ankles. She turned heads continually – men and women alike – as she made her way to the gate. She looked awesome and she knew it. She loved the feeling of eyes on her; the excitement of heads turning her way; the appreciative nods.

Her flight was boarding when she arrived so without hesitation she floated down the jetway in search of seat 8B. When she reached her row, there were already two men seated, absently scanning magazines, leaving her little choice but to squeeze past the one on the aisle. She excused herself and stepped over his feet, hugging the seat back in front of him. He caught her scent full in his nostrils and when he looked up, was struck full-force as her beautiful ass passed inches from his face. His eyes scanned over her quickly as she sat down. What little he saw in that split second intrigued him, his senses coming alive. Oddly, he felt wider awake than he had moments before. He made a pretense of leaning to pick something up from the floor at his feet while in reality he was eyeing her legs. Sex hikayeleri “Whoa, gorgeous!”, he thought and silently thanked the fates that had brought her to his side for the next several hours.

She adjusted herself into the small space reserved for her and slid her bag under the seat ahead. From the corner of her eye, she glimpsed his movements and turned to him and smiled. Caught! Damn! He returned the smile and quickly found his voice. They exchanged greetings, introducing themselves, and made small talk about their destinations. She knew the effect she was having on him and she played on. She trailed her hands up over her smooth legs, grabbed the hem of her skirt and tugged it down a bit – rolling each hip as she did. Searching for her seatbelt, she ran her hands over her thighs to the seat on each side, then moved her hands up through her hair and gave it a shake, took a deep breath and relaxed against her seat. His gaze fell over her chest and he sat mesmerized by the rhythmic rise and fall of her breasts. The two men exchanged a look over her head and their eyes quickly returned to her. She could feel them looking at her, and with a slight grin, turned to introduce herself to the man on her left. As the plane ascended, she squirmed in her seat, casually bumping arms with first one, then the other man. She watched their reactions and was elated to see the effect she was having on them both. Cocks unmistakably growing harder with each brush of her skin. They too began to shift in their seats and were grateful when the captain turned off the “Fasten Seatbelt” sign.

When the flight attendant came to take their drink orders, the man on her left Sikiş hikayeleri offered to buy the first round for the three of them. He leaned across her to pay for the drinks just as she moved forward. His right arm skimmed across her chest and as he fumbled to regain his composure, spilled some of his drink in her lap. He quickly grabbed his napkin and amidst apologies helped her dry her skirt. Unflustered, she allowed him to wipe up the spill, enjoying the subtle pressure against her body. She pushed her pubis lightly against his hand and savored the shocked expression that crossed his face. She gave him a wink as his hand drifted slowly down her thigh, his hard-on intensifying instantly.

She excused herself again, and squeezed past the aisle seat and headed for the lavatory. She raised one leg onto the seat and turned her body so she could see herself in the mirror, pulled her skirt up over one hip, her panties to the side and slipped two fingers into her wetness. She got herself off, plunging her fingers in rapidly while rubbing the heal of her hand over her clit. She muffled the moan that erupted as she came, and felt a shiver race the length of her body as the warm wetness flowed from inside her. She slipped off her wet panties and concealed them in her hand. After she returned to her seat, she leaned to the right and discreetly transferred them to her unsuspecting neighbor. When he realized what he was holding, his mouth dropped open in disbelief. He excused himself and headed for the lavatory just as she had. Once safely locked inside, he uncurled his fingers to inspect the wet white panties. He held them to his nose and breathed deeply letting her Erotik hikaye scent engulf him. Braced against the metal counter, he pulled his cock free. It was already throbbing and dripping and after a few strokes, he shot his load into his hand. Never had he experienced such an instantaneous orgasm.

While their seatmate was gone, she leaned toward the window to get a better look at the lights below. As her chest grazed his, he moved his arm into her lap and deftly slipped his fingers between her legs. She parted her thighs to allow him entry. Quickly he found the moist cavern he was seeking and parted her lips and dipped his fingers in. She gasped and opened her legs a bit further. Within moments, he felt a surge of wetness coat his fingers. They were just settling back into their own seats when their companion returned, smiling broadly. She gave him a knowing glance and a tiny smile, then laid her seat back and closed her eyes. Both men were left to their own thoughts for the remainder of the flight.

When the plane landed, they departed without conversation. She headed for baggage claim with the two men closely behind her. She stood at the carousel watching for her bag to appear. When she saw it, she bent over at the waist to grab it, giving the two guys – and everyone else in the area – a clear view of her naked ass beneath her skirt. The guy from the window seat couldn’t take anymore. He sidled up behind her and whispered in her ear, “Come with me.” She smiled and followed him to the nearest men’s room where they slipped into a stall unnoticed. She balanced herself on the toilet on her knees with her hands on the back wall while he flipped her skirt up over her ass and plunged his hard cock into her pussy. He fucked her hard and within moments drained his balls deep inside of her. She climbed down from the toilet, turned to him and said, “Okay, honey, we can go home now.”

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